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08.07.14 16:49

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyThe sapphire crystal display on Iphone 6

09.07.14 15:25

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyIphone6 m.Sapphire unzerstörbar

...In one of the more recent supposed leaks, YouTube user Marques Brownlee tests the durability of what?s reportedly a sapphire iPhone 6 screen, bending it under his foot, taking a knife to it, and scratching it with his keys, all to it to no effect. He and others commenting on the ?durability test? declare the screen ?indestructible? and ?unbreakable,? though of course he couldn?t try what might be the most important test ? dropping the phone ? since he only had a screen. But it?s expected that a sapphire screen could solve one of the most notorious problems with the iPhone: the prevalence of broken screens, which shatter when dropped on a hard surface. Better impact resistance, more than scratch resistance, would represent a benefit to consumers.

The screen that Brownlee shows in the video is ?paper thin,? and shows no color distortion, in addition to being able to withstand a lot of abuse. The thinness and clarity are good signs, given recent concerns that sapphire would be thicker and less transmissive of light than the Corning Gorilla Glass used in current iPhones.........  

09.07.14 20:37

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyGTATto Supply Qatar Solar Energy With New HiCz(TM) announced that it has
secured a project win for its proprietary, next-generation HiCz continuous
feeding puller technology that is expected to help enable the solar industry's
transition to higher efficiency, lower cost solar material. The company has
entered into an agreement with Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) to supply its HiCz(tm)200
furnaces for QSE's integrated PV manufacturing project in Doha, Qatar. As noted
by QSE in a recent press release, QSE has opened a 300MW integrated facility
and plans for the project to reach 2.5GW.


10.07.14 00:06

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyThis The Best Time To Buy GTAT


   The recent downgrades focus on the short-term, and the fall in the stock price offers a good opportunity to long-term investors.
   It is important to understand the role of the photovoltaic segment for the future growth of the company in order to gauge the true potential of the stock.
   Prospects are bright for the photovoltaic segment with the expected success of Hyperion and Merlin.

.....Hyperion is an ion implanter that has the ability to cut silicon, sapphire and other materials into thickness of 20 microns - 10 times less than the current technology available in the market. The machine will enable the business to reduce the wastage and increase efficiency. Hyperion will result in about 20% savings in cost for the integrated companies operating in the solar industry.......

The second reason is Merlin, which will further allow the companies to bring down costs. With the help of Merlin, per watt total cost should come down to at least $2.61 from $2.90. Almost all the players are working to bring down the costs for solar energy as the industry cannot rely on subsidies forever ...

Furthermore, the recent win for its HiCz 200 furnaces for PV project by Qatar Solar Energy shows that the acceptance of the company's technology in the industry remains strong and it is likely that Hyperion and Merlin will also receive solid interest..... it will be a solid long-term investment and the investors should not be spooked by the short-term fluctuations in the stock price. I believe this pull-back has given long-term investors a good opportunity to add to their positions.  

10.07.14 10:13

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyRiskante Wetten auf GTAT am Ende der Woche

Digging deeper, GTAT's most active option is the weekly 7/11 17-strike call, where close to 1,500 contracts have changed hands. The majority appear to have been sold to open, as speculators are wagering against the shares toppling the 17 strike through the end of the week, when the weekly calls expire. If this happens, the contracts will expire worthless, and the sellers will retain the initial premium collected as their maximum potential reward. However, if GTAT rallies past $17 by week's end, the call writers will be at risk of assignment and potentially unlimited losses.

On the charts this afternoon, GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT) is bucking the broad-market trend lower, up over 2% at $16.84. As such, delta on the weekly calls has increased to 0.46 from 0.37 at yesterday's close. Nevertheless, GTAT remains on the short-sale restricted list. The stock landed there Monday, after a round of bearish brokerage notes -- including its removal from UBS' key call list (and downgrade to "neutral" from "buy") -- resulted in a gap lower and a nearly 16% single-session loss.  

