Cisco Systems mit großen Chancen nach oben!

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06.12.10 17:11

122 Postings, 3972 Tage vitamalzbin mit 8ter hebel dabei

06.12.10 17:18

2310 Postings, 5848 Tage Energiena endlich das hat gedauert

Usle timilai kati tiryo?

06.12.10 17:23

5662 Postings, 4901 Tage _bbb_....

AT&T and Cisco Appointed to Carry Out Global Information Technology Energy Efficiency Review for Shell  

06.12.10 19:12

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06.12.10 19:22

5662 Postings, 4901 Tage _bbb_Mike Paulenoff

Mike Paulenoff tells subscribers today to expect a recovery upleg for Cisco


06.12.10 21:28

793 Postings, 4589 Tage BlackHoleSunCFDs und KO

So, ich werde mir zu meine CFDs noch diesen hier - TB20MN - gönnen - allerdings nur "ein paar" Stücke. Aber man riskiert ja sonst nichts. :D  

07.12.10 14:07

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Cisco Introduces Video-Optimized Transport to Help Service Providers and Broadcasters Deliver a Superior Video Experience in All Formats and for All Endpoints
Comprehensive Solution Is Designed to Meet Next-Generation Needs  

07.12.10 14:08

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Cisco's Space Router to Transform Satellite Communications: Company Debuts First VoIP Call From Space
Industry-First Upgrade of Space-Based Router in Orbit Demonstrates Groundbreaking Communication Capabilities  

07.12.10 17:32

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New Cisco Study Finds Service Providers Top the List as Cloud-Computing Providers
Research Estimates 12 Percent of Enterprise Workloads Will Run in Public Cloud by End of 2013; Desktop Applications, Email, Collaboration, and Enterprise Resource Planning Are Most Likely to Shift to Cloud  

07.12.10 17:48

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Cisco's magic number
Two's also the number of reasons I support Oppenheimer's pick this week. Firstly, I do so because the valuation looks just plain irresistible. I mean, selling for 14.2 times trailing earnings, and expected by most analysts to grow at better than 12% per year going forward, Cisco already looks to be pretty fairly priced to me. (That valuation, remember, does not even account for the fact that fully 22% of this company's market cap is made up of cold, hard cash.)

But it gets even better. You see, what you may not know about Cisco is that the reason it has so much money in the bank is that this business generates much, much more cash than its GAAP earnings statements let on. Free cash flow over the past year has topped reported GAAP profits by 16%. With $9.2 billion flowing into its coffers every year, Cisco today trades for just 11.7 times free cash flow, and has an enterprise value-to-free cash flow ratio of only 9.1!  

07.12.10 19:57

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07.12.10 19:58

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Cisco and NHL Renew and Expand Strategic Technology Partnership
NHL to Use Cisco Technology for Video Distribution, Including Cisco TelePresence at League Sites; NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Delivers First Press Conference via Cisco TelePresence; Cisco Technology to Power New Fan Experiences Such as NHL Team-Branded Flip Video Cameras and Improved Video Experience for Yahoo! NHL Fantasy Hockey Participants  

07.12.10 23:48

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Global Gateway Development Corp. and Cisco to Collaborate on Philippines' First Smart+Connected Aerotropolis  

08.12.10 09:56

7901 Postings, 7083 Tage gvz1IT-Firma Cisco und Ericsson bei Klimaschutz vorn

Greenpeace: IT-Firma Cisco und Ericsson bei Klimaschutz vorn

Die Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace hat am Rande der UN-Klimaschutzkonferenz im mexikanischen Cancún eine Umwelt-Rangliste wichtiger IT-Unternehmen veröffentlicht. Beim Klimaschutz führend sind der Studie zufolge die Unternehmen Cisco (USA), Ericsson (Schweden) und Fujitsu (Japan). Laut Greenpeace könnten allein die IT-Unternehmen bei entsprechenden Anstrengungen dazu beitragen, den CO2-Ausstoß weltweit um 15 Prozent zu verringern. "Es gibt aber eine erhebliche Verzögerung dabei, das Potenzial auch in konkrete Aktionen umzusetzen", warf Greenpeace zahlreichen Unternehmen der Branche vor.
Gemessen wurde in der Studie, in welchem Ausmaß die Unternehmen selbst Anstrengungen unternehmen, um ihren CO2-Ausstoß zu verringern, sowie ob sie die übrige Wirtschaft bei entsprechenden Anstrengungen unterstützen. In die Bewertung floss außerdem ein, ob die IT-Unternehmen öffentlich für mehr Klimaschutz eintreten. Der deutsche Softwarekonzern SAP landete mit mäßigen Noten in allen Bereichen nur auf dem drittletzten Platz. Schlusslicht der Liste von 17 Unternehmen ist Oracle. Der US-Konzern Google landete im Mittelfeld. Das Unternehmen konnte seinen Platz im Ranking durch seine Unterstützung für den Ausbau der Windkraft an der US-Pazifikküste trotz hoher eigener Emissionen noch etwas verbessern.
Grüne Sterne beruhen auf Gegenseitigkeit!

08.12.10 13:48

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08.12.10 14:41

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Information Technology Managers Predict Widespread Private and Public Cloud Adoption; Server Virtualization and Data Center Unified Fabric Rated as Top IT Trends Worldwide
Cisco Global Study Highlights Increasing Role of the Network in Data Centers, Security and Importance of Mobile Access to Information as Top Trends  

08.12.10 23:44

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Increased Growth Potential for Cisco in Home Networking Market  

08.12.10 23:47

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Wednesday morning, Bank of America reduced its price target on shares of Cisco Systems from $28 to $24 as lower margins are expected to impact earnings at the tech giant. In the report however,the firm maintained its buy rating on the stock


09.12.10 20:05

5662 Postings, 4901 Tage _bbb_FYI

CSCO / After AVG down the DEC 20$ calls i swifted half of them to March $20 calls on this pop at my entry price...the story goes on.


10.12.10 07:07

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UPDATE 2-Cisco CEO sees share gains in public sector  

10.12.10 09:43

5662 Postings, 4901 Tage _bbb_..

10.12.10 09:52

5662 Postings, 4901 Tage _bbb_Webcast link

Webcasts & Events
Event Details

Sanford Bernstein Hosted Discussion

December 9, 2010 3:00 PM PT


Speaker: John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Frank Calderoni, Executive Vice President and CFO

Supporting Documents


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