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01.04.10 15:02

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverWATG

In den letzten Wochen gab es Gespräche und Besuche von Delegationen der Firmen Remy und Tenneco.
Diese sind zwar global vertreten, aber haben ihre Hauptabsatzmärkte auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent.
OEM-Kunden sind u.a. BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz (Daimler), Porsche, Toyota, VW, etc.


06.04.10 19:54

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverQ1 wird besser als erwartet ausfallen

"Wonder Auto Announces Upward Revised Guidance for its First Quarter Operating Results

For 1st quarter of 2010, Company Pre-announces an upward revised organic growth rate of 57% and 40% for revenue and net income, respectively (non-GAAP)

JINZHOU, China, April 6 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: WATG; "Wonder Auto" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts, suspension products and engine accessories in China, today announced upward revised guidance to its operating results for its first quarter operating results ended March 31st, 2010.

For the quarter, the Company projects its revenues will exceed US $63.0 million and that its net income will exceed US $7.3 million. These operating results reflect a year-over-year organic growth rate of above 57% and 40% for revenue and net income growth, respectively.

The Company's strong operating results were achieved due to better-than- expected sales activity and margin performance in combination with a continuing resurgence in China's macro economy. In particular, a high growth rate in China's onshore auto sales had a positive impact on Wonder Auto's results. Based on visibility in business condition, the Company expects such favorable macro economic conditions relating to China's on shore auto sale environment to continue.

Mr. Qingjie Zhao, Chairman and CEO of Wonder Auto, expressed: "The Board of Directors is pleased with Wonder's achievement in the first quarter of 2010. Wonder Auto's first quarter results are not only the result of outstanding organic performance, but are also the result of significant expansion in the auto safety business and alternative energy vehicles components business. We believe these favorable dynamics, in addition to renewed strength in China's onshore auto market, point to a highly favorable operating environment for Wonder Auto in 2010 and following years. Wonder Auto's performance, as well as aggregate China auto market statistics, corroborate long-term growth trends in the Chinese automotive market, as compared to short-term behavior from the 2009 Chinese government stimulus. We see multiple signs of a continuing resurgence in the Chinese automotive market attributable to strong onshore consumer behaviors."

Wonder Auto plans to announce its full first quarter, 2010 operating results around early May..."


09.04.10 19:49

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverMarch: passenger car sales +63% to 1.26M units

"China March passenger car sales up 63% to 1.26M units

By George Gao  From:Gasgoo.com

Shanghai, April 9 (Gasgoo.com) China's passenger car sales in March rose 63.2% from a year earlier to 1.26 million units, media reported today, citing the latest official industry data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

The March sales of cars, SUVs and MPVs also grew from the 942,900 cars sold in February which saw an increase 55.3% year on year, the industry group said today. Sales grew 115.5% in January to 1.32 million cars. That shows the first-quarter sales came to 3,522,900 units, up 76%, the association said.

Government stimulus measures, such as tax cuts for small cars and trade-in subsidies for clean vehicles, have spurred China's auto sales since early last year. China's passenger vehicle sales grew 52.9% to 10.3 million units in 2009, although the growth is expected to slow this year.

Previous data from another industry group, the China Passenger Car Association, said the country's sales of passenger cars rose 40% in February from a year earlier to 840,000 units.

Figures of China's total auto sales in March, including passenger and commercial vehicles, will be released soon. Feb sales rose 46% to 1.21 million units, slower than January when sales more than doubled from a year earlier to more than 1.6 million."


09.04.10 20:48

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverWATG

Mal gucken, ob wir heute die 10€ ($13,45) zurück erobern, etwa 9,45€ ($12,71) haben wir schon! :)

@tali: Bist Du noch dabei?  

12.04.10 14:18

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverWATG

Schade, wurden wohl nur ein Paar Shorts ausgezogen, nachdem auf CNBC über WATG berichtet wurde...  

12.04.10 14:22

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverWATG wins landmark electric vehicle project

"Wonder Auto Commissioned for Electric Car Project with the City of Danyang, China

Company wins landmark electric vehicle project mandate with the Danyang City Peoples' Government

INZHOU, China, April 12 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: WATG; "Wonder Auto" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts, suspension products and engine accessories in China, today announced that on April 10th, 2010, Wonder Auto has won a pioneering project mandate with the Danyang City People's Government to develop and produce electric vehicles and electric vehicle components in Danyang and neighboring regions in China (the "Danyang City Electric Car Mandate").

