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06.06.15 09:18

220 Postings, 2449 Tage marcusreberMedikament VASCEPA

VASCEPA ist ein verschreibungspflichtiges Medikament zusammen mit einer fettarmen und cholesterinarmen Diät zur Senkung des hohen Niveaus der Triglyzeride (Fette) in Erwachsenen zu senken.

Hab das mal übersetzt, dass man weiß um was es geht.

VASCEPA (icosapent ethyl) Kapseln sind das erste von der FDA zugelassene EPA * -nur Omega-3-Fettsäure.

VASCEPA ist ein verschreibungspflichtiges Medikament, zusammen mit einer fettarmen und cholesterinarmen Diät benutzt, um hohe Triglyceride (Fette) zu senken.

VASCEPA natürlich aus Wildtiefwasser -Pazifik Fisch erhalten.

Google Translater hat geholfen  

06.06.15 09:44

220 Postings, 2449 Tage marcusreberChart

Sieht ja nicht schlecht aus.

So wie ich das verstanden habe, ist das Produkt 2012 zugelassen worden.
Fett senken ist ja auch in den USA kein kleiner Markt glaube ich!
AMR-101 ist auch eine Bezeichnung.

"Vascepa was approved in 2012 to reduce high levels of blood fat called triglycerides in patients not using cholesterol-lowering statins."

Weiter übersetzt:

Am 2013.10.16, nach ADCOM Bedienfeld FDA stimmte 9-2 gegen empfehle eine erweiterte Drogen Label für Vascepa, für die Behandlung von Herz-Kreislauferkrankungen , fiel Aktien mehr als 60%. Ab 2015.02.01 deren Aktienkurs noch nicht erholt.

Jetzt kann es ja wieder in die alten Regionen gehen :-)
Angehängte Grafik:
chart_all_amarinplc.png (verkleinert auf 70%) vergrößern

06.06.15 12:44

220 Postings, 2449 Tage marcusreberKeiner da :-(

Dann schreib ich mal mit mir selbst, bis hier einige wach werden....  

12.06.15 15:59

220 Postings, 2449 Tage marcusreberAuch gut:

Biotech Company To Watch : Amarin Corp PLC (ADR) (NASDAQ:AMRN)
June 12
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by Terry Carlson

Amarin Corp PLC (ADR) (NASDAQ:AMRN) (TREND ANALYSIS) to present new in vitro eicosapentaenoic acid study data. Amarin announced the presentation of findings from a new in vitro study at the National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions being held June 11-14 in Chicago. The study of the inhibitory effect of eicosapentaenoic acid on the formation of cholesterol crystalline domains in model biological membranes subjected to high cholesterol levels indicated a level of reduction with EPA that was not reproduced with other triglyceride-lowering agents tested. ?This study was conducted in vitro using model biological membranes under conditions of hypercholesterolemia. The purpose of the study was to examine whether EPA, under atherosclerotic-like conditions, can reduce the formation of cholesterol crystalline domains. Our research team found that EPA reduced cholesterol crystalline domain levels in cholesterol-enriched model membranes by 65% as compared to vehicle-treated controls,? commented Preston Mason, Ph.D., of Brigham and Women?s Hospital and the study?s lead investigator. Additional studies are needed to determine if the effects of EPA shown in this study would have clinically meaningful benefit in the human body, the company noted.

Stock Performance: Click here for a free comprehensive Trend Analysis Report

Amarin Corp PLC (ADR) (NASDAQ:AMRN) stock is currently trading 28.23% below its 52-week-high, 206.41% above its 52-week-low. The 1-year stock price history is in the range of $0.78 ? $3.33.  AMRN stock price has outperformed the Nasdaq by 137.8%. The Biotechnology company is currently valued at $0.42 billion and its share price closed the last trading session at $2.39. The stock has a 50-day moving average of $2.1 and a 200-day moving average of $1.69.

Amarin Corp PLC (ADR) (AMRN) current short interest stands at 25.24 million shares. It has remained stable from the same period of last month. Around 18% of the company?s shares, which are float, are short sold. With a 10-days average volume of 2.05 million shares, the number of days required to cover the short positions stand at 12.3 days.

AMRN reported last quarter earnings on May 08. The Biotechnology company announced earnings per share of $-0.18 against a consensus Street estimate of $-0.11, missing estimate by $0.07. This corresponds to an increase of $0.1 compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year.

Is this a Buying Opportunity? Click here for a free Trend Analysis Report

There are currently four analysts that cover Amarin Corp PLC (ADR) stock. Of those four, three have a Buy rating, one has a Hold rating. On a consensus basis this yields to an Overweight rating. The consensus target price stands at $6.5.

