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06.09.10 16:48

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojones..die nächten Tage dürften richtungsweisend sein

es wurde die letzten Tage einiges an Medienrummel veranstaltet, die Umsätze haben
dramatisch angezogen.

Ich denke wir werden die nächsten Tage sehr gute Bohrergebnisse sehen.

Der CEO hat einen positiven newsflow bis mindestens Frühjahr 2011 in Aussicht gestellt.

Die Firma ist mindestens die nächsten 18 Monate durchfinanziert, eine weitere Verwässerung nicht zu erwarten.

Ausserdem dürfte PEM ein begehrtes Übernahmetarget werden.  

07.09.10 17:16

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojoneserste nennenwerte Umsätze jetzt auch

bei uns.

Das dürfte auch noch besser werden...  

09.09.10 06:46

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesdeveloping a new mining district in North America.

und nächste Woche gibts dann endgültig die nächsten Ergebnisse.
Noch ist die Aktie günstig.

They said news release next week for assays and airborne survey release this week! They are sure stretching the news out and it better be good investors aren't going to happy waiting this long for average results! I was told things are going very well so there it is anyone wanting to confirm this feel free to call!
It appears the reason for the delay in assay results is they were protecting their real estate they were trying to keep things quiet to keep the blood.hounds from moving in now they have locked up their land position the news will flow starting next week! They say the mineralisation they are hitting is outstanding and if we add 500 meters to the north and south we are looking at 1300 meters of strike length over 4 times what we have now and still only 5 to 7 percent land drilled enormous potential and management is telling us hold on this is gonna be incredible!

Sep 08, 2010 16:00 ET
Premium Exploration Increases Land Position After Identifying Multiple Geophysical Targets with Friday-Petsite Signature upon Completion of Airborne Survey

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - Premium Exploration Inc. (TSX VENTURE:PEM) (the "Company") is pleased to announce the completion of a 180 sq-km geophysical survey over the 28 Km Orogrande Shear Zone, "OSZ". Multiple targets with geophysical signatures similar to that of the Friday-Petsite NI 43-101 resource have been identified along the OSZ, resulting in the expansion of the Deadwood claim block with the addition of 134 claims, covering ~11 sq-km which covers the new targets.

"Defining the overall footprint of the Orogrande Shear Zone with the airborne geophysics is surprising in its implications. It confirms that the OSZ is a significant regional structure consisting of numerous targets. This confirmation coupled with the structural control of mineralization are all characteristics shared with the Carlin Trend of Nevada," said Michael Ostenson, VP Exploration.

"Applying experience from developing Carlin-Style deposits has been key to expanding the Friday-Petsite resource. Strategically placed drill-holes along the Friday-Fault have been crucial to the success of the project. If the Friday-Petsite project, a mere 4% of the 28 Km OSZ, is an example of the potential tenor of these new targets along the shear zone, then the implications are noteworthy and confirm that Premium is on track in achieving its goal of developing a new mining district in North America."  

10.09.10 19:49

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesnächste Woche dürfte

der Widerstand bei 57 Can. Cent gebrochen werden, falls wie erwartet gute Bohrergebnisse kommen und der Goldpreis nicht überraschend deutlich nachgibt.

Niemand weiß zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt wieviel Gold tatsächlich im Boden ist aber die Voraussetzungen sind gut, sehr gut.  

17.09.10 06:40

342 Postings, 6028 Tage verzögert sich offensichtlich

auf nächste Woche, angeblich wegen zusätzlicher step out Resultate.
Bleibt auf jeden Fall spannend.

aktuell noch ein Insiderkauf.

PEM   Premium Exploration Inc.   27,500.00;hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=de  

17.09.10 17:50

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesdundee heute

wieder auf der Käuferseite.

....gibt mir Zuversicht für nächste Woche.  

17.09.10 20:56

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesRick Ackerman, Rick's Picks (09/14/10)

Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks (09/14/10)
"We issued an informal 'buy' recommendation on the junior miner in the Rick's Picks chat room a couple of weeks ago. The Canadian-listed stock was trading for around $0.45/share at the time, but has since moved up as high as $0.57, where it closed yesterday. Based on technical analysis, we're projecting upside potential over the near term to $0.64 or, perhaps, $0.67 if any higher. These projections have a horizon of about two?three weeks, but there are longer-term forces at work that augur still higher prices.

