Pixelworks PXLW - gute Neuigkeiten

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41678 Postings, 7302 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmePixelworks PXLW - gute Neuigkeiten

Flat is where it?s at
                                         Monday, Apr. 23, 2001 13:54 PDT

                                      By Jim Woods, AmericaInvest.com

                     Demand for semiconductor and related equipment has waned in recent months,
                     chiefly due to the slowing economy and its handmaiden, a downturn in IT spending.

                     One look at just about any semiconductor-related stock chart will tell you it hasn?t
                     been a very good year for stocks in the group.

                     But not every semiconductor firm has fallen on hard times. One small-cap chip issue
                     that has been bucking the group?s downtrend is Pixelworks, Inc. (PXLW).

                     Pixelworks provides integrated display processors for applications such as flat panel
                     displays and display projectors. ?Flat panel displays are expected to be one of the
                     fastest growing markets over the next several years as they offer significant
                     advantages over conventional CRT [cathode-ray tube] monitors,? wrote SG Cowen
                     Securities analyst Mark Grossman in a note to his clients.

                     The company boasts an impressive roster of customers that includes some of the
                     world?s top PC monitor companies and television manufacturers, including Dell
                     Computer (DELL), Compaq (CPQ) and Sony (SNE).

                     On Tuesday, April 17, Pixelworks posted first-quarter revenue of $21.3 million, with
                     net income of $3 million, or 7 cents a share. In the same period last year, it had $7.1
                     million in revenue and a net loss of $600,000, or 8 cents a share. Consensus Street
                     estimates had pegged the company to earn only 4 cents a share in the quarter.

                     In a statement released along with
                     the better-than-expected earnings
                     results, the company said it
                     anticipates revenue for the second
                     quarter of about $22.5 million.
                     Provided nothing-material changes,
                     the company said it sees sequential
                     revenue growth of 11% to 13% for
                     the third and fourth quarters.
                     Pixelworks did say however, that
                     given the high level of economic uncertainty, accurately estimating revenue beyond
                     the second quarter would be very difficult.

                     Traders seemed to really like the numbers, as well as the tone of Pixelworks
                     statement, as the shares surged nearly 50% following the earnings release. ?While
                     the vast majority of chipmakers have pre-announced and lowered guidance multiple
                     times during the past two quarters, Pixelworks is one of the few firms that not only
                     hasn't pre-announced but has actually exceeded expectations and reported double
                     digit growth in Q1,? wrote Grossman.

                     In addition to the robust demand for the company?s flat panel processors, Pixelworks
                     could have another big revenue generator looming on the horizon. Last week, the
                     company said it made a deal with Toshiba subsidiary ArTile to license its TX79
                     processor for use in the upcoming "Jolt" Internet appliance chip which integrates
                     Pixelworks' display controller technology with a web browser.

                     The TX79 is already being successfully used in the highly publicized Emotion Engine
                     product that is incorporated into Sony?s PlayStation 2 gaming console. If the Internet
                     appliances market begins to grow as some think it can, it could mean more good
                     earnings news for Pixelworks.

                     ?Pixelworks dominates the IC market for multimedia projectors and high-end flat
                     panel displays, and with a variety of new products, we anticipate it will increasingly
                     penetrate the lower end of the flat panel display market,? wrote Grossman, who
                     recently reiterated his ?Strong Buy? rating on the shares.

                     I know many people are still justifiably cautious about taking positions in anything
                     tech related, especially after the past 12 months of carnage in the semiconductor

                     But when a company specializes in a unique segment of a high-demand market, it?s
                     definitely worthy of further consideration.

