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14.01.21 11:10

75 Postings, 876 Tage jakobjrWe are sorry, Rakuten is not available...

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54140 Postings, 5913 Tage Libudazu 6151

Jeder meint eben das, wie er es versteht.  

14.01.21 11:48

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage Libudanoch zu 6151: Man aus den Fakten

zu Rakuten Reward auch eine andere Meinung ableiten:

Rakuten is a leading e-commerce company that enhances the way people shop by offering Cash Back, deals and rewards from more than 3,500 merchants. Founded in 1999, Rakuten has grown to become the go-to shopping destination for consumers, having paid out more than $1.5 billion in Cash Back to its 13 million members. The company also operates ShopStyle, a leading fashion discovery destination, and Cartera Commerce, a top rewards platform for airlines and banks.


14.01.21 15:46

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten ist Mehrheitseigner bei Altiostar

Market Growing at a CAGR 37.7% | Key Player Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson, Altiostar, ZTE
Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 12:35 p.m. ET

Jan 11, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- The Cloud-Radio Access Network (C-RAN) Market size is projected to grow from USD 2.9 billion in 2020 to USD 14.4 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37.7% during the forecast period. C-RAN facilitates mobile communication by helping mobile operators deliver high-quality mobile communication services while maintaining steady growth and profitability. The deployment of C-RAN architectures is witnessed lately, owing to the increasing number of network subscribers and surging data transmission rates.

By component, the service segment to have a higher market share during the forecast period

14.01.21 19:28

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaDie Schreiber sind auf der Seite der "Großen Drei"

denn die vergeben logischerweise mehr Anzeigen:

Like other writers the writer of the following story ignore that the first year by Rakuten Mobile is free

"Rakuten Mobile, which has joined the market as a fourth carrier, will also be put in a difficult position. To attract users from the three big carriers, Rakuten has been offering a ¥2,980 unlimited data plan, but its advantage will be reduced because of their new plans."



14.01.21 19:37

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage Libudazu #6155: Allerdings darf man die Vertriebsstärke

des Rakuten Eco-Systems auch nicht unterschätzen - denn da ist kein kleiner David auf der Gegenseite, sondern der größte weltweit tätige japanische Internetkonzern, dessen große Ertragsstärke vor allem im Fintech-Bereich allerhand erlaubt. Rakuten hat beispielsweise alle Mobile-Investitionen, die sich bisher auf sechs Milliarden US-Dollar oder mehr belaufen, ohne Kapitalerhöhung und größere Desinvestitionen in anderen Bereichen gestemmt, und zwar aus dem Cash Flow und Fremdmitteln.  

14.01.21 21:20

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten's ownership by Upstart was 5,3% before the

Oriental Bank Selects Upstart?s Credit Decision API

Thu, January 14, 2021, 12:00 PM

Faster, AI-driven Credit Decisions to Improve Auto Lending Experience

Upstart (NASDAQ: UPST), a leading artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform, today announced that Oriental Bank, a subsidiary of OFG Bancorp and one of the largest banks in Puerto Rico, has selected Upstart?s Credit Decision API (application programming interface) to deliver faster credit decisions and more accurately price auto loans for applicants on its online banking site.


15.01.21 10:49

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaDas Super-Agreement

Digital Transformation of Logistics with Rakuten and Japan Post - YouTube


Rakuten has formed a strategic alliance with Japan Post, which aims to realize a digital transformation of the area of logistics. In this report from the press conference announcement, we share how the alliance plans to make maximum use of the strengths of both companies, specifically Japan Post's nationwide logistics network and Rakuten's rich data resources and operational knowhow in online shopping, to achieve its goals. In addition, we reveal future possibilities for the alliance, including collaboration in the fields of mobile and fintech.


15.01.21 13:16

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaLöschung

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Kommentar: Spam



15.01.21 14:06

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaFür enorm bedeutsam aus 6158 halte ich neben

den Logistik-Ausführungen die folgende dort gemachte Aussage:

"In addition, we reveal future possibilities for the alliance, including collaboration in the fields of mobile and fintech."  

