Top Solarwert - hat die Keiner auf der Rechnung?

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28.03.14 12:50

6 Postings, 2686 Tage renewablerSapphire iPhone Pläne in neuem Patent aufgedeckt

29.03.14 15:25

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyAppleinsider:Firma in Arizona wird vergrössert

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT_) was up 5.3% to $17.60 after the website AppleInsider published a report Friday saying that Apple  (AAPL_) and the company were accepting bids to expand the joint sapphire production facility the companies are building in Arizona.

Apple signed a $578 million deal with GT Advanced Technology in November that made the company the designated producer of sapphire glass for Apple. GT Advanced Technologies is an independent manufacturer of materials for optical, laser and solar powered devices

AppleInsider noted that multiple companies were posting bids to build out an expansion on the yet to be completed facility. The current facility has been dubbed "Project Cascade" and sits on an 83 acre plot of land in Arizona.  

01.04.14 10:50

6 Postings, 2686 Tage renewableriPhone 6 mit Sapphire-Glas!?

While we don?t know for sure yet whether the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire screen, all the clues we?ve seen lately are certainly pointing in that direction. AppleInsider reports that Apple is already planning to build an expansion to its sapphire plant in Arizona even though construction for the plant has yet to be finished. AppleInsider speculates that the plant expansion is ?to accommodate higher yields for an as-yet-unknown component.? AppleInsider says that the plant should be finished and fully operational in June, which would line up perfectly for when Apple will need to start cranking out displays for its planned fall iPhone launches.

An expansion of the Arizona sapphire plant would seem to indicate that Apple is confident in its ability to mass produce sapphire displays for its upcoming devices. An earlier report from 9to5Mac this year detailed how Apple manufacturing partner GT Advanced has already ordered over 500 furnace and chamber systems for the Arizona plant, which would give it the capability to produce more than 100 million 5-inch sapphire iPhone displays per year.

We also learned this week that Apple has filed a patent application that describes a method for coating sapphire displays to make them resistant to oily fingerprints, which is something that the company has done with its standard glass display iPhones ever since the iPhone 3Gs.

No matter how you slice it, Apple is investing a lot of brainpower and money into building sapphire displays and it?s looking more likely that we?ll see devices equipped with them sooner rather than later.  

01.04.14 20:13

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyHot Solar Technology Stocks like GTAT

The solar technology sector continues to be rife with promise as the world looks to greener sources of energy. Solar technology companies such as GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT  ) , SunEdison (NYSE: SUNE  ) , and Applied Materials  are usually at the forefront of new solar technological advancements, and face an ever-rising demand for higher-efficiency solar panels at an affordable price. Many of these companies also have sapphire LED segments, and the demand for these products has been hot lately.

GT Advanced Technologies is one of the biggest names in the sector. Its shares gained a whopping 560% last year, and have more than doubled in the last six months. GT Advanced Technologies makes hi-tech equipment that is used to manufacture solar and sapphire LED, or light-emitting-diodes, products. The company's solar segment is seeing rising demand as the global demand for solar products keeps growing. Below is a table that shows how the growth in global solar energy demand has been progressing:

GT Advanced Technology has three large business segments. The firm's photovoltaic segment is the biggest contributor to its top line. Polysilicon is used in the manufacture of solar panels, and is the company's second-biggest segment. The company's sapphire segment is the smallest, but the one that's showing the most promise.

The sapphire LED business has been heating up intensely recently. LED prices have fallen so much that it has stimulated a sharp increase in the demand for LED products. GT Technologies' exposure to the sector has simultaneously risen sharply.The latest rally of GT Advanced Technologies' shares was spurred by the announcement that the company has struck a $578 million deal with Apple, wherein the latter wants to use GTAT's sapphire. The details of the deal are still sketchy at best, but speculation abounds that Apple wants to use GTAT's sapphire crystals in its latest mobile devices. If this is the case then GTAT will see sapphire become the firm's predominant segment, accounting for about 80% of its revenues, up from the current mid-twenties share.

But Corning, the manufacturer of the Gorilla Glass used in Apple's iphones, warns that sapphire is 10 times more expensive than Gorilla Glass,  is 1.6 times heavier, is environmentally unfriendly, and requires 100 times more energy to manufacture. Sapphire also transmits less light. In short, sapphire is an apparent bomb from a consumer viewpoint. It is, therefore, best to adopt a wait-and-see attitude before investing in shares on this premise alone, although overall they are a sound investment.  

