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14.07.21 12:02

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216Apple to raise iPhone production by 20% this year

Hi all,

not sure how important this sort of news is these days for Aixtron but I remember that Apple Supply Chain news used to be important, so I rather post it.
There is also mention of miniLED screens for MacBook Pro - not sure if that is Aixtron relevant either.

Anything else to read into this news from Aixtron perspective? Anybody got a clue? @CWL, Baggo etc?


Bloomberg Article from Today:

By Debby Wu and Mark Gurman
(Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. has asked suppliers to build as
many as 90 million next-generation iPhones this year, a sharp
increase from its 2020 iPhone shipments, according to people
with knowledge of the matter.
The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has maintained a
consistent level in recent years of roughly 75 million units for
the initial run from a device?s launch through the end of the
year. The upgraded forecast for 2021 would suggest the company
anticipates its first iPhone launch since the rollout of
Covid-19 vaccines will unlock additional demand. The next
iPhones will be Apple?s second with 5G, a key enticement pushing
users to upgrade.
This year?s update will be more incremental than last
year?s iPhone 12, emphasizing processor, camera and display
improvements, the people said, asking not to be named as the
plans are not public. Apple is planning updates to all of the
current models, spanning the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch regular
versions and the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models. The phones,
codenamed D16, D17, D63, and D64, are all expected to be
announced in September, earlier than last year?s October
introduction partly thanks to the supply chain recovering.
At least one of the new versions will have an LTPO (low-
temperature polycrystalline oxide) display capable of
alternating its refresh rate based on the content being shown.
Apple has used this technology in the Apple Watch for several
years, allowing the screen to be slower in certain situations --
such as the Always On mode -- to extend battery life. Oppo,
OnePlus and Samsung Electronics Co. already have LTPO screens in
their flagship phones. The new iPhones with LTPO displays will
also use IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology for
improved power efficiency and responsiveness.
Read more: Apple Considers Foldable iPhone; Minor Changes
Planned for 2021
While the design of the new Apple phones will remain
largely unchanged, the company plans to reduce the size of the
front-facing camera and face unlock sensor cutout, or notch, to
better match its rivals. The company hopes to eventually remove
the notch entirely in a future version of the iPhone and is
likely to shrink its size further next year.
An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.
Apple?s camera upgrades will put the focus on more advanced
video recording features such as improved optical zoom. An
upgraded system-on-chip, built around the same six cores as the
current A14 chip, will also be included. The company has tested
an in-display fingerprint scanner for this year?s devices,
however that feature will likely not appear on this generation.

What Bloomberg Intelligence Says

Apple?s building on strong momentum from the iPhone 12
release in 2020 and may continue to benefit from 5G smartphone
upgrades and an overall improved smartphone market to follow
that up with another strong release. Still, the growth expected
in the initial production ramp is skewed by the fact that the
iPhone 12 released later than normal in 2020, while the next
iPhone is expected back to the normal late September release
-- Matthew Kanterman, analyst
While Apple has asked suppliers to build up to 90 million
units, the actual number could be a few million units shy of
that target, one of the people said. Huawei Technologies Co.?s
sanction-stricken smartphone business is a major factor for
Apple?s increased shipment orders, according to another person
familiar with the strategy.
The ongoing chip shortage that has undermined operations
across several global industries is not expected to affect the
production of upcoming iPhones, some of the people said. Apple
is key chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.?s
biggest customer and its outsize orders make the launch of a new
iPhone an annual event that suppliers across Asia plan for
months in advance.
TSMC shares rose as much as 1.3% after the report of
Apple?s upgraded output plans. Among other supply partners,
fellow Taiwanese connector and power-pack maker Cheng Uei
Precision Industry Co. climbed as much as 9% and lens maker
Largan Precision Co. was up as much as 2.4%. Japanese electronic
component makers Alps Alpine Co., up as much as 3.5%, and
Renesas Electronics Corp., rising as much as 2.6%, were also
positively affected. Apple profit estimates were raised at
Chinese assembly partner Luxshare Precision Industry Co. is
set to have a bigger role this year after it acquired iPhone
assembly facilities from Wistron Corp.
Read more: Apple Grooms First Mainland China IPhone Maker
While U.S. Tensions Flare
Assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. will dominate
orders for the 6.7-inch Pro Max model and split the 6.1-inch Pro
with Luxshare and the 6.1-inch regular iPhone with Pegatron
Corp. Pegatron is expected to make all the 5.4-inch units.
Beyond the new iPhones, Apple is preparing several other
products for later this year, including new MacBook Pro laptops
with custom Apple chips, redesigned iPad mini and entry-tier
iPad models and Apple Watches with updated displays. Apple plans
to kick off production of the new MacBook Pro in the third
quarter after facing some issues related to MiniLED screens that
also challenged the launch of the latest iPad Pro.
To resolve the MiniLED supply issue, Apple has recruited
Luxshare to split orders for an essential MiniLED component for
the new MacBook Pro with Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology
Corp., which earlier dominated the orders for the component for
iPad Pro.  