Under the Danyang City Electric Car Mandate, Wonder Auto, cooperated with Jinzhou Wonder Alternative Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. ("Wonder AEV"), has been selected as Danyang City's municipal partner to manufacture, develop, and supply Wonder Auto-branded electric vehicles in accordance with Danyang City's clean energy and municipal public transportation initiatives. The Danyang City Electric Car Mandate encompasses electric taxis and electric buses in addition to electric car components. Wonder Auto will also provide related support in developing electric charging stations in Danyang. The mandate reinforces Danyang City's recently announced intention to focus on electric cars as a primary focal industry in Danyang City.

Danyang City is importantly positioned in China as one of China's most advanced centers for auto and auto part production, across every facet of the auto supply chain industry. Based in the south part of Jiangsu Province, Danyang City (http://www.danyang.gov.cn/ ) is a key city in the Yangtze River Delta and is home to a population of approximately 900,000 persons.

Due to its strategic importance as an auto production center in combination with the early-stage business opportunity in Chinese electric vehicle production, the Danyang City Electric Car Mandate represents a precedent business win for Wonder Auto. The mandate, a pilot electric car program for Wonder Auto outside its Jinzhou headquarters, is the result of many months of discussions in evaluating Wonder Auto's developing expertise in electric car production in combination with Danyang City's social and clean energy initiatives. In particular, the Agreement credentializes Wonder Auto's recently announced and developing capabilities in the Chinese electric car industry.

Under the mandate with Wonder Auto, Danyang City is committed as an electric vehicle customer and development partner of Wonder Auto. Among other features of the mandate with Wonder Auto, Danyang City will provide significant land, human capital, policy support, and funding resources to Wonder Auto's electric vehicle businesses. Danyang City has determined that clean energy and electric vehicle mandates be treated with favorable government policy treatment for socially advantageous and clean energy purposes.

This Agreement follows a similar mandate Wonder Auto won earlier in 2009 with the city of Jinzhou, China. Jinzhou is the city in which Wonder Auto's primary operations are headquartered. The Danyang City Mandate enables Wonder Auto to expand its research and production reach outside Jinzhou into one of the most advanced auto supply cities in China. Meanwhile, Wonder Auto is pursuing comparable discussions with other municipal governments in multiple provinces in China.

The Danyang City Mandate is an important milestone for Wonder Auto. Mr. Qingjie Zhao, Chairman and CEO of Wonder Auto, stated: "Wonder Auto is pleased to announce this landmark agreement with Danyang City. This mandate commemorates Wonder Auto's commercial entry into the early, growing electric vehicle market in China. Wonder Auto sees significant growth potential as it continues to roll out its electric car initiatives in cooperation with municipal governments in China. Wonder Auto is committed to successful implementation to drive business growth in electric vehicle business."..."


13.04.10 13:36

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina auto sales hit record high in March

"China auto sales hit record high in March

China's auto sales jumped 55.8 per cent year-on-year in March to 1.74 million units, setting a new monthly record, according to figures released by an industry group on Friday.

Vehicle sales in the first quarter rose 71.8 per cent from the same period last year to 4.61 million, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said on its website.

The March sales surpassed the previous record set in January, when auto makers sold more than 1.66 million vehicles.

Sales of passenger vehicles rose 63.2 per cent on year in March to 1.26 million units, while sales in the January-March period rose 76.3 per cent to 3.52 million units, it said.

China's auto sales hit 13.64 million units in 2009, overtaking the United States to make the country the world's top auto market as Beijing offered incentives such as lower taxes to boost the sector.

China has been a boon for foreign auto makers as sales in developed countries slumped during the financial crisis.

US auto giant General Motors's March sales in China soared 68 per cent from a year earlier to a record 230,048 units. Its first-quarter sales were up 71 per cent from a year earlier to 623,546 units.

Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz Cars division's first-quarter sales in China more than doubled from a year earlier to 23,610, Dow Jones Newswires reported.

Ford Motor's first-quarter sales soared 84 per cent to 153,362 while Toyota Motor Corp's March sales in China jumped 33 per cent to 61,200 units, it said."