Stock charts aside, we rate Premium's shares a high-potential speculative bet for the long-term. The company is well managed under CEO Del Steiner, and its Idaho site has yielded some very impressive core samples so far: 5.75 g/t over 76m, 3.65 g/t over 74m and more than 9 g/t over 25m. Moreover, the larger structure from which these samples were taken is mostly unexplored. The Central Idaho gold region has already produced more than four million ounces of gold from mostly placer projects, but Premium's site could conceivably double that figure over time. One reason investors are especially excited about the Orogrande fault zone is that it is geologically similar to Nevada's Carlin Trend, which has produced more gold than any other mining district in the U.S."  

19.09.10 09:56

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesInstitutionelle Zukäufe letzte Woche

Stock accumulation 13th - 17th
UBS - 144,500
Latimer - 130,550
Dundee - 97,500
MGI - 60,000  

20.09.10 12:49

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojones..falls hier PEM dabei ist

gemeint ist caseys next ten, dann würde das nochmals zusätzlichen Auftrieb geben.

Spätestens Anfang Oktober sind wir schlauer.  

20.09.10 12:51

39 Postings, 4395 Tage PowerdynamitLöschung

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Kommentar: Regelverstoß



20.09.10 12:52

39 Postings, 4395 Tage PowerdynamitLöschung

Zeitpunkt: 20.09.10 12:56
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Kommentar: Regelverstoß



20.09.10 21:22

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesTeilnahme angeblich von PEM bestätigt.

Pem has in fact been invited to attend the Casey's Gold & Resource Summit in Carlsbad on Oct. 1st - 3rd.  Armed with this weeks assays results.

And, in what should turn out to be one of the most profitable programs of the summit, we'll introduce you to Casey's NexTen ? the brilliant young resource pros with the talent and energy to become serial successful; their early track records already demonstrate that they are well on the way. At the summit you'll meet them in person, hear their latest projects, and just perhaps get in early on what should be an exciting, long and profitable series of corporate successes.  

24.09.10 06:19

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesEinschätzung von IA

...die Erwartungen waren wohl zu hoch, die letzten Ergebnisse waren trotzdem gut da
sie eine deutliche Ausweitung der resourcen belegen.

On September 20, 2010, Premium Exploration released the results of six additional holes
from the ongoing 10,000m Phase-Three drill program at Friday-Petsite.
The six holes all intersected long intercepts of ore-grade material as highlighted in the
table below.
Hole ID From (m) To (m) Length (m) Au (g/t)
PFR2010-7 192.9 367.9 175.0 0.6
PFR2010-8 161.9 324.3 162.4 0.7
PFR2010-10 152.7 324.0 171.3 0.8
PFR2010-11 122.2 230.1 107.9 0.8
PFR2010-12 70.0 190.5 120.5 0.7
PFR2010-13 65.8 288.0 222.2 0.7
Note: Hole PFR2010-9 was lost before entering the target zone
Source: Company Filings and Industrial Alliance Securities
These six drill holes, together with the six previously released phase-3 holes, have
increased the strike of the lower block from 100 to 300m, essentially doubling the downdip
extension of the current resource from 150 to 300m. The deposit remains open along
strike to the north and south and at depth (See Appendix 1).
Based on drilling completed to date, we have derived a conservative back-of-theenvelop
estimate of the resource zone of 28.5 to 33.5 Mt with an average grade of .94
to 1.14g/t for 0.85 to 1.2 Moz Au. Moreover, these results re-affirm our view of the
potential for the expansion of the Friday Zone and we reiterate our conservative blue-sky estimate of the open-pit mineable resource at 1.5 to 2.5Moz, which assumes that mineralization is continuous for 750m from PFR2010-10 to PFR2009-8. Mineralization
may actually extend over a considerably longer strike length as the Friday Fault has been
identified over 3,000m in mag geophysics.
Seven additional drill holes have been drilled along strike to the north and south, the
results of which should be released shortly. In addition, the remaining ~3,000m of the
10,000m phase-3 drill program is ongoing at Friday.
While a large amount of work is needed to determine the potential for the development of
a mine at Friday-Petsite, a considerable upside revaluation of the common shares of the
Company is expected over the next 12 to 18 months as the resource potential of the Friday
Zone is further confirmed and new targets are developed along PEM?s 28 mile Orogrande
Shear Zone land package, which we believe could host several additional multi-million
ounce gold deposits.  

