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28.04.08 10:00

7765 Postings, 4987 Tage polo10Flotation demonstration

Arafura Resources Ltd
Level 4/16 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 ■ PO Box 3047, Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6832
■ T: (618) 9221 7666 ■ F: (618) 9221 7966 ■ E: ■ W:
ABN 22 080 933 455
28 April 2008
(ARU 100%)
? Nolans mineralisation is amenable to flotation treatment
? The process has a 46% mass rejection
? REO recoveries of better than 86%
? Final product grade of greater than 6% REO are clearly possible
? Initial results indicate process plant feed grades significantly higher than the PFS
? Final optimised results are due end of May 2008
Arafura Resources Limited is pleased to announce it has successfully demonstrated that test
work on a sample from the company?s Nolans rare earths deposit is treatable by flotation.
This process is complementary to the heavy media separation process.
The Nolans project located 135km from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory hosts 18.6
million tonnes of phosphate bearing rare earth resources with a proposed mine life of at least
20 years.
Previous results from heavy media work have produced a concentrated product from the
demonstration trials that has a rare earth grade of 5.8%. This product included a low grade
screened portion of the plant feed that does not get processed through heavy media
The Company has successfully tested a flotation technique to the low-grade screened
Froth flotation is a commonly used throughput the minerals processing industry. These
results have a significant positive impact as the technique can be applied to the fines fraction
of the mineralisation that is not suitable to heavy media separation.
The test work was undertaken on a sample of material less than 0.3mm which constitutes
less than 25% of the plant feed. A series of tests were conducted using ?oleic acid? as a
?collector?. The recovery of rare earths to concentrate exceeds 86% with a waste rejection of
46% by weight.
Arafura Resources Ltd
Level 4/16 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 ■ PO Box 3047, Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6832
■ T: (618) 9221 7666 ■ F: (618) 9221 7966 ■ E: ■ W:
The work demonstrates waste rejection that will result in a significantly higher grade final
product by using both flotation of fine materials and heavy media separation of coarse
In the pre-feasibility study, Arafura assumed an upgrade by heavy media separation from an
average resource grade of 3.1% REO to 4.2% REO. At greater than 6% REO these latest
results are strikingly better and will have a significant positive impact to the projects
commercial outcome.
Arafura?s Managing Director Alistair Stephens said,? These results further demonstrate that
we can successfully and easily upgrade the Nolans mineralisation. We can now plan on
producing a concentrated product that will have a grade of at least 6% rare earths or even
higher. These higher grades will allow us to lower downstream costs by lowering transport
operating costs and potentially capital costs of the processing plant.?
A full and final report that carefully assesses the optimum outcomes of heavy media
separation and flotation should be available in late May 2008.
?We are now well into the process of digesting our mineralisation through the acid leach
process at ANSTO. This process is progressing very successfully and the project is
delivering reliable and robust results?, Mr Stephens said.
Arafura Resources
Arafura Resources is a Perth-based specialty metals explorer and developing producer
which has operated in the Northern Territory for the past 20 years. It listed on the Australian
Stock Exchange in 2003 and has diversified its asset portfolio by targeting projects that will
deliver long-term and sustainable value and growth. These include:
? Gold Mt Porter deposit near Pine Creek ARU 100%
? Gold Kurinelli gold project ARU 100%
? Nickel A farm-in by Mithril Resources at Hammer Hill
? Vanadium Jervois magnetite-vanadium project ARU 100%
For more information:
Fact sheets on Arafura can be found on the Arafura Resources website at
Alistair Stephens on +61 8 9221 7666
Managing Director
2008 wird ein hartes Börsenjahr !

Keine Macht der Frick-RSR-TR-PSR-Connection !