15.04.10 18:46

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina's Q1 vehicle sales continue to top US market

"China's Q1 vehicle sales continue to top U.S. market

Shanghai, April 15 (Gasgoo.com) The Chinese auto market is still the world's Number one. According to the latest data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's vehicle production and sales hit record high of 4.55 million and 4.61 million units respectively for the first quarter of 2010, up 77% and 72% respectively year on year, as against about 3.08 mln units sold in the U.S. over the same period.

With a definite recovery in the auto market, the U.S. vehicle sales still can't outstrip China easily.

Over the past few decades, the U.S. had always been the world's largest automaker and auto market. Its new vehicle sales stayed at 16 mln units and peaked at 17 mln every year. Due to the financial crisis, the new vehicle sales in the U.S. has fallen significantly since 2008, with annual sales of only 10.43 mn in 2009, surpassed by the Chinese market.

In the first quarter, the U.S. auto market saw a definite recovery, and its annual vehicle production and sales are expected to rise to 13 mln vehicles; while the China auto market maintains a strong "China Speed", and its annual vehicle production and sales of record 15 mln have become a fait accompli.

It is generally predicted that China's auto market growth this year will be around 25%, to totally over 17 mln vehicles. Hence, the U.S. will have a fat chance to overtake China in vehicle sales.
Gasgoo: auto parts source"


24.04.10 13:43

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverPeking Autoshow: Mit Strom fährt China allen davon

"Peking Autoshow 2010: Mit Strom fährt China allen davon

In Peking platzt die Automesse aus allen Nähten. Alle Hersteller wollen in dem gigantischen Wachstumsmarkt mitspielen. Während die Deutschen mit Langversionen und Retourchen an Phaeton und Maybach Eindruck schinden wollen, setzen die Chinesen voll auf das Elektroauto.

Vor wenigen Jahren noch interessierte sich kaum jemand für den Automarkt China – heute gibt dieser Markt den Takt an. Wurden im Jahr 2000 noch rund 614.000 Autos verkauft, waren es 2009 schon fast 8,4 Millionen. Für 2010 prognostiziert das Forschungsinstitut Center Automotive Research (CAR) mehr als 10 Millionen Verkäufe, für 2015 sogar 15 Millionen. "Die Dynamik der Chinesen ist beispiellos. Noch nie gab es in der Geschichte des Automobils einen Markt, der so stürmisch und schnell gewachsen ist", sagt Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Professor für Betriebswirtschaft und Automobilwirtschaft an der Universität Duisburg-Essen. Es sind dabei nicht allein die absoluten Zahlen, es ist das unbändige Wachstum, dass China so wichtig werden lässt. Die weltweite Bedeutung zeigt sich in der Peking Motorshow auf jedem Schritt. Alle anderen Messen der Welt wirken wie tot und leergefegt gegen diesen prallen Jahrmarkt der automobilen Eitelkeiten. Die einheimischen Hersteller lassen die Muskeln spielen, die Ausländer dürfen mitmachen. China darf niemand vernachlässigen und mit vornehmer Zurückhaltung dringt man nicht durch. Der Leitsatz heißt: "Klotzen statt Kleckern". Models werden in Kompaniestärke aufgeboten, und die Auftritte der Spitzenmanager werden wie Staatsbesuche orchestriert. Wer genau hinschaut sieht indes, dass die Kleider der Hostessen nur notdürftig von Sicherheitsnadeln zusammengehalten werden und die hochhackigen Schuhe nur jeder zweiten passen. Irgendwie ist das Bild typisch für diese Messe, aber kein Grund zur Entwarnung: Der Chinamotor läuft sich erst warm.
Vor allem aber pushen die Chinesen mit aller Kraft die Elektromobilität. Die Idee dahinter ist verlockend "Den Westen überholen, ohne ihn einzuholen".
Und spätestens dann wird China nicht zuerst ein weiterer Absatzmarkt sein, sondern China wird auch bei den Autos die Werkbank der ganzen Welt werden."


27.04.10 15:38

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverAuftrag aus Deutschland!

