Aus Nuclear Solutions Inc. wird die U.S. FUEL CORP

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14.12.11 22:25

33 Postings, 4036 Tage jooo123456hmmm..



15.12.11 10:49

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Schnarch

Nix neues, wie seit Wochen. Abwarten, Tee oder wahlweise Bier trinken :-)


18.12.11 13:19

11 Postings, 3846 Tage ruebiaber

wie lange denn noch? ich warte ab bis der kurs wieder etwas hoch geht und dann verabschiede ich mich hier gibt andere pennystocks die gleichauf interessant sind...  

18.12.11 13:35
mach das. würde mich auch ungeduldig machen mich nur auf einen wert zu konzentrieren : )

für viele wird fuel erst interessant wenn alles in trockenen tüchern ist und positive nachrichten in dieser richtung kommen.
wenn du erwartet hast, das es reicht etwas gelände zu kaufen und zukünftig ein spezielles produkt die aktie auf paar euro zu bringen...tjo dann willkommen in der realität : )
fuel steckt noch in verhandlungen...solange wartet man oder man wartet nicht.  

19.12.11 07:05

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Moin Alice!

Ich gebe dir in allen Punkten recht! Der reine Kauf des Grundstücks bringt grundsätzlich erstmal gar nichts. Das hier ist eine langfristige Nummer, was jedem klar sein  muss, der sich hier reintraut. Sollte es vernünftig laufen, wird man es wohl auch nicht bereuen. Würde ich das nicht denken, wäre ich nicht hier. Gruß nach Minga!


28.12.11 10:48

11 Postings, 3846 Tage ruebiwünsch

euch allen einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr 2012 :)  

28.12.11 16:13
ich wünsche dir, guntram, cumi, steff, jooo, domcek und bortkiewicz und allen die hin und wieder vorbei schauen... ebenfalls einen guten start ins neue jahr : )

hoffe mal, daß 2012 noch einige positive nachrichten auf uns warten ; ))


09.01.12 19:24

33 Postings, 4036 Tage jooo123456wuensche....

euch auch allen einen  frohes neues jahr....kommt zwar ziemlich spät, aber besser als nie ;-)!!!

hoffe, es kommen bald mal neuigkeiten ins land!!

peace out


10.01.12 06:58

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Au weia, du hast recht!

Ein frohes, neues Jahr euch Fuelisten da draußen...da hätte ich auch schon früher drauf kommen können. Egal, besser spät, als nie! Viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg in 2012!


25.01.12 09:56

33 Postings, 4036 Tage jooo123456es wird zeit für neuigkeiten...

25.01.12 11:38

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Allerdings!

Schnaaarch :-(


26.01.12 11:27

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Ausser IHub-Spekulationen

gibt es bislang noch nichts neues:

Theres no question about it that being election time etc they are going to make their routine push for gaining our independence from foreign oil. The benefit that the CTL offers vs Natural Gas is the number of uses. The CTL is to engineer commercial grade fuel ie jet fuel etc. The Natural Gas has tried to make a push into the automobile sector but never really takes off due to the extra costs of vehicles, limited supply structure and so on. If USFF were to actual start up and gain a government contract to supply the government with jet fuel etc it could be very very profitable.

The real question is if USFF has the ability to actually make this happen. Can they show the ability to initiate a company on this level? Can they get necessary funding to start moving forward on some level? You would think that if they are actually working with the state of Kentucky that there may be something here. If the state has been appropriated Federal funding and if in turn they have appropriated State funding then this could actually take form. The level of silence now could be that they are actually working hand in hand with the state and they require it until everything is in place and so a specific person can make an announcement helping their political foot hold and agenda.

The other scenario that I am speculating is that they have been bought or sold to a larger company or merged into another larger company in some way. In this scenario silence from the company is normal and expected until the deal finalizes. I could see this being a real scenario as I don't see how they have the funding capacity on their own.



31.01.12 12:46

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Was ist das denn jetzt?

Seit gestern ist der ehemalige Basher Cytrxman nunmnehr Mod bei IHub's USFF - Board.

Muss ich das verstehen? Ist das jetzt "vom Saulus zum Paulus", Kalkül, Verarsche oder was meint ihr?


02.02.12 13:28

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Kleines Update

Ein weiterer User rief wohl bei Bagot an:


I was told that there is a shareholder update that will be coming soon with several 8ks to be released simultaneously and that the company is waiting on specific paperwork so everything is bona-fide at the time of release. They do not want to release information without everything being authentic and verifiable. Everything is going good. He did mentioned that to finance a large plant made it extremely difficult to have success as the upfront capital requirements are almost impossible to obtain.
The company is now planning on doing a phased modular CTL design that is smaller in initial capacity with less construction time and capital requirements. This should make it easier to obtain financing and to raise the capital requirements.