16.01.21 09:58

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaDigital transformation of Japanese supermarkets

Rakuten and Seiyu are leading the digital transformation of Japanese supermarkets

12 hours ago

Japan?s supermarkets are undergoing a digital transformation.
In November 2020, Rakuten, global investment firm KKR and Walmart announced the signing of definitive agreements under which KKR will purchase a majority stake and a new Rakuten subsidiary will purchase a minority stake in prominent Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu. Under the terms of the agreements, KKR will acquire a 65% stake in Seiyu, and Rakuten will acquire a 20% stake, through a newly created subsidiary focused on retailer digital transformation. Walmart will retain a 15% stake in Seiyu.

Rakuten and Walmart were already collaborating on the successful Rakuten Seiyu Netsuper online grocery shopping venture, as well as other projects outside of Japan. This new ownership structure enables Seiyu to take advantage of KKR, Rakuten and Walmart?s combined retail expertise and innovation as a standalone company and accelerate its digital transformation to further benefit both Seiyu?s customers and business partners.



16.01.21 11:37

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten is a Driving Player

Driving Players associated with the Movies And TV Shows OTT Market incorporates:

Tencent Holding
Disney plus
Amazon Prime Video
Apple Inc
Rakuten Inc.


16.01.21 13:43

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaThe importance of playing the long game

At Rakuten, we start a lot of new projects and set bold goals with our timelines. Yet it?s patience that often yields the most robust results. We see this clearly now in our content business. Rakuten TV is now available in 43 countries and regions across Europe, reaching 90 million households. Combined, our video streaming service Rakuten Viki, global e-reading service Rakuten Kobo and messaging and calling app Rakuten Viber were profitable for the first time in the last quarter of 2019. Since the pandemic, these three overseas digital content services have seen strong continuous growth with revenue increasing +23.1% YoY in the most recent quarter of 2020.

These brands are in direct competition with some of the most fearsome rivals around. They?re Davids facing the tech world?s biggest Goliaths. But from the start we vowed to treat them with the patience that they deserve and we are now seeing them make their moves. Rakuten Kobo has grown into a leader in the global e-book space. Rakuten Viki is seeing strong subscription growth. Rakuten Viber has expanded its user base, improved its offering and is growing its ads business.

These are businesses we might have lost patience with if we were overly consumed with short-term performance; five years is a long time in the business world. But we remained committed to their evolution and confident in our vision of creating the world?s most robust customer ecosystem. Beyond the success of these individual brands, the collective success of the content business will serve us well in our new efforts: As we continue to grow our mobile network offering in Japan through Rakuten Mobile and offer our technical expertise to telecommunications companies around the world through Rakuten Communications Platform, we will be able to tap the synergy between content and network services. Call it a patience dividend.


16.01.21 16:54

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten ist einer Eigner von BlueVine

Congress signed the new Coronavirus stimulus bill into law on December 27, 2020. We?re still awaiting additional guidance from the SBA on rules for the program.

Unlike traditional banks, we?re proud to serve even the smallest of businesses, and our median PPP loan size is just $19,862. Financial technology institutions were truly there for America?s small businesses in 2020. A recent industry study shows fintechs reached many underserved minority-owned businesses, and BlueVine administered close to one-third of our PPP loans to those in the most disadvantaged communities.

Small businesses are the reason we?re here. Since 2013, BlueVine has provided over 200,000 small business owners with access to financing and banking services. When COVID-19 hit, we took action to provide fast SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans, funding $4.5+ billion to 155,000 small businesses, saving 450,000 jobs.

New Coronavirus stimulus package commits $284.5B to small businesses
The pandemic continues to impact small businesses, and we applaud Congress for providing much-needed relief by reopening the PPP at $284.5B, allowing for initial and second draws, and simplified loan forgiveness for loans under $150K.

We?re eager to do what we can to help the small businesses we love and will continue to keep our website updated with PPP news and BlueVine application availability. You can also sign up for regular updates from our team, including when you can apply.


16.01.21 17:05

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage Libudazu #6164

BlueVine has also had recent success in providing more than 155,000 small business owners with $4.5 billion in Coronavirus pandemic financial relief loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

About BlueVine
BlueVine provides small- and medium-sized businesses with fast and simple access to financial services built with them in mind. BlueVine?s advanced online platform is intuitive and offers a convenient solution for business? banking and working capital needs. BlueVine offers a suite of products designed to meet the diverse financial needs of today?s business owners including BlueVine Business Checking, Line of Credit, Term Loan, and Invoice Factoring. Based in Redwood City, California, BlueVine has provided small and medium-sized businesses with access to more than $6.5 billion in financing and is backed by leading private and institutional investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, 83North, Citi Ventures, SVB Capital, Rakuten, Nationwide Insurance, and M12 (Microsoft?s Venture Arm).