07.05.08 11:08

11 Postings, 4533 Tage BertlBrownWas bedeutet das?

07.05.08 11:30

140 Postings, 4893 Tage guruguruHandelsblatt

Hallo Zusammen!
vom Handelsblatt zitiert:
"Alle Hersteller setzen auf Elektroautos
Fast alle grossen Hersteller wetteifern damit um die Entwicklung neuer Autos mit leistungsfähigen Lithium-Ionen-Akkus die im reinen Batteriebetrieb zu faren sind. Bereits 2009 bringt Mercedes eine S-Klasse mit einem Lithium-Ionen-Akku auf den Markt, das allerdings den Motor noch nicht ersetzen soll. Doch schon bald sollen auch reine Elektroautos über die Strassen rollen. GM will als Hersteller in zwei Jahren mit Chevrolet Volt ein reines Elektroauto auf den Markt bringen. BMW hatte angekündigt, noch im Laufe des Jahres über die Entwicklung zu entscheiden......

stay long.  

14.05.08 06:04

141 Postings, 4634 Tage CariopaDas sind doch mal wirklich gute NEWS

14.05.08 09:05

1280 Postings, 4558 Tage MikrokosmosDie Meldung ist der Hammer überhaupt

Fast 50 % mehr, als vorher berechnet wurde!
Es wird bestimmt ein paar Tage dauern, bis die Meldung rum ist.
REE wird immer teurer.
Die anderen Rohstoffe von Arafura auch.

Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Wochen.
Es sollen ja noch weitere News folgen... ;-)  

14.05.08 10:33

1280 Postings, 4558 Tage MikrokosmosJetzt rennt sie, +12% wurde ja auch Zeit

Die Aktie war auf 1,40 Euro.
Seither haben sich sämtliche Rahmenbedingungen zum äußerst Positiven entwickelt.
Jetzt fehlt nur noch die Bekanntgabe, wie das Projekt finanziert wird und wir werden nach meiner Meinung Kurse unter 2 Euro nicht mehr sehen. ich denke dieses Jahr noch.  

14.05.08 11:51

7685 Postings, 4654 Tage TykoÜber Pari derzeit in D

normal wären 67cent.

Aussies müßten nachlegen.

Gewinn ist die Summe aus positiven Investitionen abzüglich negativer Investitionen

18.05.08 18:00

237 Postings, 4178 Tage nullkommanixauch wenn es schon bekannt sein sollte

hier noch einmal ein paar news aus au:

Arafura expects $224m/pa from phosphate
14-May-08 by Rebecca Lawson
Latest News

Dollar firms on resource rumours - 16 May, 15:09pm
SeNevens pulls nappies from shelves - 16 May, 15:02pm
Reynolds to be challenged as union boss - 16 May, 14:33pm
Nat: Transfield shares plunge - 16 May, 14:30pm
Perth-based Arafura Resources Ltd is the latest in a string of companies announcing positive phosphate news - with $224 million a year in projected revenue - as rising global demand for agricultural inputs excites investor interest.

Increasing demand for crops and knock-on effect for the supply of fertiliser inputs has brought phosphate and its sister mineral potassium sulfate (potash) to the spotlight.

With a rising world population, limited land for agriculture and the emergence of biofuels, the importance and price of both commodities has skyrocketed over the past six months.

Phosphate prices have risen from $US42 per tonne to recent high of $400/t, and bullish analysts believe the price could go higher as phosphate demand is forecast to grow at 2.1 per cent each year up to 2020, outstripping supply that is projected to grow at 2 per cent.

Arafura announced today it had received better than expected preliminary results from a test work in the recovery of phosphoric acid from its Nolans project in the Northern Territory.

The results demonstrated that the type of phosphoric acid produced was of a type that qualified it as a premium quality fertiliser product, which retails for over $US1800 ($A1918) per tonne.

"These results are extremely good news," Arafura managing director Alistair Stephens said.

"Based on the recovery assumptions in the (prefeasibility study), the project will generate revenues of $575 million per year using current commodity prices."

The company said the $575m figure is derived from revenues from each commodity present in the project including phosphoric acid, rare earths and uranium. Revenue from phosphoric acid alone is said to amount to $US210m each year. .

Mr Stephens also added there was growing interest from the agriculture sector in the project's product.

"Nolan's phosphoric acid could halve Australia's need to import [phosphoric acid], and a local source will provide benefits to Australia's farmers," he added.

"In addition demand for phosphoric acid from the biofuel sector is very strong. This coupled with a retraction in exports of Chinese fertiliser which also attracts an export tariff of 135 per cent positions Arafura to capitalise on emerging market opportunities."

