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65 m @ 0.83 g/t GOLD FROM 10 m, INCLUDING 5 m @ 5.1 g/t GOLD FROM 35 m
Beadell Resources Limited (?Beadell?) is delighted to announce that first pass Reverse
Circulation (RC) drilling at the Handpump prospect in the West Musgrave Complex, Western
Australia, has intersected significant gold mineralisation in rhyolitic breccia. Five-metre
composite analyses from hole number HPC001 reported 65 m @ 0.83 g/t gold from 10 m,
including a central high grade interval of 5 m @ 5.1 g/t gold from 35 m depth within a zone of
15 m @ 2.3 g/t gold from 30 m (Figures 1, 2 & 3).
The significance of this discovery cannot be understated as it represents the first economic gold
intersection in the Mesoproterozoic Musgrave block and may herald the beginning of a
completely new and sparsely explored gold province in Australia.
?This RC drill intersection is the most significant in Beadell?s short two year existence? Beadell?s
Managing Director Peter Bowler said. ?The West Musgrave area is largely unexplored and has
the potential to host gold mineralisation of a significant size. We look forward to receiving the
remainder of the drill results over the coming weeks and our team is already planning a followup
drilling program early in the New Year?
Gold mineralisation at the Handpump prospect is associated with a north-dipping hydrothermal
rhyolitic breccia which is completely open in all directions. Results from a further 5 RC holes
which intersected the breccia are currently awaited. Results have been received for 2 other RC
holes: drill holes HPC002 and HPC003 were inclined to the north but interpreted geology now
indicates a dip to the north. As a result, these holes did not intersect the breccia and have not
tested the down dip position of the mineralisation. (Figure 1 & 2).
The main breccia that hosts the mineralisation in HPC001 was also intersected in HPC004 and
HPC005 with analyses still pending. Wide zones of brecciation, alteration and sulphidation were
intersected in both of these holes. Previous surface costean rock chip sampling by Beadell
indicates that the breccia and the mineralisation is northwest-striking and dipping to the north
over a known strike length in excess of 300 m. The northwest and southeast strike extensions of
the mineralised breccia are completely open.
Similar breccias were interested in HPC006 and HPC007 drilled south of HPC001 and
represent a separate breccia target (Figures 1 & 2). Analytical results for these holes are
pending. A further mineralised breccia outcrops north of the main breccia, however this has not
been tested by the current drill program.
The hydrothermal breccia-hosted gold mineralisation intersected in HPC001 is interpreted as a
distal magmatic setting with potassic alteration of wallrock adjacent to the silica dominant
breccia matrix. There is a fine-grained biotite and sericite overprint and minor disseminated and
vein-selvage pyrite with traces of chalcopyrite. No metallurgical testwork has been completed on
the mineralisation, however comparison of aqua regia and fire assay repeat analysis suggests a
non-refractory style of mineralisation.
The Handpump rhyolite breccia is located on a contact between rhyolite to the northeast and
agglomerate to the southwest. Mapping suggests continuity with the Primer prospect over 2 km
to the south, separated by an area of transported cover (Figure 3). The extensive area of
rhyolite breccia immediately southeast of the RC drilling at Handpump has similar alteration and
brecciation. A costean rock chip sampling program has just been completed in this area to
delineate the strike extension of the mineralisation and analytical results are pending. The
northwest extension of the mineralisation remains effectively untested as cover masks any
surface expression.
Handpump Prospect Background
The Handpump prospect is located 75 km east of Warburton in the remote central eastern part
of Western Australia, close to the border with South Australia and Northern Territory (Figure 4).
The Musgrave Complex forms a large belt of Mesoproterozoic rocks stretching in an east-west
direction from the northern part of South Australia across into Western Australia.
The area was originally targeted by WMC Resources as a conceptual geophysical / geological
target focussed on the southern tip of the Palgrave Cauldron which was thought to be a large
circular collapse volcanic feature. Widespread de-magnetisation of the rocks at the southern
margin of the Palgrave Cauldron was interpreted as due to extensive magmatic hydrothermal
alteration, considered to be an excellent geological target for gold mineralisation.
WMC Resources completed regional soil sampling across the project area and identified the
Handpump gold anomaly as a 1200 m by 400 m soil anomaly with a peak value of 0.250 g/t
Complex land access issues resulted in little or no follow up of the anomaly until Beadell
successfully negotiated a Land Access Agreement with the Yarnangu Ngaanyatjarraku Parna in
2008. The Handpump gold anomaly remained untested for over 10 years, representing one of
the largest un-drilled soil anomalies in Western Australia. The recently discovered Tropicana
gold deposit was also an historical WMC Resources gold soil anomaly of much lower tenor.
In September 2008 Beadell completed rock chip sampling on two separate lines across an
outcropping hydrothermal breccia. The sampling delineated a greater than 0.1 g/t gold
mineralised zone up to 58 m in width with highest values of 11 m @ 0.52 g/t gold and 13 m @
0.64 g/t gold. The anomaly occurs within a greater than 0.05 g/t, open-ended and northwesttrending
mineralised corridor over 300 m in width.
At the same time a limited first pass attempt to drill the original soil anomaly with aircore drilling
proved ineffective due to the coarse colluvium cover and hard impenetrable bedrock. The
aircore drilling predominantly targeted the southwest trending soil anomaly, however it has been
determined that the soil anomaly was hosted in transported cover that had shed off the
outcropping hill to the northeast of the anomaly.
The RC drilling at Handpump was co-funded by the Western Australian government and the
Geological Survey of Western Australia under the Exploration Initiative Scheme. Beadell
gratefully acknowledges this assistance and encouragement for Greenfields exploration in this
frontier region of the state.
For further information please contact:
Peter Bowler | Managing Director Robert Watkins | Executive Director ? Exploration
T: +61 8 9429 0801 T: +61 8 9429 0802  
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20.07.17 18:17