16.01.21 17:55

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaDa Viber Deine Daten nicht lesen kann,

kann es sie auch nicht speichern - aber unberechtigte Vorurteile sind manchmal langlebig.

"Ähnlich wie WhatsApp funktioniert auch die kostenlose App Viber, die ebenfalls über einen deutschen Internet-Auftritt verfügt. Android- und iOS-Nutzer können miteinander chatten, sich Bilder und Standorte schicken und über die Frontkamera per Video-Feed unterhalten. Auch eine Desktop-Anwendung steht zum Download bereit. Nach eigenen Angaben hat Viber weltweit mehr als eine Milliarde Nutzer, die auch Gruppen-Chats mit bis zu 250 Teilnehmern starten können. Auch das Löschen irrtümlich versandter Nachrichten ist möglich. Mit einer ?Hidden-Chats?-Funktion können außerdem Nachrichten von bestimmten Chats ausgeblendet werden.

Seinen Ursprung hat Viber in Israel, 2014 wurde der Instant Messenger jedoch vom japanischen Unternehmen Rakuten übernommen. Die grundsätzliche Nutzung zwischen Nutzern des Tools ist kostenlos. Auch die Funktionen Sprach-Anrufe und Video-Telefonie kann man kostenfrei verwenden.
In der Vergangenheit wurde der Dienst oft dafür kritisiert, dass es mit Nutzerdaten sehr freizügig umgeht. In übereinstimmenden Medienberichten hieß es, dass die japanische WhatsApp-Alternative viele Daten ohne das Wissen seiner Nutzer speichert. Aktuell kann Viber solche Daten allerdings nach eigenen Angaben gar nicht erst lesen. Dies soll dank einer Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung nicht mehr möglich sein. Dasselbe gilt auch für Audio- oder Videoanrufe."


16.01.21 21:44

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten Affiliate Network Review 2021

16.01.21 22:06

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaAn excellent channel for Rakuten Mobile

It will be an excellent channel for Rakuten Mobile, if the 24,000 post offices will sell the offers of Rakuten Mobile

"In addition, we reveal future possibilities for the alliance, including collaboration in the fields of mobile and fintech."


?Like in most of the rest of the world, Japan has an efficient postal system with 24,000 post offices scattered all over the country to meet mailing needs.?


17.01.21 09:32

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage Libudazu 6164 u. 6165

About the valuation of BlueVine?s competitor Kabbage

The full terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but reports from Bloomberg earlier this month put the value of the acquisition at roughly $850 million. According to Crunchbase, Kabbage has raised $2.5 billion in a mix of equity and debt and is valued at over $1.2 billion during its last raise of $250 million in 2017, led by SoftBank.



17.01.21 10:59

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaOnline to Offline Commerce Market to Eyewitnes

Online to Offline Commerce Market to Eyewitness Huge Growth by 2026 : Zalando, Amazon, Airbnb, Jingdong, Rakuten

The Major Players Covered in this Report:
Uber, Airbnb, Jingdong, Zalando, Amazon, Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Rakuten, Inc., B2W Companhia Digital, Groupon, Expedia & Booking Holdings


17.01.21 12:07

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRespektable "Duftmarken"

Most common products acquired through Rakuten Ichiba in Japan 2020

Published by C. Diep, Nov 30, 2020

According to a survey conducted in Japan in 2020, around 22 percent of respondents chose Rakuten Ichiba as their primary shopping channel for purchasing books and magazines. Rakuten Ichiba is an e-commerce platform operated by Rakuten Inc. It is one of the leading online marketplaces in Japan.

