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03.03.14 17:44

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyResults for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013

GT Advanced Technologies Inc. Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013
....... Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Financial Results

During 2013, the company made the strategic decision to forego ASF equipment sales while building out its new sapphire materials capacity. This decision has had, and will have, a clear negative impact on the company's fourth quarter and full year results for 2013 and near term future results.

Revenue for the fourth quarter came in at $32.6 million including $2.5 million in polysilicon, $11.3 million in photovoltaic (PV), and $18.8 million in sapphire. This compares to revenue in the third quarter of $40.3 million and $102.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012. Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2013 was $299.0 million compared to $733.5 million for the year ended December 31, 2012.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the balance sheet had cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash of $593.0 million and debt of $283.9 million. This compares to $418.1 million of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the fourth quarter of calendar 2012 which included $297.0 million of total debt. During the fourth quarter, the company received the first of a series of prepayments under its multi-year sapphire material supply agreement with Apple. Additionally, the company completed a concurrent common stock and convertible debt offering in December 2013 that resulted in net proceeds of approximately $290.0 million. The company also paid off an outstanding term loan of $96.0 million.

As of December 31, 2013, the company's total backlog was $602.2 million comprised of equipment orders only. This included $298.7 million in the polysilicon segment, $11.3 million in the PV segment and $292.1 million in the sapphire segment. New orders during the fourth quarter of calendar 2013 were $23.8 million. The company adjusted backlog down by approximately $47.3 million during the quarter primarily related to an arrangement with an ASF customer that was modified. All orders for sapphire material have been and will continue to be excluded from backlog going forward.

On an annualized basis, during 2014, the company expects revenues to range from $600 million to $800 million, with approximately 15% of total revenues occurring in the first half of the year. The company expects that its sapphire segment will account for more than 80% of total revenue in 2014. The sapphire segment includes the company's equipment and materials businesses in the LED, industrial and consumer electronics markets.

During the first quarter of 2014, the company expects to generate revenues in the range of $20 million to $30 million with a non-GAAP loss per share of $0.20 to $0.25.

Consolidated gross margins for 2014 are expected to be in the range of 25% to 27%, reflecting lower margin material shipments during the year, inefficiencies related to the ramp up of the sapphire materials business and underutilization of the company's equipment operations.

The company expects that 2014 non-GAAP earnings per share will be in the range of $0.02 to $0.18. This assumes an average outstanding share count of 148 million shares.

The company's cash balance at year end is currently expected to be in the range of $400 million to $500 million.

detailliert hier:  

03.03.14 20:35

146 Postings, 2943 Tage Eco1Einfach stark!

War aber wohl auch der s.a.Artikel.

Ansonsten sind die 20 nur noch eine Frage von Wochen, wenn man dem Analysten Eco traut.


04.03.14 17:03

146 Postings, 2943 Tage Eco1Wow

..was für eine Performance!

Frage ist, ob man nachkaufen sollte...

So wie sie bewaffnept sind, gehört Ihnen der zukünftige Saphir-Markt! Spreche jetzt nicht von den jetzt zu hunderten entstehenden Kopierfirmen in China, die qualitativ hintan stehen.

Schwer, schwer...

Eigentlich muss man nachkaufen...  

04.03.14 20:12

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGT Advanced Technologies Coverage by Goldman

Brian Lee, Goldman Sachs analyst, announces initiation of coverage GT Advance Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) with a Buy rating and a price target of $20.

The initiation follows a recent catalyst of Apple's next-gen iPhone launch coming this fall. GTAT will be supplying sapphire materials as part of the display cover design for the new iPhone.

Read more:;Fid=GTAT#ixzz2v1TjaUJH

05.03.14 00:04

146 Postings, 2943 Tage Eco1Danke Kicky,

Da wir beide schon in dem Wert sind, stellt sich die Frage, warum wir (also Du und ich) nicht Analysten bei Goldmann Sachs sind?

Meine, was soll das jetzt: toll, KZ 20§. Grosse Klasse.Wissen wir doch schon längst.

Wahrscheinlich muss der aber in Harvard etc. studiert haben, entsprechende Eltern, die es finanziert und gespusht haben etc.etc.

