Top Solarwert - hat die Keiner auf der Rechnung?

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09.05.14 20:32

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyYellen hat vor Bubble bei Technikaktien gewarnt

zudem war der Report ja eher eine Enttäuschung.Ich fürchte das dauert noch etwas bis GTAT in Gewinn gelangt,so sehr ich die Aktie für spannend halte,bei mir ist sie jetzt auf der Watchlist.Die Insiderverkäufe waren schon eine Warnung
seekingalpha hat einen Artikel zu Apple,daraus :That GTAT would drop on poor performance was, to me at least, predictable, but those that are rushing for the exit now are missing the point. This was never a play on GTAT?s core solar energy business that is driving current performance. It was based on a belief that Apple?s $578 Million investment on the company wasn?t just a charitable donation and that they had ?favored son? status when, and if, Apple switched to a sapphire screen. That is still possible. Indeed, if larger screens really are on the horizon for either the iPhone or iPod, it may even be more likely now than before.

Read more:

14.05.14 15:17

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyDougherty neue Empfehlung Buy KZ $29

WHAT'S NEW: GT Advanced's revenue is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 93% from 2013-2016, Dougherty analyst Pierre Maccagno forecast. The company should benefit from its deal to supply sapphire to Apple (AAPL), along with increased demand from makers of solar energy equipment and new products that it plans to launch this year, the analyst stated. Maccagno set a $29 price target on the shares  

19.05.14 15:33

425 Postings, 3380 Tage isar82815startet die Rakete wieder?

startet die Rakete wieder?

gehts hier jetzt wieder aufwärts??  

20.05.14 10:13

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyEdgar Finacials für GTAT
die Guidance war sehr positiv,die Zahlen nicht  

23.05.14 19:57

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTs ultrathin sapphire cover plate

eine deutliche Verbesserung nicht nur für Apple

   GT"s ultrathin sapphire cover plate composites offer a superior alternative compared to the current available mobile device cover screens and point-of-sale scanners.
   GT"s sapphire cover screens will provide Apple users with a significant improvement in accuracy, sensitivity and reduce the power consumption of the touch sensor.
   GT"s exclusivity with Apple does not prevent GT from providing sapphire composite cover screens within the consumer electronic industry including the likes of Samsung and LG.........

hohe Volatilität bei 7 Millionen und +8,3%  

25.05.14 12:26

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickySapphire Glass interessant auch f.Samsung und LG

As smartphone makers are using sapphire as front cover glass in earnest, related materials and parts industries are beginning to feel the impact.

According to the industry on May 22, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics recently asked ingot and wafer makers to submit samples in an effort to adopt the sapphire cover glass. They reviewed it last year as well, but they were reluctant to use it because of high prices, but as global competitors recently announced plans to release new products with sapphire glass, they began to reconsider it in a hurry. ....  

28.05.14 15:18

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage Kicky1M two-inch equivalents of sapphire shipped toAAPL

UBS' checks indicate GT Advanced (GTAT) had a big ramp in sapphire shipments in April at its Arizona fab. The firm estimates its shipped 1M two-inch equivalents of sapphire to an Apple (AAPL) cover screen supplier and that the number of furnaces installed could be more than expected. Shares of GT are Buy rated with a $22 price target.

GT Advanced coverage resumed with a Buy at Stifel
Target $20.  

29.05.14 12:13

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGT Advanced higher on Stifel launch, bullish UBS

As part of a broader coverage launch of names with energy tech exposure, Stifel has started GT Advanced (GTAT +2.4%) with a Buy and $20 PT.
Meanwhile, UBS reports GT's Apple-related sapphire shipments to a cover screen supplier are ramping.
Shares jumped on Friday following a report from a Korean site stating Samsung/LG are thinking of adopting sapphire cover glass for their smartphones  

29.05.14 15:36

14204 Postings, 3208 Tage H731400Was macht eigentlich der Solarbereich bei GT ?

Ist Canadian Solar Kunde ? Die wollen eine neue Fabrik bauen....  