14.07.21 16:21

874 Postings, 1572 Tage CWL1Aixtron in the Apple Phones

Aixtron has >90% market shares in MOCVD for GaAs applications.

In iPhones which are 5G, GaAs is in the VCSELS for 3d-sensing on the front camera and the world facing camera and LIDAR.

GaAs is also used in RF antenna power amplifier chips which use ~4x more than in the 4G phones.  

Lastly, GaAs is now used in the latest WIFI6 in the new iPhones.

WIN semiconductor, VPEC, IQE, IIVI, Lumentum, AMS, etc. are in the supply chain for iPhones.

There is little doubt that all the GaAs in the new iPhones are made by the AIxtron G4.  

15.07.21 15:57

874 Postings, 1572 Tage CWL1GaAs in the new iPhones

It is funny that DIGITIMES is saying pretty much the same one day after my post.
GaAs IC firms to see strong PA demand for 5G handsets,Wi-Fi 6E devices in 2H21
Julian Ho, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES
Thursday 15 July 2021

GaAs IC foundries Win Semiconductors and Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC), and GaAs epi-wafer supplier Visual Photonics Epitaxy Company (VPEC) are all poised to log significant revenue gains in the second half of 2021, buoyed by demand for the upcoming iPhones and Wi-Fi 6E related applications, according to industry sources.

Apple is set to incorporate Wi-Fi 6E technology into its new iPhones for this year, and the technology is expected to become a standard feature of both iOS and Android smartphones in 2022, the sources said.

Many chipmakers including Qualcomm, Broadcom and MediaTeK are commercializing production of Wi-Fi 6E core chips, which have to be paired with RF front-end modules including power amplifiers (PA) rolled out by vendors including Qorvo and Skyworks, the sources noted. This will provide brisk business opportunities for Taiwan's 6-inch GaAs foundries Win Semi and AWSC and epi-wafer maker VPEC as they are crucial partners for processing 5G PAs and Wi-Fi 6/6E PAs for iPhones, Android smartphones, and other consumer electronics devices, added the sources.

As new iPhones will continue to adopt 3D face ID sensors for general models and ToF LiDAR scanners for Pro series, the three GaAS players will also see their third-quarter revenues further bolstered by VCSEL chips demand for the sensing solutions, the sources said.

Win Semi's June revenues rose 2.72% on year to NT$2.057 billion (US$73.36 million), and first-half 2021 sales edged up 0.67% on year to NT$12.143 billion.

AWSC saw its June revenues rise 4.5% sequentially and 39.41% on year to a six-year high of NT$396 million, with January-June sales jumping 33.95% on year to NT$2.216 billion.

VPEC's June revenues of NT$319 million represent sequential and on-year growths of 10.4% and 56.7%, respectively. Its revenues for the first six months of the year advanced 43.6% on year reaching NT$1.785 billion.  

16.07.21 09:56

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216@CWL - stupid question

@CWL, the Digitimes article just underpins your deep understanding of the technology and supply chains. So great to have you as an active participant in this Forum - thank you!

A stupid question: Have you got any feel for capacity utilisation and when the supply chain needs to add more capacity, e.g. place new orders at Aixtron? Would they just be incremental or could this also result in larger orders?

By the way, I read this morning that Xiaomi is now #2 Smartphone maker globally. How far are they in terms of this technology? Any chance that they will be adopting this over the next year(s) which should lead to more capacity requirement along the supply chain?

Thanks alot!

16.07.21 14:56

874 Postings, 1572 Tage CWL1@Fel

Certainly several Chinese and Taiwanese firms have announced adding capacity and I have mentioned most of them here. However, I don't have the visibility on the intensities, timing  and how they sit in the Aixtron's order book.  