A recent analyst activity consisted of HC Wainwright upgrading their rating to Buy on March 12. HC Wainwright increased their price target on AMRN from $2.5 to $10. This corresponds to a 318.41% upside from the last closing price. On the date of report, the stock closed at $2.38.

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey upgraded their Neutral rating to Buy on February 18. On the date of report, the stock closed at $1.31.

Company profile

Amarin Corporation PLC develops, manufactures, and distributes biopharmaceutical therapeutics. The Company markets its products used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases to healthcare providers, clinics, researchers, and facilities throughout the world.  

14.06.15 17:50

180 Postings, 2410 Tage sikelAmarin

Interessante Aktie. Tolles Potential, gerade nach der REDUCE-IT. Kursziele in Euro bis wann?  

15.06.15 10:11

220 Postings, 2449 Tage marcusrebersikel

Siehe oben:
Wainwright increased their price target on AMRN from $2.5 to $10.  

24.06.15 22:10

180 Postings, 2410 Tage sikelmarcusreber

Könntest du mich mal aufklären was stand der Dinge in Sachen FDA VS AMARIN ist? Blicke nicht durch....  

10.08.15 14:42

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

Nach NCE Erhalt und Off-Label promoting KZ US Dollar 10:  

15.08.15 10:18

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

So schaut die erste Werbung für Amarins Vascepa für die Zielgruppe von 40 Millionen Amerikanern aus, die hoche Tryclyzeride zwischen 200 und 500 mg haben:  

28.08.15 11:17

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

All time highs bei den Verschreibungen:

$AMRN Week21/08?V?ATH all over TRx:13,300{vs12,976;+2.50%}Sec -0.26% NRx:5,714{vs5,606;+1.93%}Sec -0.01% Ref:7,586{vs7,370;+2.93%}Sec -0.42%

11.09.15 13:35

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmrn

ATH bei Verschreibungen:
$AMRN Week 04/09?V? ATH all over TRx:14,168{vs13,021;+8.81%}Sec+6.48% NRx:6,053{vs5,704;+6.12%}Sec+5.34% Ref:8,115{vs7,317;+10.91%}Sec+7.20%


11.09.15 18:14

180 Postings, 2410 Tage sikelATH

Du postest ununterbrochen neue ATHs bei den Verschreibungen, aber am Kurs tut sich nix :D Warum?  

11.09.15 18:29

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmrn

Am Kurs tut sich noch nichts müsstest Du schreiben......, Amarin hat zweimal gegen die FDA gewonnen und darf jetzt Vascepa im Milliardenmarkt bewerben, big pharma kämpft noch dagegen + korrupte Wallstreet!


01.10.15 16:34

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

Spannende Wochen stehen uns bevor:
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, etc. We have all been given an early Christmas present. On Sept 18th, just 11 days ago this stock hit $2.46, and on absolutely NO news from Amarin, it dropped all the way to $1.92. Many factors played a part in this quick decent, none of which should keep it down.
Check the calendar, tomorrow is Oct 1st. 3rd Quarter is over and so too is end of quarter selling. 3 days from now is the Joint Letter with the FDA. No one knows what will come of this, but common sense says that Amarin's sharp lawyers would not have delayed this thing 2 more months if they weren't going to get something out of it. They would have just told the FDA to go ahead and appeal, see what happens! So potential game changing news just 31 days away.
Then we head into November and we have quarterly earnings and AHA Conference. In case you live under a rock, there is a certain CHERRY study presentation being done at this conference. Wonder if positive results will get investors excited about the coming Reduce-It interim results?
There is also ex-USA partnerships. You have to think they have to be close to closing a deal on either EU, Russia, Middle East or Latin America. I emailed IR yesterday and he said they are making good progress, which is basically all he can say. I suspect though that something is close to being done.
Finally we have scripts. Over the next few months, scripts should get to a level that would make anything under $2 just a ridiculously low valuation.
While anything is possible, and the market has treated Amarin unjustly for a long time, I believe that we move back above $2 in the next week and never look back. Have a great day! Less

07.11.15 00:38

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

Spitzen Ergebniss von EPA in der Studie, die dieselben Ergebisse erwarten läßt:!/3795/presentation/50975  

13.05.16 18:39

2154 Postings, 4181 Tage MagnetfeldfredyAmarin

Neue ATH`s bei den Verschreibungen und Kursziele zwischen US Dollar 3,5 und US Dollar 10!  

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