So sind wir also bei ariva und spekulieren also rum.

Also dann mal ein Tip vom Analysten Eco an Analyst Kicky: Bin vor 2 Tagen in Kandi zu 17,34 glaub ich eingestiegen. Hier mein KZ by end of april: 40!



05.03.14 07:29

38 Postings, 3825 Tage SCHWINGERJa Eco1

da hast du wohl ins Schwarze getroffen. Denkst du wirklich, dass bei 20 schon Schluss ist? Auch wenn die beiden Unternehmen nichts miteinander zu tun haben, hoffe ich auf eine ähnliche Performance wie bei Hydrogenics :-) Bin gespannt auf das Orakel Eco1...  

06.03.14 14:02

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGTAT Vs. Corning: Crystalline Sapphire is better

......The Material Science Matters

In almost every measurable way, it appears that crystalline sapphire is mechanically superior to Gorilla Glass. Take a look at the summary table below pulled from some GTAT marketing material. I confirmed the Gorilla Glass specifications (Gorilla Glass 2) with Corning's own marketing material.

....In regard to the other mechanical properties listed, sapphire seems to have a significant advantage. For example, sapphire has approximately three-fold greater hardness when compared to Gorilla Glass ....  
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07.03.14 06:50

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGT Advanced Technologies (GTAT): It's too hot,

said Cramer gestern bei CBC   I just can't endorse this stock up here.  

07.03.14 07:09

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyCorning GTAT und Apple

.... Apple is sure it wants to use sapphire in its future products. Based on GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT)?s acquisitions of 518 different sapphire furnaces & chamber systems as well as another 420 machines which are on order, analyst & sapphire expert- Matt Margolis has projected that this Arizona plant might produce approximately 100-200M 5 ?sapphire displays annually. Apple is one of the biggest customers that Corning has and if the former decides to shift completely to sapphire, it will definitely have an adverse impact on Corning?s profits and the display industry as a whole.

On the other hand, GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT) stands to gain from this transition. Producing these sapphire displays at very large volumes to serve Apple might boost new cost savings & innovation in the manufacture of sapphire that will make it a very viable alternative for various other manufacturers apart from Apple. Very recently, GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT) bought a solar-panel company that has developed a completely new technique of slicing hard-materials very thinly, with the use of an ion-particle accelerator. If this same technique is applied to the making of sapphire, and if it is possible to combine it with the sapphire-laminating system has already been patented by Apple, price of sapphire will come down drastically.


11.03.14 13:46

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGTAT $336 Million of Equipment and Technology +5%


GT Advanced Technologies Inc., (Nasdaq:GTAT), today announced the signing of a $336 million supply agreement with Cosmos Chemicals Berhad to provide equipment and technology for a 25,0000 metric ton annual (MTA) polysilicon facility, a project sponsored by Saudi Arabia based Project Management & Development Company (PMD), that will be located in Sarawak, Malaysia. Under the terms of the agreement, which is subject to financing, GT will supply its complete suite of polysilicon production equipment and technology including engineering services, hydrochlorination, SDR? CVD reactors, filament production, and polysilicon processing. Cosmos Chemicals Berhad is currently securing final financing for the project. Contingent upon completion of this step, GT expects the project to commence in phases beginning with the commissioning of engineering work followed by an equipment order.....

Glück muss der Mensch haben hab die heute morgen erworben  

12.03.14 19:50

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGTAT Misunderstood And Undervalued by Analysts


   Current analyst estimates for GT Advanced Technologies do not reflect significant revenue that will be booked outside of Apple in 2015 and 2016.
   Shares of GTAT are fairly valued at $64 to $85 per share, assuming a 15-20x FY16E EPS of $4.26.
   Adoption of sapphire cover screens on Apple's iPad would provide a significant upside to revenue and EPS estimates.