As far as the GaAs contents Xiaomi's phones are pretty much the same as Apple's.  The supply chains are the same with Xiaomi having additional local ones.  VCSELS (GaAs) will probably be picking up speed near term.  Other main thrusts like GaN in fast charging and other applications (two posts before), SiC (EV), and with the micro LEDs coming in, there are  several more years of 20%+ growth to come.  

Given the strong demands on Aixtron's MOCVD, I want to see improving gross margin from Aixtron. I am not satisfied with it staying at ~40% which is not a indication of strong pricing power.  I hope the Aixtron managers in particular the new CFO are doing their jobs.   Better margins especially the gross margin can prove that.  

16.07.21 17:25

874 Postings, 1572 Tage CWL1APEVA

Lost another 8 in May and was down to 7 employees in Korea.  

21.07.21 15:47

874 Postings, 1572 Tage CWL1Software Upgrade

In today's ASML's earning news it was mentioned:

"Alongside buying ASML's equipment, chipmakers invested in software to boost capacity of existing gear, Wennink said, helping drive up ASML's gross profit margin to 50.9%."

That makes me wonder.  Aixtron is developing AI-based software for its new MOCVD to run more effectively with higher yields by controlling individual wafers during run using realtime data.  I wonder if it can also be retrofitted into the existing MOCVD's.  Felix in the last CC indicated higher service sales in 2022 and I wonder if they are related.  

29.07.21 08:42

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216Q2 results: CWL was spot on

Oh oh, Nobody active Here on q2 results?

Orders even stronger than expected and FY order guidance raised! CWL was again right there is no slowdown in end market demand!

I wonder when SIC orders will come in and how long the GAN momentum will hold!

Interesting day again today as always with aix results, +10% or -10%? Both is possible!!


29.07.21 08:55

5013 Postings, 3006 Tage dlg.2Q21

Dear Fel, please do give us the time for a coffee in the morning and to read the results a couple of times :-). Probably needless to say that today?s reported numbers are outstanding...a couple of thoughts:

1H21 revenues: EUR 117m
FY guidance (I take the upper end): EUR 440m
Implicit 2H revenues EUR 223m
As a result, we should expect on average some EUR 110m revenues for the next two quarters, maybe distributed 90/130m in 3Q/4Q (which compares with 64/108m last year)?

Aixtron increased total order intake, but left the revenue guidance for 2021 unchanged; thus it?s probably fair to assume that we can be looking forward to a very good start into 2022 as well.

When Aixtron increased the full year guidance in early June, EUR/USD stood at 1.1215, now it?s at 1.185 and the order intake guidance has been increased. Consequently, the June guidance is way more conservative that it was in early June. Given this background, the EUR 2m EBIT "miss" in 2Q21 vs consensus is negligible.

Aixtron is now guiding to approx. EUR 15m per quarter in after sales revenues which compares with some EUR 11m per quarter last year. CWL, maybe a proof of your posting #1057? Looks like an incremental EUR 15-20m high-margin revenue stream p.a.

In particular, I like the following Aixtron statement: "Supply chain remains stable"

By the way, I also like the new format of the IR presentation:

29.07.21 13:04

5013 Postings, 3006 Tage dlg.Ooops

Hm, ich weiß nicht, wann ich mich das letzte mal so zum Volltrottel bei ariva gemacht habe, aber 440 Mio abzüglich 117 Mio in 1H ist natürlich nicht 223 Mio, sondern 323 Mio Euro, die im zweiten Halbjahr noch kommen werden. Damit vllt eine Verteilung von 130/190 Mio in 3Q/4Q (verglichen mit 64/108 Mio im letzten Jahr).

Ich könnte es auf lediglich einen einzigen Kaffee zum Zeitpunkt des Posts schieben und dass ich kein Excel genutzt und stattdessen mit dem Kleinhirn versucht habe, aber das macht's nicht besser. Da wird man so oft gemeldet und Postings gesperrt, aber wenn man's mal wirklich braucht, hilft einem keiner :-)  

29.07.21 15:28

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216Conf call

Hallo allerseits,

Der Gong call ist bisher (jetzt 25min) ist so bullish und bestätigt den ganzen case hier. SIC rampt in 2022/23 richtig, VCSEL zieht in 2022 wieder an, GAN bleibt weiter stark.

?It is a multi year trend? sagt der CEO.

Leider im Urlaub, daher nur diese highlights. Wahrscheinlich postet ja hier jemand ein transcript.

Story to continue over the next years!

