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18.09.10 16:20

Clubmitglied, 35397 Postings, 4885 Tage TerasZur actuellen-SILVERADO-Chartistik:

Zur actuellen-SILVERADO-Chartistik: Ausgeprägte Correctur. - Die bequemsten Nachkauf-Marken wurden bereits am FREITAG (3.9.2010) wie folgt bestimmt:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...
Angehängte Grafik:
2010-09-17-zur-actuellen-silverado-chartistik.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

21.09.10 16:58

154 Postings, 5375 Tage Jones2Hoffnung besteht weiter!

AXcess News: Junior Alaska Gold Mining Company Prepares for Production

Press Release Source: AXcess News On Tuesday September 21, 2010, 6:00 am EDT
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 09/21/10) - Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (OTC.BB:SLGLF - News) is preparing to go into production at its Nolan project in Alaska. The company's NI 43-101 amended report from June 2009 recommended a 200 ton per-day mill, though development work to expand gold resources will commence first.

According to Silverado Gold's 2009 Annual Report, the company has spent close to $36 million on the Nolan Project since first acquiring the claims in 1979 that comprise 12 square miles and have completed an impressive amount of pre-development work that includes a complete mining camp capable of housing 23 miners, including a high-capacity well in nearby Wiseman, Alaska which provides fresh drinking water for the community as well as the Nolan Camp. Considering how much development has gone into the preparation of the Nolan mine, outside of a drilling program to expand on its gold resources, only the mill would be needed to commence production.

So far Silverado Gold has been quiet about its development plans outside of information found in its Annual Report and NI 43-101 geologists report, though in picking through those disclosure documents one can understand why.

According to the NI 43-101 report, the preparing geologist said, "The average gold price in 2008 was $865 per ounce." But with gold bullion setting record prices for the third day in a row Monday, gold is now $1280 per ounce and many precious metals analysts are forecasting $1300 gold by the fourth quarter.

In a story published by AXcess News earlier this month we noted that expenditures on gold production in Canada dropped 47% in 2009 while in Nevada, the 6th largest gold producer in the world, expenditures fell 15.5%. Commodity prices and demand were at the root of those cutbacks in the wake of the worst recession seen in decades. But now investments are expected to surge in the second half of this year as prices and demand have returned to the marketplace. That places Silverado Gold in the right position to move forward on its Nolan Project.

SLGLF reports that its probable reserves are 42,400 tons of ore with an average grade of 0.408 ounces per ton, or 17,300 ounces of minable gold. An additional 2,841 ounces of indicated reserves were also reported, though the company's property could well prove to extend those resources further once drilling commences in the second quarter of 2011.

While Silverado Gold Mining Ltd's Nolan Project may seem small at a 200 ton-per-day production rate, the mill capacity can most likely be expanded once additional ore bodies are developed. Yet in preparing for production, the Company is coming into the marketplace at an ideal time when bullion prices are at record levels and production rates have yet to catch up. A formula like that could mean a win-win for both investors and Silverado Gold Mining Ltd.

Note to Editors: "News Features" are stories provided to publishers copyright-free for print or online display at no charge. All we ask is that publishers include our byline (AXcess News) as the source, or if online, link to our Web site: If you are interested in displaying our news on a regular basis, please contact our editorial department at: 775-461-0362 or

Gruß J.  

21.09.10 18:38

26506 Postings, 4910 Tage brunnetabei Nasdaq heute OTC BB 0,0050$ +11,11%

Nasdaq OTC BB   0,0050   $  +11,11% 0,0045 $ 500.000 7.238.830 0,0046 -  0,0052 18:16:19
Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
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21.09.10 19:48

26506 Postings, 4910 Tage brunnetaNasdaq OTC BB 0,0051 $ +13,33%

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21.09.10 20:48

224 Postings, 5289 Tage superspekuEilmeldung! Fed behält Leitzins bei und warnt vor

nun gibt es beim goldpreis wohl kein halten mehr.hehe

lg speku  

21.09.10 20:51

224 Postings, 5289 Tage superspekuFed steht zum Kampf gegen Deflation bereit

Die US-Notenbank wird notfalls noch mehr Geld in den Markt pumpen, um einem Preisverfall zu begegnen. Zugleich beließ der Offenmarktausschuss den Leitzins auf einem Rekordtief - die Wall Street zieht ebenso an wie die Gold-Notierungen. mehr  

28.09.10 16:52

26506 Postings, 4910 Tage brunnetada hat woll einer zugeschlagen..

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30.09.10 12:25

Clubmitglied, 35397 Postings, 4885 Tage TerasAuch der blöde Umrechnungs-Fehler...