January 21, 2014, GT's share price was around $9 and there was a lot of questions regarding Apple (AAPL) and the use sapphire cover screens. In less than 2 months GT's share price has nearly doubled after touching $18 within the last week. Based on what I know about GT's technological war chest and the upside potential across GT's business portfolio, it is clear to me that the welcoming party for GT shareholders hasn't even started yet.
GT's management indicated their focus was to execute on their commitments to Apple and prepare GT to become a world class supplier of sapphire material for a variety of other customers. In addition, GT indicated they would like to expand their materials business into other material segments outside of sapphire. Lastly, they seemed very excited that their diversification strategy is on schedule to bear fruits across LED, power electronics, advanced solar and industrial markets.

I'm expecting GT's existing backlog of $600m to be worth $450m by the end of 2014. I am forecasting new orders of $1.5B to arrive in 2014 with approximately 77% of those orders to come from existing markets including PV equipment, sapphire equipment and polysilicon. GT just received a $336m order for PV equipment and technology for a project in Malaysia and as a result they appear well on their way to achieving my $1.5B estimate of new orders in 2014. The macroeconomic environment for poly, solar and sapphire are all extremely supportive as we exit 2014 and head into 2015. LED equipment utilization is at or near 100%, Solar is expected to run through the excess poly supplies and drive up the polysilicon price per KG from $21 to $25 by the end of 2014. Solarbuzz is already estimating a major comeback in solar capital equipment purchases by 2015. GT is well positioned on several on projects in the Middle East, that are each worth $300-500m annually. GT's management has been estimating that the PV projects from the Middle East will begin to hit revenue in 2016. GT's Power Tec agreement is likely to contribute $100-200m in revenue in 2015 and 2016 alone. GT's solar and PV business averaged a combined $600m in recognized revenue over 2010 and 2011. The upcoming capital expansion will reward low-cost, thin-film and innovative solutions with significant orders. The remaining $350m of new orders or 23% of 2014 bookings will come from GT's Hyperion and SiC (Silicon Carbide) business.


I am currently forecasting GT to earn $0.62 in 2014, $2.75 in 2015 and $4.26 in 2016. Revenue forecasts are as follows; $1.331B in 2014, $3.177B in 2015 and $4.416B in 2016. I have assumed 148 million shares in my EPS calculations. My current forecast does not include Apple's iPad being covered in sapphire glass. It also does not include any additional use of sapphire on Apple devices outside of cover screens. My forecast does not include the any additional revenue if GT pursued and entered materials business related to downstream LED, power electronics or landed a massive contract with Tesla to provide graphene for their $5B Lithium-Ion Battery Giga Factory. My financial summary is below for 2014 through 2016..

GT's future is extremely underappreciated and misunderstood but Wall Street analysts and GT cannot and should not ever be labeled as a "sapphire materials company" or as "just a solar company" ever again. They are quietly establishing themselves as a leader in cutting edge, disruptive and game changing technological innovation....  

17.03.14 19:52

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyCanacord mit Buy und Kursziel $21

Shares of GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) are climbing after research firm Canaccord wrote that the company's results are poised to exceed Street expectations.... WHAT'S NEW: After attending GT's analyst event on March 14, Canaccord analyst Jonathan Dorsheimer expects the company to benefit from the recovery in the solar energy market. Moreover, new products introduced by GT Advanced may increase the company's revenue by several billion dollars each year, Dorsheimer contended. More importantly, the new products reduce the company's risk by diversifying its offerings, the analyst added. GT is also poised to benefit from its deal with Apple, the analyst wrote. He kept a $21 price target and Buy rating on GT Advanced.  

17.03.14 19:58

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickySonnenenergie wird Energie der Handy Batterien

deutlich verlängern.GTAT hat vor Kurzem gemeldet ,dass sie hier deutliche Fortschritte gemacht haben.seekingalpha mit Analyse hierzu:  

19.03.14 15:10

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGT Advanced Technologies Is Still A Buy

The main growth outlet for the company will be the sapphire segment, as I mentioned above, and GTAT's agreement with Apple will be a game changer for the company. Apple has decided to make an advance payment of $578 million for the five years starting from 2015. The payment will either be in the form of cash or will be reimbursed for the orders of Apple.