"Wonder Auto Obtains a New World-class Customer in Germany

JINZHOU CITY, China, April 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. ("Wonder Auto" or the "Company"), a leading supplier of automotive electric parts, suspension products and engine components in China, wins a contract from a world-class customer based in Germany through one of its subsidiaries, which is Jinzhou Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd ("Wanyou").

On 23 April, Wanyou has gained trail orders from a German client for its German headquarters and American branches. This client is one of the most famous automotive absorbers manufacturing firms, especially for high-end luxury cars and modified cars. After 6 months development, Wanyou's product samples and technical process have been approved by the client. Our management team believes that the new contract will contribute Wonder Auto with more than 2 million US dollars every year in the future. Simultaneously, it will further improve Wanyou's brand image, and further promote Wanyou's technology level to become the world-class shock absorber rods supplier..."


06.05.10 13:01

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverWATG Reports Its Record Q1 2010 Financial Results

"    Operational Highlights for the first quarter of 2010:
   -- Sales revenue increased 59.1% year-over-year to $63.6 million;
   -- Gross profit rose 54.8% year-over-year to $15.6 million from $10.1
   -- Non-GAAP Net income attributable to Wonder Auto increased 43.4% year-
      over-year to $7.41 million;
   -- Non-GAAP EPS was $ 0.22, representing a 14.2% increase from $ 0.19
      compared with first quarter 2009;
   -- Sales revenue from outside PRC increased $4.91 million, or 163.7% year-
      over-year, from $3.00 million in the first quarter 2009, or increased
      to 12.4% of total sales revenue from 7.5% in the first quarter 2009.

                             For the quarter ended    For the quarter ended
                                    March 31, 2010           March 31, 2009
   GAAP Net income                      $5,781,077               $5,171,624
   Share-based compensation             $1,634,895                       --
   Non-GAAP Net income                  $7,415,972               $5,171,624
   GAAP EPS                                  $0.17                    $0.19
   Non-GAAP EPS                              $0.22                    $0.19


12.05.10 12:25

5291 Postings, 6475 Tage Lapismucfür Daytrader, Boden erreicht............

Man wird nicht reich, durch das, was man verdient, sondern durch das, was man nicht ausgibt
LITHIUM ONE kk =1,20 €

15.05.10 15:30

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverCEO hat wieder gekauft

"12-May-10   *31,213 WATG Purchase at $8.92 - $8.96 per share.
(Cost of about $279,000)"


21.05.10 16:10

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverHauptversammlung

Proposals to be voted on at the annual meeting are as follows:
1. Elect five persons to the Board of Directors, each to serve until our next annual meeting of shareholders or until such person shall resign, be removed or otherwise leave office;
2. Ratify the appointment of PKF Hong Kong, Certified Public Accountants as our independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2010; and
3. To transact any other matters those properly come before the Meeting or any adjournments thereof.


24.05.10 15:43

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina to release green-car subsidy details

"China to release green-car subsidy details this month

Shanghai, May 24 (Gasgoo.com) The Chinese government has worked out a plan to subsidize the country's buyers of green cars and will release details later this month, Shanghai Securities News said today.

China will offer a clean-energy car buyer with subsidies of up to 60,000 yuan ($8,789), as part of its sustained efforts to cut vehicle emissions in the world's biggest auto market. Subsidies will be mainly based on the car's energy-savings efficiency, Reuters reported, citing the Chinese business paper.

Buyers of all-electric vehicles will be eligible to get as much as 60,000 yuan each, while those of plug-in hybrid and normal hybrid cars can get 50,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan, respectively. This green car subsidy program will likely be carried out first in five selected cities.

Last year China selected 13 cities to subsidize clean-energy vehicle for public transportation and has expanded this pilot scheme to 20 cities. Last week, BYD auto delivered its first 40 all-electric e6 cars to a taxi fleet in Shenzhen, where the carmaker is based.

The Chinese government has been urging its automakers to get cleaner, low-emission vehicles on the roads, banking on the green drive to cut emissions and lead the global auto industry.

China's auto trade-in policy, initiated from June 1, 2009, will expire at the end of this month, after this 'cash for clunkers' program failed to achieve some expected sales results."


30.05.10 18:31

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina auto production may grow by 15% this year

"China auto production may grow by 15% this year

China’s automobile output this year may grow by as much as 15 percent, expanding from a record, said an official at the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

Production may total about 15 million units, Gu Xianghua, deputy general secretary of the association, said today at a conference in Shanghai.