I believe that once profits are obtain from the first stage of smaller CTL plant development the company will be able to get financing for the second and third stages of the CTL plant expansion capacity by default because the profits alone should be able to cover the loan payments for each plant expansion.

I keep my fingers cross that this update will occur soon, but given that these updates were supposedly going to happen many weeks ago I do not know what to believe. Harry Baggot was a very sharp and intelligent man who specializes in getting projects up and running. For your information he was the person who helped set up the New Jersey Bond deal for the ethanol plant for NSOL when he was a private shareholder in 2005 which I found interesting.

If you guys criticize me for calling you can do your own pathetic research of guessing what is happening next or why you are afraid to call and therefore you don't! I get sick of most of your do nothing research and constant complaining. Maybe I just should not post anything here more as this board is in general not informative anymore. However some of you post great information!


07.02.12 06:48

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Neues Update

Guten Morgen zusammen, tom8oes von IHub hat eine, wie ich finde sehr interessante EMail von Rob Schwartz veröffentlicht:

I have stayed in touch with the company and Rob over the years, and that has not changed. Here is a statement he sent and requested I put out here:

In response to your multiple emails about the status of our company, let me try to put it into words for you without crossing the line. We have never been in a better position. With that being said we "Will Not" under any circumstances jeopardize everything that we have worked so hard to put together for the company and it's shareholders by putting out information prematurely and most of all without the the express written consent of Mr. Yonts and the state of KY. The alliance with the state is based on trust and we all have a mutual understanding on all fronts. If we break that trust it is all over. If the shareholders do not understand that, Oh Well. We have multiple developments ready to go and be dissemenated to the public. However it will be done the right way and not in response to shareholder pressure. A detailed shareholder letter is forthcoming as details regarding the relationship between thestate of KY and USFF. It has never been stronger. If the shareholders that you know are upset, then too bad. I will not be responsible for screwing up something that has unlimited potential for everyone. May I remind yo, I make my money the same way as you do. STOCK APPRECIATION. Got It.....

When the developments begin to be dissemenated in the near future the stock will follow and everyone who sold will be sorry the did.

In closing, forget about the people who pressure you for information. They are short sighted and are onoy worried about the hit. We are building something of value. Wait until we officially announce the spin-off IPO in concert with the state of KY. The shareholders of USFF are getting 100% of it. So my response to you is this, if you and the others can't handle it, Get Out. Your loss..

This is not a game. All corporate activities are being conducted with the shareholder value in mind which happens to be my only concern. Short sightedness is not my problem or concern.

Do not send me multiple emails regarding this ridiculous topic again. You can tell Mr. Ride that my stock was stolen and I was defrauded for over 5 million dollars. Most of the official records are sealed so people like him won't be able to review. I am the one who got screwed trying to help the company and he is bustin' my chops. I am sending you the result of what happens when people screw with me. Federal Prison.

There are 24 hours in a day and we are in the 23th. hour.

Der im letzten Absatz angesprochene Mr. Ride ist ride2retrement, einer der USer, die in den letzten Wochen wieder angefangen haben, USFF als Betrugsnummer zu bezeichnen und den Stock entsprechende zu bashen!


07.02.12 09:10

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Es bleibt also spannend!

07.02.12 10:31

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Verklagt und Verurteilt

Michael und Melissa Spillan, diejenigen, die damals noch Nuclear Solutions Inc. systematisch runtergezockt und betrogen haben, wurden mittlerweile angeklagt und für all ihre Vergehen verurteil!


> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 13:41:20 -0500
> From:  
> To: r.schwartz
> Subject: US Department of Justice Victim  Notification System
> U.S. Department of Justice
> United States  Attorney's Office
> Southern District of Ohio
> 303 Marconi  Boulevard
> Suite 200
> Columbus, OH 43215
> Phone: (888)  529-2820
> Fax: (614) 469-2195
>  January 18, 2012
> Mr. Robert Schwartz
> RE:  United States v. Defendant(s) MELISSA K SPILLAN, MICHAEL S SPILLAN
> Case  Number 2007R01028 and Court Docket Number 10-CR-00230
> Dear Mr.  Schwartz:
> The United States Department of Justice believes it  is important to keep victims of federal crime informed of court proceedings.  This notice provides information about the above-referenced criminal case.  
> As a victim witness professional with the United States  Attorney's Office, I am contacting you because you were identified by law  enforcement as a victim during the investigation of the above criminal case.  
> Charges have been filed against defendant(s) MICHAEL S  SPILLAN, MELISSA K SPILLAN. The lead prosecutor for this case is Brenda S.  Shoemaker. The main charge is categorized as Securities Fraud. My role as a  victim witness professional is to assist you with information and services  during the prosecution of this case.
> Victims of all crimes  under federal investigation are entitled to services under the Victims' Rights  and Restitution Act, including notification of court events. For further  details, please refer to Title 42 United States Code section 10607 or the  brochure posted at
> Now that charges have  been filed in federal court, victims of the charges filed are, in addition,  entitled to the following rights, according to the Crime Victims' Rights Act,  Title 18 United States Code section 3771: (1) The right to be reasonably  protected from the accused; (2) The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely  notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the  crime or of any release or escape of the accused; (3) The right not to be  excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after  receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim  would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that  proceeding; (4) The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the  district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding;  (5) The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the  case; (6) The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law; (7) The  right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay; and (8) The right to be  treated with fairness and with respect for the victim's dignity and privacy.  
> Please understand that these rights apply only to victims of  the counts charged in federal court, and thus you may not be able to exercise  all of these rights if the crime of which you are a victim was not charged. In  any event, we will continue to provide you with notifications and services  unless you tell us not to. We will make our best efforts to ensure you are  provided the rights and services to which you are entitled. It is important to  keep in mind that the defendant(s) are presumed innocent until proven guilty and  that presumption requires both the Court and our office to take certain steps to  ensure that justice is served. While our office cannot act as your attorney or  provide you with legal advice, you can seek the advice of an attorney with  respect to the rights above or other related legal matters.
>  Please be aware that most criminal cases are resolved by a plea agreement  between the United States Attorney's Office and the defendant. You should also  know that it is not unusual for a defendant to seek to negotiate a plea  agreement shortly before a trial is scheduled to begin. Plea agreements can be  made at any time and as late as the morning of trial, leaving little or no  opportunity to provide notice to you of the date and time of the plea hearing.  If the court schedules a plea hearing in this case, we will use our best efforts  to notify you of available information as soon as practicable. If you want to  inform the prosecutor of your views regarding potential plea agreements, or any  other aspect of the case, please contact the prosecutor assigned to this case or  me.
> On April 21, 2011, defendant MICHAEL SSPILLAN pled guilty  to the charges listed below. Any remaining counts will be disposed of at the  time of sentencing. As a result of the guilty plea, there will be no trial  involving this defendant.
> Number of Charges Description of  Charges Disposition
> ----------------- ----------------------  -----------
> 1 Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud US Guilty  
> 12 Mail Fraud - Frauds and swindles Dismissed without Prejudice  
> 6 Fraud by wire, radio, or television Dismissed without Prejudice  
> 1 Securities Violations Guilty
> 1 Mail Fraud - Frauds and  swindles Guilty
> 1 Fraud by wire, radio, or television Guilty
>  14 Laundering of monetary instruments Dismissed without Prejudice
> 10  Securities Violations Dismissed without Prejudice
> 1 Concealment of  assets; false oaths and claims; etc Dismissed without Prejudice
> On April 21, 2011, defendant MELISSA KSPILLAN pled guilty to the  charges listed below. Any remaining counts will be disposed of at the time of  sentencing. As a result of the guilty plea, there will be no trial involving  this defendant.
> Number of Charges Description of Charges  Disposition
> ----------------- ---------------------- -----------  
> 1 Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud US Guilty
> 11 Mail  Fraud - Frauds and swindles Dismissed without Prejudice
> 5 Fraud by  wire, radio, or television Dismissed without Prejudice
> 14 Laundering of  monetary instruments Dismissed without Prejudice
> 11 Securities  Violations Dismissed without Prejudice
> 1 Concealment of assets; false  oaths and claims; etc Dismissed without Prejudice
> The  sentencing hearing for defendant(s), MICHAEL S SPILLAN, MELISSA K SPILLAN, has  been set for August 25, 2011, 01:30 PM at Courtroom 2, 85 Marconi Blvd.,  Columbus, OH before Judge Edmund Sargus. You are welcome to attend this  proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not  required by the Court. If you plan on attending, you may want to verify the date  and time by using the VNS Call Center or web site. If you are a victim of the  charged offense(s) and wish to speak at sentencing, please call our office well  in advance of the scheduled hearing date.
> A United States  Probation Officer prepares a report for the Court and may contact you to discuss  the impact the crime had on you financially, physically, and/or emotionally. If  you are contacted, please make every effort to provide accurate and detailed  information.
> Through the Victim Notification System (VNS) we  will continue to provide you with updated scheduling and event information as  the case proceeds through the criminal justice system. You may obtain current  information about this case on the VNS Web site at or from the VNS Call Center at  1-866-DOJ-4YOU (1-866-365-4968) (TDD/TTY: 1-866-228-4619) (International:  1-502-213-2767). In addition, you may use the Call Center or Internet to update  your contact information and/or change your decision about participation in the  notification program. If you update your information to include a current email  address, VNS will send information to that address. In order to continue to  receive notifications, it is your responsibility to keep your contact  information current.
> You will use your Victim Identification  Number (VIN) ******* and Personal Identification Number (PIN) **** anytime you  contact the Call Center and the first time you log on to the VNS web site. In  addition, the first time you access the VNS Internet site, you will be prompted  to enter your last name (or business name) as currently contained in VNS. The  name you should enter is ********.
> Remember, VNS is an  automated system and cannot answer questions. If you have other questions which  involve this matter, please contact this office at the number listed above.  
> Sincerely,
> Barbara E. Vanarsdall
>  Victim Witness Coordinator