30.05.14 10:44

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickySapphire In The iPhone Almost Confirmed Buy


   The latest patent filings from Apple indicate that the iPhone 6 will be drop-proof and will be made of sapphire and LiquidMetal, opening a big opportunity for GT.
   GT Advanced is ramping up sapphire capacity and is focusing on innovation to satisfy expected demand from Apple.
   GT's solid earnings growth projections make it a solid long-term bet.

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) is on a terrific run in 2014. The company's shares have gained more than 80% so far this year on the back of its relationship with Apple ....

it is quite clear that GT Advanced Technologies is making aggressive moves to satisfy the expected demand from Apple for sapphire. The company is improving its sapphire technology, and at the same time, it is focusing on capacity expansions. Apart from these positive developments, GT appears to be cheap at just 18 times next year's earnings. Given that the company's earnings are expected to improve at a terrific annual rate of 48% for the next five years, I think GT Advanced Technologies could be a solid growth pick.  

30.05.14 10:51

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyWill GTAT Revolutionize The Solar Industry?


   The drop in the per watt costs for solar energy will be a vital element in bringing this source to the mainstream.
   GT Advanced Technologies has the products to help manufacturers reduce production costs.
   The growth in clean energy projects is encouraging for the sector. of the most important products in the company's portfolio is "Hyperion" - an ion implanter that will likely change the dynamics of the industry. Hyperion decreases the wastage and cuts silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, germanium and other crystalline material substrates to the thickness of 20 microns - ten times smaller than conventional methods. The technology of Hyperion allows for the repeated use of a block of material - savings from the decrease in wastage only will be substantial, and the ability to manufacture slimmer wafers will further decrease the costs. You can read in detail about Hyperion in my previous article. Hyperion can bring down the cost for an integrated manufacturer by about 50%, and by 2018, GTAT is expecting to sell 200-250 units. This machine will certainly have a major impact on the cost structure of the solar panel manufacturing segment.

Hyperion is not the only tool in the Arsenal for GTAT - the company has also been working on Merlin - a solar cell metallization and interconnect technology, which is expected to bring down costs by more than 10%. The technology used in the process decreases the use of expensive silver paste, hence resulting in lower costs.....
Hyperion and Merlin are expected to bring down manufacturing costs substantially. ...

If per watt cost for solar energy becomes equal/less than the conventional methods, the growth in the solar market will be massive. As a result, solar panel manufacturers will be able to sell massive volumes and drive margins. GTAT will play a big role in bringing these costs down over the next 3-5 years, and we will likely see a shift toward the solar energy over the next decade.

schon etwas älter vom April 2014 aber immer noch aktuell

Hyperion: A Game-Changer For GT Advanced Technologies?


02.06.14 16:19

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTAT and Apple Inc.'s iWatch Launch

With Apple's  (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference coming up next week, excitement surrounding the event has reached a fever pitch......Buying shares of Apple isn't the only way investors can play the device. Here are three companies making products that are likely crucial to the iWatch's unique functionality.
Finally, scratch-resistant sapphire producer and recently minted Apple supplier GT Advanced Technologies  (NASDAQ: GTAT  ) is set to benefit by providing the iWatch cover of choice.

Don't get me wrong. Despite a brief pause following GT Advanced Technologies' own weaker than expected earnings results a few weeks ago, the company's shares have already nearly doubled so far in 2014. But the market is rightly looking ahead, as GTAT was up front in telling investors the bulk of anticipated 2014 revenue of $600 million to $800 million should arrive in the second half of the year. Of that, over 80% is expected to come from sapphire -- albeit at a much lower gross margin than GTAT previously enjoyed with its historical equipment sales. But that's a trade-off GTAT was more than willing to accept given the extended weakness in its formerly key photovoltaic solar business.

With this in mind, GT Advanced Technologies is looking forward to the solar sector's expected rebound, which should drive demand for its latest technologies over the next few years and help diversify the business. As a result, GTAT management is targeting over $1 billion in revenue in 2015, as well as adjusted earnings of at least $1.50 per share in 2016. If that happens, and with the stock currently trading around $17 per share, long-term investors in GTAT would clearly be more than happy they held on today.....  