In addition, the company has recently signed another contract worth $336 million to provide equipment and technology to Cosmos Chemicals Berhads. The company will provide the gear for 25,000 metric ton annual (MTA) polysilicon capacity to Cosmos Chemicals. Considering this figure, the company now has a total order backlog of $938 million. The global demand for polysilicon-based solar energy is rising. This is supported by the fact that polysilicon demand is expected to rise 25% this year to 282,000 metric tons.

Fundamentals will Improve

The company beat the earnings estimate for the fourth quarter; however, the revenue figure was lower than the estimates. There was a substantial increase in the research and development expenses as well as interest expense. The guidance for the first quarter of the year is also disappointing and the expected revenues and earnings figures are below the estimates. However, the forecast for the full is year is better than what the market expected, indicating that the majority of the revenue will be coming in the later part of the year. For the full year, the company expects revenue in the range of $600-700 million and EPS of 2-18 cents - consensus estimates for the full year EPS were 8 cents.....

The stock is currently trading at a forward P/E ratio of about 22, which is expected to come down to close to 12 by 2016. Improving fundamentals and the growth in the business segments gives strength to my belief that the rise in the stock price is justified.

In my opinion, GTAT is one of the most attractive investments present in the market at present. The growth in the respective business segments is clear and the fundamentals of the company will be very attractive. I believe there is still a lot of potential in this stock and we will see it trading at a substantially higher price by the end of the year. As the company reports impressive performance during the later parts of the years, the stock price will be positively affected.  

20.03.14 10:44

630 Postings, 3938 Tage pippo1888Kicky

Hallo Kicky,

Bin nun auch investiert.

gr. pippo  

20.03.14 15:49

6 Postings, 2641 Tage renewablerGTAT reveals game-changing solar cell technology

Dubbed ?Merlin,? GT Advanced Technologies has launched a c-Si solar cell metallisation and interconnect technology that it claims will boost conversion efficiencies while lowering production costs via significantly reduced silver paste consumption.

The patented Merlin technology employs a different ?flexible? screen pattern to conventional screen printing designs for finger bars that forms ?segmented? fingers onto the solar cell.

Significantly less consumption of silver paste is claimed, while the segmented fingers are thinner and produce less shading than conventional finger designs. Merlin technology is claimed to be easily integrated into existing cell and module manufacturing lines with just a simple change to the screen used for patterning.

"We are very excited about the progress we are making in developing what we believe will be a true game-changing technology to lower the cost of solar modules," said Tom Gutierrez, GT's president and CEO. "Our Merlin technology uses mature, proven manufacturing processes to produce the flexible grids and we are confident that we can scale grid production to meet the requirements of the solar industry. Our Merlin technology is expected to fundamentally change the way modules will be manufactured, shipped and installed in the future."

The company did not reveal much regarding the interconnect technology attributes, which are expected to revealed at its ?New Product and Technology Briefing? event being held on Friday 14.

However, the company noted that the on-cell and cell-to-cell interconnect features of the flexible grid are claimed to make a PV module more resilient when subjected to temperature cycling and mechanical flexing. The Merlin technology is claimed to enable PV manufacturers to design highly reliable, lightweight, lower cost modules that are less expensive to install, according to the company.

"Over the last several years, we have been reviewing PV systems at a number of solar farms to gain a better understanding of performance over time," said Govindasamy Tamizhmani, Ph.D., president of TUV Rheinland PTL, a leading provider of safety testing, performance testing and market certification for the photovoltaic marketplace. "A number of key issues have been identified, including solder bond failures, hot spots and ribbon-to-ribbon solder bond failures. I am quite excited regarding the Merlin technology developed by GT Advanced Technologies as it goes a long way to minimize or eliminate these issues."  

21.03.14 08:36

6 Postings, 2641 Tage renewabler

21.03.14 09:50

630 Postings, 3938 Tage pippo1888zusammenfassung bzg. apple

hi xxx,

habe mich nun selbst durch die Materie geboxt. War überrasch dass mein Englisch besser ist als gedacht.

vorerst zu deinen Fragen:
Ich würde gerne wissen, ob nur dieses Unternehmen dieses Sapphire-Glas herstellen kann, oder gibt es auch andere, die es herstellen können?