Auch unser lausiger UMRECHNUNGS-Fehler ist wiederum in den zuständigen Thread
zur ENTSTÖRUNG gemeldet:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...
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11.10.10 04:04

Clubmitglied, 35397 Postings, 4885 Tage TerasUmrechnungs-Fehler jetzt corrigiert:

Der im vorigen Beitrag #9583 vom Donnerstag (30.9.2010) ansprochene Fehler in der RICHTUNG der Währungs-Umrechnung ist inzwischen CORRIGIERT.

Die Erfolg-reiche Entstörung wurde als #662 im zuständigen Thread documentiert:
Unsere Plattform gemeinsam verbessern...

22.11.10 18:35

154 Postings, 5375 Tage Jones2nichts mehr los im Forum ?

zum Aufmuntern....

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (SLGLF.OB)
SLGLF our Glistening Gold Discovery?

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (SLGLF) has committed over three decades of work to the exploration, development and test mining of gold properties throughout North America. In the mid-1980s, the Company decided to focus its efforts in Alaska. SLGLF has extensive experience in geological, geochemical and geophysical exploration techniques. The Company?s mineral holdings are located in the Fairbanks Mining District and in the Koyukuk Mining District, consisting of both lode and placer mining claims. At the present time, the primary focus is the exploration and development of the Nolan Gold Project and the Hammond property located 175 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. SLGLF also is continuing with exploration activities on the Eagle Creek Property and the Ester Dome Project, which are both located in the Fairbanks Mining District. The Combined Probable Reserve and Indicated Resource Metal Value is 54,451 tons, or approximately $73.3 million in antimony and $20.8 million in gold, subject to estimated pricing and other assumptions outlined in detail in the NI43-101 available at the Company website. There is 34,206 tons of additional inferred resource and SLGLF has identified at least one sub-parallel system indicated on the property.
Silverado Gold Mines LTD is a mining exploration enterprise on the verge of entering ?Production Phase? for their Nolan project. The Company has spent approximately $36 million acquiring, exploring, and test exploration on the Nolan Gold Project. According to CEO & President Garry L. Anselmo, the company is very close to disclosing their plan to initiate production



23.11.10 17:21

2625 Postings, 6509 Tage micha1bewegung kommt rein

23.11.10 18:58

154 Postings, 5375 Tage Jones2dann kann es für viele zu spät sein......

Investor Alert: China to Control Rare and Essential Minerals ? An Inside Look at Antimony and Silverado Gold Mines (SLGLF)
Mineral Company Prospects Northgate Minerals (AMEX: NXG) a promising prospect is producing cash yet still has room to grow as they continue to mine gold and copper. Silverado Gold Mines Ltd (OTCBB: SLGLF) a junior minor poised for production
(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 19, 2010 ) San Diego, CA - The mineral known as Antimony, is vital to the global production of essential items, and now China wants to tighten control and limit availability to other nations. There are only a few Antimony depositories outside China and one of the largest in found in Alaska, owned by a company called Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (OTCBB: SLGLF).

Antimony is scarcely produced in America, and only a few domestic deposits are capable of production within a timeline conducive to capitalizing on China's stranglehold on the market. In an August 31, 2010 release Silverado quoted a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that shows China produced 170,000 tonnes of antimony out of a total global output of 187,000 tonnes in 2009. Talk about a monopoly.

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. seldom speaks of their antimony reserves, as few investors understand the resource. According to Martin Hayes, chief correspondent of (a London metals trading company) -- the antimony markets advanced from $4,000 USD per tonne in early 2009 to $9,800 per tonne in July 2010. The NI 43-101 resource report from Silverado Gold Mines on Nolan Creek, which provides an insight into resources in a selected drilling section, shows significant indicated and inferred antimony and gold resources.

Global shortage of rare and essential minerals that are the main components used in the critical production of emerging technologies strengthens China?s monopoly.

These rare and sparsely available minerals include beryllium, cobalt, fluorspar, gallium, germanium, graphite, indium, magnesium, and most notably -- antimony. These minerals are predominantly available and mined in China, and the Chinese are the world?s biggest consumer of antimony, though it is also highly demanded component in the US, Europe and throughout the world.

China now plans to tighten control by only allowing state owned companies to mine these minerals, putting the Chinese government in complete ownership of these elements, furthering restrictions on export.

Now the US is thinking of taking over the issue from the European Union (EU) as it mulls options to take the case to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The U.S. Congress ordered a study of alternative sources because of the American military?s dependence on China?s supply of rare earth minerals.