04.06.14 19:24

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyPatent für Apple mit dünnem Screen

ein liquid metal Body mit einem Sapphire Screen,könnte das Iphone kugelfest machen
wer jemals ein Iphone nach einem Sturz mit völlig zersplittertem Screen gesehen hat,weiss das zu schätzen

On May 27, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) was granted patent No. 8,738,104 for molding a liquid metal unit around a display screen with a thin laminate. This is more than a subtle indication that we will be seeing an iPhone released with a molded liquid metal body and a sapphire laminate. Both of these substances have unique and remarkably strong properties that, in theory, could make your phone bulletproof.

Sapphire is already in use, and in many places
Sapphire Glass isn't just used in iPhones. It's a key component in bullet-proof glass as well. You would think that a military Humvee windshield would have a thick block of bullet-resistant glass, but that isn't the case. The method of implementation is actually the same. In the case of the Humvee, the layer of artificial glass prevents the bullet from penetrating the cabin, but because the laminate is on the inside, the glass stays outside of the cabin. In the case of the iPhone, the laminate is on the outside to prevent scratching. In either case, you just don't need a thick layer of artificial glass to get the benefits.

While GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT  ) is manufacturing the sapphire glass for upcoming Apple devices, other manufacturers have been using sapphire glass for several years. Saint-Gobain SA , for example, is a supplier to the U.S. Army for sapphire armor and sapphire bullet-proof windows.....

GT Advanced Technologies has been knighted by Apple as the preferred supplier for sapphire screens. The two entered into a deal in October when Apple made a $578 million prepayment to the company. But until production, GT won't recognize revenue on the deal. The management team says it will be able to recognize revenue by year end, but when the company will become profitable is anyone's guess. With this mammoth investment, Apple bought exclusivity in an undisclosed number of markets, but this leaves a substantial number of opportunities in other industrial areas such as automotive windshields. At this stage, the trade-off is opportunity for profitability, so investors should realize there is no earnings support for GT's valuation today......  

09.06.14 22:57

25 Postings, 2680 Tage snoopy9901Insiderverkäufe

10.06.14 14:53

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyUBS empfiehlt GTAT,SUNE,FSLR,Meyer Burger.

Die UBS Investmentbank sieht die Solarindustrie in ein neues Zeitalter übergehen...Solarstrom ist teuer. In vielen Ländern wird er deshalb staatlich subventioniert. Geht es nach den Analysten der UBS Investmentbank, dann gehört das allerdings schon bald der Vergangenheit an. In einer Studie sehen sie für die Solarindustrie ein neues und von wettbewerbsfähigen Strompreisen geprägtes Zeitalter anbrechen.

Hierzulande zählt die Grossbank Meyer Burger zu den Gewinnern. ...In der Solarindustrie träumt man schon lange von der sogenannten Netzparität. Diese wird erreicht, wenn der Solarstrom genau soviel kostet wie der herkömmliche Strom. Nachdem die Preise für Solarmodule in den vergangenen fünf Jahren um 75 Prozent gefallen sind, hält die UBS Investment Bank die Netzparität in einigen Weltregionen für erreichbar. Der Anteil der Module an den Gesamtkosten liege mittlerweile bei weniger als 40 Prozent. Aufgrund der unterschiedlich hohen Installationskosten sei der Solarstrom nicht in jedem Land wettbewerbsfähig. Auch gebe es Unterschiede zwischen kommerziellen und privaten Anlagen.

In Regionen wie Asien, Afrika oder im Mittleren Osten sei über die nächsten fünf Jahre eine Nachfrageverdoppelung möglich. Bis in zwei Jahren werde die Solarindustrie jährlich mehr als 100 Milliarden Dollar umsetzen, so sind sich die Analysten der UBS Investmentbank sicher.

Neben Meyer Burger werden als weitere Schlüsselempfehlungen auch First Solar, GT Advanced Technologies, SunEdison, SunPower, Umicore und Wacker Chemie genannt.