Nein, wieviele Hersteller es gibt kann ich dir nicht sagen, jedoch kann Corning Inc. die das Gorilla Glass herstellen auch Sapphire-Glas herstellen.

Welche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten gibt es noch? z.B.: Autoindustrie(Frontscheiben etc.)

Die Herstellung von Frontscheiben wäre Theoretisch möglich, Preislich aber bei weitem nicht rentabel. Derzeit änliche Anwendungsgebiete sind Raumfahrt, Kampffugzeuge, Panzerwagen, (generell im Militärbereich)...

Ist die Herstellung des Produktes Teuer?

Ja sehr sogar, nach angaben von Corning Inc. ist die Herstellung von Sapphire-Glas 10mal so teuer als Gorilla Glass. Laut angaben von GT Advanced Technologie seien sie in der Lage Sapphire-Glas um "nur" das 3-4fache teurer herzustellen zum Konkurenzglas Gorilla Glass. (Anscheinend hätten sie spezielle Technologien).

Jetzt zusätzliche infos die noch interessant sind:
Es wir ja darauf spekuliert dass Sapphire-Glas das Gorilla Glass ersetzten könnte!
Auf aktuellem Stand denke ich nicht das es so kommen wird.

- 3-4mal teurer
- etwas schwärer bei gleichem Volumen (60%)
- 2,5mal spröder (bin mir nicht sicher ob isch das richtig verstanden habe)
- 100mal längere Herstellungszeit
- 100mal soviel Energie zu Herstellung
- Umweltbelastender
- minimal weniger Lichtdurchlässig
- im Sonnenlicht reflektierts mehr

- 3,5mal kratzfester
- das Glas hat mehrer bessere Eigenschaften und somit könnte man das Glas dünner machen sodass das Smartphone auch dünner wird. 1/2 so dünn.

wie du siehst sind die pros sehr schwach zu den contras.

Warum investiert apple?

momentan besteht das glas vor der kamera und das glas beim fingersensor aus Sapphire-Glas.

weiters möchte apple auf der rückseite solarpanele von GT Advanced Technologie anbringen. laut berechnungen wäre es fast schön möglich das Iphone sowie Ipad innerhalb von 2 stunden komplett aufzuladen. (vorausgesetzt keine wolken mittagssonne und 90° einstralwinkel - realistisch sage ich m.m. nach sinds 4 stunden)
Ich finde diese idee herforragend. diese idee hatte ich schon vor jahren und währe ein rießen wunsch meinerseits. nun ist die frage wie teurer dann das Smartphone wird max. 100? (m.m.) mehr darfs nicht ausmachen.

letzter punkt: apple plant die iwath dort wird m.m. nach sicher das Sapphire-Glas eingesetzt werden. Da Uhren immer großen Reibungen ausgesetzt sind, ansonsten zerkratzt das glas zu schnell und das glas ist ja kleiner als bei iPhones.

Dies alles zu apple zu der Solarsparte gäbe es auch noch einiges zu sagen. ein andermal mehr.

Danke dir für die Aktie, als gegenleistung dafür diese ausführliche recherge (habe 6 stunden rechergiert).
Ich muss sagen bin sehr sehr überzeugt von GT Advanced Technologie.

Danke xxx. Schöne Grüße aus Italien Pippo.

Ps: Sorry wegen Rechtscheibfehler und Gramatik!


Wenn ich was falsch verstanden habe bitte korregiert mich.

24.03.14 19:35

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGT Advanced Technologies: An Investor Manual

ähnlich wie '60 meint der Autor ,dass GTAT weit mehr kann und produziert als die Sapphire für Apple


   I'm revisiting my GTAT estimates based on the last technology conference held on March 14.
   Innovative GTAT has much more to its business than just sapphire.
   I see a lot more upside in GTAT even after the last run.

...... I would like to bring to you again, an update of all of GT markets, and why I think that GT's stock price could reach even higher levels than I expected in my last article. So, enough talking, let's go down with the analysis. The GT puzzle has many parts to it. Only by understanding the business itself and the markets it operates in, an investor could truly see the great potential in GT in the next few years. The sapphire business, awesome as it is, is only one (big) piece of the puzzle that forms a great company.