02.04.14 16:28

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyUpgrade Goldman Sachs to $24 +7,8%

"We believe investor focus on GTAT's Apple opportunity - a key part of our thesis - is well deserved, but has created a dynamic in which the company's 'core' equipment segment is underappreciated. We continue to see a next-gen iPhone worth $15/share alone in a base-case with an upside case of over $25." Goldman Sachs said.
Price Target increased to $24 from $20  

02.04.14 20:43

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyHyperion: A Game-Changer For GT Advanced Technolog

......... Since the company holds the technology that might change the industry; the economic benefit will be huge for GT Advanced Technologies. The company is expecting initial orders in the current year and the first delivery in the next year. The machine will cost between $4-15 million, depending on the configuration and volume. By 2018, GTAT is expecting market opportunity of between 200-250 machines shipped. If we take the lower points of these estimates, we end up with additional revenue of about $800 million, and about $3.75 billion if we take the upper points of the estimates.
Bottom Line

Hyperion will be a game-changer for GTAT, without a shadow of doubt. There is a lot of buzz around the company, and rightly so. GT Advanced Technologies has a technology that can change the dynamics of the industry, and in doing so, it will certainly change the fortunes of the company and its shareholders. As I mentioned in my previous article, the growth from other business segments is also expected to be strong, and the recent rise in the stock price is justified, in my opinion. I also maintain that GTAT will be a solid long-term investment and the growth opportunity for the company is massive.  

04.04.14 19:52

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyApple nur einer d.Faktoren,der GTAT zu neuen Höhen

bringen könnte.Es hat ja schliesslich auch die Solarsparte noch,und wenn auch der Verdienst letztes Jahr nicht berauschend war,lautet doch die Prognose von Solarbuzz statt  der 36GW letztes Jahr werden in 2014 49GW Solar  erwartet und auch davon werden die Wachstumsaussichten von GTAT sich verbessern.Und GTAT erwartet,dass sich die Polysilicon Preise in Zukunft verbessern.Die Firma bringt auch neue Technologien für Solarzellen und Module.
In den nächsten 5 Jahren erwartet GTAT ein jährliches Wachstum von CAGR 48%.Daher ist GTAT trotz einem Aktienpreis von 23x Gewinn derzeit ein Schnäppchen,wenn man die Wachstumsaussichten berücksichtigt.....­ts-that-could-propel-gt-to-new-highs?  

07.04.14 19:20

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyGTATm.58Millionen Auftrag für Hochtemperaturöfen

die Thermal Technology entwickelt hat,die 2013 von GTAT erworben wurden

MERRIMACK, N.H., 2014-04-07 14:00 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GT Advanced
Technologies (Nasdaq:GTAT) today announced that it has received $58.6 million
in orders this quarter for high temperature refractory metal furnaces that are
used for a variety of industrial purposes. These orders will be reflected in Q2
reportable backlog and GT expects to recognize revenue from these orders during
the second half of 2014.

'Thermal Technologies, which was acquired by GT in 2013, developed the high
temperature refractory furnace technology that will be deployed as part of
these orders. It is expected that several other industrial products developed
by Thermal Technologies, will be taken to market through our existing sales and
service channel, adding to our diversification beyond our traditional markets,'
said Tom Gutierrez, GT's president and CEO.

10.04.14 20:33

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyWhy Apples New iPhone Will Have A Sapphire Display


   Recent patent filings indicate that Apple's new iPhone 6 will contain sapphire display.
   Corning?s vague claims also point to the fact that the iPhone 6 will come with a sapphire screen.
   Increasing production capacity at the Arizona plant can mean GT Advanced Technologies produced sapphire that can be used in other iDevices.
   GT Advanced Technologies should benefit from the iPhone 6..........

...It's looking more and more likely that the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire display, and investors can expect to hear the official announcement soon. Shares of GT Advanced Technologies will break out yet again when these rumors finally materialize. Hence, investors should consider adding GT Advanced Technologies to their portfolios before the official announcement is made.  

11.04.14 09:47

25 Postings, 2680 Tage snoopy9901Korrektur

geht doch runter ohne Ende....nichts mit rosigen Aussichten  

11.04.14 13:48

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyCramer's Mad Money - Best Stock Between $10 and 50

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday April 10.

