SCRH - Dieser Penny ist massiv unterbewertet !

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01.06.06 09:12

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5SCRH - Dieser Penny ist massiv unterbewertet !

US-Kürzel: SCRH

Am 22.05.06 kamen die letzten Zahlen:

Market Cap: 972.21K

Revenues increased 39 percent to $459,573 for the three months ended March 31, 2006

Total stockholder's equity 3,130,976 USD

Shares Outstanding: 88.38M
Float: 39.71M

Das Management hält 41,107,894 Aktien also 46.5%  

01.06.06 09:23

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5SCRH sehr bald durchstarten

Wahsinn, dass es noch solche krassen Unterbewertungen an der OTCBB gibt!


01.06.06 09:30

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Erstes Kursziel 0,05$ o. T.

01.06.06 09:44

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5SCRH gibt es zum Schnäppchenkurs!

Jetzt kaufen!  

01.06.06 09:48

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Revenues increased 39 percent to $459,573

in Q1!

Q2 wird wahrscheinlich noch besser ausfallen :-)  

01.06.06 09:51

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Market Cap: 972.21K


01.06.06 09:57

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Wenn bald News kommen, geht´s richtig ab! o. T.

01.06.06 10:40

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Jetzt kaufen!

Lasst euch die Riesenchance nicht entgehen!  

01.06.06 11:04

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Orderbuch in Berlin wird voller :-) o. T.

01.06.06 11:22

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Das ist der Anfang o. T.

01.06.06 11:24

1281 Postings, 5526 Tage Jan Langenbach@Hulk

Das Orderbuch ist leer!

Uhrzeit Preis Stücke
09:07   0,006    G   0  

01.06.06 11:27

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5@Jan

Nein, das war

jetzt stehen im Bid:

269.550  0,007  
100.000  0,005

01.06.06 11:37

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Kurs 0,011$ - fairer Wert über 0,04$

Kurzfristiges Kursziel 0,05$  

01.06.06 11:40

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5+500% mit SCRH

sind mindestens drin !  

01.06.06 11:51

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Wow - 200k Order für 0,008? in Berlin o. T.

01.06.06 12:05

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Jetzt Order für 0,009? :-) o. T.

01.06.06 14:20

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5SCRH eröffnet in kürze Strip-Club :-)

Scores Holding eröffnet neuen Nachtclub :-)

(Published Saturday, May 27, 2006 12:09:29 AM CDT)

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

By Chris Schultz

LAKE GENEVA-Scores, the high-end strip club made famous by satellite radio shock jock Howard Stern, is opening a club near Lake Geneva.

Scores Lake Geneva will open on the first floor of the Sugar Shack Club on County H, four miles north of Lake Geneva. The club will feature female dancers and strippers. The original Sugar Shack and its male dancers still will occupy the second floor, said owner Dana Montana.

Originally a New York club, the publicly traded company now owns two clubs in New York City and licenses clubs in Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore.

The trademark name is owned by Scores Holding Company.

Scores\' grand opening to the public will feature Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern Show on June 9. Gary Dell\'Abate, popular Stern sidekick and producer, will host the evening June 10.

The Sugar Shack strip club on County H north of Lake Geneva is affiliating with Scores, a national chain of adult entertainment businesses.
Bill Olmsted/Gazette Staff

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Scores Lake Geneva also will offer two private preview parties before the grand opening: a private VIP party June 7 and an invitation-only media party June 8.

Scores Lake Geneva bars will be open from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Guests can sample a wide selection of vintage and nonvintage champagnes, fine wines, cocktails and imported, domestic and micro-brewed beer.

The club holds 250 guests, has two private presidential rooms, a champagne area with lounge seating and two large-screen televisions. The club caters to private parties of all sizes.

During the 1960s, Montana worked as a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club. Montana said she was fired at 23 for being too old.

Montana bought a decrepit building four miles north of Lake Geneva on County H that once housed The Club J-MAR. She renovated the building and opened the Sugar Shack as a dance and music club about 37 years ago. The club is named after a song by Jimmy Gilmore and the Fireballs.