Earlier this week South Perth-based Korab Resources Ltd announced it had been approached by Micronised Mineral Solutions to develop a phosphate deposit at its Batchelor project.

Meanwhile mining giant BHP Billiton this week entered into an agreement to acquire Canadian company Anglo Potash Ltd for $C8.15 cash per share, representing a total equity value of $C284 million.

Anglo Potash's only asset is its 25 per cent interest in the Canadian potash joint venture development project, where BHP already has a 75 per cent interest.
>>>  das leben ist zu kurz um zu zögern  <<<

18.05.08 18:28

237 Postings, 4178 Tage nullkommanixein aru-wettbewerber in der mongolei

vielleicht auch interessant.

Rare Earth Elements discovered at Khotgor may indicate large iron ore deposits

Friday, 16 May 2008
ImageQGX Ltd. (TSX:QGX) announced Thursday that three drill holes used for exploration at its Khotgor site returned significant concentrations of rare earth elements, which is an indicator of significant iron ore deposits.  

The abundance of the rare earth elements leads scientists to believe a large deposit of iron ore lays below. Specifically, company officials believe two iron ore deposits may be as large as 600 m and 1500 m in length.
Global demand for rare earths is expected to grow in a number of high-tech applications, especially in permanent magnets, consumer electronics, and automotive catalytic converters. In particular, demand growth will be seen in the automotive industry as more electric components replace hydraulic systems and NiMH rechargeable batteries are used in hybrid vehicles.  
>>>  das leben ist zu kurz um zu zögern  <<<

20.05.08 06:16

141 Postings, 4634 Tage CariopaBeeindruckende Präsentation für die Japaner

20.05.08 06:40

141 Postings, 4634 Tage CariopaHammer Hill Drilling Intercepts Sulphide Mineralis

20.05.08 06:46

141 Postings, 4634 Tage CariopaUnd ein weiterer Link

Gibts gute Nachrichten, gibts auch gleich Bares in die Kasse!  

20.05.08 08:32

384 Postings, 6165 Tage holla9warum fällt der Kurs??

20.05.08 08:39

4723 Postings, 4751 Tage oligatornormale Gewinnmitnahmen..

.. nach so einem schnellen Kursanstieg!  

20.05.08 09:01

7765 Postings, 4987 Tage polo10Wow, schaut euch mal die Preise der PFS an !

Teilweise 25 % unter den aktuellen Rohstoffpreises, sehr konservativ, das lob´ich mir, keine Pusherbude!

Das wird was Leute! Einsammeln und nichts aus der Hand geben!


20.05.08 09:12

484 Postings, 4911 Tage chivalricKorrektur

ist doch ganz normal, dass jetzt erstmal Gewinnmitnahmen auf der Tagesordnung stehen. Dann kommt noch die Nogger-Herde mit ihren Short-Attacken. Ende der Woche sollten wir aber wieder da stehen, wo wir gestern waren. Nur keine Panik, alles ist in Butter; wenn ich mir dann noch die aktuelle Präsentation anschauen, bin ich mehr als nur überzeugt von meinem Investment.  

20.05.08 09:14

15622 Postings, 6704 Tage Calibra21Hallo Leute, bitte nutzt doch

den Thread von "Knappschaftsk." für "normale" Diskussionen. Das hier soll doch der Infothread sein.
Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut

20.05.08 16:09

237 Postings, 4178 Tage nullkommanixLöschung

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21.05.08 13:59

141 Postings, 4634 Tage CariopaNews von der Japantour

Das ARU-Management macht mittlerweile eine gute Pressearbeit.  

21.05.08 15:14

1280 Postings, 4558 Tage MikrokosmosChina erhöht Zoll auf Phosphor von 20% auf 120%

Guten Morgen liebe Deutschländer,

die Anleger in Aussieland werden diese Meldung sicherlich honorieren ;-)
Wieviel von dem Lebenserhaltenden Rohstoff hat Arafura nochmal nachgewiesen?  

21.05.08 15:17

359 Postings, 4620 Tage northface84Tolle Meldung für Aru...

... schlechte für "uns Verbraucher"... es wird mal wieder vieles teurer ;)  

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