Sales may gain 17 percent to 16 million units, by the State Information Center said last month.

Vehicle sales surged 46 percent to 13.6 million units last year, overtaking the U.S. as the world’s biggest auto market, after the government reduced the consumption tax on small vehicles and gave subsidies to encourage vehicle-buying in rural areas."


31.05.10 14:33

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina to have 2nd-most vehicles in the world

"China to have 2nd-most vehicles in the world by 2011

Shanghai, May 31 (Gasgoo.com) With its auto sales growing rapidly, China is expected to overtake Japan to become the country with the second-most vehicles on the road by next year, Shanghai Securities News reported today, citing an industry expert.

Xu Changming, a research director at the State Information Center, said last week that vehicle ownership in China may has been rising annually and may reach 75 million units by the end of this year or early next year from 63 million units in 2009.

China surpassed the United States as the world's largest auto market last year, with sales increasing by 45% to 13.6 million units and accounting for 22% of global auto sales. China auto sales for 2010 are likely to reach 17 million units, according to industry forecast.

The number of vehicles in China is expected to eventually rise to about 490 million units, Xu was quoted as saying, without giving a date, Bloomberg News reported.

The U.S. has the most vehicles on the road with more than 254 million units registered in 2007, according a research unit of the Department of Transportation.

Alternative-energy vehicles will become a growth point in China's future auto market, as conventional fuel is unable to meet the rising market demand, Xu added."


03.06.10 16:08

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina promotes new-energy vehicles in more cities

"China promotes new-energy vehicles in 7 more cities

China is promoting clean-energy vehicles for public transportation in seven more cities on top of the 13 cities that began promoting such vehicles last year, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Wednesday.

The seven cities include Tianjin, Haikou, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou, Tangshan, and Guangzhou.

The 13 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, started promoting hybrid, electric, and energy-efficient vehicles in 2009 for taxi, bus, sanitation and post office use.

The MOF will provide subsidies to provincial and municipal government finance bureaus for promotion of such vehicles, the statement released by the MOF said.

Local governments will have to apply for the funding based on a promotion plan. The statement did not elaborate on the total amount of funding or a time frame for the program.

China on Tuesday released details of its green-car subsidy program that is designed to boost the nation's auto industry and cut vehicle emissions.

Subsidies of up to 60,000 yuan ($8,784) will be given to buyers of pure electric vehicles in cities taking part in the pilot program, Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hefei.

Buyers of plug-in hybrid cars will receive up to 50,000 yuan in subsidies."


04.06.10 13:47

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina to subsidize buyers of small-engine vehicles

"China to subsidize purchases of small-engine vehicles

China plans to subsidize purchases of energy-saving vehicles and energy-efficient electric engines in a bid to further cut emissions, the country's top economic planner said Thursday.

Buyers of vehicles with engines smaller than 1.6 liters will receive a 3,000 yuan subsidy, said a statement posted on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission on Thursday.

Currently, China levies a 7.5 percent tax on purchases of small-engine vehicles, lower than the 10 percent tax for vehicles with bigger engines, in a bid to boost consumption.

The subsidies could boost small-engine vehicle sales in China by more than 4 million units by 2012, reducing oil consumption by 750 million liters and carbon dioxide emissions by 3.3 million tonnes, the statement said.

The statement did not reveal the specific date when the subsidies will be implemented.

China will also promote certain energy-efficient, small and medium-sized electric motors such as three-phase asynchronous motors by providing subsidies as much as 60 yuan per kilowatt.

China has recently introduced a range of subsidies on vehicle sales aiming to cut emissions. On Tuesday, the government released its green-car subsidy program designed to boost the nation's auto industry and cut vehicle emissions.

Subsidies of up to 60,000 yuan (8,784 U.S. dollars) will be given to buyers of electric vehicles in cities taking part in the pilot program, Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hefei.

Buyers of plug-in hybrid cars will receive up to 50,000 yuan in subsidies.

The government also said on Wednesday the country was promoting clean-energy vehicles for public transportation in seven more cities, increasing the number of major cities with such vehicles to 20."


