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1943 Postings, 7680 Tage TraderHARTCOURT-NEWS!!!!!!!!

Wednesday October 11, 8:30 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: The Hartcourt Companies Inc.

Hartcourt Subsidiary Builds Asia's Largest B2B
Electronics Marketplace with Alliance Partner

LogicSpace and Traderfirst Announce Asia's Largest Industry Specific Business-to-Business

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hartcourt Companies Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: HRCT; Frankfurt: HCT),
www.hartcourt.com today announced that LogicSpace, a wholly-owned subsidiary of StreamingAsia, and the Internet's leading
solutions provider for online business-to-business services in Hong Kong, jointly announced that it and alliance partner,
Traderfirst.com Ltd., have successfully launched their new e-commerce platform.

The online electronic B2B platform was designed and developed under the co-operative efforts of Traderfirst.com's industry
experts and LogicSpace's Internet professionals. Traderfirst is generally recognized as Asia's largest business-to-business
electronics industry marketplace and ASP provider for the electronic components and semiconductor industries in Asia.

The strategic alliance was developed to allow Traderfirst.com Ltd. and LogicSpace to offer the Asian electronics community an
open and neutral marketplace for industry trading. Trading is more competitive and efficient on Traderfirst.com because players
have access to a wide range of buyers and sellers and timely market knowledge. To date, Traderfirst.com has over 3,000
registered corporate members who regularly use its online industry trading services while membership continues to expand at a
significant rate.

``Traderfirst.com's B2B platform is designed to enhance the efficiency in the supply chain of the Asian electronic component
industry. LogicSpace will help to extend the Traderfirst online exchange, creating an infrastructure that will allow the exchange to
operate a comprehensive open-market sourcing and trading solution for all participants in the electronics component industry,'' said
Ricky Chan, President of Traderfirst.com Ltd.

``Having already demonstrated considerable expertise in constructing scalable net markets, today's announcement further
strengthens LogicSpace's position as a leading solutions provider in B2B Net Market design, technology, architecture and
security,'' said William Wong, CEO of StreamingAsia and LogicSpace.

About StreamingAsia Ltd.

The Hartcourt Companies, Inc., which owns 50% of StreamingAsia, announced on September 21, 2000 that it has signed an
underwriting agreement to bring StreamingAsia public through an Initial Public Offering. Hong Kong-based StreamingAsia
(www.streamingasia.com) provides Web portals with services for the delivery of ``streaming'' or live and on-demand video and
audio content over the Internet for content publishers and is considered to be among the premiere companies offering such
services in Greater China.

About Traderfirst.com Ltd.

Traderfirst.com provides the most powerful electronics marketplace for electronics parts trading. Buyers post request for
quotation (RFQ) on the site and locate hard-to-find parts by using the latest data-mining technologies. Sellers reply to the posted
RFQ and advertise their inventories to the highly targeted buyers.

About LogicSpace Ltd.

LogicSpace, (www.logicspace.com) a wholly owned subsidiary of StreamingAsia, is an Internet consulting and web application
development company that provides a wide range of Internet services, including web page design, system architecture and solution

SOURCE: The Hartcourt Companies Inc.

11.10.00 14:56

408 Postings, 7506 Tage Gordon_Gekkoimmernochnichtverkauft? dannwirdesaberlangsamzeit! o.T.

11.10.00 15:04

4560 Postings, 7716 Tage Sitting BullGibt's ausser Sprüchen auch mal Zahlen? Wenigstens

eine, oder vielleicht auch zwei? Ich hab kein Bock mehr auf Hartcourt. Warum? Ist ein reiner Zockerwert ohne Fundament. Seit 1 Jahr habe ich nichts Seriöses gelesen. Immer nur bla bla , ad hoc - Gewurstel. Verdienen kann man trotzdem, solange viele labern und pushen (auch selber). Irgendwann landet HRTC da wo INTASYS jetzt ist. Widerspruch? Ich höre.  

11.10.00 16:10

1943 Postings, 7680 Tage TraderHäuptling Sitting Bull..

..wenn Du so schlecht informiert bist, kannst Du auch keine Nachhilfestunde in Sachen HRCT verlangen!

11.10.00 16:19

1956 Postings, 7507 Tage BigBroker@Trader : Wieso ist der "Häuptling" schlecht

informiert ???

Auch ich lese hier alle Naselang "tolle News", und "...bald bei XXX Euro / Dollar..." und was ist FAKT ???

Fakt ist, das der Wert sich seit Jahresanfang mehr als halbiert hat und vom Hoch Anfang Januar aus über 75 % verloren hat !!!

Aktuell übrigens rauscht der Kurs in USA mal wieder unter 4 $ !!!

Und wenn die 4 Euro als Unterstützung nicht halten ( und davon ist beim aktuellen Umfeld nicht auszugehen ) dann sind´s bald 2 !!!

Vielleicht solltest Du mal daran denken, daß man durchaus "gut informiert" sein kann, deswegen aber nicht um jeden Preis an einem Zockerpapier festhalten MUSS !

Nix für ungut !



11.10.00 16:43

1943 Postings, 7680 Tage Trader@BigBroker

Du sagst es: das Umfeld!!

Yahoo  250$ -----> 67$ aktuell  ( -370% )
MSFT   115$ -----> 55$ aktuell  ( -200% )
Doubleklick 135$ ------> 20$ aktuell ( -675 % )
AOL     95% ------> 55$ aktuell ( - 73 % )

usw., usw.

Ich denke, in diesem Umfeld hat sich HRCT  sehr gut gehalten.
HRCT hat vor 1,5 Jahren mit 23 Cent angefangen und steht jetzt auf 4$. Rechne den Prozentsatz aus!  

