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30.04.14 18:13

1144 Postings, 5669 Tage TradingAsketSLM Solutions

Die zweite 3D-Drucker Aktie aus Deutschland geht am 09.05.14 an die  Börse.

Ist ja nicht gerade das beste Marktumfeld, besonders nicht für die gebeutelte 3D-Drucker-Branche. Der Aktionär hatte gestern einen Artikel darüber gebracht und empfiehlt erstmal abzuwarten. Die Bewertung wird wohl mit einem KUV 14e von 9 bei einem Umsatz 14e von 38,6 Mio. und einer Marktkapitalisierung von ca. 340 Mio. so ca. 20% unter dem Arcam Level liegen und ist damit schon recht sportlich. Nach oben scheint also derzeit nicht mehr so viel Luft zu sein.

Ich warte auch erstmal ab wie sich der Chart die nächsten Wochen entwickelt.  
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29.09.21 16:32

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestSells for 2nd semester

I heard from a contact at EOS that the sells are very active since 2nd quarter. This is very probably also the case for SLM.
I also heard that a major print shop in the US will get the NXG 600 this year or begining of next year.
This machine will be a good driver for sales as it is unique in terms of productivity and build volume.

SLM also sold a SLM280 machine to Cyent recently.

So the market is down but 2nd semester 2021 will be good :)

I also hope that the introduction on the US stock market will be done in the short term, that will help for sure.

I think that SLM communication is a not very good on the social networks, its always repeated things with not much interesting content, we want to see business, printed parts, machine runing and sells.

For exemple with the freefloat features, everything they show is Computer Generated Images, I mean, their audience are engineers, if they start to make bulsh*t like that they will not persuade anyone.. Show real case study and process details.

30.09.21 11:35

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestPrecision

The sells of NXG600 I was refering too is not the one already anounced by SLM, it's an other opportunity.  

30.09.21 14:05

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestExposure to ARK print ETF

SLM recent movements could be explained by investors disengaging form Innovation and Tech ETF due to the current market conditions.

As SLM is on the top % of Ark ETF and as it is a low market cap with low volume is can be very quickly affected by any variation of interest in ark ETF from investor.

So no correlation to company perspective, and good opportunity for newcomers

01.10.21 13:00

171 Postings, 2460 Tage SkodaTiempos en chino, más fáciles de leer

Lo que fácil viene, fácil se va  

02.10.21 13:15

1320 Postings, 1920 Tage M-o-DSLM Solutions und Burgmaier ....

"30. September 2021
SLM Solutions und Burgmaier stärken ihre Partnerschaft in der Werkzeug- und Hybridfertigung weiter "  

05.10.21 09:05

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestSLM 500 sold to AM solution

Sells keep going strong !
SLM Solution sold a SLM500 machine (2nd larger after NXG600) to AM solution (see twitter)  

05.10.21 10:13

433 Postings, 5369 Tage fel216and stock going into the opposite direction

Wonder why that is the case.. maybe down with Tech sector and/or Catie selling?

Volumes dont seem particularly high.

I hope the company delivers on solid order and revenue growth in Q3 and adds further comment on strong revenue growth expectations for 2022 given the new machine!

@JAN: Wonder if you are adding here?


05.10.21 16:56

433 Postings, 5369 Tage fel216CEO seems to agree and bought ? 50k at 17.6

According to the Directors Dealing news the CEO Sam O Leary has bought shares worth ? 50k at a price of 17.60? yesterday.

Business seems to be ok.


05.10.21 17:08
The Insider trades doesn't matter at all, but in this case, it confirms my strategy. One year ago, I startetd to invest in the 3D market, after a long research. In my opinion, SLM is undervalued!  

05.10.21 17:13

433 Postings, 5369 Tage fel216insider buying

I think insider trades ALWAYS matter. They are a clear signal towards the market and for stock sentiment. People need to put the money where their mouth is. In particular when shares are bought with "own money" and not granted as part of an options or LTIP plan.

O Leary will not be happy if 50k turn into 5k. Nobody is, no matter how much money he/she has.  

05.10.21 20:18

171 Postings, 106 Tage JanOliverInsider trades

Ceo buys stocks for just 50K. And former pre ipo owner sells part of its remaining shares recently. Both actions might signal no (!) surprises coming over the next weeks.  

