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21.06.10 11:46

255 Postings, 5996 Tage ScatloverAuto consumption may double on "cash for clunkers"

"Auto consumption may double on "cash for clunkers"

Shanghai, June 21 (Gasgoo.com) China's new vehicle consumption has achieved 15 billion yuan ($2.2 billion) since the "cash for clunkers " program started on June 1, 2009. After China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) recently extended the program to December 31, the figure is expected to grow to at least 30 billion yuan by the end of this year, Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Dealers Association said recently.

The Chinese government invested 5 billion yuan in the "cash for clunkers" program last year, but as of May 31, only 1.7 billion yuan was given to the automobile consumers as subsidy and there was still 3.3 billon yuan left. Therefore, the country's automobile consumption in the next seven months will certainly be doubled.

Moreover, China has been giving more and more financial support for the automotive industry. It also improved the subsidy policy for vehicle purchasing in January this year, so the result will be positive by the end of this year, Luo explained.

On top of that, relevant sources from the MOC said in addition to promoting the automobile consumption, the Chinese government aims to accelerate the elimination of high-emission and heavy-polluting vehicles, and stimulate automobile consumption through the program.

By May 31, 2010, the country's relevant departments had handed out 1.7 billion yuan in subsidies that had resulted in the trade-in of 127,000 vehicles, boosting domestic automobile spending by 15 billion yuan."


21.06.10 16:04

255 Postings, 5996 Tage ScatloverShortsqueeze

Mal gucken was diese Woche bringt. Es sind immer noch über 10% des Floats short!


28.06.10 15:13

255 Postings, 5996 Tage ScatloverWATG Signs Framework Agreements with Comm. Banks

"Wonder Auto Signs Framework Agreements with Commercial Banks

JINZHOU CITY, China, June 28 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. ("Wonder Auto" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts, suspension products and engine accessories in China, today announced that it has signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with two of four major state-owned commercial banks.

As one of the best local companies, Wonder Auto developed its business steady and rapidly supported by the local state-owned commercial banks, and maintained superior relationships with banks. Therefore, Wonder Auto was recognized as a strategic customer of the local big-four state-owned banks and signed the framework agreements with two of them recently. The agreements stipulate that the commercial banks will support the Company's operation with sufficient cash flow. Meanwhile, when the Company faces major M&A opportunities, the banks can provide the Company with up to 50% of the size of the M&A as long-term loans.

Wonder Auto's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Qingjie Zhao commented that: "China's auto industry entered into a fast-developing period with huge growth potential. In the following years and decades, some industrial leaders, such as Wonder Auto, are facing a lot of M&A opportunities. The strategic framework agreements with the commercial banks will lay a solid foundation for Wonder Auto's fast growth in the future as well as for the potential M&As."..."


06.07.10 15:38

255 Postings, 5996 Tage ScatloverChina first-half auto sales +30% to 7.18 mln units

"China first-half auto sales up 30% to 7.18 mln units

Shanghai, July 5 (Gasgoo.com) China's vehicle sales in the first half of the year surged 30.45% from a year earlier to 7.18 million units, Xinhua News reported today, citing an industry research center. First-half sales of passenger cars rose 25.6% to 5.42 million.

Total vehicle sales, including buses and trucks, increased 14% in June to 1.13 million, the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATRC) said today. Passenger-car sales in June grew 10.9% from a year earlier to 839,228 units, slowing down from 34% growth in April and 25% in May.

China's auto production, meanwhile, jumped 44.37% year on year to 8.47 million units in the Jan-June period. In June, auto production came to 1.29 million units, up 12.4% year on year, but down 1.41% month on month. Automakers in China were previously warned of overcapacity.

After becoming the world's largest auto market, China continued to lead the U.S. in total auto sales in the first half, with U.S. deliveries rising to 5.6 million during the period. Vehicle sales in the Chinese market may rise 17% this year to 16 million units.

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will publish separate June sales data later this month. According to the association's data, monthly sales have risen more than 10.9 percent for 14 straight months through May.

Last month the Chinese government decided to extend its auto trade-in subsidy program by seven months to the end of this year, to help get highly polluting vehicles off the road and stimulate auto market demands."


13.07.10 18:41

255 Postings, 5996 Tage ScatloverWATG has the Best Relative Performance

"Wonder Auto Technology has the Best Relative Performance in the Consumer Goods Sector

Below are the top five companies in the Consumer Goods sector as measured by relative performance. Highest relative performance is a comparison between a share and its peers made to determine over performance.
This analysis was compiled based on yesterday's trading activity as SmarTrend searches for stocks that have the potential to outperform their peers.
Wonder Auto Technology (NASDAQ:WATG) ranks first with a gain of 8.47%; American Axle & Manufacturing (NYSE:AXL) ranks second with a gain of 5.17%; and ArvinMeritor (NYSE:ARM) ranks third with a gain of 5.05%.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber (NYSE:GT) follows with a gain of 4.32% and Dana (NYSE:DAN) rounds out the top five with a gain of 3.43%.
SmarTrend is bearish on shares of WATG and our subscribers were alerted to Sell on May 05, 2010 at $10.56. The stock has fallen 22.9% since the alert was issued."