Best Stock Between $10 and $50: GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT). Other stock mentioned: Apple (AAPL), UPS (UPS), Siemens (SI)
GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has risen 85% since the beginning of the year and 340% yoy. The stock fell 6.7% on Thursday, and Cramer thinks it is a speculative play that might be worth buying in increments on the way down. The company makes sapphire screens for gadgets, and signed a deal with Apple (AAPL). If GTAT finds a way to produce sapphire cheaply enough, it may replace the glass in Apple's gadgets. The stock doubled in the 5 months since the partnership with Apple was announced. Sapphire is scratch and break-resistant, and buyers of gadgets might be willing to pay up for durability. GTAT might become profitable in 2014, but in the near term, the sector is volatile, and the stock could drop on little or no news. GTAT is Cramer's top pick under $50, but since it is speculative, he would approach it with caution.  

24.04.14 00:24

62 Postings, 3454 Tage opkstheute

nachbörslich ähnliche Reaktion wie Apple nach guten Zahlen, future-thinking  

24.04.14 09:09

750 Postings, 3388 Tage trenncostrunter ohne ende

also mal halblang. der kurs ist nicht mal und die 50er gerutscht bisher. alle anderen momentum aktien im solarbereich (und mit der peer bewegt sich gtat leider immer noch mit) haben beim großen abverkauf schön die 200er gekratzt. ist doch bisher eine schöne und sehr gesunde korrektur.  

24.04.14 09:10

750 Postings, 3388 Tage trenncostsorry. konsolidierung, nicht korrektur

28.04.14 22:39

25 Postings, 2680 Tage snoopy9901noch weiter runter

jetzt geht aber die Puste aus...  

29.04.14 23:04

4827 Postings, 2803 Tage exactaber hallo

Auszug CHIP  28.4. (Link weiter unten): " hat erfahren, dass die Firma GT Advanced im Stande ist, 100 bis 200 Millionen rund 5 Zoll große Display-Gläser aus Saphirglas herzustellen. Laut hat Apple dem amerikanischen Technologie-Unternehmen bereits im November umgerechnet gut 400 Millionen Euro gezahlt, um die Massenproduktion von großen Saphirglas-Oberflächen voranzutreiben. "

Wenn´s stimmt, dürften die nicht mehr allzusehr konsolidieren, gehe das mal charttechnisch an. ;-)


30.04.14 22:06

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyWird GTAT die Solarindustrie revolutionieren?


   The drop in the per watt costs for solar energy will be a vital element in bringing this source to the mainstream.
   GT Advanced Technologies has the products to help manufacturers reduce production costs.
   The growth in clean energy projects is encouraging for the sector.

There has been a drastic fall in the per watt cost over the last three decades. Per watt costs for the last year were forecasted to be $0.74, down from $76.67 per watt in 1977. People at Goldman Sachs (GS) believe the solar energy future is not far and it can become the major source of energy.

Despite an increase in the generation from renewable sources and a decline in the cost - clean energy still accounts for just 5% of total U.S. energy generation capacity. A further decline in costs and an increase in efficiency will surely result in increased clean energy generation capacity.

GTAT operates in three business segments: Sapphire, Polysilicon and Photovoltaic (PV) - two of these segments are directly related to the solar industry and GTAT can impact the industry through these segments, especially through the photovoltaic segment. GTAT does not provide the final products to the customers - it is a supplier to the manufacturers.

Hyperion can bring down the cost for an integrated manufacturer by about 50%, and by 2018, GTAT is expecting to sell 200-250 units. This machine will certainly have a major impact on the cost structure of the solar panel manufacturing segment.

Hyperion is not the only tool in the Arsenal for GTAT - the company has also been working on Merlin - a solar cell metallization and interconnect technology, which is expected to bring down costs by more than 10%.........Hyperion and Merlin are expected to bring down manufacturing costs substantially. ...If per watt cost for solar energy becomes equal/less than the conventional methods, the growth in the solar market will be massive. As a result, solar panel manufacturers will be able to sell massive volumes and drive margins. GTAT will play a big role in bringing these costs down over the next 3-5 years, and we will likely see a shift toward the solar energy over the next decade.....  

04.05.14 15:33

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage Kicky3 Insider haben verkauft

There have been 147,980 shares sold by insiders during the last 30 days.  

08.05.14 15:11

68319 Postings, 7943 Tage KickyQ1 Results Miss View

... on Wednesday reported a loss for the first quarter that widened from last year, reflecting lower revenues at its polysilicon and sapphire segments in addition to higher expenses.

Loss per share came in wider than analysts' estimates by a penny, while revenues missed their estimates. However, the company affirmed its financial outlook for fiscal 2014.....

Read more:

09.05.14 17:14

425 Postings, 3380 Tage isar82815heut gehts ganz schön runter :-(

Heute gehts aber ganz schön Richtung Süden,
wie ist eure Meinung?

danke und schönes Wochenende.  

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