10.07.14 11:44

425 Postings, 3378 Tage isar82815@ Kicky

bist du weiter bullisch für die Aktie?
das Wirtschaftsenglisch versteh ich nicht so gut. :-(
rauscht ja ganz schön runter. danke dir  

10.07.14 14:20

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyDer Auftrag für das Solarwerk in Qatar

ist ein toller Erfolg.Ich halte die Aktie noch.Das Problem sind die Zocker mit den Optionen und dass die allgemeine Lage mit dem Auslaufen der Bondankäufe durch die Fed im Oktober zu crashartigen Verhältnissen führen könnte wegen der nächstes Jahr unvermeidlichen Zinsanstiege.Derzeit nutzen ja nicht mal mehr positive Nachrichten etwas (s.Vestas,s.Gamesa oder Nordex)Wenn alle ,die in der letzten Zeit gut verdient haben,lieber Kasse machen.....
Natürlich ist das eigentlich eine Aktie zum Long Halten mit Saphhire plus Solartechnik für höhere Effizienz  

11.07.14 10:20

425 Postings, 3378 Tage isar82815danke dir Kicky

11.07.14 14:44

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyWoher wissen wir über das unzerstörbare Sapphire ?

am Iphone 6 ? meist kommen die Gerüchte aus der asiatischen Lieferungskette.Aber diesmal haben wir Video Beweise,eine vom Blogger Marquez Brownlee und noch einen chinesischen.Beide haben einen Iphone 6 screen photographiert und nur die Chinesen haben ihn kaputt gekriegt indem sie einen Laster drüber fahren liessen,mit Schlüsseln,Hammer,Messer und Feuer haben sie es nicht geschafft

14.07.14 15:22

425 Postings, 3378 Tage isar82815hier gehts schon wieder abwärts.

gibt es hier Neuigkeiten???


14.07.14 17:52

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyCLSA Downgrade aber outperform

den gleichen Schmarrn hat auch UBS behauptet,das ist also nix Neues.Eher klar ,dass die Anlysten mal wieder den Leerverkäufern in die Hände arbeiten, wie das Nilakantha hier an hand von Nordex sehr schön erläutert hat
d.h. die Institutionellen verleihen ihre Aktien und die Leerkäufer verdienen daran, wenn sie fallen.Dies Spiel geht natürlich am besten wenn viele Institutionelle halten,weswegen man die Shortquote beobachten sollte   leider nur alle 2 Wochen

GT Advanced retreats after downgrade citing production concerns
Shares of GT Advanced (GTAT) are sinking after research firm CLSA warned that production from the company's new sapphire plant has been limited, putting the company's guidance at risk. GT Advanced makes sapphire products and solar energy equipment. WHAT'S NEW: After consulting with a sapphire expert, CLSA analyst Mark Heller reported that the yields of the company's new sapphire plant in Arizona appear to be poor. Consequently, the supply of sapphire that GT Advanced is producing for Apple (AAPL) appears to be limited and its profit margins may be hurt, Heller believes. The analyst sharply reduced his estimates for GT Advanced and warned that it may not meet its 2014 guidance. However, on a positive note, Heller expects GT Advanced's production issues to be eventually solved and he continues to expect Apple to utilize more sapphire covers over the next few years. The analyst kept an Outperform rating on the stock......  

14.07.14 17:53

229 Postings, 2732 Tage 00JokerJa, aber schlechte News

Die Analysten von  CLSA haben die erwarteten Umsatzprognosen für 2014 und 2015 heftig gesenkt.


14.07.14 17:56

229 Postings, 2732 Tage 00JokerUps, da war Kicky

schneller und hat auch eine für mich plausible Erklärung in Petto.

15.07.14 18:55

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickyda sind sie wieder die Analisten

KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo reports the 5.5" iPhone 6 could be delayed due to production issues related to "the yield rate of in-cell touch [panels] and color unevenness of metal casing." He also isn't sure if the 5.5" model's sapphire cover glass will "easily pass the drop test near-term."
Kuo thinks the phone's launch is likely to happen after October, and possibly not until 2015. As previously noted, he has a mixed track record for predicting product launch dates, and a better one for predicting product specs.
GT Advanced (NASDAQ:GTAT) is down 5.4% thanks to Kuo's sapphire remarks.  

15.07.14 19:03

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyShort Squeeze möglich

GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ:GTAT) - long - Bill Maurer (may initiate a position)

   Stock has been hit by 3 recent downgrades, causing 25.7% fall in shares.
   Short-term sapphire concerns may be valid, but long-term potential remains.
   Huge short interest could cause short squeeze when stock starts to rebound.

