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18.01.21 16:49

75 Postings, 874 Tage jakobjrGemischtwarenladen mit -50% minus zum ATH

Das Businessmodell von Rakuten ist einfach zu verstehen: ?Die machen Alles?

Quelle:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Z3ydI3Veg

Der Beitrag zeigt mal eine differenzierte Betrachtung auf die Aktie. Nicht immer nur die selben sich wiederholenden Lobpreisungen in diesem Thread.  

20.01.21 12:49

3 Postings, 59 Tage hotaruu1337Zum Gemischtwarenladen

Sehe ich ähnlich. Allerdings gibt es hier eine Segmente wie den Fintechbereich, die alleine schon an das aktuelle MCap rankommen dürften, wenn man sie per Spin-Off an die Börse bringt. Das scheint aber nicht der Weg von Rakuten zu sein. Entwickelt sich mehr und mehr zu einer Holding, die entsprechend mit einem Diversifikationsabschlag gehandelt wird. Ich werde hier die nächsten Monate aber mal eine 5% Position in meinem Long-Depot aufbauen. Insbesondere der Schritt in die Mobile Sparte wird sich langfristig auszahlen, da jeder Japaner Rakuten kennt und schätzt. Das kann ich mit sicher sagen, da ich in einem japanischen Großkonzern arbeite. Spannende Aktie mit noch spannenderen Geschäftsfeldern.  

25.01.21 13:15

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaRakuten ist ein bedeutender Eigner von Glovo

Spain?s Glovo inks real estate tie-up to add more dark stores for speedy urban delivery

Natasha Lomas@riptari / 11:30 AM GMT+1?January 19, 2021

Spain?s Glovo, an on-demand delivery app, has announced a strategic partnership with Swiss-based real estate firm, Stoneweg.

The deal will see the latter invest ?100 million in building and refurbishing ?prime city real estate? in some of Glovo?s key markets as the delivery app works to build out its network of dark stores and sign up more retail partners for its urban delivery service, it said today.

The initial focus for the partnership will be on growing its dark stores network in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, with additional countries slated as under review in Europe.

Glovo currently operates 18 dark stores globally ? in cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan ? but said it?s now looking to open similar stores in Valencia, Rome, Porto and Bucharest, among others.

It wants to have 100 dark stores up and running by the end of 2021, it added.
Last September the startup announced the sale of its LatAm ops to food-delivery focused rival Delivery Hero for $272 million ? leaving it more fully focused on Southern and Eastern Europe.

As well as supermarkets such as Carrefour, Continente, and Kaufland, Glovo?s list of retail partners includes the likes of Unilever, Nestle and L?Oréal, and IKEA ? so it?s by no means focused purely on groceries.

It has said it wants Q-Commerce to power delivery of a wide range of products ? from toys, music, books, flowers and beauty products to pharmacy items and groceries. And even, in some markets, a curated selected of IKEA wares ? i.e. stuff that?s small enough to fit in couriers? backpacks.



25.01.21 13:20

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaStrong Growth

Rakuten Group's number of member IDs 2014-2020

Published by C. Diep, Aug 26, 2020

In the second quarter of 2020, the number of Rakuten member IDs amounted to almost 116 million. The most recent figure constitutes an increase of about 8.3 percent compared to second quarter of the previous year. The Japanese e-commerce company is headquartered in Tokyo, where it was founded in 1997.


25.01.21 13:39

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaStrong Shopping Growth

Rakuten Card Shopping GTV JPY2.9tn
+20.7% YoY

Shopping EC GMS in the third quarter was +29.3% YoY


25.01.21 15:20

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaRakuten ist einer der Eigner von Currenycloud

Under the hood of London payments platform Currencycloud

Written byRuby Hinchliffe
21st January 2021

Employees of London-grown fintech start-up Currencycloud once enjoyed the perks of its headquarters sitting right next to Old Spitalfields Market. But post-pandemic the firm is favouring long-term flexible working over a five-day week.

Since its inception in 2012, Currencycloud has raised some $160.2 million in funding from heavyweight backers such as BNP Paribas, Visa, and SBI Group. It?s now investing some £1.5 million of these reserves into staff home working equipment.

The scale-up helps banks, fintechs and foreign exchange (FX) brokers move money across borders. In December, it said it was fast approaching 500 customers. Familiar names include Starling Bank, Revolut, Penta and Visa. The fintech also claims to have doubled payment volumes since the UK?s March lockdown.