In the early 1970s, Montana came up with the idea of male strippers to attract women customers. Her idea landed her on talk television shows, and the men-stripping-for-women idea caught fire.

A few years later, she added female strippers and opened the Sugar Shack Gentlemen\'s Club on the premises.

Montana said she and a partner now co-own the Scores in Chicago, which once was the Sugar Shack 2. She said the Sugar Shack still is known for male strippers, and she wants to draw more male customers with the notoriety of the Scores name.

Montana believes the image of strip clubs is changing. Now, the Sugar Shack receives busloads of couples, the groups separating for the female strippers downstairs and male strippers upstairs. Future brides and grooms have held their bachelor and bachelorette parties at the Sugar Shack, Montana said.

Michael Cotter, Walworth County assistant corporation counsel, said the Sugar Shack and two other adult entertainment clubs in Lake Geneva are grandfathered into the county\'s zoning codes as "legal, nonconforming uses."

Opening a Scores on the premises is legal because it doesn\'t change the property\'s basic use, Cotter said.

However, the Sugar Shack-and the two other clubs-can\'t expand their buildings and can\'t be rebuilt if they burn down.

In 2000, the county adopted a zoning ordinance that permits adult entertainment establishments but limits where they can locate.

In general, new strip clubs can locate in areas zoned B-2 general business, B-3 waterfront business or B-4 highway business, Cotter said. However, the establishments must sit 750 feet from certain other uses, such as residential areas, churches, schools, parks and day-care centers. Such clubs also must be in enclosed buildings.  

01.06.06 15:08

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Gleich geht´s los!

Auf in Richtung 0,10$ :-)  

01.06.06 16:43

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Erster Kurs 0,012? in Berlin o. T.

02.06.06 09:36

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Heute wird es wohl weiter rauf gehen

Verbindlichkeiten = 363,109$
Eigenkapital = 3,130,976$ zum 31.03.06

Das Eigenkapital wurde zwischen dem 31.12.05 und dem 31.03.06 um 259,329$ gesteigert!

SCRH macht keine Verluste und ist gerade dabei schwarze Zahlen zu Schreiben. SCRH ist unterbewertet, da Eigenkapital 3,130,976$ und die Marktkapitalisierung nur 1,060,000$ beträgt!

Zeigt mir an der OTCBB eine bessere Bewertung!

Das ist einmalig!

SCRH ist profitabel, vom Markt unentdeckt bzw. gemieden und eröffnet in kürze einen neuen Club. Steigende Kurse sind in Kürze vorprogrammiert!

02.06.06 11:48

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Geile Internetseite

02.06.06 13:10

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Kurs 0,013? in Berlin :-) o. T.

02.06.06 16:00

962 Postings, 5583 Tage Rolli20+++ 33% Kurs 0,16 o. T.

02.06.06 16:20

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5Sieht sehr gut aus für den Anfang :-) o. T.

05.06.06 14:31

884 Postings, 5631 Tage Hulk5New Scores in Lake Geneva !

New Scores in Lake Geneva
Thursday June 01st 2006, 4:54 pm ~ Filed under: In The News, Strippers

A new Score’s is opening up in Lake Geneva. It will be located inside the Sugar Shack, on the first floor. But no worries, the original boys will still be there and dancing just one floor above.

The grand opening will be Friday, June 9 , and it will feature Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern Show. Gary Dell’Abate will be there hosting on the 10th. On the 7th there will be a Private VIP Party, and on the 8th an invitation only Media Party.

The new club will be open from 7 – 2, and it will hold up to 250 guests. It has both private presidential rooms as well as a champagne area.

The Sugar Shack story is very cool, and owner Dana Montana deserves a lot of kudos. She certainly gets them from me! She was a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club, but she was told, at 23, that she was too old. Not buying it, she renovated an old, decrepit building and opened the Sugar Shack. Originally the place was simply a dance club, but in the 1970’s she got the idea to make it a male strip club. Yey for Dana!

The original scores was located in New York, but currently The Scores Holding Company owns a second club in the city, as well as licenses clubs in Chicago, Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Baltimore.


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