25.09.10 13:00

371 Postings, 5663 Tage Leo4stocksAussichten 2010/ 11

 Wonder Auto Technology Inc. hat die Acquisition von Jinheng (BVI) Limited, einem Hersteller von Sicherheitsgurten beendet.

Es werden folgende Veränderungen erwartet bzgl. Umsatz / Gewinn für 2010/11:

- Jinheng (BVI) Limited soll etwa  $130 million Umsatz und ca $14.8 million Nettogewinn in 2011 beitragen

- Für das verbleibende Jahr 2010 wird jetzt mit mindestens $300 million Umsatz $36 million und  $29.5 million GAAP gewinn gerechnet.

Bei ca. 34 Millionen ausstehende Aktien entspricht das einem EpS (GAAP) von 0.87 USD. Grundsätzlich wird der gewinn von $ 14.8 Mio ca. 0.43 USD zunm EpS hinzufügen (GAAP EpS des Jahres 2009 betrug 0.82 USD).

Bei einem heutigen Aktienkurs von 8,80 USD entspricht das einem KGV von ca. 10,1 für 2010 und düfr 2011e einem KGV von 7,04 (wenn ca. 1,25 USD als EpS) kommen.

Wonder Aurto ist hervorragnend positioniert in China, profitiert vom wachsneden Markt  und erweitert sein Portfolio mit dem letzten kauf sehr gut.







12.12.10 18:00

549 Postings, 5213 Tage Odimademnächst stehen

hier gute News an, glaube daß diese Aktie Potenzial bis 10 Euro hat  

09.02.11 17:04

549 Postings, 5213 Tage OdimaTja, News bleiben aus

und Charttechnisches Verkaufsignal ausgelöst durch den Bruch unter die 7 Bucks  

02.03.11 15:29

549 Postings, 5213 Tage Odimajetzt

wirds aber ganz bitter für die Investierten,
Kurs schmiert voll ab.  

01.04.11 16:54

371 Postings, 5663 Tage Leo4stocksMann -o-Mann

was ist denn hier los??

Hat Wonder Auto jetzt auch die gleichen Probleme wie viele anderen chinesischen SmallCaps?? Wo ist der Jahresbericht 2010??? Man fragt sich ja echt, ob die alle unfähig sind?? A-Power Eneregy Systems (Jahresbericht 2010 wird verschoben); SkiStar Biopharma (Jahresbericht 15 Tage später), Advanced Battery Technologies (Totalabsturz, Intransparenz, CEO bereichert sich...), Subaye Inc. (CFO haut ab, kein Jahresbericht zu sehen).chinesische Small Caps = Katastrophe hinsichtlich Transparenz und Quartalsberichten / Jahresbrichten RECHTZEITIG abgeben...und Wonder Auto hat jetzt 60 Tage Zeit die Finanzen in Ordnung zu bringen!!

JINZHOU, China, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. ("Wonder Auto" or "the Company") (Nasdaq:WATG - News), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts, safety products, suspension products and engine accessories in China, today announced that, as expected, it received a notification letter from the NASDAQ Stock Market ("Nasdaq") indicating that the Company was not in compliance with the continued listing requirements under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5250(c)(1), which requires the timely filing of periodic reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Nasdaq Letter"). The Company received the Nasdaq Letter because it has not timely filed its annual report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010. The Nasdaq Letter has no immediate effect on the listing or trading of Wonder Auto's common stock on Nasdaq.

As previously announced in the Company's Form 12b-25 filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 17, 2011, the filing of the Company's 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2010 has been delayed due to the Company's determination that its financial statements as of and for the years ended December 31, 2008 and 2009, included in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2009, as well as the financial statements included in its Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q for the quarters ended March 31, June 30 and September 30 during each of the years 2008 and 2009, should no longer be relied upon due to a cutoff error regarding timing of revenue in such periods. The Company is continuing to evaluate the impact of the cutoff errors on its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2010 and on its internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 2010. Subject to the evaluation described above, the Company continues to expect to meet the guidance for revenue and profit for the year ended December 31, 2010 previously announced in its press release dated November 9, 2010.

The Company received the Nasdaq Letter on March 23, 2011. Pursuant to the Nasdaq Letter, the Company has 60 calendar days, or until May 23, 2011, to submit a plan to NASDAQ to regain compliance with the Nasdaq Listing Rules. If Nasdaq accepts Wonder Auto's plan of compliance, NASDAQ may grant the Company an extension of up to 180 calendar days from the due date of the annual report on Form 10-K, or until September 12, 2011, to regain compliance.


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