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1645 Postings, 5069 Tage DasMünzNORTHERN STAR kauft Paulsons Gold Mine von

Intrepid Mines

Market Cap: $11,374,037

Aktienanzahl: 177,719,324 + ca.100 Mio wg. Paulsons Gold Mine

Der Kurs reagierte Positiv. Auf jeden Fall hat ist es eine profitable Mine mit niedrigen Produktionkosten, aber hat nur noch 128700 Oz. Res. und sie müssen 200 AUD Royalty bezahlen bis sie 60000 Oz. produziert haben.

A$3.5m Capital Raising for the
Paulsens Gold Mine Acquisition
Key Points
* Northern Star to raise up to A$3.5m via a Placement, Share
Purchase Plan (SPP) and early exercise of short-dated

* Proceeds to provide working capital for the operation of the
high-grade 128,700oz Paulsens Gold Mine in WA?s Pilbara
region and for the costs associated with the acquisition.

* Capital raising to consist of:
o Placement of up to 25m shares at $0.05 per share to
raise up to A$1.25m;
o SPP at $0.05 per share to raise up to A$1.25 million;
o Early exercise of $0.025 & $0.05 options to raise up to

* Majority of equity expected to be issued to existing

* Funds required for acquisition of Paulsens Gold Mine to be
raised via debt instrument

Northern Star Resources Ltd (ASX: NST ? ?NST?) is pleased to outline details of a
proposed A$3.5 million capital raising to help fund working capital and for the costs
associated with the acquisition of the Paulsens Gold Mine, in Western Australia?s
Pilbara region.
Paulsens is a high- grade, low cost mine which has yielded more than 370,000 ounces
at an average cash operating cost of less than A$550/oz since commencing
production in 2005. The acquisition ? from ASX-listed Company Intrepid Mines (ASX:
IAU) ? will provide NST with a direct entry into the Australian gold business and will
provide the Company with immediate cashflow following financial takeover of the
project next month.
The capital raising will be via a placement of up to 25 million shares issued at $0.05 to
raise $1.25 million, a $2,000 Shareholder Purchase Plan (SPP) issued at $0.05 to
raise $1.25 million and by existing shareholders exercising their $0.025 and $0.05
options early to raise up to $1 million.
Funds required for the acquisition of the Paulsens Gold Mine will be provided solely
through a debt instrument. At this stage the Board does not anticipate any further
equity to be issued in this transaction.
Equity Raising Details
NST will undertake the capital raising on the following terms:
(1) Progressive placement of up to 25 million shares at $0.05 per share to raise $1.25 million less costs. The placement is being made to sophisticated investors pursuant to the "excluded offer" provisions (Section 708) of the Corporations Act 2001;
(2) Shareholder Purchase Plan (SPP) to allow eligible shareholders the opportunity to subscribe for up to $2,000 worth of shares. The SPP will be offered at $0.05 per share to raise up to $1.25 million. NST is currently exploring internal opportunities to underwrite the SPP and will issue a timetable once finalised; and
(3) Exercise of existing shareholder $0.025 and $0.05 options, which is expected to raise up to $1 million. The Company has already received indications for approximately $0.5 million of the expected $1 million. NST anticipate all the $0.025 options to be paid up before their expiry on 4th September 2010. Directors Michael Fotios, Bill Beament and Peter Farris have also committed to the early exercise of $0.025 incentive options which do not expire until the 4th September 2011.
As outlined, the majority of the equity issued for this transaction will be via existing shareholders. NST has appointed the Viridian Equity Group as lead manager in relation to the debt funding package with the details of this package to be released in due course.
NST has paid the initial deposit of $250,000 to Intrepid Mines Limited as per the binding agreement to purchase the Paulsens Gold Mine.
Exercise of Short-Dated Options
Last year NST completed a re-capitalisation which included the introduction of InvestMet Limited, a substantial financial, technical and operational syndicate to the share register. A major part of the restructure was to install a flexible funding platform by way of short-dated options issued to existing shareholders that enables up to $6.3M in funding to pursue acquisitions and develop assets.
Under the existing option structure:
* 35.8m options exercisable at $0.025, majority expire on 4th Sep 2010, which can raise $0.9 million. The company has received multiple option exercise forms from shareholders and anticipate the full amount before their expiry.
* 35.8m options exercisable at $0.05, majority expire on 4th Sep 2011, which can raise $1.8 million. The company has also received multiple option exercise forms from shareholders, 16 months before their expiry.
* 35.8m options exercisable at $0.10, majority expire on 4th Sep 2012, which can raise $3.6 million.
InvestMet Limited has stated their intention to exercise options as necessary to support the acquisition.
Background to Paulsens Acquisition
NST recently signed a legally binding agreement to purchase the Paulsens Gold Mine in Western Australia's Pilbara from Intrepid Mines Limited (IAU) ? see ASX release dated 6 May.
Under the terms of the agreement NST will pay $15 million in cash - effectively reimbursing IAU for the costs associated with developing the Stage 1 mine plan.