I expect other small-screen Apple devices to utilize sapphire as their cover glass (iPod, iWatch). Morgan Stanley recently projected very high iWatch sales growth, ..
Accounting for the iWatch growth, I expect Apple-related revenues will grow at 15%/year for the next few years. I expect that non-Apple sapphire revenues will grow even faster, at 20%, mostly for the LED industry, which is forecasted to enjoy rapid growth in the next few years.

The Polysilicon Business

Just a week ago, GT announced that it signed a $336M agreement with Cosmos Chemicals Berhard to supply equipment and technology for a 25,000 metric ton per annum Polysilicon production facility in Malaysia. This deal comes on top of the OCI phase 4 deal, which is valued at $260M and is expected to be shipped in 2015. This is highly positive for GT, as it de-risks the dependence of the Polysilicon backlog on OCI. More than that, it teaches us that rising Polysilicon prices is already making producers reach investment decisions in respect of new facilities. I believe that Polysilicon revenues in 2015 will be in the range of $650M. In my opinion, it is still too early determine 2016 revenues, as this business is driven by large unpredictable contract wins. That said, in the recent technology presentation GT held on Friday, interesting information was presented by the company. For those of you familiar with the Polysilicon market, you know that current production capacity is substantially bigger than current global demand. Demand, driven by the exploding solar industry, is on the path to cause Polysilicon shortage beginning in 2016-2017. This will cause Polysilicon producers to expand their capacity, and the new 25,000 MTA facility in Malaysia is just the beginning
Thinking of GT opportunity as a dollar amount per 1 MTA capacity, we can think ahead about the Polysilicon business in the coming years. GT announced the Malaysian contract is worth $336M. $336M divided by 25,000 MTA is $13,440.

GT is not the only player in this market, but GT is the market leader. In 2012, GT estimated its share in this market at 70%. Even if we cut GT share to 50% just to be careful, we get the following:

2015 Polysilicon Orders: $60M

2016 Polysilicon Orders: $480M

2017 Polysilicon Orders: $753M

This forecast takes into account that the PV market will continue to grow (which I firmly believe) and Polysilicon manufacturers will be able (financially) to build new capacity.

The Merlin is a true game-changer by changing the way of connecting solar cells and building a solar module. Instead of connecting the cells in strings using tabs, GT invented a way of connecting the cells directly one to another, thus reducing silver paste consumption by about 80%.

I expect market adoption to be high given the appealing cost-reduction Merlin offers. Thus, I see the case for 20% market adoption as the most likely. But I think taking a margin of safety here will be the smartest thing to do until we actually see Merlin sales, so I assume $800M of Merlin revenues in 2018.

Let's sum up the PV business revenue expectation until 2018.

   Merlin revenues (working backwards) will be $800M in 2018. $400M in 2017, $240M in 2016, and about $100M in 2015.
   DSS revenues will be $40M in 2014, $120M in 2015, and $240M in 2016.
   HiCz revenues will be $80M in 2014, $240M in 2015 and $480M in 2016.
   Total PV segment sales will be $120M in 2014, $460M 2015, and $960M in 2016.

hab heute nachgekauft  

24.03.14 19:37

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyÜbersetzer

ist zwar sehr holprig,aber einigermassen verständlich  

25.03.14 19:57

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage Kicky3 Millionen Gründe warum GTAT Apple nicht braucht

CEO Tom Gutierrez:the deal with Apple to manufacture sapphire material is only the very beginning of what the company will do in the future. On March 14 -- the 20th anniversary of the company's founding as GT Solar -- the company rolled out a series of new products and technologies that Gutierrez said would "add well over $3 billion worth of market potential" in the coming several years. With solar manufacturers like SunPower  (NASDAQ: SPWR  ) expanding production capacity, and First Solar  (NASDAQ: FSLR  ) aggressively working to improve the efficiency of its panels, is there indeed that much more room for GT Advanced to grow its business?