29.07.21 15:48

1396 Postings, 5375 Tage rosskata2Q22 CC script

Hallo hier meine Notizen auf die Schnelle:

Q: GaN: how evolving? Will be digesting in 2022?
A: very broad adoption in the market, multi year trend, driven broadly, customers working on opening more appl for GaN, adoption in the beginning

Q: How about SiC?
A: automotive market main driver, commercial orders (high volume) - from 1Q22

Q: Supply Chain: Lead times?
A: well fed to secure 2021 volume and well into 2022, very large customer from N.America
(vielleicht Cree?)

Q: SiC
A: Always competition, our equipement 6 and 8 inch size, later converting to 8 inch (wafer size transition - well prepared)

Q: Prices increase?
A: PRices increase only at certain times - justified.
(das sehe ich etwas schwach. Man sollte Preise auch dem DEmand entsprechend anheben können)

Q: Higher prepayments or not showing all orders?
A: Not the same policy with all customers, different payment behaviour

Q: Gross margin guidance basded on 1.25 USD for the year
A: Exposure to USD decreased, no intention to  increase gross margin due to cur. rate

Q: Backlog colouring?
A: Power Electr 50%, 20% LED, 25% telecom/data  

06.08.21 18:56

11 Postings, 627 Tage bestfutureQD OLED

im HIFI-FORUM wird schon läger über QD-OLED TVs von Samsung dikutiert.
Ich stelle hier mal den Link ein.

55? und 65? QD-OLED TVs von Samsung in der ersten Jahreshälfte 2022?

Frage in die Runde bzw. die Fachleute:
Wenn dem so ist und QD OLED TV`s von Samsung kommen, auf welchen Maschinen würde dann produziert. Würde diese eine Anlage von Aixtron ausreichen oder hätte Aixtron die Chance mit weiteren Anlagen zum Zuge zu kommen, auch ohne weitere Qualifizierung?

Danke für Eure Einschätzung

09.08.21 10:49

1396 Postings, 5375 Tage rosskata@bestfuture, Aix wird damit

nichts zu tun haben. Apeva und Samsung ist Geschichte. Vielleicht bist du nicht auf dem laufenden.
aber sowieso wäre Apeva für  QD-OLED eher nicht in der supply chain gewesen.  

09.08.21 22:54

69 Postings, 612 Tage joss.beaumont@Baggo, Alex

leider kann ich nebenan nichts mehr senden...

Warum das so ist?

Isch waaaas et oooch net....

Morgen werde ich einen neuen Versuch starten.

Bonne nuit



10.08.21 09:21

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216US EV Spending

Hallo allerseits,

mit sicherheit relevant für SIC und somit auch für Aixtron. Viele Grüße, Fel

WASHINGTON, Aug 9 (Reuters) - A group of 28 U.S. House Democrats on Monday asked congressional leaders to back $85 billion in funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, a big jump over funding proposed in a bill before Congress.

The current $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill under consideration has $7.5 billion in EV charging infrastructure funding, but Democrats plan to add additional funding in a separate measure that could spend up to $3.5 trillion.

The lawmakers, led by Representatives Debbie Dingell and Yvette Clarke, said in a letter that higher funding will "help add utility electrical capacity to enable robust charging, increasing the supply of renewable energy, and build grid resilience in the face of climate change."

10.08.21 13:12

395 Postings, 1398 Tage AlexandrowJossy,

hallo! Das ist bestimmt nur ein technisches Problem, das du gewiss gelöst bekommst. Bist du dort angemeldet?
Ich (und auch Baggo- davon gehe ich aus) vermissen dich jedenfalls.

10.08.21 15:04

5013 Postings, 3006 Tage dlg.II-VI Quote

Quote from today's II-VI earning release, transcript might be quite interesting (number is a bit smaller though than the one mentioned by Fel this morning):

"This range includes the company?s expected investment of up to $20M in the quarter ended September 30, 2021 for compound semiconductor expansion, the majority of which is for SiC expansion."  

18.08.21 09:25

5013 Postings, 3006 Tage dlg.Transcripts

fyi some transcript excerpts on SiC & 3D Sensing. Cree published quarterly results last night, shares down some 6% in after hours trading.

