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10.01.18 10:46

131 Postings, 1448 Tage Dean CorsoHeute sind

alle Kurse abgesackt. Die spekulativen Werte natürlich besonders. Also kein Grund zur Panik.
Wenn Tencent um 1,5% absackt, dann darf ein Cannabis-Wert auch mal um 15% absacken.

Nutzt es als Nachkaufchance. Heute um 13:30 Uhr dreht es wieder gen norden.

10.01.18 11:24

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4machoEine ganz normale Erholung

Nach 125% up , oder morgen gehts wieder hoch aber hoch gehts auf jeden Fall  

10.01.18 21:28

490 Postings, 1561 Tage Fehler lernt MannMK 263 Mio Aktien?

Hallo an alle Investierten.Frage weiss jemand ob Auscann schon Kapitalerhöhungen hatte? Bin an dieser Aktie interessiert! Aber wie gesund ist diese Firma????  

11.01.18 09:38

82 Postings, 2415 Tage RuqqqAlso davon..

ist mir nichts bekannt.

Einzige Firma die in Australien alle Lizenzen für Vertrieb und Anbau von Cannabis-Produkten hat
Canopy ist mit 20% an Auscann beteiligt

12.01.18 11:27

740 Postings, 1679 Tage Scratchi14%

15.01.18 01:14

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4machoAlles gut Australien Kurs 7% im Plus aktuell

Auf eine grüne Woche - gute Nacht  

15.01.18 08:34

4 Postings, 1451 Tage GanterGuten Morgen in Germany,

schöner Wochen Auftakt in Australien, da  habe ich doch glatt noch mal nachgelegt. ;-)  

15.01.18 22:29

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4machoHallo das ist ja wohl ein Witz

Wer jetzt noch nachdenkt einzusteigen ist selbst schult! Wenn im Juli 2018 , kanada legalisiert dann wird Australien und Deutschland nachziehen, wo soll denn der Kurs hin? Nach Süden ? Ich bitte euch  

15.01.18 22:32

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4machoKlar nachlegen was sonst ?

16.01.18 01:59

740 Postings, 1679 Tage ScratchiGood morning

aus Thailand , Kurs heut in Australien - 4.4%  

16.01.18 07:18

82 Postings, 2415 Tage RuqqqIm Endeffekt..

Sind es dann nur noch knapp -2% geworden. Lässt sich aushalten  

16.01.18 07:34

13 Postings, 1673 Tage Up-runnerIn Australien...

...dann geht es in D stärker runter. Gründe hierfür?  

16.01.18 09:44

139 Postings, 1781 Tage bubblestarxlASX News

16 January 2018
   CompanyAnnouncements  Platform          §
AustralianSecurities  Exchange
  Exchange    Centre §
        20    Bridge    Street          §
    SYDNEY       NSW      2000          §
        ByElectronic Lodgement     (ASX:      AC8)
      Dear      sirs §
Notification        of   Release        ofSecurities      from    Escrow          §
  Pursuant        to       ASX   Listing      Rule§3.10A, AusCann Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AC8) advises that 9,408,069
     fully      paid  ordinary    shares      will        be  released      from    escrow        on        19   January     2018.          §
 Quotation       for     thesesecurities        on       ASX      will        be    sought following     their   release      from§escrow on 19 January
     Yours sincerely 
     Susan    Hunter 
   Company Secretary


16.01.18 09:48

139 Postings, 1781 Tage bubblestarxl@ scratshi - Sawadii khrap XD

16.01.18 13:10

131 Postings, 1448 Tage Dean CorsoAuch hier ist erstmal das Top erreicht.

Abwarten bis es unter 0,70 - 0,80? geht. Dann wieder rein, vielleicht.

16.01.18 13:29

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4macho@bubblestarxl

Ich kann das schon für mich übersetzen , nur was bedeutet das genau ?  

16.01.18 15:23

13 Postings, 1673 Tage Up-runnerWäre interessant...

9 Millionen Aktien vom Treuhandkonto abgerufen und zum Kauf angeboten? Soll hier Cash gemacht werden? Oder verstehe ich etwas falsch? Aufklärung bitte...  

16.01.18 17:04

139 Postings, 1781 Tage bubblestarxl@m4macho

Um ehrlich zu sein, weiss ich es nicht hundert Prozentig. Ich glaube sie werden verkauft. Gibt ja sicher auch genug was kosten verursachen wird in nächster Zeit XD

@ up-runner Klingt negativ. So wie ich das verstehe werden die verkauft und ich erinnere mich, dass das bei Canopy vor ca. nem Jahr auch so war. Ich sehe darin jetzt keinen Grund zur Beunruhigung. Eher im Gegenteil.  

