Was haltet ihr von Slack? WKN: A2PGZL

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21.06.19 12:23

579 Postings, 1315 Tage FrauPapstWas haltet ihr von Slack? WKN: A2PGZL

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - Die Aktien des Bürokommunikations-Dienstes Slack Technologies haben am Donnerstag einen fulminanten Börsenstart hingelegt. Der erste Kurs in Höhe von 38,50 US-Dollar hatte fast 50 Prozent über dem Referenzkurs von 26 US-Dollar gelegen, den der Börsenbetreiber New York Stock Exchange am Mittwochabend (Ortszeit) festgesetzt hatte.

IPO/AKTIE IM FOKUS 2: Slack schnellen am ersten Handelstag in die Höhe | - Vollständiger Artikel unter:  

21.06.19 12:26

1388 Postings, 2048 Tage MitschSlack

400 Mio. Umsatz
139 Mio. Verlust
20 Mrd. Börsenwert

Das erinnert doch stark an den Neuen Markt.
Finger weg von der Aktie würde ich sagen.  

21.06.19 12:56

579 Postings, 1315 Tage FrauPapstDanke für deine Antwort

Dass der Aktionär diese Akte besprochen hat, lässt diese Gedankengänge ja auch zu. ;)  

21.06.19 12:59

579 Postings, 1315 Tage FrauPapstVorbörse Nasdag

Steigt jedoch vorbörslich um mehr als 3%.

21.06.19 13:42

378 Postings, 929 Tage larrywilcox...

Kann aber auch eine gute Chance sein. Umsatzwachstum in 2019 ca. 70% und 60% in 2020 geplant. Dazu ab 2020 positiver CF . Muss jede*r selber entscheiden wie es das Ding bewertet.  

21.06.19 14:19

1536 Postings, 950 Tage Bullish_HopeFrauPabst#1

Gute Frage ;-)
Die MK spricht für eine deutliche Überbewertung aber was heist das schon in Zeiten von Tesla, Spotify,Netflix oder Beyond Meat?
Bleibe erst mal an der Seitenlinie; die Frage ist ja immer Risiko gehen und ggf. verlieren oder sich ärgern weil der Zug ohne einen abfährt wie bei Beyond Meat.  

21.06.19 14:26

579 Postings, 1315 Tage FrauPapstNa ja ...

ich habe einmal eine klitzeklitzekleine Position angelegt. ;) Risiko pur  

21.06.19 16:45

378 Postings, 929 Tage larrywilcox...

Bin gerade rein zu 33,60 ?. Mal sehen was passiert.  

21.06.19 18:10

60536 Postings, 7417 Tage KickyDer Guardian zu Slack
......Like most of its peers, Slack is losing money ? it lost $138.9m last year and according to the company losses will ?significantly increase? over the next few years. Revenues are growing fast up to $400m from $100m three years ago, but growth is slowing as the company gets larger and rival services from Microsoft and Google could eat into its business.

Tilak Doddapaneni, executive vice-president of engineering at digital consultancy Publicis Sapient, said there were ?question marks? over Slack?s business model despite its popularity.
?While it successfully moved from being a messaging app for a video game company into a company valued at $15.7bn in just six years, the business hasn?t lived up to its ambition of toppling emails quite yet,? he said. ?With Microsoft moving into its field with the introduction of Microsoft Teams last year, Slack may soon find that they lack the infrastructure and expertise to keep up with the innovation and scale of the tech giant.?  

24.06.19 18:04

579 Postings, 1315 Tage FrauPapstSatz mit X

24.06.19 18:22

378 Postings, 929 Tage larrywilcox...

Ja. Bin auch schon wieder raus. War ein Fehler.  

26.08.19 10:24

60536 Postings, 7417 Tage KickySlack Stock Upgraded -- Twice KZ $43 u.$40

"Slack stock has shed 20% of its value since that first day of trading.

"But now, two Wall Street bankers think it's finally cheap enough to buy.
With Slack on deck to report earnings Wednesday, Sept. 4, analysts at MKM Partners (last night) and Stephens (this morning) stepped up to initiate coverage ahead of the news.  
Both bankers expect shares to trade higher -- if not immediately after earnings, then at least within a year -- with Stephens assigning the stock an overweight rating and a $43 price target, and MKM giving a straightforward buy rating and a price target of $40, according to
.. MKM explains, in this note carried on CNBC:  
Slack has evolved into a central repository of information around key corporate workflows such as sales, customer service, hiring and recruiting, accounting and expense management, employee benefits and payroll, and many other functions core to any organization. As more organizations digitize workflows, Slack's value proposition becomes even more compelling as a means to connect employees, applications, and data.
And the numbers appear to bear this theory out. Over the past couple of years alone, Slack has ramped up revenue by four times, growing from $105 million in sales in 2017 to $454 million booked over the past 12 months, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence......."  