II-VI statements

On SiC
?We are excited to announce the acceleration of our investments to scale the manufacturing of our silicon carbide substrates, devices and modules to enable the acceleration of the electrification of the global transportation infrastructure. In fiscal year 2022, we plan to increase our investments to about $200 million in R&D and capital, to continue to lay the foundation on which to grow the business to the next level. Our silicon carbide business, which today is less than 5% of our revenue is targeted to become one of the largest businesses in our company inside 10-years. We believe that our investments and opportunities, combined with our ability to execute, will allow us to become well positioned in this large market with attractive growth dynamics. Accordingly, we are planning incremental R&D investments of about 2% to 3% of revenue for the next few years. We anticipate investing around $1 billion over the next decade as generation 3 semiconductors fabricated from wide-band gap materials including the silicon carbide grow to underpin a number of important industry transformations and are planning to establish a leadership position long-term.


In the meanwhile, we will be making a even larger investment than what we have been planning to get the silicon carbide substrate capacity in place for what we need and for also what the market needs as well, okay.?

On 3D sensing:
?3D Sensing posted the highest annual growth, more than doubling to just under 10% of sales, which allowed us to achieve our market penetration and share gain about one-year ahead of plan.

This journey will continue as we accelerate our innovation road map, including multi-junction VCSELs, photodiodes, metal lenses and driver electronics and delivering new module functionalities to wafer-scale co-packaging.

These modules will provide a compelling value proposition in multiple end markets, including in automotive, where driver and occupancy monitoring systems are increasingly recommended or acquired by U.S. and European transportation safety regulators.?

Cree on SiC:
?We went from moving dirt to installing equipment in the clean room of the world's largest silicon carbide fab in upstate New York which will begin processing 200 millimeter wafers in the first half of calendar 2022.?

?We are at the beginning of a multi-decade secular shift to silicon carbide and we now believe the demand curve is steeper for devices than we originally expected further bolstering our confidence in our long-term outlook. The investments we are making today will position us well to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities ahead and firmly establish our industry leadership position.?

?A key element to support the increased adoption of Silicon Carbide in the automotive sector and across several other industries is the expansion of manufacturing capacity. Our Mohawk Valley 200-millimeter fab is on track to begin device qualification production runs in the first half of calendar 2022. The facility is shaping up nicely and has shown very well during recent customer visits to the fab. On our campus here in Durham, we expanded our materials operations to a second building on our Durham campus, which is part of the previously announced plan to increase materials capacity by 30x.?

?I was actually very impressed to see how many people are talking about silicon carbide and how positive comments are. And I had in mind SD Micro reiterating that they want to increase the front end I mean front-end capacity by 10X between 2017 and 2024. I think the Infineon was not that specific but [indiscernible] talked about spending $1 billion in CapEx on Silicon Carbide over a decade. [indiscernible] is talking about growing capacity 5x between 2020 and 2025?.

?First off, the demand is definitely there and it -- and the appetite for silicon carbide just continues to grow. Neil and I were just in Europe a month ago or so for a couple of weeks visiting with OEMs and with Tier 1s and so forth and all of the indications we got from pretty much all the customers we saw is what they thought was going to be the demand. It's now higher than what they originally thought and faster than they originally thought across multiple different end equipments and certainly automotive being a pretty key part of that.?

?As we discussed in the prepared remarks, the slope of the demand curve for silicon carbide solutions particularly on devices has dramatically increased and is ahead of what we previously thought.We thought the inflection point, as we talk about Investor Day and since then was kind of 2023, kind of 2024 timeframe. And right now, we're seeing that pulling all the way into fiscal 2022.?

?So, I think what'll happen here and if you take a step back, in Durham alone, we put in over a 100 tools in the last year to support higher demand. And we just need to get that, improve that factory output and kind of support that kind of demand curve. And as Greg mentioned earlier, we've got a new leadership to get better focus on that and really improve the North Carolina footprint.?


18.08.21 09:45

410 Postings, 5338 Tage fel216Danke DLG!

Großartige Auszüge DLG, thanks alot! Well done on that great research. SIC will ramp in 2022/23!  

20.08.21 16:46

395 Postings, 1398 Tage AlexandrowSchaut

euch doch auch mal den neuen Werbefilm von Aixtron auf Youtube an.
Ist sehr gut gemacht und beschreibt perfekt die Möglichkeiten des Unternehmens.  

24.08.21 11:02

395 Postings, 1398 Tage AlexandrowSeid

ihr hier jetzt alle sprachlos geworden wegen der rasanten Kursentwicklung?
Jetzt gehts auf die 25 und dann weiter Richtung Norden.

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