Euer Hans-Udo  

08.05.01 11:01

9161 Postings, 7846 Tage hjw2Keine Frage, ein Markt mit viel Phantasie...! o.T.

04.06.01 19:17

41678 Postings, 7302 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeNeues Produkt bei PXLW

Monday June 4, 10:28 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Samsung and Pixelworks Unveil Revolutionary New
Generation of Smart LCD TFT-LCD Displays

Smart LCD(TM)s integrate all electronics into display module. Smart
LCD(TM)s offer faster time to market for display manufacturers. Smart
LCD(TM)s will deliver a compelling price-performance edge.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 4, 2001-- Samsung, the world's number
one TFT-LCD display manufacturer, and Pixelworks (Nasdaq:PXLW - news) debuted
today revolutionary new Smart LCD(TM) modules which integrate all of the display system
electronics directly into Samsung WiseView(TM) TFT-LCD modules.

The powerful combination of a Pixelworks ImageProcessor IC and software and Samsung's
WiseView(TM) TFT-LCD panel, with RSDS (Reduced Swing Differential Signal)
technology, will bring more affordable, high-performance flat-panel desktop monitors and
displays to worldwide markets faster by eliminating costly and time-consuming development
stages. This technology is being introduced to market in the Samsung LTM150XI 15-inch,
XGA-resolution and LTM170EI 17-inch, SXGA-resolution Smart LCD(TM) displays,
which are scheduled for availability in July 2001.

Samsung's Smart LCD(TM)s powered by Pixelworks ImageProcessor ICs promise to
lower barriers to entry by delivering all of the critical interface components of a flat panel
desktop monitor to manufacturers. Smart LCD(TM) reduces development costs by
eliminating a printed circuit board, cabling, and selected ICs. Normally a monitor
manufacturer must select and integrate an LCD module, display controller and other
supporting components. With Smart LCD(TM), these components have already been
integrated into a working display system. The manufacturer can then simply use Pixelworks'
Windows®-based software development tools to enable features unique to that monitor and

Using the Smart LCD(TM) also cuts development time by delivering pre-tested, regulatory
approved hardware and software to manufacturers. Additionally, the Smart LCD(TM) uses
RSDS technology to significantly reduce EMI emissions by cutting signal voltage, internal to
the LCD, from 3.3 volts TTL to 0.2 volts differential (peak to peak).

``Smart LCD(TM) brings together the leading companies in image processing and TFT-LCD
to deliver a whole new level of integration and value for customers,'' said Dieter Mackowiak,
senior vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. ``Pixelworks technology makes Samsung Smart
LCD(TM)s dramatically easier to integrate into display systems.''

``Our strategic alliance with Samsung to bring Smart LCD(TM) to market is driving a paradigm shift in the flat panel display
market,'' said Allen Alley, CEO, President and Chairman of Pixelworks. ``Samsung Smart LCD(TM)s powered by Pixelworks
ImageProcessor ICs will deliver a compelling price-performance edge and a faster time to market.''

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., is exhibiting at booth number 1202 and Pixelworks, Inc. is exhibiting at booth number 508 at
the Society for Information Displays (SID) Symposium at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, June 3-8, 2001.

Gruß Hans-Udo

@flexo Hört sich doch gut an - Heute bin ich denn auch mal mit ner kleinen Position dabei :-)  

04.06.01 19:25

3862 Postings, 7373 Tage flexo20 x in FFM ;-) ? o.T.

04.06.01 19:30

20520 Postings, 7448 Tage Stox DudeDr.Hans-Udo: Pixelworks ist eine Super Anlage

halte die auch schon seit geraumer Zeit.
Flatscreens are the future  

04.06.01 19:33

41678 Postings, 7302 Tage Dr.UdoBroemme@flexo

Genau! Man soll ja nie alles auf einmal einsetzen. Bei einem Kursrückgang wird nochmal aufgestockt...

Gruß Hans-Udo  

04.06.01 19:35

41678 Postings, 7302 Tage Dr.UdoBroemme@Stox

Hoffentlich bei 8$ gekauft!

Gruß Hans-Udo

PS EMC hat mein Abstauberlimit leider nicht ganz erreicht - ich warte noch etwas ab...  

04.06.01 19:45

20520 Postings, 7448 Tage Stox Dude@Dr. Udo

Leider nicht, war $14 & $20 Mitte April.

PS: EMC ist bei $31,xx wieder ein Kauf !  

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