28.09.10 06:11

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesDundee Resources ....

Dundee Resources has over $250MM in assets and just became Premium Exploration's largest shareholder

Colin Jones, B.Sc., MAusIMM, Executive VP of Dundee Resources discusses the recent investment.

Could you give us a brief background on your professional accomplishments and work history?

I have been a geologist for over 30 years and have been involved in exploration and mining of various minerals on all continents during that time.  My current role with Dundee Resources is to assess mineral projects in order to make the right investment decisions and to help manage the projects that we have a significant investment in. Prior to joining Dundee I was a Partner in an international consulting firm called RSG Global, based in Perth, Australia, during which time I acted as Independent Engineer for a number of banks providing debt finance for mine project construction. Prior to that I was Exploration Manager for Freeport in Indonesia where I was responsible for the management of a $50MM copper and gold exploration program.

What role did you play in the recent financing of PEM?

I was part of a small group within Dundee that made the decision to invest in PEM. I was also responsible for introducing the company to other prospective investors and assisted PEM in presenting to those investors.

What made you decide to become a director of the company?

I am representing Dundee, which holds a significant interest in PEM and is its biggest shareholder. As such, it was felt that Dundee should have board representation.  I also like to think that I can contribute to the work programs as the project advances and assist with future financings.

What does Dundee look for when financing a mining company?

We concentrate primarily on the quality of the asset so we look in detail at the technical parameters of the project and make sure that the work has been done such that the data are reliable. We also look at management and form an opinion as the effectiveness of management and the personnel on the ground.  Because of our technical expertise, we are able to form an opinion as to the potential size and scope of a project at an early stage when the relevant company has a low market capitalization that does not reflect the ultimate value of the assets. PEM is a good example of this.

What other companies have you financed?

Too many to mention here. We have a portfolio with an approximate value of $250MM in about 15 companies.

How long have you been following Premium?

Since just before the last financing in June.

What distinguishes Premium from other precious metals juniors in the region?

PEM has consolidated a very interesting area with potential for significant gold resources.  Because of this, the company was able to raise enough cash to carry out a comprehensive drilling program. Other juniors in the region do not have such good potential and are restricted to relatively small work programs. In addition, PEM management are very familiar with the area and are committed to the project.

Much cash does Premium have? Do you have sufficient funding for the foreseeable future or will you be going back to the market for more capital?

PEM?s cash position must be approximately $7.5MM, which is sufficient to complete the current drill program. The company will go back to the market for more capital at some point, but not in the short term.  The timing of another capital raising and the amount of funds raised will depend on the results of the current program.

What would you say is the biggest risk for investors in your stock?

Exploration is a risky business and there is no guarantee that economic gold deposits will ultimately be defined. Apart from the normal exploration risks, there do not appear to be any unusual risks associated with the project. With the price of gold set to keep increasing and the sorts of results that we anticipate, I expect PEM?s stock to continue to increase in value.

What else do your shareholders have to look forward to in the coming year? In 5 years?

In the coming year, shareholders will be able to look forward to continuing impressive drill results from a number of targets and an updated resource estimate for the Friday deposit. In 5 years we would hope to have defined a number of such deposits and have completed feasibility studies and project financing and be ready to start construction of a major new gold min
Stockhouse Editorial Staff  

03.10.10 10:47

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojoneserste "ergebnisse" von casey summit...

morgen gute Kaufgelegenheit in D

Ms. Christine Kopr told me. . . . . .

". . . . We are being very well received. . . we are here by invite only. . . . we were the first to present at the show and all 300 attendees were present and the feedback has been great. . . we have new shareholders. . . have been approached by couple of analysts and institutions who would like to begin developing relationships (with PEM). . . ." . . . Hope this helps. . . .  

07.03.11 11:25

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesPDAC ist angelaufen

neue Präsentation auf der Homepage.

Höchste Zeit noch einzusteigen.  

25.03.11 16:26

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojones...kräftiger Anstieg heute

gutes Volumen, in den nächsten Wochen kommen einige news.  

27.03.11 10:17

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesneues Interview

vp ostenson: fantastic

was steht in den nächsten Wochen an:

1. NI43-101 Update, erwartet werden über 1 Mio. Unzen +, inferred

2. Weitere Bohrergebnisse, insb. auch zu den Silber und Bleigehalten
   siehe Bohrloch PFR2010_22

3. Beginn der Drillphase 4

4. Weiteres Vorgehen zu den Montana Liegenschaften  

29.03.11 06:46

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojones1,22 Mio. Unzen

...und nur ein kleiner Teil des rießigen Gebietes ist bisher in diesen Berechnungen
berücksichtigt, zudem ist deadwood sehr vielversprechend.
weiterhin klarer Kauf.