NST will also pay a performance-based production royalty of $200 for every ounce of gold sold up to a maximum 60,000 ounces, capping the royalty at $12 million.

IAU has recently invested $14 million to extend the mine life for a further 45,000 ounces (Stage 1 mine plan) which NST anticipates will generate surplus cash of $25 million at a gold price of A$1,200/oz.

An additional $1 million cash surplus is generated for every $A25/oz increase in the gold price received above A$1,200/oz for the stage 1 mine plan. NST will be the sole financial beneficiary of this surplus cash from 1 June 2010 the date from which processing is expected to resume.

Yours faithfully,
Bill Beament
Managing Director
Northern Star Resources Ltd  
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01.01.18 14:38

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST 6,10 A$ (neues 52 Wochen-Hoch!)

Selbst in der letzten Handelswoche des Jahres schafft es Northern Star ein neues 52 Wochen-Hoch (bei 6,24 A$) zu erklimmen. Diese Aktie hat in 2017 rund 66% an Wert gewonnen! Dazu gab es noch 2 schöne Dividendenzahlungen, insgesamt rund 0,129 A$ = 2,1% Dividendenrendite.  

04.03.18 17:40

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 6,40 A$ (neues 52 Wochen-Hoch!)

11.04.18 11:23

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 6,44 A$

Northern Star Res. schliesst Kauf des South Kalgoorlie Assets ab

Das Transaktionsvolumen beträgt 80 Mio. A$, 60 Mio. in NST Aktien und 20 Mio. A$ in Cash.


30.04.18 16:20

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 6,39 A$

Northern Star Res. meldet Produktionszahlen für das März-Quartal 2018

~ 124 koz Gold


30.06.18 14:33

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 7,26 A$ (neues 52 Wochen-Hoch!)

02.08.18 14:56

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 7,21 A$

Northern Star Res. gibt ein Explorationsbudget von 60 Mio. A$ bekannt


30.08.18 09:41

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 6,96 A$

Northern Star Resources kauft Pogo Mine für 260 Mio. $ von Sumitomo

"Pogo produced 271,273 ounces at an all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of $US882 an ounce in calendar 2017, making it the eighth largest  gold mine in the United States."


04.09.18 11:27

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 8,10 A$ (neues 52 Wochen-Hoch!)

stark überzeichnete 175 Mio. A$ Privatplatzierung

Zur Finanzierung der Minenübernahme, der Rest wird aus dem Cash bezahlt.

"The placement of ~26.1 million new shares was completed at A$6.70 per share..."


01.10.18 12:13

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 8,35 A$

Northern Star hat den Kauf der Pogo Mine erfolgreich abgeschlossen


13.11.18 14:30

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 8,39 A$

03.01.19 12:21

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 9,57 A$

East Kundana JV Partner weisen Übernahmeangebot als "zu niedrig" zurück


26.01.19 12:45

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 8,05 A$

Northern Star meldet Produktionszahlen für 2018

  • Dezember-Quartal 2018 ~211 koz Gold / AISC 1365 A$/oz
    • Australien 153 koz Gold / AISC 1246 A$/oz
    • U.S.~58 koz Gold / AISC 1681 A$/oz
  • Prognose von 850-900 koz Gold bestätigt


27.08.19 11:42

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 11,57 A$ (-7%)

30.10.19 17:12

647 Postings, 6128 Tage TothoNoch jemand hier investiert? Wie seht ihr

derzeit die Nachkaufchancen oder sind die Perspektiven nicht so gut, wenn die Edelmetallpreise wieder anziehen?  