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,18 A$

Der Chart von Beadell Resources sieht gruselig aus. Zudem liegt das Asset in Brasilien, das erinnert mich ein wenig an Luna Gold  

31.07.17 12:49

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,185 A$

Beadell Resources hat im Juni-Quartal 2017 rund 23,7 koz Gold produziert bei AISC von 1558$/oz(!!!). Im H1 liegt die Produktionsmenge bei 54,7 koz Gold und die AISC bei 1338$/oz.
Cash 38 Mio. A$ von 56 Mio. A$ (im März-Quartal).


24.11.17 17:17

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoCDR.AX 0,18 A$

Beadell Resources hat im September-Quartal 2017 rund 28,8 koz Gold produziert bei AISC von 1264$/oz. Der Ausblick soll am unteren Ende der 140-150 koz Gold liegen bei AISC von 1000-1100$/oz. In Q4/17 muss Beadell 60 koz produzieren um die Prognose erreichen zu können.  

22.12.17 11:02

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,1725 A$

"Beadell Resources Limited (Beadell or Company) advises that Tucano mine gold production for the December quarter now likely to be approximately 50,000 ounces of gold..."

Damit wird die Jahresprognose klar verfehlt.


01.03.18 07:50

510 Postings, 4739 Tage BergdocHeute wieder -18% in Sydney

Das Gute ist:
Mehr als 7 Cent kann es nicht mehr runtergehen... :-(  

01.03.18 08:50

270 Postings, 2001 Tage PinussylvestrisWas soll man da noch sagen ....

Unfassbar schlecht das Ergebnis.  

01.03.18 11:22

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,094 A$ (-18%)

19.03.18 19:39

270 Postings, 2001 Tage Pinussylvestris@Vassango

wie schätzt du die Sache ein?  

26.04.18 17:59

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,083 A$

Trading Halt

01.05.18 15:18

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,083 A$

Beadell meldet schwaches März-Quartal 2018

  • Produktion nur 26 koz bei AISC von 1204 $/oz (vgl. 45 koz zu AISC von 933 $/oz in Dez. Quartal 2017)


01.05.18 15:32

510 Postings, 4739 Tage BergdocZahlen

Nimmt man als Vergleich das Vorjahresquartal, dann sieht es nicht so ganz schlecht aus!  

07.05.18 12:51

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,069 A$

22.06.18 13:11

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,068 A$

Beadell erhofft sich Kosteneinsparungen für seine Tucano Mine


01.08.18 08:41

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,054 A$

Beadell senkt Produktionsausblick und Kostenprognose

  • von 145-155 auf 125-135 koz Gold
  • AISC von 1100-1200 auf 1000-1100$/oz


06.08.18 12:26

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,056 A$

Beadell mit 11, 8 Mio. A $ Kapitalerhöhung

218 Mio. neue Aktien werden dafür ausgegeben


24.09.18 11:18

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,069 A$ (+21%)

Great Panther Silver übernimmt Beadell Resources


10.01.19 11:08

8916 Postings, 1688 Tage VassagoBDR.AX 0,056 A$

Beadell Resources verfehlt auch die revidierten Produktionserwartungen

  • ursprünglich waren 145-155koz Gold in Aussicht gestellt
  • dann auf 125-135 koz Gold reduziert
  • am Ende wurden es 123 koz


23.04.21 06:44

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