FinTech Futures spoke with the firm?s chief technology officer Stuart Bailey, and its product director Piers Marais, to dig deeper into the company?s tech, structure, product development and bank relationships.

Bailey joined Currencycloud from ?a large legacy financial firm?. There, Bailey conducted a digital transformation, helping to bring all the company?s tech back in-house.

?It?s chalk and cheese working somewhere like that compared to a fintech,? he says. ?Even if they preach agile software development, [?] there?s a lot more bureaucracy.?

Part-in-house, part-outsourced

Currencycloud develops the software and application programme interfaces (APIs) which support firms sending and receiving money. ?You shouldn?t outsource your core competencies,? says Bailey, pointing to the start-up?s part-in-house, part-outsourced set-up.

To deal with the doubling of its payment volumes in 2020, Bailey says the fintech has been doing ?a lot of work in the background?. He and his team take inspiration from Alipay, the mobile wallet created by Chinese Big Tech Ant Group.

Ant updates its technology every 18 months, due to the sheer amount of money going through its platform. ?By the time they update it, it?s out of date. It?s a never-ending process,? says Bailey.


25.01.21 18:07

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaDa kann man nur hoffen, dass Rakuten nicht

schon zu viele seiner 5,3%, die sie vor dem IPO von Upstart hatten, verscheuert haben:


Denn schon beim zu frühen Ausstieg bei Pinterest könnten sie nach meinen Berechnungen eine Milliarde Dollar versemmelt haben.  

25.01.21 19:32

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaAdvertising Business of Rakuten

Rakuten Ad Revenue from 2016 ? 2019: CAGR = +18%
(CAGR stands for the Compound Annual Growth Rate)


25.01.21 21:46

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaNo problem for Rakuten Mobile with one year free

by a contract about two years

Japanese telecommunications plans a spring rate war for mobile services

danielkuhn 9 hours ago

Given that the new service won?t launch until March, it?s too early to say how consumers will react before the spring shopping season begins. According to KDDI, DoCoMo and Softbank will ?offer a plan of 2,480 yen to separate the phone from other services,? a person in the telecommunications industry said.

The next focus is outlier Rakuten, the operator of Japan?s top e-commerce platform. It?s unclear how to deal with larger rivals that are violating the JPY 2,980 rate with a small amount of data. But given the aggressive new pricing of competition and wider coverage, it can weaken that position.

The new plans announced by the three majors have been published on their website. This will encourage users of smaller data usage services to seek lower rates.

Japanese telecommunications plans a spring rate war for mobile services


26.01.21 08:08

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaWhy Advertise on Rakuten Reward?

Rakuten?s mission is to help brands of all sizes by connecting you to our 14M ready to shop members, optimize your marketing plans and accelerate growth with Cash Back rewards.

With over 2500 merchants in 10 different categories, we offer a variety of solutions to help businesses address their needs, a brand safe environment with premium offers.


Innovative Media Solutions to reward shoppers every time they shop

App targeting solutions in the app that utilizes a combination of AI technology and behavioral insights to incentivize shoppers.

Targeting Email Opportunities ? target users in their purchase journey and create a line of communication.

In-Store Card Linked Offers ? reward customers offline and in-store and increase reach to publishers and sales opportunities.

Button Browser Extension ? attract existing loyal customers from the Rakuten Rewards member base and adopt new ones with a simple click to apply Cash Back incentives.

Digital Strategy Experts ? access to a team of media experts to craft a custom digital strategy specific to your specific business goals.

We believe in creating true win-win opportunities that foster awareness, engagement and purchases for our members and merchants while delivering rewarding cash back experiences.


26.01.21 09:16

200 Postings, 6464 Tage ductatorschöne Performance...

Glückwunsch, wer hier dabei ist. Muss man auch erstmal hinbekommen sich einen Wert rauszupicken der nur nach Süden läuft.  

26.01.21 09:25

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaThe operative Cash Flow from operation

of the non financial business in the first nine month was with negative 29.2 billion JPY (through the start-up time of mobile) lower than a lot of publisher reporting and is no problem for Rakuten (about $360 million a year).