04.09.19 20:14

60536 Postings, 7417 Tage KickySlack heute Report after the bell closes

Aktie steigt 6%
Zacks Analyse ist skeptisch|investment_ideas-500142  

05.09.19 11:58

1844 Postings, 692 Tage neymarSlack

01.10.19 09:58

3 Postings, 139 Tage HanseaticbroncoSlack - positive Aussichten?!


einen interessanten Artikel findet ihr hier:

Ein Auszug:

One 2019 debut that fits the bill is Slack Technologies (WORK). (Slack doesn?t quite qualify as an IPO, since the company became public through a direct listing.) The company?s product basically replaces email inside corporate offices.

As a hard-core Slack user, I can attest to how it?s improved intraoffice communication and document sharing. The more you use Slack, the more valuable it becomes. The service not only replaces email; its archive of messages and documents becomes a supercharged file cabinet. And once Slack gets ingrained in the corporate workflow, it?s nearly impossible to replace it, pointing to the company?s pricing power.

Marcelo Lima, a hedge fund manager at Heller House whose firm owns Slack shares, is bullish on the company, citing its customer engagement. Slack says the average paid user spends nine hours per working day connected to Slack with 90 minutes of active use.

?It?s rare that one can find a business that is founder-led, mission-driven, with very attractive economics, and an enormous market opportunity,? he says.

One major concern for Slack investors has been increasing competition from Microsoft ?s (MSFT) comparable product called Teams. But William Blair analyst Bhavan Suri plays down the competitive risk. According to his channel checks with customers, people are using Slack dramatically more than Teams, even when both are deployed.

?Microsoft is a fairly limited product set in terms of functionality compared with Slack,? he says. ?The integrations are materially less.?

Unlike some members of the 2019 IPO class, Slack doesn?t face financing issues. The company has nearly $800 million in cash. It expects to burn through roughly $100 million in cash this fiscal year, but that includes one-time costs of $30 million related to the direct listing.

So where does the stock go from here?

In June, shortly before Slack went public, Barron?swrote positively about the company, noting its utility inside the newsroom. But we urged patience: ?Replacing email is a huge, and welcome, opportunity, but it?s going to take time. Investors should wait for the hype to subside before jumping into Slack?s stock.? That time may be here.

After its direct listing on June 20, Slack?s first trade came at $38.50. It?s since fallen 43%, to a recent $22.06. Because a direct listing doesn?t involve raising new funds, insiders are not bound by any kind of lockup agreements. Much of the selling pressure on the stock has likely already been exhausted. That?s an important contrast from recent traditional IPOs, where lockups are in place for six months after the debut.

Earlier this month, Slack reported financial results above expectations. Sales grew 58% year over year in the fiscal second quarter, and the company now has 720 customers paying at least $100,000 a year. Slack shares sold off following the report, with some investors expecting an even larger beat. That view could prove shortsighted.

Morgan Stanley analyst Keith Weiss says there are 350 million users paying for productivity suites worldwide. At a rate of about $100 per user, that?s a market of $35 billion a year. If Slack can attain 15% share of this market within 10 years, an assumption currently in Weiss? financial model, it equates to about $5 billion in annual sales.

Wall Street expects the company to generate only $609 million in sales this year. Even if Weiss? $5 billion estimate is too high, there?s huge opportunity ahead for Slack. ?We think this is a business that can grow 50% to 60% sustainably over [each of] the next few years,? William Blair?s Suri says. ?With a reasonable revenue multiple five years out, you?re probably more than triple the stock price today.?

Years ago, there were a couple of other category killers that went through a rough stretch in their early days as public companies. They were Facebook and Google.

11.10.19 16:05

3 Postings, 139 Tage Hanseaticbronco37% Nutzerzuwachs im letzten Jahr

Die Aktie scheint sich langsam zu erholen, nachdem nun ein weiterer positiver Trend zu sehen ist.

Barron's berichtet wie folgt:


Slack Has 12 Million Daily Users, Up 37% From a Year Ago

Slack Technologies disclosed in a blog post that the corporate-communications software company now has more than 12 million daily active users, up 37% year over year, and above the 10 million users Slack had claimed in the prospectus for its direct stock listing earlier this year.

That puts the company?s user base close to the 13 million users that Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) has claimed for Teams, the most direct competitor.

Slack (WORK) says it has more than 6 million paid seats.

The company also said it has more than 600,000 developers, an increase from the 500,000 claimed in the S-1 filing for Slack?s stock listing. In the blog post late Thursday, the company repeated a claim that paying customers are connected to the software more than nine hours per workday, with about 90 minutes of actively using the software.

Slack said that users conduct ?more than 5 billion actions weekly on average, including reading and writing messages, uploading and commenting on files, performing searches, and...interacting with apps.?

The company said it now has more than 1,800 apps in its App Directory, up from the 1,500 claimed in the S-1.

In premarket trading on Friday, Slack shares were up 2.7% to $24.46.


05.12.19 16:32

Clubmitglied, 388587 Postings, 2056 Tage youmake222Slack mit starken Zahlen - Slack-Aktie wenig beweg

Slack hat am Mittwochabend nach US-Börsenschluss die zweite Quartalsbilanz seit dem Directlisting im Juni veröffentlicht. 05.12.2019

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