16.01.18 17:06

139 Postings, 1781 Tage bubblestarxlnoch ein Bericht

Das war mir allerdings schon bekannt...

Why I think Auscann Group Holdings Ltd is the best pot stock to buy
Rhys Brock | January 16, 2018

Australian pot stocks ridden a wave of positive global sentiment following news that California has officially legalised recreational cannabis, and that similar legislation seems just around the corner in Canada.  

Developments at home have also helped buoy stock prices: earlier this month the Federal Government announced that it would allow Australian companies to export cannabis-based medicines, lending legitimacy to an industry many in the investment community had not taken seriously.  

Health Minister Greg Hunt even went so far as to say that the government would like Australia to one day be ?the world?s number one medicinal cannabis supplier?.

With pronouncements like that ? from the Federal Government no less ? it?s no wonder local investors have been desperate to put their money into Australia?s pot stocks.  

But before you throw your life-savings away it?s important to remember that, despite the skyrocketing share prices, most of these companies are still in their infancy, are yet to generate any substantive revenue, and are very high risk investments.

It?s probable that not all of them will survive the next few years ? let alone ever turn a profit.

However, I believe Auscann Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: AC8) can be a success, and that?s why I?ve invested in it myself.

Auscann?s board is led by founding Chairman Dr Mal Washer, a medical doctor and former member of the Australian House of Representatives, and also includes Hon Cheryl Edwardes, the former Attorney-General for Western Australia and former Minister for the Environment.  

I call out these two board members in particular because a key requirement for success in this developing industry will be navigating the bureaucracy of the political system. And the proof is in the pudding: through its partnership with Tasmanian Alkaloids, Auscann is currently the only ASX-listed company to have secured all the required licences to cultivate, harvest, manufacture and distribute final dose form cannabinoid medicines.

Tasmanian Alkaloids is the largest opium poppy processing company in Tasmania, so no doubt its experience securing licences to grow controlled substances was an aid to Auscann as well. Plus, Auscann can leverage Tasmanian Alkaloids? existing connections in the global pharmaceuticals industry.

Being in possession of all these licences allows Auscann to pursue its business model of full integration across the medicinal cannabis supply chain ? starting from plant genetics and continuing through crop cultivation, manufacture of pharmaceuticals, testing, analysis and ending with its in-house medical outreach programs.

Along with Cann Group Ltd (ASX: CAN), Auscann is one of the only two ASX-listed cannabis companies actively developing its domestic Australian operations.

Other companies in the cannabis space, like MMJ Phytotech Ltd (ASX: MMJ) and Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX: CPH), which I wrote about recently, are mostly concentrating on their overseas operations, targeting Canada in particular. This means that Auscann and Cann Group might end up being the only two key Australian exporters of medicinal cannabis products in the short-term.

And finally, if it is overseas exposure you?re after, Auscann?s largest shareholder is Canopy Growth Corporation, the biggest producer of medical cannabis in North America. Canopy?s CEO, Bruce Linton, is a non-executive director of Auscann, and can provide guidance on the full cannabis supply chain ? including export.

Foolish takeaway

An investment in any small cap stock is risky, and you would have to consider your own risk appetite before jumping into the cannabis space.  

But of all the pot stocks currently listed on the ASX, in my mind Auscann seems to possess the leadership team and strategic partnerships to capitalise on the Australian Federal Government?s relaxation of export restrictions.

The Disruptors: 3 Revolutionary Aussie Companies to Back for 2018

We're living in one of the most exciting times in investing history. Innovation and a booming culture of entrepreneurship are constantly creating new companies with the potential to make forward-thinking investors very rich. Now more than ever, one small, smart investment could make a huge difference to your wealth.

That's why at The Motley Fool we've been scrutinizing the ASX to uncover the kinds of companies that we believe could turn into the next Cochlear or REA Group.

We've found three exciting companies that we believe re poised to perform in the new year. Click here to uncover these ideas!  

16.01.18 18:09

167 Postings, 3992 Tage m4machoOk Danke

Warten wir?s up ;-)  

16.01.18 18:31

139 Postings, 1781 Tage bubblestarxlup

16.01.18 22:16

13 Postings, 1673 Tage Up-runnerDann...

Warten wir up, was passiert. Bin nicht beunruhigt, eher gespannt, wie sich das alles entwickeln wird...
Grüße UP  

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