10.06.14 14:56

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyMotley Fool basht schon länger

hat auf Corning Glass gesetzt.Tatsächlich ist die Überschrift irreführend
insiders only sold a total of $1.1 million in shares all of 2013 lachhaft  

12.06.14 08:34

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyLatest Supply Chain Check
deutlich besser als bisher angenommen .Auch UBS geht davon aus,dass Sapphire alleine erheblich höheren Gewinn abwerfen wird als bisher angenommen.Autor geht von $87,50 als Kursziel aus und EPS $2.84 bei on $3.177B in sales,was mehr als doppelt soviel ist wie UBS derzeit schätzt

   Installed furnaces inside Mesa, AZ are estimated to exceed 2,500 tools.
   Apple Base Case Revenue likely to exceed $2B and $2.00 EPS.
   Sapphire boules are estimated to approach 235 kg in size.

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) is still waiting on the 4th and final prepayment is received from Apple (AAPL). The delay in the receipt of the final prepayment is believed to be related to the ramp up of equipment of equipment inside the Mesa facility. The sapphire plant is expected to be completed in June, which should coincide with the receipt of the final prepayment from Apple.

My latest supply chain check indicated that GT has likely installed slightly more than 2,500 furnaces. Sapphire boule size is expected to range between 200 and 235 kg. Stephen Chin of UBS has been one of the most vocal analyst's covering GTAT issued a note on May 28th related to the progress of GT's sapphire operations in Mesa, AZ.

The UBS research note issued on May 28th indicated that any installed furnaces greater than 1,500 or boule size greater than 165 kg would likely result an upside to its 2015 estimates of $1.30. UBS stated, "we believe 2015 has more chance for upside if the furnaces are indeed larger sized and there are more than we estimated". My supply chain check indicates that the number of installed furnaces will be significantly larger than 2,500 and sapphire boule sizes will also be significantly larger than 165 kg, which will lead to major upgrades across the board from Wall Street analysts in the near future.

As a result of my most recent supply chain check I believe that the Mesa sapphire operations will have ample supply to cover the iWatch, the 4.7" iPhone and the 5.5" iPhone with full sapphire cover glass in 2014. Additionally, the maximum sapphire screen capacity of the Mesa facility is likely to exceed 200m annual units. My most recent supply chain check confirms that GT's sapphire business with Apple is likely to approach or exceed $2B annually or $2.00 earnings per share using an estimated ASP of $10 per unit.

Current Wall Street models are only pricing in Apple business at $1b annual or $1.00 earnings per share. My latest supply chain check indicates that Wall Street will likely need to DOUBLE revenue, EPS estimates and price targets once the iPhone 6 and iWatch are released later this year covered in sapphire glass.

I am maintaining my $87.50 price target as well as my 2015 estimate for GTAT EPS at $2.84 based on $3.177B in sales, including just over $2B of sales from Apple versus $1.335B and $1.30 EPS currently being estimated by UBS.  

12.06.14 13:13

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTAT jumps on renewed optimism

GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT) advanced 6.55% after Macworld UK reported ?Recently published documents revealed that Apple and manufacturing partner GT Advanced Technologies are aiming to open the new plant in Arizona this month, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the plant is indeed for sapphire glass, as previously rumoured.?

Separately, Seeking Alpha?s Matt Margolis said GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) is still waiting on the 4th and final prepayment is received from Apple (AAPL). The delay in the receipt of the final prepayment is believed to be related to the ramp up of equipment of equipment inside the Mesa facility. The sapphire plant is expected to be completed in June, which should coincide with the receipt of the final prepayment from Apple.  

13.06.14 17:13

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTAT Auftrag von Qatar Solar Energy f.HiCz200
Damit wird die Effizienz von Wafers auf 22% geteigert.Endlich ein Auftrag im Solarbereich

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- GT Advanced Technologies shares are up 6.3% to $18.51 on Thursday following the company's announcement that Qatar Solar Energy had purchased an order of the company's next generation HiCz200 furnaces.The furnaces will be used in Qatar Solar Energy's integrated photovalic manufacturing project in Qatar.                                                                                                                       MERRIMACK, N.H., June 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GT Advanced Technologies Inc., (Nasdaq:GTAT), today announced that it has secured a project win for its proprietary, next-generation HiCz continuous feeding puller technology that is expected to help enable the solar industry's transition to higher efficiency, lower cost solar material. The company has entered into an agreement with Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) to supply its HiCz?200 furnaces for QSE's integrated PV manufacturing project in Doha, Qatar. As noted by QSE in a recent press release, QSE has opened a 300MW integrated facility and plans for the project to reach 2.5GW. The supply agreement is subject to QSE's receipt of government approvals and financing, at which time GT would expect to receive the equipment order.