16.02.12 13:52

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Lass knacken, Harry!

So, jetzt komm mal raus mit den Neuigkeiten...subito ;-)


17.02.12 12:31

36 Postings, 3877 Tage bortkiewicz...das kann noch lange dauern...

Man darf einfach nicht vergessen, daß der Laden faktisch pleite ist, und nur mit sehr viel Vertrauen seitens des Staates Kentucky wieder reanimiert werden kann. Und die werden sich gut überlegen, in was sie investieren...  

17.02.12 17:26

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Da gebe ich dir recht!

Und als hätte man unsere Gedanken gelesen, wurde vor wenigen Minuten mal wieder eine interessante Geschichte auf IHub gepostet:

"One of the last calls, fair warn! Looks like this is  about to happen. That is what I hear, looks to be real. While it is up to  everyone to do their own research, my opinion is this could very well be it. If  this is the case, current pps will be the steal of the century. Every man and  woman for themselves. Specific, exact timeline? All I can tell is that this  cheap pps door could close at any moment.

Do your own homework to  verify.


Ob da was dran ist, sollten wir sehen, würde ich sagen.


17.02.12 23:49

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Gedanken zur Abendstunde ;-)

Na der "major breakout" war es nicht, aber wir haben OTC immerhin 5,56% zugelegt. Und das obwohl die Zockerposis zum WE hin meißtens geschlossen werden. Tja, dann warten wir halt noch mal ne weitere Runde ab, darin  sind wir ja ale schon sehr erfahren. Wenn nur die Hälfte von dem rauskommt, was Rob Schwartz in seiner letzten Mail an tom8oes schrieb, wäre ich verdammt zufrieden. Das gestrige IHub Posting, in dem "enthalpy" 500$ pro Schein prophezeite, schieben wir einfach mal auf den Umstand, dass wohl auch in den Staaten "Altweiber" gefeiert wurde :-) Ich wünsche allen Fuelisten einen schönen Freitag Abend und ein entspanntes Wochenende!


23.02.12 20:32

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Warten in den Staaten

Selbts im Ask steht so gut wie nix, siehe Level 2! Ziemliche Lauerstellung auf beiden Seiten, kein Bashing, kein bla bla...klar hatten wir das schon...allerdings schon sehr lange nicht mehr. Es wird so langsam Zeit was Neues rauszubringen, den so geduldig, wie der Shereholderpool derzeit ist, wird er nicht ewig bleiben!


23.02.12 20:43

23.02.12 21:52

22890 Postings, 4280 Tage Guntram2010Alice!!??!!

Die Threadmutter ist wieder da :-) Jetzt kann es ja eigentlich nur noch bergauf gehen :-) Steff, auch wieder an Bord? Und los....nach oben, oder wie Risky sagt: Und es geht weiter....immer weiter...immer weiter...:-)


23.02.12 22:03

23589 Postings, 4651 Tageörsenlandhey bin fast immer da : ))

gibt halt nichts zu sagen....und durchhalteparolen würden die ganze sache unglaubwürdig machen...

wenns mal anläuft bzw news kommen gibts wieder stoff für mehr beiträge....steff mag ariva nimmer so gern, hatte paar begegnungen mit "siehe unten", hihi...der schaut über andere plattformen...

bis dahin nerv ich dich über bm, haaaha : ))


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