Premium Exploration Inc. (TSX-V:PEM) is pleased to announce a revised NI 43 101 compliant resource estimate incorporating the results of the Company?s Phase-Three 10,000 meter drill program at the Friday-Petsite deposit located in the Friday Zone of the 30 km 100% owned Idaho Gold Project.

The Friday-Petsite resource resides within 1.4 km of strike along the 30 km Orogrande Shear Zone and is comprised of three zones for which geophysics has shown to be contiguous:


Main Zone hosts:                             343,000 Indicated oz
         (800 m of 1.4 km strike length)             780,000 Inferred oz

North & South Zones host:                 100,000 Inferred oz
Significant category upgrade of 343,000 oz to Indicated

60% increase of Inferred oz to 879,000

Deposit remains open along strike and at depth within and outside the resource zone

Premium anticipates the new resource will positively impact the Preliminary Assessment

The deposit is open for expansion in +25,000 meter Phase-Four drilling

Part of the Phase-Four drill program, the north, main, and south zones will be tied together in one homogenous zone.  

03.04.11 09:49

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesneue präsentation

dieses Gebiet hat unglaubliches Potenzial, bisher hat jedes Bohrloch Ergebnisse gebracht.
Aüsserst agressives drill Programm in diesem Jahr, schätzungsweise um die 200 Löcher
werden gebohrt.  

04.04.11 05:55

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesdas steht alles an..

1. Scoping study results
2. Chrome Mountain spin off
3. More assay results from drill hole number 22 (Lead, Silver, Antimony
4. Launch of phase 4 drilling and a drill plan
5. Ongoing reporting of phase 4 drilling
6. Phase 4 drilling set to define 3 gold deposits: Buffalo Gultch, Deadwood, Monday fault.
7. Phase 4 drilling set to extend the Friday deposit with step out drilling.

   Only 1.4 km in a 30 km trend has been addressed

So why invest in PEM. They now have a proven track record; they have a highly prospective property; they have multiple gold targets to be drilled; and they are currently undervalued based on the latest 43-101 resource estimate.  

05.04.11 19:48

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesSTRONG BUY von Fraser Mackenzie

05.04.2011 15:39
BRIEF-RESEARCH ALERT-Fraser Mackenzie starts Premium Exploration with strong buy

April 5 (Reuters) - Premium Exploration Inc:

* Fraser mackenzie starts Premium Exploration with strong buy rating  

09.04.11 07:28

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojonesund das auch vom SI Board

This could hardly be better news,PEM exceeded its 1 million oz target by 220,000 oz but it also beat my estimate of 40mt to 45.5 mt.The real news is the zones are all part of the same system that will also add in a major way to the tonnage with more drilling.We must keep in mind that the 300m and 900m stepouts were not part this current 43-101 updated resource.

It is mine and the companies thinking that those stepouts are indicating Friday and Monday North and South zones are connected.If so the tonnage will expand at least 5 times in my view.That could put the Friday deposit in the 200 to 250mt range and suggest a 5 million oz discovery at Friday.This is were I think we are going in the next round of drilling.

We must also think about the Exploration of Deadwood and Buffalo Gulch.Not only is the 25,000 phase 4 going to infill Friday but also wildcat in Deadwood and Buffalo at the same time.I expect that the company will increase the program to 50,000m if any hole in the Deadwood or Buffalo sections deliver the kind of results similar to Friday.

I think the current stock price does not reflect the 1.2 million ounce expanding Friday discovery that if valued at $100 per ounce would give a market cap of about $120 million or about $1.02 per share.Throw in another .50 cents for exploration upside and we get about $1.50 per share.

In all metrics the stock is a strong buy.Fronteer Gold was bought last month by Newmont for $2.5 billion or about $500 per oz.If Friday meets my target of 4 to 5 million oz.Then its clear PEM is grossly undervalued even at $5 per share.  

31.05.11 06:26

342 Postings, 6028 Tage dankojones..demnächst dürften weitere Bohrergebnisse kommen

..nicht mal 1% des Gebietes ist erbohrt.  

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