20Q3PPT_E.pdf (page 11)  

26.01.21 10:06

1411 Postings, 2739 Tage ZupettaChart

jetzt stehen wir kurz vor einer fetten Unterstützung, denke der Wert sollte sein Tief gefunden haben  

26.01.21 14:43

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaNet-income of Rakuten Securities increased 37.6%

January 26, 2021
Rakuten Securities, Inc., a Consolidated Subsidiary

The net-income of Rakuten Securities increased 37.6% in 2020 against 2019.


26.01.21 16:13

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage Libudazu 6189: 85 Millionen Gewinn statt 60 Millionen

des Rakuten-Brokers sind zwar kein weltbewegendes Ereignis, aber viele Peanuts ergeben schließlich eine Erdnussfarm.  

26.01.21 16:33

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaNamed #1 affiliate network for 10th straight year

Rakuten Advertising named #1 affiliate network for 10th straight year

4 hours ago

?The advertisers and publishers that responded to the Blue Book survey recognized that Rakuten Advertising had helped them to adapt and thrive in a changed environment. The result shows that more than ever, the choice of network partner is a critical one, and that Rakuten Advertising is a deserved #1 pick in 2021,? said Chris Trayhorn, founder and CEO of mThink.

After a decade on top, and with no signs of slowing down, Rakuten Advertising is optimistic that it can continue to lead the industry and empower partners around the globe far into the future.


26.01.21 17:32

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaRakuten is one of the important owners of

AST & Science

ST & Science and our global partners are building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones. Called SpaceMobile, this ultra-powerful network is being designed to provide connectivity at 4G/5G speeds everywhere on the planet ? on land, at sea and in flight.

For the first time ever, mobile subscribers will be able to automatically roam from land networks to a space network. Whether in the most remote location, on rural farmland or in the midst of a crisis or natural disaster, people will remain connected no matter what ? without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware.


26.01.21 20:18

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage Libudazu 6192

AST & Science to Become Public Company Through Combination with New Providence Acquisition Corp.

MIDLAND,TX - December 16, 2020

Pursuant to the transaction, New Providence, which currently holds approximately $232 million in cash in trust, will combine with AST SpaceMobile at an estimated $1.4 billion pro forma enterprise value, or 1.4 times calendar year 2024?s estimated EBITDA of approximately $1 billion. The company will have no debt on the balance sheet at closing. Assuming no redemptions by New Providence?s existing public stockholders, AST SpaceMobile?s existing shareholders will hold approximately 71 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock immediately following the closing of the business combination.

The combined company expects to receive up to $462 million in gross proceeds, assuming no redemptions of New Providence?s existing public stockholders, including the private placement backed by strategic partners, existing investors and a broad base of financial institutions. All AST SpaceMobile shareholders are retaining 100% of their equity in the combined company. The cash proceeds are expected to be used to fund phase one of the commercial launch of AST SpaceMobile?s space assets.

The transaction has been unanimously approved by the New Providence Board of Directors, as well as the Board of Directors of AST SpaceMobile, and is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including the approval of the shareholders of New Providence.

Additional information about the proposed business combination, including a copy of the equity purchase agreement and investor presentation, will be provided in a Current Report on Form 8-K to be filed by New Providence today with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at www.sec.gov. The investor presentation can also be found at www.npa-corp.com.


26.01.21 21:48

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage Libuda2,5 Milliarden US-Dollar Cash sind ein gutes

Polster des Non Financial Business-Bereich, um auch die restlichen Investitionen im Mobile-Bereich über die Bühne zu bringen.  Und danach dürfte der operative Cash Flow wieder positiv sein und die Cash-Position stärken.

127.7 billion JPY plus 120 billion JPY = more than a quarter trillion cash of Rakuten Inc (not the complete Rakuten Group with Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Card, Rakuten Securities and Rakuten Insurance?s)

Balance of Rakuten Inc (not the complete Rakuten Group with Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Card, Rakuten Securities and Rakuten Insurance?s) had Cash and cash equivaltent as of Sept 30, 2020 of 127.7 billion JPY.

20Q3PPT_E.pdf (page 11)

Hybrid Bond Issuance
Issued subordinated bonds in November 2020
50% of the total issuance amount is certified as capital by R&I, JCR, S&P

JPY 120bn

20Q3videoPPT_E.pdf (page 166)


27.01.21 10:23

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaAcquisition hasn't slowed despite price war

Industry newcomer says customer acquisition hasn't slowed despite price war

Japan's Rakuten hits 2m subscribers for mobile service

MASAAKI KUDO, Nikkei staff writerDecember 31, 2020 03:26 JST

TOKYO -- Japanese e-retailer Rakuten on Wednesday announced that it has received more than 2 million total applications for its mobile service since its full-scale commercial launch in April.
The company is a relative newcomer in Japan's mobile industry, long dominated by NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank. It reached 1 million subscribers in late June.