Read more:

14.06.14 08:37

14204 Postings, 3208 Tage H731400@Solarauftrag

Wie hoch ist so ein Auftrag ?  

18.06.14 15:16

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage Kickysteigend bei hohem Volumen

On Tuesday, shares in GT Advanced Technologies Inc. fluctuated between $18.73 and $19.17 before ending the session 1.23% higher at $18.96. The stock reported a trading volume of 11.60 million shares, above its three months average volume of 8.58 million shares. GT Advanced Technologies Inc.'s shares have surged 7.00% in the previous three trading sessions, 36.50% in the last one month, and 117.56% on YTD basis. The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages of $16.01 and $11.85, respectively. Moreover, shares of GT Advanced Technologies Inc. have an RSI of 69.46

Read more:

18.06.14 20:24

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGT Advanced Technologies Is Ready To Move Higher

   The Photovoltaic segment of the company is going to play a vital role over the next few quarters as the manufacturers opt for company's HiCz furnaces.
   Vertically integrated companies will be able to benefit from the company's technology as it will allow them to reduce costs.
   GT Advanced Technologies is set to have a solid second half of the year which will push the stock price higher.

...We have talked about the Sapphire and Photovoltaic segment in our previous articles - in this article, we will try to further highlight the importance of the Photovoltaic segment to the company.

In the Photovoltaic segment, the company supplies Directional Solidification System {DSS} furnaces to manufacturers, which are used to make multicrystalline and MonoCast crystalline silicon ingots - these ingots are used to make photovoltaic solar cells and wafers. Photovoltaic has been an extremely important segment for the company as the graph below shows its importance in terms of revenue generation.

.... the prices of Polysilicon are recovering and the solar panel manufacturers are seeing increased demand. As a result, we will likely see more demand for GTAT's photovoltaic products.

GTAT recently agreed to supply its HiCz 200 furnaces to the Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) - the furnaces work on the next-generation HiCz continues feeding puller technology. It is an extremely important win for the company for its new product,.....

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the company is set to have a solid second half of the year and its business segments are showing great promise. We believe that the stock will make a rally during the second half of the year and a price in excess of $25 is a reasonable estimate looking at the growth opportunities both in the Photovoltaic and Sapphire segments. Furthermore, the company also expects first order for Hyperion during the current year, which will further enhance the revenue potential of the company.  

20.06.14 11:05

68335 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTAT kaufen und Solarcity shorten



   There are just too many plans for giga-watt sized factories, especially when an industry is already glutted.
   GT Advanced Technologies should win big, even if only a few of these factory plans are executed.
   Recommendation today is to short sell Solarcity, at least temporarily, and buy GT Advanced Technologies for long term gains.

SolarCity's (SCTY) plan for a gigawatt sized solar panel factory is, for lack of a better word, a bit crazy. One company that could see significant revenues and incomes from all these factory plans is GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

About a month ago Europe announced plans to build a gigawatt sized panel factory. Leave a comment and I'll certainly post any links you may want. SolarCity essentially adopted the same plan this week. To top it off, GT Advanced Technologies just sold HICZ factory production equipment to Qatar Solar Energy where they are planning for 2.5 gigawatts of production. The combination of these factory plans, amongst others announced elsewhere, represent an excessive amount of factory expansion in an industry that is already glutted with capacity.

GTAT should win big out of all this, even if only some of the factory plans get executed, because they sell solar factory production/inspection equipment at great margins. Don't forget that China isn't going to sit idle. China should upgrade many of their factories (even more sales for GTAT) before the new giga-factories come online.

If I were SolarCity, Qatar Solar, Apple (AAPL), Applied Materials (AMAT) or a large Chinese energy/utility company I'd acquire GT Advanced Technologies before these events unfold......


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