11.10.00 16:45

1956 Postings, 7507 Tage BigBrokerEBEN ! Genau das ist der Grund... !

1.640 % in 18 Monaten !!!!!!!!!!

Und für was bitte ?????????

Das diese Übertreibung weitergeht ist ja kaum anzunehmen !

Da sehe ich eher noch viel Potenzial nach unten !


11.10.00 16:59

13451 Postings, 7430 Tage daxbunny@Trader, ...wohl ei bischen verrechnet???

Beispiel Yahoo: von 250$ runter auf 67$ << - 370%? >> Meiner Meinung -73,20%Um auf 250$ zurückzukommen +273,xx %. Nicht's für ungut. Gruß DB  

11.10.00 16:59

1943 Postings, 7680 Tage TraderDa haben wir doch auch genau...

den Grund für den Kursverfall der vielen, vielen anderen Werte, die im letzten Jahr noch zu Phantasiekursen gehandelt wurden, und man sieht, auch dort ist noch jede Menge Potenzial nach unten drin. Also kann man bei diesen Werte ebenso fragen: Warum sind die je so hoch gehandelt worden?
Die Phantasie der Anleger ist die Triebfeder und glaube mir, im letzten Jahr wäre die o.a. Meldung mit Kurssprüngen nach Norden belohnt worden. So ist nun mal die Börse.


11.10.00 17:36

1943 Postings, 7680 Tage TraderDas hat HRCT in den letzten 12 Monaten getan:

aus Hartcourt.com ( Fragen und Antworten )

Q) What has Hartcourt done in the last 12 months?

A) Over these last 12 months, Hartcourt has been very ambitious in its plans for the company. Unfortunately some of our business plans did not result as anticipated, such as the SinoBull IPO in mid-2000, the addition of a US partner in stock trading and/or investment banking, and the proposed Hong Kong merger partner. While the proposed merger was not announced due to final market valuations and late requests for change in parameters, we still maintain friendly relations and the path for possible merger or inter-related business agreements/partnerships are still possible. Hartcourt also suspended its efforts to obtain a NASDAQ NM listing, and in retrospect, observing bellwether China stocks on the NASDAQ losing much greater values in market cap, the much more informed and China friendly markets of Hong Kong appear to be the most appropriate for achieving true valuations of China's potential. So instead of delaying our IPO's to the US market like many technology, Internet and telecommunications companies have for the last 5 months, Hartcourt has moved forward to IPO the SinoBull Financial Group and StreamingAsia (including LogicSpace.com and others) to the Hong Kong GEM market, underwritten by Yuanta Core-Pacific Yamaichi.

Often focus can be one-sided, either seeing the cup half full or half empty, and while Hartcourt was not able to achieve all of its goals (at least within the time of 12 months), in several areas we far exceeded our expectations. SinoBull.com quickly rose to the top financial services portal in the sector, reaching 3 million page views per market day. Quickly many have forgotten the agreements made for SinoBull to have special subsections on Yahoo! China's portal, and for SinoBull to be a key Financial provider for China Telecom's SinoHome.com portal, which serves as the interface greeting Chinese users of China Telecom's ISP (the largest provider of ISP service in China). SinoBull's financial analysis and news is so valued, strategic alliances were formed and the content is provided to such leading financial publications in China as Securities Daily (leading banking and investment industry newspaper in China), International Finance News (financial newspaper published by People's Daily, the country's standard), and ChinaInfo.com.cn (subsidiary of the People's Post & Telecommunications Publishing Corporation, the official news agency of the Ministry of Information Industry). Most of this was before Hartcourt's announcement to acquire an interest in WindInfo, which solidifies SinoBull's position as the top financial and securities news and research provider in China, definitely a position we anticipate opening many doors in the financial markets. SinoBull also entered a strategic partnership with Shanghai Industry Foreign Trade Telecom Corporation (SIFFT), Nokia's top tier distributor and value added developer in China, for incorporating wireless financial services to SIFTT's distribution of Nokia wireless mobile phones in China. And to further entrench SinoBull's position and leverage market leadership, SinoBull entered an agreement with China Cable Networks (CCN is China's main broadcast TV services company supporting all of China's major broadcast TV networks) for the joint production of a Financial TV channel, aimed at delivering 24hr service in the next 2 years, initially specializing in market hour coverage of China's stock exchange and the new mainboard (due to domestic demand) estimated to open in the Spring of 2001.

Further, to fill the role (at least in Hong Kong and eventually in Mainland China) of a US partner in brokerage services, Hartcourt Capital is acquiring a 30% interest in Koffman Securities, which will be used as our brokerage services to Mainland China once legislation allows. Hartcourt anticipates, China will allow brokerage services from Hong Kong first, before later opening up further legislation to Western financial companies. Of course, we continue to speak with possible US partners in financial services and investment banking, but for many of those who showed great interest in January of 2000, they currently are in a wait and see mode for China. Much of the Western capital that was so agressive in early 2000, is also sitting on the sidelines now, and part of that is due to the net decrease in their capital resources.


11.10.00 17:54

408 Postings, 7506 Tage Gordon_Gekkotut mit leid 'Trader', aber HRCT hat sich erledigt

die schmerzhaften Kursverluste der letzten Tage kann diese Aktie niemals im gleichen Tempo wiedergutmachen, tutmirechtleid :-(
deshalb mein Tipp: VERKAUFEN (ich bin übrigens selbst letzte Woche mit Verlust ausgestiegen, zumindest ein schwacher Trost)
warten wir doch besser den kommenden Split am Ende des Monats und die Reaktion der Börse auf einen weiteren Pennystock ab


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