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22.03.10 19:32

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews vom 22.03.10

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals kündigt ein National Cancer Institute-Sponsored Phase 1 / 2 Studie Belinostat in Thymic Malignome


06.04.10 02:46

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heron10-K Bericht


Spectrum Pharmaceuticals kündigt vierte Quartal und das Geschäftsjahr 2009 Corporate Update
         ·§2010 Formular 10-K für das Geschäftsjahr Ended 31. Dezember 2009 2010 eingereicht bei der SEC am 2. April
         ·§FY09 Umsatz ca. $ 38.0m
         ·§Zevalin ® FY09 und Q4 Umsatz ca. $ 15,7 Millionen und $ 5.1M bzw.
         ·§Starke finanzielle Position mit ca. $ 125M in bar und Investitionen vom 31. Dezember 2009
         ·§Major Entwicklungsprogramme verlaufen nach Plan
         ·§Delay bei der Einreichung des Formblatts 10-K mit Bezug zu Rechnungswesen Restatement zu Eigenkapital Von der Haftung
         o§19,8 Mio. $ Gewinn im FY09 und $ 6,6 Mio. Stammaktien Warrant Verbindlichkeit am 31. Dezember 2009, ergeben sich aus Buchungsvorgang, With No Cash-Auswirkungen
         o§Keine Auswirkungen auf die Jahresrechnung Beträge, die vorher ausgewiesenen Vermögenswerte Denn, Umsatz, Kosten und Ausgaben, Oder Netto-Cashflows
         o§Keine Auswirkung auf die Performance des operativen Kerngeschäfts


06.04.10 02:57

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronConference Call

6. April 2010 11.30 Uhr ET

Q4 und Geschäftsjahr 2009 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc Earnings Conference Call  

19.04.10 21:31

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronRuhe vor dem Sturm

Wird Zeit das der Turbo endlich zündet. Letztes Jahr um diese Zeit ging es doch auch los.  

21.04.10 17:55

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronSpectrum auf der AACR

Pressemitteilung Quelle: Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Am Mittwoch, 21. April 2010, 8:00 Uhr MESZ

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals kündigt Belinostat Data Vortrag auf der 101. Jahrestagung der American Association for Cancer Research


25.04.10 19:03

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronDer Zug fährt langsam aus dem Bahnhof

Wenn die Umsätze in Zukunft kontinuierlich steigen wird der Kurs es auch wiederspiegeln.

Nur meine Meinung  

02.05.10 18:02

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heron- Proxy Statement (definitive) (DEF 14A


Dear Fellow Stockholders,

We are pleased to provide you with the proxy materials for our 2010 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. This year, our meeting will be held on Friday, June 18, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time, at our corporate office located at 157 Technology Drive, Irvine, California, 92618.

For Spectrum, 2009 was a watershed year financially, strategically, and operationally. For the first time in our history, we recorded product revenue of over $28 million. Some of our other key accomplishments included: acquiring all U.S. rights to Zevalin ® , a novel drug for the treatment of non-Hodgkin?s Lymphoma, and securing FDA approval for its use in the first-line setting, thereby expanding the market opportunity substantially to more than 40,000 addressable patients; receiving Fast-Track designation for apaziquone (EOquin ® ), our drug in pivotal registrational trials for bladder cancer; completing enrollment, involving over 1,600 patients, in these Phase 3 trials, ahead of schedule; and entering into two international alliances worth approximately $170 million. And, despite an exceptionally challenging financial environment in which many companies struggled to meet basic operating needs, we were able to raise more than $100 million, allowing us to meet most of our strategic initiatives.

All of us at Spectrum come to work with one goal in mind: How can we improve the quality of life of cancer patients while at the same time helping to increase stockholder value in a challenging and rewarding environment? To succeed, we need to constantly invest in our future. With this in mind, we recently in-licensed belinostat, a late-stage, novel, potentially best-in-class histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor for the treatment of various solid tumors and hematological malignancies, which is currently in a registrational, pivotal trial under a Special Protocol Assessment from the FDA requiring 100 evaluable patients with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. Belinostat has been given a Fast Track Designation by the FDA. We plan to submit the new drug application next year.

Spectrum has never been stronger than it is today, with two marketed drugs, Zevalin and Fusilev, two late-stage drugs, apaziquone and belinostat, in pivotal registrational trials, and a strong cash position. We remain committed to our philosophy of fiscal discipline and balanced risk management, as we continue to develop novel treatments to help cancer patients.

At this meeting, we are asking for votes from our stockholders on the election of our six nominees to the board of directors. We believe that our director nominees will continue to bring high ethical standards, significant knowledge, experience, contacts and oversight to help us move forward with the commercialization of our marketed drugs and development of our clinical drugs.

Your vote is important, and whether or not you attend the annual meeting, I encourage you to sign and return your proxy card, so that your shares of stock will be represented and your votes cast at the meeting. If you have any further questions, please contact our Vice President of Finance, Mr. Shyam Kumaria, at Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 157 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA 92618.

We thank you for your consideration and support, and hope to see you at this year?s annual meeting to learn more about our future plans for Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.


Rajesh C. Shrotriya, M.D.
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive
Officer and President

157 Technology Drive
Irvine, CA 92618

To Be Held Friday, June 18, 2010

To our Stockholders:

The 2010 annual meeting of stockholders of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will be held at our corporate office located at 157 Technology Drive, Irvine, California, 92618, on Friday, June 18, 2010, beginning at 10:30 a.m., Pacific Time. At the annual meeting, the holders of our outstanding voting securities will consider and act on the following matters:

(1) Election of six directors, each for a term of one year expiring at the 2011 annual meeting of stockholders; and

(2) Transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

All holders of record of shares of our common stock and Series E Convertible Voting Preferred Stock at the close of business on April 20, 2010 are entitled to vote at the annual meeting and any postponements or adjournments of the annual meeting.