07.06.10 10:57

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverShenzhen to give 20,000 yuan green car subsidy

"Shenzhen to give 20,000 yuan green car subsidy

Shenzhen will offer a 20,000 yuan subsidy to buyers of alternative-energy cars, in addition to the as much as 60,000 yuan subsidy provided by the central government, the China Securities Journal reported Thursday, without saying where it obtained the information."


09.06.10 12:04

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina auto sales +53% to 7.5 mln units in Jan-May

"China auto sales up 53% to 7.5 mln units in Jan-May

Shanghai, June 9 (Gasgoo.com) In the first five months of the year, vehicle sales in the Chinese market grew 53.25% from a year earlier to exceed 7.5 million units, Xinhua News reported yesterday, citing an industry association.

China's auto sales in May rose 28.35% from a year earlier to 1.44 million units, but the figure was down 7.5% from the April level, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said yesterday in a statement. The growth in May sales notched the slowest pace over the past 13 months.

Sales of passenger cars climbed 55.06% from a year ago to 5.68 million units in the first five months while that of commercial vehicles increased 48.13% to 1.93 million units. Passenger car sales in May grew 26% to 1.04 million units, but down from 1.11 million sold in April.

Global automakers are looking to China, which last year overtook the United States as the world's biggest auto market by selling 13.64 million vehicles, to boost sales, though China's sizzling growth in car sales has started slowing back to normal.

Auto production in China rose 55.59% to 7.54 million units in the January-May period. Last month's output grew 27.86% year on year to 1.42 million units but declined 9.39% from April.

The association estimated that both auto sales and production in China would exceed 15 million units this year, according to the statement released yesterday."


14.06.10 17:00

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverRevenue Expected to Increase YoY By 60% in Q1

"Wonder Auto's Revenue from Its Engine Valve Business Segment Expected to Increase YoY By 60% in 1H 2010

JINZHOU CITY, China, June 14 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. ("Wonder Auto" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts, suspension products and engine accessories in China, today announced that its subsidiary, Jinan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited Company ("Jinan Worldwide") will increase its production capacity of engine valves by 13 million units this July, therefore increasing the total annual production capacity of engine valves from 27 million units to 40 million units.

Mr. Qingjie Zhao, Chairman and CEO of Wonder Auto, commented that, "Since Wonder Auto acquired Jinan Worldwide in October 2008, our engine valve business in China has been developing strongly. Its sales have increased 13% from $41.11 million in 2008 to $46.58 million in 2009. We expect that revenue from this business segment for the first half of 2010 will be approximately $32.0 million as compared with $19.85 million in the first half 2009, with an year-over-year increase rate of 60%." Mr. Zhao also commented that, "In the first half 2010, our engine valve business utilized production capacity was at its peak production level and that the newly increased production capacity will establish a solid foundation for our future business development in this business segment. After our successful acquisitions and the sharing of each other's customer base with our newly acquired companies like Jinan Worldwide, Wonder Auto has been able and will continue to further expand its customer base and penetrate new end markets significantly in the future. As a result of this and our other business acquisitions, we achieved around a 44% CAGR growth rate of our sales revenue for the last five years. Finally, the recent development and expansion of our engine valve business has validated our management team's business plan for making successful key strategic acquisitions in China in order to bring more value to Wonder Auto and its shareholders."..."


14.06.10 17:02

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverSorry,

es muss natürlich im Halbjahr und nicht nur Q1 heißen!  

14.06.10 19:03

255 Postings, 6004 Tage ScatloverChina extends "old car for new" subsidy to Dec. 31

"China extends "old car for new" subsidy to Dec. 31

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Sunday it will extend the auto replacement subsidy from May 31 to Dec. 31.

The move aims to accelerate the elimination of high-emissions and polluting vehicles, and stimulate automobile consumption, said the MOC in an online statement.

Consumers who trade-in their used small-and- medium-sized trucks and some types of mid-sized passenger cars for new ones can receive subsidies ranging from 3,000 (349.2 U.S. dollars) to 6,000 yuan.

The government rolled out the "old car for new" subsidy last June, to encourage people to replace their old cars. It was initially scheduled to end May 31, 2010.

As of May 31, relevant departments had handed-out 1.7 billion yuan in subsidies that had resulted in 127,000 vehicles being replaced, boosting domestic automobile spending by 15 billion yuan, according to MOC data."


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