Competition has since been increasing as more-established players cut rates under pressure from Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga for cheaper service. Still, Rakuten's mobile unit said its customer acquisition has not slackened.


27.01.21 11:35

75 Postings, 874 Tage jakobjrKundenzuwachs bei Mobile drastisch eingebrochen

Wie aus vorstehendem Posting zu entnehmen, hat Rakuten mobile von April bis Juni 2020 (3 Monate) 1 Million Kunden gewonnen. Von Juli bis Dezember (6 Monate) aber auch nur noch 1 Million hinzugewonnen. Das heißt die Zuwachsgeschwindigkeit hat sich halbiert. Wenn diese Abnahme des Zuwachs so weitergeht (wir reden hier von einer exponentiellen Abnahme), werden Ende 2021 nur 3 Millionen Kunden zu erzielen sein und Ende 2023 nur 4 Millionen.
Wenn das so kommt, ist Rakuten mit seiner Mobilsparte gnadenlos gescheitert.  

27.01.21 11:50

75 Postings, 874 Tage jakobjrKundenzuwachs in Mobilsparte drastisch eigebrochen

Wie vorstehendem Posting zu entnehmen sind von April bis Juni 2020 (3 Monate) 1 Million Kunden gewonnen worden. Von Juli bis Dezember 2020 (6 Monate) aber nur ebenfalls 1 Million.
Geht dieser dramatische Einbuch (wir reden hier von einer exponentiellen Abnahme) bei den Kundenzuwächsen so weiter, hätte Rakuten Mobile Ende 2021 nur 3 Millionen Kunden und Ende 2023 nur 4 Millionen. 5 Millionen wären dann erst Ende 2027 erreicht.
M. E.  wäre ein grandioses Scheitern des Mobilfunkprojektes von Rakuten.  

27.01.21 11:53

75 Postings, 874 Tage jakobjrKundenzuwachs in Mobilsparte drastisch eigebrochen

Wie vorstehendem Posting zu entnehmen sind von April bis Juni 2020 (3 Monate) 1 Million Kunden gewonnen worden. Von Juli bis Dezember 2020 (6 Monate) aber nur ebenfalls 1 Million.
Geht dieser dramatische Einbuch (wir reden hier von einer exponentiellen Abnahme) bei den Kundenzuwächsen so weiter, hätte Rakuten Mobile Ende 2021 nur 3 Millionen Kunden und Ende 2023 nur 4 Millionen. 5 Millionen wären dann erst Ende 2027 erreicht.
M. E.  wäre ein grandioses Scheitern des Mobilfunkprojektes von Rakuten.  

27.01.21 12:31

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaIn seinem Umfang nicht immer deutlich erkennbar

Ad & Marketing Companies of Rakuten
Provides online media and marketing solutions, in addition to market research services.


27.01.21 12:45

54133 Postings, 5911 Tage LibudaErgänzung zu 6195

Aus den Daten in 6195 und der nachstehenden Info kann man erkennen, dass in den Monaten November und Dezember 2020 im Durchschnitt pro Monat 200.000 Mobile-User dazugewonnen wurden. Rechnet man das auf das Jahr 2021 hoch, käme man am Ende von 2021 auf 4,4 Millionen. Da sich aber der Kundenzugewinn nach dem Auslaufen des ersten Freijahres für die ersten drei Millionen User verlangsamen dürfte, gehe ich für das Ende von 2021 von 3,5 bis 4 Millonen User aus. Allerdings könnte die immer größere werdende Netzabdeckung hier auch für positive Überraschungen sorgen.

Rakuten Mobile grows to 1.6 mln subscribers, revenues up 48%

Thursday 12 November 2020 | 14:45 CET | News

Rakuten Mobile said it's grown to over 1.6 million customer applications as of November, up from 1 million in June. This follows the launch of its 5G network and new service plans in September. The company said it's accelerating the network roll-out with the aim of reaching 96 percent 4G population covering by summer 2021.


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