Calypte!!! Was seht Ihr als ... Fortsetzung

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06.10.03 09:50

58960 Postings, 6462 Tage Kalli2003Calypte!!! Was seht Ihr als ... Fortsetzung

bei aktuell 1,07? in FSE

So long (oder doch besser short?)

Kalli   ... Du blöde Kiste, ich mach Dich platt, ich stell Dich ab! Aaaaaagghhh ...

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24.10.03 13:58

4012 Postings, 6482 Tage standingovationwird werden sehen... o. T.

24.10.03 14:39

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenkena hab die kurve noch bekommen

halte caly doch noch ein wenig, habe anderweitig noch ein paar ?urolein für Clincal cell freigemacht.

gruß Grenke  

24.10.03 14:43

4012 Postings, 6482 Tage standingovationwas denn das? clinical what??

ist das auch so ein geiler schein??  

24.10.03 15:26

4012 Postings, 6482 Tage standingovationhat jemand RT zu caly? bin eben nicht@home... o. T.

24.10.03 15:28

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenke@ standing

hier lese mal und dann endscheide selbst ob gut oder nicht, bevor ich hier wieder als puscher bezeichnet werde, meiner meinung nach aber sehr gut.

gruß Grenke  

24.10.03 15:33

4719 Postings, 6308 Tage leobmwmoin moin / USA : 1,47 o. T.

24.10.03 15:34

4012 Postings, 6482 Tage standingovation@grenke: danke & habe nie gedacht dass du pusht!

auch bei caly war immer alles offen, wie es mit aktien halt so ist ;-))  

24.10.03 16:11

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenkena gott sei dank,

habe schon gedacht das sich alle verschworen haben.

Na hatte natürlich nicht damit gerechnet das wir Calygemeinde letztlich doch zusammenhalten.

schön noch Freunde zu haben ( smile)
gruß Grenke  

24.10.03 16:17

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenkeCalypte die nächsten 100.000.000 % sind drinn,

war jetzt ein spass, denn ich würde
würde nie puschen.

Ne jetzt mal ohne spass, was meint ihr wie weit die noch gehen können ?
Ich pers. hoffe nach wie vor auf 5-10?, aber wie gesagt die betonung auf hoffen.

gruß Grenke  

24.10.03 16:38

2973 Postings, 6251 Tage Optimal... ja wenn man sieht wo die schon mal waren

dann kann wirklich nur hoffen ...


24.10.03 16:49

4012 Postings, 6482 Tage standingovationwenn dann die wirklich fundamentalen news kommen

geht dieses teil ab in richtung 10$. das ist meine bescheidene meinung  

24.10.03 17:21

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenkesolange kann ich nicht warten,

aus diesem grund habe ich mir gerade so ein 0,013 cent teil gekauft von dem ich keine Ahnung habe (smile)

wkn 937100

frag aber nicht was die machen, keine ahnung einfach nur optisch billig, mal sehen wo die in einem jahr stehen.

gruß Grenke

P.S Calypte bleibt selbstverständlich drinn ist doch klar oder  

25.10.03 00:04

4313 Postings, 6260 Tage CarpmanSchöner Wochenschluss

Es ist doch wirklich beruhigend zu sehen, dass die Zocker ihr Interesse an Caly verloren zu haben scheinen! Der Wert hat eine MK von über $85Mio. und es werden lediglich 750.000Stück gehandelt in USA. Das ist seeehr wenig! Ich finde es gut, da kaum einer verkaufen will und bei DER ersehnten Meldung der Kurs in noch ganz andere Regionen vorstoßen könnte!  

25.10.03 01:14

563 Postings, 6235 Tage MoneyworksKeine Unternehmenszahlen ???

Wo bleiben denn die angekündigten Quartalszahlen ???  

25.10.03 09:03

4719 Postings, 6308 Tage leobmwneuer Presseartikel !!

Testing global waters

Within months of returning from the poorhouse, Calypte Biomedical Corp. is heading toward profitability by entering new markets overseas, where demand is the highest for its urine-based HIV tests.

< back

Published: Friday, October 24, 2003


Armed with a new strategy and leadership team, the company last week received approval for its products to be used in Kenya. This comes just months after its products were approved in Uganda and China.

The 15-year-old company makes the only two FDA-approved HIV tests that rely on urine samples (an initial test and a follow-up test). Typically, tests for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, rely on blood samples. Since Calypte's products were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1996 and 1998, respectively, the company's revenue has been driven by sales to life-insurance companies and blood banks in the United States. However, earlier this year, the company ran out of money and stopped manufacturing products.

But that's all changed. Alameda-based Calypte resumed production in June. It is now forging ahead with a global strategy and readying to commercialize a new, rapid-version of its urine-based tests, which is expected to become its lead product within a year.

"They used to have a story that was typical for many biotechs: Good drug, bad management. But Calypte has done a 180 [degree turnaround]," says David Miller, co-chair of the Cornell-Columbia AIDS Clinical Trial Group's Community Advisory Board, which is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Miller is an independent consultant and owns no Calypte stock.

He says urine-based tests make widespread HIV testing viable for the first time. Unlike blood-based tests, urine-based tests can be easily disposed of, without risk of contamination. They also can be administered by anyone and are more affordable than other products, he says.

"Compared to a blood-based test, the differentiation in pricing isn't even comparable," says Miller, who says an average blood-based test costs $150 compared with Calypte's $2 urine test.

For Calypte, the overseas market likely will be its mainstay. Actual HIV infection rates are unknown, since most of the world's population has not been tested. And since HIV takes many years, sometimes decades, to become full-blown AIDS, health officials struggle to accurately depict the extent of the HIV epidemic.