16.12.19 10:04

55 Postings, 501 Tage RintintinNews

Northern Star Resources is poised to acquire US giant Newmont Goldcorp's 50 per cent stake in Western Australia's famous Super Pit mine.

The Super Pit gold mine in Kalgoorlie.  Carla Gottgens

The $6.26 billion gold producer is expected to launch an equity raising to fund the acquisition and brokers Macquarie Capital and Canaccord Genuity have been tapped to oversee the deal, as first reported by this column.

It is understood the brokers were refining details around pricing and structure on Monday. A deal was expected to launch on Tuesday.

The offer size for the capital raising is about $700 million, sources said.

Sources said Northern Star would pay a bit more for its 50 per cent stake than Perth-based Saracen Mineral Holdings did when it bought Canadian rival Barrick Gold's half-share in the Kalgoorlie gold mine for $1.1 billion, given it will inherit Newmont's operator status at the mine.  

16.12.19 15:46

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 9,65 A$

Gerücht: Northern Star an den 50% des Kalgoorlie Super Pit von Newmont interessiert


17.12.19 08:37

55 Postings, 501 Tage RintintinSo sieht es aus....


?Northern Star Resources has entered into a binding sale agreement with Newmont Goldcorp Australia, a subsidiary of Newmont Goldcorp Corporation,to acquire all the shares in Kalgoorlie Lake View Pty Ltd (KLV), which holds a 50%interest in KalgoorlieConsolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd (KCGM)and in the operationsand assetsmanaged by KCGM (KCGM Operations),for US$775 million and associated assetsfor US$25 million,for a total consideration of US$800million

?The associated assets for US$25 million comprise:a separate parcel of nearby Kalgoorlie tenements 100per cent-owned by Newmont,atransitionalservices arrangementand a US$25 million conditionally refundableoption arrangement to acquire the Newmontpower businesswhichsuppliespower to KCGM

?KCGM is a 50:50 JV between Newmontand Saracen Mineral Holdings and includes the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, among other deposits

?The Transaction delivers NorthernStar a half-share of one ofthe most significantgold systems in the worldwith anendowmentof~80Mozand aspectaculargold content of ~45,000to60,000ozper verticalmetre

?Saracen is an extremely favourable JV partnerfor Northern Star considering itsdemonstrated trackrecord in expeditiouslyunlocking value from assets it has acquired, complementaryskillsetsand theirfamiliaritywith the Western AustralianGoldfields

?Theacquisitionwill be immediatelyaccretive toNorthern Staron an EV/Reserves, EV/Resource, P/NAVbasis and earnings per share inits first full financial year of ownership (FY2021)

?KCGMfor the past two calendaryears has producedon average ~590,000oz per annum at an AISC of US$913/oz

?KCGM has non-JORC Reserves of 7.3Moz and Resources of11.7Moz1(100%basis); Currentmine life is13 years2. The acquisition price equates to less thanUS$140 per Resource ounce


08.07.20 12:03

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 14.84 A$

Zahlen für FY20

  • Produktion 905 koz Gold
    • Jundee 300 koz
    • Pogo 174 koz
    • Kalgoorlie 319 koz
    • KCGM (50%) 112 koz
  • Dividende 7,5 A-Cents
  • Hedge book auf 536 koz zu 2085A$ reduziert
  • 200 Mio. A$ Schulden zurück gezahlt im Juli 2020


23.07.20 11:29

55 Postings, 501 Tage RintintinNorthern Star....Gute Zahlen

23.07.20 13:16

5799 Postings, 1153 Tage VassagoNST.AX 15.90 A$

Produktionszahlen für das Juni-Quartal 2020

  • 267 koz Gold, nach 237 koz im März-Quartal
    • davon Jundee 102 koz
    • Kalgoorlie 83 koz
    • Super Pit 33 koz
    • Pogo 55 koz
  • FY20 Produktion 905 koz Gold


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