Book/magazines = 21%

Sport and outdoor goods = 21,5%

Supplements/health foods = 21,2%

Furniture/interior = 20,2%

Pharmaceuticals/contact lenses = 18,9%

Wrist watch/accessories = 17,8%

Bags/shoes/small articles = 17,8%

Children?s products/toys = 17,6%

Kitchen and home appliance/electronic beauty and health equipment = 17,6%

PC/camera/audio = 15,7%

Western-style clothing = 14,6%

Innerwear/underwear = 14,2%

and more


17.01.21 15:45

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten Ichiba Marketplace Opens Up to Shopify

Rakuten Ichiba Japan Marketplace Opens Up to Shopify Merchants

By Telecomdrive Bureau - April 11, 2020

Rakuten, Inc., operator of the Japan-based internet shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba, and Shopify Inc., Canada-based operator of Shopify, the world?s top multichannel commerce platform, has announced that they are now offering store support services that will empower Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Japan to operate e-commerce stores on Rakuten Ichiba through the Shopify admin panel.

Shopify is a multichannel commerce platform that supports merchants in building and operating their own online stores on multiple e-commerce sales channels.

In the basic plan, merchants are provided with the necessary functions to operate an online store, such as site building, product registration and inventory and order management tools. Merchants can also download additional functions as apps from a dedicated app store within the Shopify admin panel to cater to their diverse needs, including access to multiple e-commerce sales channels, customer email tools, delivery tools including invoice printing, and social media linkage tools.

Shopify now also offers its merchants a Rakuten Ichiba app which allows them to register products, manage inventory and orders for stores on Rakuten Ichiba, making it possible for Shopify merchants to easily add Rakuten Ichiba as a new sales channel and expand their market.

For U.S. based Shopify merchants, the ability to operate local stores on Rakuten Ichiba through Shopify allows them to expand their business in Japan with relative ease. It also provides Rakuten Ichiba users greater opportunities to buy overseas products, including major global brands that are difficult to obtain in Japan. From today, these support services will be launched in the U.S. and Japan, with plans also underway to rollout to other regions.

Rakuten Ichiba is one of Japan?s largest internet shopping malls, with approximately 50,000 merchants. Since its founding, empowerment has been a Rakuten core value and a driver of the company?s deep commitment to support its many unique merchants through a marketplace platform that allows merchants to maximize their individual strengths.


17.01.21 18:53

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaNBA Rakuten grows Japanese subscriber base by 600%

NBA Rakuten OTT service grows Japanese subscriber base by 600%

Japan now home to NBA?s third largest audience for streaming.

Posted: October 21 2020 By: Steven Impey

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has grown its over-the-top (OTT) reach in Japan by more than 600 per cent since launching its dedicated NBA Rakuten streaming channel in collaboration with the ecommerce giant last year.

The figure was revealed by NBA Asia?s managing director Scott Levy during the opening day of this week?s SportsPro Asia virtual summit, with Levy citing the addition of interactive viewing features to its live streamed coverage for the audience spike.

As part of their broadcast agreement, Rakuten rolled out the NBA Rakuten service in October last year, and made every game from the NBA's 2019/20 season, as well as the NBA League Pass digital subscription service, available via the platform.

According to Levy, the growth makes Japan home to the NBA?s largest OTT subscriber base outside neighbouring China and the league's home market, where Rakuten also holds TV and shirt sponsorship rights with the Golden State Warriors.

?Last year, we introduced a new service called NBA Rakuten, the new home of the NBA in Japan,? Levy said. ?They offer two games a day, local commentary, and have lots of original programming ? featuring highlights and analysis.


17.01.21 20:52

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaDigital transformation of food and daily necessity

Digital transformation of food and daily necessity retailers across Japan

Rakuten said it aims to establish ?a new kind of physical store? driven by the digital transformation of food and daily necessity retailers across Japan through the establishment of Rakuten DX company, by leveraging its strengths in OMO and data marketing.

?Rakuten?s vision for the future of retail calls for acceleration of initiatives such as the optimization of inventory control and pricing with AI-driven user-demand forecasting, and the introduction of in-store checkout that circumvents cash registers with the use of smartphones,? the telco said in an official statement.

For OMO initiatives, Rakuten said it will utilize online and offline shopping data to offer personalized information directly to the customers which will in turn offer a more convenient shopping experience.

Additionally, it plans to partner with companies that aspire to digitally transform the retail sector. Rakuten DX Solution?s partners include Tokyu Corporation, it said.



17.01.21 21:10

54140 Postings, 5913 Tage LibudaRakuten Fashion Week TOKYO

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (RakutenFWT) is the most famous fashion festival of Japan.


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