In 2001, an estimated 40 million people were living with HIV and AIDS, not including an estimated 200,000 Americans who don't know they are infected. In severely inflicted countries, such as South Africa, children beg on roadsides for HIV "cocktail" drugs.

Calypte is now readying to serve these growing markets.

Facing mounting losses and unable to maintain its stock listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the company saw a management shake-up and a reverse stock split earlier in the year. Former president and CEO Nancy Katz left in June. Jay Oyakawa stepped in as president and COO, while former chairman Anthony Cataldo became CEO.

Since the changes, Calypte's stock (OTCBB: CYPT) has increased 1,100 percent from 12 cents in early July to $1.46 at press time.

Oyakawa aims to shift the company into revenue mode by expanding its distribution channels outside the United States and quickly commercializing a rapid version of its existing products. A rapid urine test, which provides immediate results, has many advantages over existing urine tests, which must be sent to a laboratory for analysis and typically take three days to a week for results.

Since Oyakawa came on board, the company has raised $12.5 million from London-based investment firm Marr Group, which it has used to gain regulatory approval to sell into Botswana, Uganda and China.

Oyakawa declined to disclose revenues from these new markets. But he expects overseas sales will drive the company's revenue within the next two quarters and beyond.

The company also is applying for approval with regulators in Russia, India and other African regions. Since medical device approvals in many foreign countries often takes as few as three months -- compared to years in the United States -- Calypte's global strategy may be executed relatively quickly, Oyakawa says.

But the company's greatest earnings potential may lie with its experimental rapid HIV urine test, which works much like a home-pregnancy test and immediately indicates whether a person is carrying HIV antibodies.

The product is slated to be submitted to the FDA for approval in mid-2004. It would be a breakthrough for Third World countries and rural areas, since the results are instant and require no additional infrastructure, such as diagnostic equipment that costs $400,000 to $500,000, Miller says.

The rapid urine test likely would not be sold over the counter, at least not initially in the United States, because those infected must have immediate access to counseling and support services, Oyakawa says. However, in parts of Africa, there has been interest in it as a consumer product, for privacy reasons and ease-of-use in the home, adds Oyakawa.

Calypte expects to begin a clinical trial by early next year and submit it to the FDA for approval within six months.

Just how long the FDA-approval process will take is anyone's guess, but the company will tackle approval in overseas markets simultaneously. This includes countries that already use its existing tests, as well as India and Russia.

"We already understand what needs to be done for approval for the countries that we're approaching," Oyakawa says.

Overseas markets will drive the bulk of future revenues, particularly in countries that are deeply affected by the HIV epidemic, he adds. "We believe there's pent-up demand in international markets."

Another rapid HIV test is already on the market, however it is not urine-based. Bethlehem, Pa.-based OraSure Technologies Inc. had its rapid blood-based HIV test approved in late 2002, which can diagnose a drop of blood within 20 minutes and can be used outside a laboratory.

Still, Calypte is planning to eke out a $5 million profit by the end of 2004 and generate $23 million to $25 million in revenue for the calendar year. For its most recent quarter, ended June 30, the company reported an $8 million loss, or 72 cents per share, on $749,000 in revenue.

"They haven't begun the stage of trials they need for the FDA, but they already know through lab tests that the rapid product works," Miller explains. "It's such a quick, easy win for the company ... and provides the only way to get a real understanding of what's going on in the world with HIV."

Rhonda Ascierto is a Biz Ink reporter.
You can reach her at


25.10.03 09:41

4313 Postings, 6260 Tage CarpmanKlasse Artikel, leobmw!

Weißt du zufällig , was für einen ekanntheitsgrad das Magazin hat? Ist es für die Öffentlichkeit oder eher für medizinische Kreise bestimmt?


25.10.03 09:48

4719 Postings, 6308 Tage leobmw@carpmann

das kann ich Dir auch nicht sagen - hab ich aus dem Ranking Bull Vorum - die sind alle ganz wuschig und wollen den Artikel an andere Pressestellen weiterleiten !!

Angeblich halten die bei Ranking Bull alleine über 3 Millionen Aktien / und wie es scheint haben Sie auch gute Kontakte - aber auch da bzw gerade da darf man nicht alles glauben !

hier nochmal der Link zu Ranking :



25.10.03 10:02

4313 Postings, 6260 Tage CarpmanCaly

Danke leobmw,

habe die Diskussion drüben nachgelesen. Finde die Idee mit dem Verbreiten total klasse!! Sollte man hier in Deutschland auch machen!! Aber in einiger Zeit wird so oder so jedermann Caly kennen! Mir gefällt der Artikel auf jeden Fall!!

Oh man, ich habe eine echte Hammeraktie für Montag im Blick! Hoffentlich komme ich noch zu vernünftigen Preisen rein, bevor die richtig durch die Decke geht!!!  

25.10.03 10:05

4719 Postings, 6308 Tage leobmwdie fängt mit N an - richtig ? o. T.

25.10.03 10:12

4313 Postings, 6260 Tage CarpmanNö! o. T.

25.10.03 18:28

5952 Postings, 7192 Tage grenkefreu o. T.

25.10.03 18:42

194 Postings, 6223 Tage Lenny71Webseite

Wie lautet die URL von dieser Ranking Bull Seite  

25.10.03 20:10

4313 Postings, 6260 Tage o. T.

17.11.03 23:40

563 Postings, 6235 Tage MoneyworksKann man nun wieder blind...

...sich ein paar Caly-Lappen kaufen ??? Oder vielleicht doch noch etwas warten ???...  

18.11.03 22:12

563 Postings, 6235 Tage und nun...? o. T.

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