Please note that registration will begin at 9:30 a.m., and seating will begin immediately thereafter. Each stockholder may be asked to present valid picture identification, such as a driver?s license or passport. Stockholders holding stock in brokerage accounts (?street name? holders) will need to bring a copy of a brokerage statement reflecting stock ownership as of the record date. It is important that your shares be represented; therefore, even if you presently plan to attend the annual meeting, PLEASE COMPLETE, SIGN AND DATE, AND PROMPTLY RETURN THE ENCLOSED PROXY CARD IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED.

Very truly yours,

Rajesh C. Shrotriya, M.D.
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive
Officer and President

Date: April 28, 2010
Irvine, California


The proxy statement and annual report to our stockholders for the year ended December 31, 2009 are available at our Investor Relations page of our Internet website under the heading ?Annual Meeting and Proxy Information.? Our web page is http://www.sppirx.com .  

02.05.10 18:09

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heron- Proxy Statement (definitive) (DEF 14A

03.05.10 17:30

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, um die 2010 BIO International Convention Business Forum am Mittwoch, Present, 5. Mai 2010

03.05.10 13.05 Uhr

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Irvine, Kalifornien - (BUSINESS WIRE) -

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, (NasdaqGM: SPPI), eine kommerziell betriebene Biotechnologie-Unternehmen mit einem Schwerpunkt in der Onkologie, Inc. gab heute bekannt, dass ein Überblick über die Geschäftsstrategie Companys Convention Business Forum wird am gegebenen 2010 BIO International, stattfindenden 4. Mai - 6, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Spectrums presentation will be at 3:00p.m. Central time on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Spectrums Präsentation wird am Mittwoch um 03.00 Uhr Central Time on, 5. Mai 2010. The conference is being held at Chicagos McCormick Place convention center. Die Konferenz wird gehalten am McCormick Place Convention Center Chicagos.


08.05.10 04:51

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heron11.05. Quartalszahlen

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals kündigt Datum für das erste Quartal 2010 Corporate Update und Pipeline-Review Conference Call

07.05.10 20.00 Uhr

-- Irvine, Kalifornien - (BUSINESS WIRE) -

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NasdaqGM: SPPI), eine kommerziell betriebene Biotechnologie-Unternehmen mit einem Schwerpunkt in den Bereichen Onkologie und Hämatologie, gab heute bekannt, das Datum und die Zeit für das erste Quartal 2010 Corporate-Update und Pipeline schreiben Telefonkonferenz

Conference Call

Dienstag 11 Mai 2010 @ 01.00 Eastern/10: 00 Uhr Pacific

          § Inland:  877-837-3910
          § International: 973-796-5077

Webcast und Replays: www.sppirx.com


02.06.10 15:12

21364 Postings, 5009 Tage Chalifmann3Tja Heron ....

jetzt klär mich mal auf: Warum ist Dendreon 6 MRD.-$ wert ,und spectrum nur 150 mio-$ Beide haben zugelassene Krebswirkstoffe,aber völlig un terschiedliche Marktkapitalisierungen,wie kommt das ?


03.06.10 19:42

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heron@Chalifmann3

Die Mk von Spectrum beträgt zur Zeit rund 280 Mrd.$ . Warum und weshalb Dendreon das 20- fache wert ist weis ich auch nicht. Ich versuche nur die Thread leser mit aktuellen Meldungen zu versorgen.

Meine Vermutung ist, das bei Dendreon über 65 % Institutionelle Investoren und bei Spectrum nur 30 % Institutionelle Investoren.

Jetzt bild dir deine eigene Meinung.

Gruß Heron  

07.06.10 17:55

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to Present at Two (2) Investor Conferences

   * Morgan Joseph ?Best Ideas? Conference on Wednesday, June 9
   * Jefferies & Co. Global Life Sciences Conference on Friday, June 11


10.08.10 22:04

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronQ 2 Zahlen

Drei-und Sechs-Monats Total der konsolidierten Umsatz ca. 12,3 Mio. USD und USD 23,4 Mio. bzw. drei und sechs-Monats-Größe Umsatz ca. US $ 9,3 Mio. und $ 16,4 Mio. bzw. 30% in aufsteigender Reihenfolge gegenüber dem ersten Quartal Weiter zur FUSILEV Antizipieren, Belinostat und Apaziquone FDA Filings Im Jahr 2010 , 2011 und 2012 jeweils rund $ 94,5 Millionen in liquiden Mitteln und Investitionen vom 30. Juni 2010


11.08.10 17:41

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 2010 Southern California Investor Conference


17.12.10 13:35

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage Heronaus"Seeking Alpha" 15.12.2010

Spectrum Pharma: Zevalin Has Blockbuster Potential 2.0 Spectrum Pharma: Zevalin Hat Blockbuster-Potenzial 2,0


27.12.10 00:52

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews vom 23.12.2010

Phase 2-Studie mit Belinostat, einem neuartigen HDAC-Inhibitor, bei der Behandlung der Karzinom mit unbekanntem Primärtumor (CUP) Erfüllt Einschreibung Target


05.01.11 18:20

23082 Postings, 4501 Tage HeronNews

Jan 5, 2011
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to Develop Biosimilar Rituximab


Jan 4, 2011
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Submits Supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) for Ready-to-Use Formulation of FUSILEV® in Colorectal Cancer


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