Let's take a look at what's happening in the industry and how GT is positioning itself to take advantage of new opportunities.GT Solar, as the company was known prior to 2010, was primarily focused on developing technologies that solar manufacturers use to increase production capacity and lower production cost, while also making more efficient panels. However, the company's expertise in growing crystals -- both silicon and sapphire -- that have applications far beyond just the solar industry. Gutierrez had this to say on the March 14 presentation:

   The company was born as a technology company. We remain a technology company; and as such, we needed to continue to increase the spend on R&D. And today, we're spending more than four times what we spent four or five years ago, and you'll see the results of that.

In a nutshell, the company's investments into its core technologies as a crystal grower led to the Apple partnership, but it is far from the only thing the company has going for it.

Last fall, SunPower announced it would expand production capacity by 25% after running at or very near full capacity for all of 2013. Similarly, First Solar has indicated it will invest in reducing both its manufacturing costs and work to increase the efficiency of its panels. The actions of these two leaders in the U.S. solar industry is an indication of the growing demand for solar panels:demand could essentially triple (or more) over the next three year

The key products GT Advanced introduced for its core PV solar market are the SDR-1K CVD Reactor, and 5th generation FBR to produce TCS (a key ingredient in panel silicon). These new products both significantly reduce the manufacturing cost by cutting energy consumption and increasing output capacity, while also costing less to acquire -- per unit of production capacity -- by 50% as compared to the first generation. Additionally, GT's HiCZ (TM) system is designed to be more efficient and automated than what is available on the market today.

GT recently signed a deal to supply $336 million of equipment to Cosmos Chemicals for a new polysilicon production facility in Malaysia. This new facility will have an annual production capacity of 25,000 megatons with a much lower cost of production than older facilities it will compete against.
Here's how GT Advanced sees the opportunity playing out for its latest SDR, FBR, and HiCZ technologies by 2017:
Combined, these alone represent more than $3 billion in market potential.

Merlin could change efficiency, reliability game for panel makers
As demand for polysilicon increases, solar manufacturers will be challenged to continue finding ways to reduce the cost per watt of panels. GT Advanced says its Merlin technology will reduce the total system cost by more than 10%, by reducing the module cost, increasing the panel efficiency, and also making for easier-to-install panels.
The keys behind Merlin are that it can be integrated into existing lines, meaning it's much easier and cost-effective for panel makers to get the cost benefits without having to build new production lines to support Merlin. Merlin's key benefits are its reduction in silver used to make the panels, as well as the large bus bars that shade parts of the panels and reduce efficiency. The initial data supports a gain of 0.7% in efficiency just by changing to GT's Merlin technology, while simultaneously reducing the manufacturing cost.

Final thoughts: Just the beginning
For investors concerned about the company's large exposure to Apple, this is a great reminder that -- as important as the Apple deal is -- GT's future is much bigger. The company is in a unique position to benefit from the significant growth in demand that companies like SunPower and First Solar will be experiencing over the next several years. By offering technologies that will allow panel makers to both reduce manufacturing costs and increase production line capacity, GT is set to grow its business in a big way. ....

(hab mal die ständigen Hinweise auf fools Lieblinge Sunpower und First Solar weggelassen)  

26.03.14 19:17

425 Postings, 3335 Tage isar82815abverkauf

Abverkauf oder Konsolidierung???  

26.03.14 19:37

67634 Postings, 7898 Tage KickyGT Advanced Tech Raised to $25 at Gilford Securiti

Gilford Securities reiterated a Buy rating on GT Advanced Tech

Analyst, Nimal Vallipuram, said, "Sapphire has potential applications in smartphone/tablet displays due to its durability, hardness, and its scratch-proof and shatterresistant qualities...While it is difficult to offer a timetable for this adoption by phone/tablet manufacturers, the potential market from this application could be significant for sapphire manufacturers and their upstream technology suppliers.If this market comes into fruition, the additional opportunity could multiply the sapphire furnace unit demand for GTAT...We see around 3% potential adoption by smartphones by 2014 driving the sapphire furnace market north of 650 per year."  

26.03.14 19:44

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wie eine leicht Abwärts gerichtete Kursbewegung nach einem starken Anstieg sieht es irgendwie nicht aus. Ich hoffe, dass es bald eine Gegenbewegung gibt und die aufgelaufenen Gewinne nicht zu Nichte gehen.  

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