The report furthered stated the European Union has joined the bandwagon with a report published warning of a shortage of 14 materials with 11 of them being rare materials found mostly in China. A group of experts has warned about the shortage of antimony, beryllium, cobalt, fluorspar, gallium and others. This is leading environmental ruin and chaotic development.

Several macroeconomic circumstances favor Silverado Gold Mines Ltd; namely the price of gold, which recently soared to record highs, and the emerging market for antimony with an utter lack of domestic availability. The corresponding price increases in Silverado's (OTCBB: SLGLF) resources increase feasibility of their mining projects. As noted in a prior editorial, Ester Dome (where Silverado also owns mining claims) has already attracted the attention of Agnico-Eagle Mines (NYSE: AEM).


For further information regarding Silverado Gold Mines Ltd

For further information

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.: Update to August 31, 2010 News Release
Antimony Prices Soar; Silverado Drill Core Examination Shows Mineralized Widths Over 60 Feet



23.11.10 20:24

2131 Postings, 5520 Tage hello_againnix los im Forum

War mein erster Pennystock. Eine meiner ersten Aktien.

Sind jetzt abgeschrieben. Wert fast null. Falls noch was kommt, freue ich mich, ansonsten wars das :)  

24.11.10 08:10

26506 Postings, 4910 Tage brunneta@hello_again: kommt noch wenn die News kommen

Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
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24.11.10 21:16

154 Postings, 5375 Tage Jones2alles ist möglich

warum nicht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$SLGLF a "TAKE-OVER" candidate?

Their are few Antimony mines located outside of china.One of the largests is owned be Silverado. "Antimony" is vital to the global production of essential items, and now China wants to tighten control and limit availability to other nations!

Antimony is scarcely produced in America, and only a few domestic deposits are capable of production within a timeline conducive to capitalizing on China?s stranglehold on the market! (Silverado is poised to capitalize)
"Talk about a monopoly" !!

As noted in a prior editorial, Ester Dome (where Silverado also owns mining claims) has already attracted the attention of Agnico-Eagle Mines (NYSE: AEM).

The Major U.S.A mining companies will be looking to cut deals with Silverado.

Taking the above information into consideration , It is possible to categorize SLGLF as a "Likely" TAKE-OVER candidate!!



11.12.10 20:39

101 Postings, 3930 Tage reinrausGreenfuel

Was ist eigentlich aus dem Greenfuel Projekt geworden?  

21.12.10 14:19

2625 Postings, 6509 Tage micha1Kommt jetzt hier Rebound?

21.12.10 14:20

2625 Postings, 6509 Tage micha1Kommt jetzt hier ein Rebound?

22.12.10 19:07

5216 Postings, 3888 Tage DerWahrsagerwas ist denn

30.12.10 20:14

4647 Postings, 3907 Tage Alibabagold1,2 Milliarden Aktien

Das nenne ich mal dilution pur. 1,2 Milliarden Aktien auf dem Markt.
Schade, dass die Verwässerung so groß ist.
Habe lange recherchiert und Silverado ist und bleibt auf meiner Watchliste!  

03.01.11 20:23

270 Postings, 4854 Tage xavierthree@ all

bin schon ne weile hier Investiert, ganz ehrlich seit meinem Invest 50% Verlust, aber hier kanns ganz schnell nach oben gehen von daher mach ich mir wenig sorgen um mein eingesetztes Kapital, ist ein sehr interessanter Trade ;)  

09.01.11 05:54

26506 Postings, 4910 Tage brunnetaGold sieht gut aus - Silber noch besser
Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
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12.01.11 09:21

154 Postings, 5375 Tage Jones2News!!

Siehe : webside

36 Page Report Summarizes Certain

Information Gathered to Date

on Silverado?s

Nolan Gold and Antimony Mine

Vancouver, BC, January 11, 2011 ? Silverado Gold Mines Ltd (OTCBB: SLGLF) (Frankfurt: SLGL) (the ?Company? or ?Silverado?) announced today the release of a 36 page report on the Company?s 100% owned and operated Nolan Creek gold and antimony mine. To view the report, click here.

?The report summarizes certain information gathered to date on the Nolan project,? stated Garry Anselmo, President and CEO of Silverado. ?The key to understanding the report is to review the cross references when you come to them. This will have the effect of walking the reader through the property.?

The Nolan Creek gold and antimony mine is located in Arctic Alaska, approximately 280 miles north of Fairbanks in the historic Koyukuk Mining District.


Silverado Gold Mines Ltd, a publicly traded company, is an exploration-stage enterprise focused on the exploration of gold properties with some past production. The Company has gold properties located throughout Alaska, which include a 100% interest in numerous mining claims located on the Nolan Creek property.



12.01.11 09:24

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