08.10.21 09:11

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestMorgan Stanley buying

Morgan Stanley keeps increasing their voting rights (9%)
Could it be part of the process  or a result of the work toward NYSE introduction ?  

08.10.21 14:48

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestUS listing position

It seems that the open position for US listing has been filled, its no more on SLM website at least.
I hope we will have some news soon  

08.10.21 16:25

171 Postings, 106 Tage JanOliveraddinvest

Yes, possible US listing might trigger takeover attempt.  

08.10.21 19:31

171 Postings, 2460 Tage Skodaaddinvest

Ja, eine mögliche Notierung in den USA könnte einen Übernahmeversuch auslösen, muss aber nicht.
Wir sind hier schon relativ hoch bewertet. Wenn jemand Intresse an SLM hat, dann wartet er noch bis der Kurs tiefer liegt.  

11.10.21 09:13

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestSLM

SLM is already rated very low,
look at Velo3d market cap of 1.2 Billion with 20M revenue
SLM made 60M last year

11.10.21 11:08

5055 Postings, 3037 Tage dlg.US Listing

We do have a ?live example? today with Evotec announcing a US ADR listing, utilizing authorized capital. Seems like a non-event for the share price today which confirms my assumption that we should limit our expectations in case SLM announces an ADR listing as well.  

11.10.21 13:17

4 Postings, 296 Tage Moneyprinter goes .price action

My guess the current price is in the accumulation range, the general market uncertainity in the last weeks just drove prices down again.

European Stocks tend to be priced cheaper, and often react not in consensus of the market.
And yes the "german" way of businness is not based on marketing, so they lack fancy PR. Makes ist more difficult to valuate and you don't get that hype overshooting often. On the other hand you attract less weak hands, which always expect news according to the marketing.
You don't get sold the 3D-Hype Story here, so far is looks like you can invest in a quality product, competing in a sea of market attendants.
Nobody really knows how big oder niche this market potential is, and who will monetize it.

My engagement here is 1-2% of my budget. I don't own any shares of competitors.  

11.10.21 19:59

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvest3 nxg600 sold to divergent

3 NXG 600 sold to divergent
5-7 millions probably
This machine incredibly well  

20.10.21 16:02

433 Postings, 5369 Tage fel216Kurs

Kurs ist wie festgenagelt.. auch hier im Forum ist es ruhiger geworden.

Keine Reaktion auf die News mit den 3 Maschinen an divergent. Ich bin hier übrigens etwas kritisch. Divergent generiert bisher kaum Umsätze und kauft aber 6 von den 10-15 build slots der neuen SLM Maschine? Da hätte ich mir stabilere Kunden gewünscht.

Müssen wir wohl warten ob der Ark 3D print ETF mal wieder ein paar Zuflüsse erhält, damit der Kurs wieder anspringt...


20.10.21 16:07

433 Postings, 5369 Tage fel216ARK ETF

Interessant, SLM ist beim Ark ETF mittlerweile nur noch auf Platz 14 von zuletzt Top 3.. Aber noch mit 3.76% gewichtet und die Aktienanzahl hat sich im Vergleich zu vor ein paar Wochen kaum verändert..

Da die Aktie jetzt nicht mehr unter den Top 3 Holdings ist sollte man also eher nicht vermuten, dass ARK die Aktie kurzfristig nochmal nach oben treibt.


21.10.21 15:57

5055 Postings, 3037 Tage dlg.ARK

Seit der letzten Diskussion diesbezüglich von 940k auf 870k abgebaut:  

21.10.21 16:38

5055 Postings, 3037 Tage dlg.Sorry

Sorry, fel?sehe jetzt erst, dass Du schon bezüglich des ARK ETFs gepostet hattest. Erst lesen, dann schreiben hilft oftmals. Ich lege mich wieder hin.  

21.10.21 16:39

28 Postings, 316 Tage addinvestARK

The number of share changed but the representing fraction of the overall ETF did not change much, so its just people selling ARK, and not ARK selling SLM  

27.10.21 09:42

1320 Postings, 1920 Tage M-o-DMacLean Additive

October 26, 2021
"SLM Solutions Outfits MacLean Additive with SLM®280 3.0 Production Series Machine for Serial Production"  

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