16.07.14 09:42

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyApple verbündet sich mit IBM

IBM wird zur Vertriebsmannschaft für iPhones und iPads. ....Am Dienstag präsentierten sich die einstigen Widersacher als beste Freunde und gaben eine Partnerschaft bekannt: Apple, traditionell eher auf den Endverbrauchermarkt spezialisiert, erhofft sich davon eine verbesserte Präsenz bei Unternehmenskunden, der Domäne von IBM. Und IBM hofft darauf, seine Software stärker auf den beliebten mobilen Geräten von Apple wie dem iPhone-Handy und dem Tabletcomputer iPad unterzubringen.Die Kooperation sieht konkret vor, dass Apple und IBM zusammen mehr als einhundert Softwareanwendungen (?Apps?) für das iPhone und das iPad entwickeln. Diese Anwendungen sollen sich um Gebiete drehen, auf die IBM spezialisiert ist, wie zum Beispiel Datenanalyse oder Sicherheit.
das wird auch den Umsatz von Sapphire erhöhen  

16.07.14 09:52

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyKönnte der am stärksten wachsende Wert werden

wenn auch andere Firmen wie Samsung zu Sapphire übergehen statt Corning Glass zu verwenden meint Motley Fool
GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT  ) is one of Wall Street's hottest stocks since Apple

ich glaube das hatte ich schon mal gebracht aber stammt v.14.Juli  

16.07.14 09:55

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyApple Inc.'s Shift to Sapphire in the Iphone6

At this point, there should be little doubt left that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) will transition from Corning Gorilla Glass to sapphire in both upcoming iPhone 6 models. Despite Apple's desire for secrecy, some of its bigger moves of late simply can't be hidden from the public.....

gestern nachbörslich über 1% plus ! heftiger Kampf gegen die Shorties  

16.07.14 16:18

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyApple unterbewertet wg unzerstörbarem Iphone 6

Evidence that Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) next-generation smartphone will include a virtually unbreakable sapphire screen will push sales far beyond earlier expectations, which means that Apple stock at below $100 is significantly undervalued.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant used sapphire covers for the camera and fingerprint-reading home button in the iPhone 5s, but a sapphire screen is a major upgrade. Not only is it almost perfectly transparent with no distortions or discolorations of any kind, it's also next-to-impossible to scratch or crack.That's the sort of must-have feature that by itself could induce huge demand.....  

17.07.14 08:32

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyUnsicherheit

....Apple is expected to sport sapphire display in its upcoming devices, but uncertainty on whether it will be able to do so looms, primarily due to the aforementioned production and supply constraints at GT. JPMorgan believes sapphire covers will be available only in limited, high-end iPhone units, possibly in the 128GB model. They expect 10 million units of such phones to be made available this year. Susquehanna analyst Chris Caso expects 10 million units of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 to be up for sale in the last quarter of this year, and if production levels increase, the number may go up to 20 million units.

According to JPMorgan analysts, finished sapphire smartphone covers may cost $40-45, which is significantly higher than $10 for Gorilla glass. It is expected that the high-end 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may have a $100 premium, possibly because of sapphire. Apple's expected wearable device, iWatch, is also not expected to have sapphire display at all.These developments have largely put question marks on both companies? ability to meet their respective revenue and production outlooks for the year...  

17.07.14 14:26

14176 Postings, 3206 Tage H731400Apple Zulieferer

Wurden noch nie reich, es hängt jetzt vom Solarbereich ab.....  

18.07.14 13:09

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyDurchschnitt d.Empfehlungen BUY für GTAT

GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ:GTAT) has been given an average recommendation of ?Buy? by the eleven brokerages that are currently covering the company, American Banking News reports. Three research analysts have rated the stock with a hold recommendation and six have assigned a buy recommendation to the company. The average 12-month target price among brokers that have covered the stock in the last year is $19.56.  

18.07.14 13:20

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyOversold Conditions For GT Advanced Technologies

... A stock is considered to be oversold if the RSI reading falls below 30.

In trading on Thursday, shares of GT Advanced Technologies Inc. (NASD: GTAT) entered into oversold territory, hitting an RSI reading of 29.4, after changing hands as low as $14.16 per share. By comparison, the current RSI reading of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) is 49.6.
A bullish investor could look at GTAT"s 29.4 RSI reading today as a sign that the recent heavy selling is in the process of exhausting itself, and begin to look for entry point opportunities on the buy side.

würde Eröffnung in USA abwarten ,aber schon jetzt  noch mehr überverkauft  
Angehängte Grafik:
chart_quarter_gtat.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

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