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10.06.12 23:11

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemFocus Graphite - Auf dem Weg zu einem Produzenten

"Lac Knife in Quebec, Canada is being developed by Focus Metals Inc.  (TSX.V:FMS, OTXQX:FCSMF, F:FKC), which will soon change its name to  Focus Graphite Inc. It has a NI 43-101-compliant mineral-resource  estimate, with 0.64 Mt of the resource at the Measured level @ 15.6 wt%  CG, 4.3 Mt of the resource at the Indicated level @ 15.7% CG and 3.0 Mt  at the Inferred level @ 15.6 wt% CG (each at a cut-off grade of 5.0  wt%)..


Lac Knife - Development Plan

• Feasibility studies completed

• PEA completed May 2011

• Expansion drilling Summer 2012

• Targeting ~20,000 tonnes annual production (95%-‐97%)

• ~3,000 tpa high purity (99.99%) graphite

• Simple graphite ore processing – Crushing, flotation, screening, drying, and bagging

• Pit limits extend to 125 metres depth – 6 metres average overburden thickness

• Construction Start & Period: Q3/4 2012 -Q3/Q4 2013

• Production Start: Q4 2012 - Q1 2013


Toward Economically Scalable Affordable Graphene

• Collaboration is the key to the future
• We bring three important elements to collaboration: expertise; knowhow for tailoring graphene, and; developing successful application processes
• Product: the highest-quality graphite in the world
• Process: unique processes and chemistry

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10.06.12 23:13

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem@ miningscout

"..Nur wenige Graphitunternehmen können bereits mittelfristig von den hohen Graphitpreisen profitieren, da die Anzahl der entwickelten Projekte rar ist. Hier bieten sich aktuell drei Unternehmen aus Kanada an, die bereits fortgeschritten sind und bis Anfang 2014 die Graphitproduktion aufnehmen wollen. Das erste Unternehmen ist Northern Graphite (A1H95Z), dessen kanadisches Projekt eine lukrative Lokalisierung inmitten von vielen, potentiellen Endproduktabnehmern vorweisen kann. Das zweite Unternehmen hat seinen Namen zuletzt passend zu Focus Graphite (WKN A1JYY6) gewechselt und besitzt in Quebec das hochgradigste Graphitvorkommen der Welt. Das dritte Unternehmen ist in Schweden aktiv. Flinders Resources (WKN A1JUP8) hat letztes Jahr eine historische Graphitmine erworben, die noch lange nicht ausgebeutet ist.."


10.06.12 23:14

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# 1


"Production Start: Q4 2013 - Q1 2014


11.06.12 10:16

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemName change

Focus Metals Changes Its Name to Focus Graphite
OTTAWA- May 24, 2012 - Focus Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:FMS)(OTCQX:FCSMF)(FRANKFURT:FKC) (the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that following the approval of a special resolution by the Corporation’s shareholders at the annual and special meeting of shareholders of the Corporation held on May 3rd, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, the Corporation has changed its name and will now trade on the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”) under the name “Focus Graphite Inc.” as of May 25, 2012. The Corporation will continue trading on the Exchange under the stock symbol “FMS”.

Focus Graphite President and CEO Gary Economo said the change in corporate identity represents a truer description of the company’s core business activities.

Focus Graphite represents a turning point for us and for our shareholders as we prepare to transition out of pre-development at Lac Knife and into development during the course of the coming year to 18 months” Mr. Economo said.

Our aim is to develop and then manufacture the best technology graphite in the world,” he said. “Additional shareholder value will come from our investment in commercialized graphene through our joint venture partner, Grafoid Inc.”

On May 7, 2012, Focus Metals Inc. and Hydro-Québec’s world-leading research institute, IREQ, announced the signing of a licensing agreement enabling the development of a graphite purification facility and a graphite anode production facility for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Mr. Economo said the agreement provided a critical pillar in building Focus Graphite’s mine-to-end-user supply chain structure. 


11.06.12 10:17

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemLara option

Focus Graphite and Lara Sign Agreement for the Canindé Graphite Project, Ciera State, Brazil
OTTAWA – June 4, 2012 - Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX VENTURE: FMS) (OTCQX: FCSMF) (FRANKFURT: FKC) (“Focus” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent (the “Agreement”) with Lara Exploration Ltd. (“Lara”) for Lara’s wholly-owned Canindé graphite project located in Ceará State, northeastern Brazil.

The Canindé project comprises 11 registered exploration licenses and an additional six exploration licenses pending approval by the Brazilian Department of Mines (“DNPM”). The project covers a total surface area of 15,615 hectares and hosts 22 surface graphite occurrences discovered by Lara in mid-2011.

The occurrences define a 16 km long, north-northwest trending graphitic corridor in high-grade metamorphic rocks within the Project area. Individual graphite occurrences range in width from less than 1 m to maximum of 10 m and host from 1-2%, disseminated graphite in paragneiss and schist (mostly flakes) to over 50% graphite in narrow lenses in gneiss, schist, pegmatitic migmatites and in brecciated horizons in gneiss. Graphitic carbon contents for surface grab samples from 15 of the occurrences range from less than 1% to a high of 42.04 %. The project is accessible by road..


11.06.12 10:30

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# Investor-Update v. FG-Broker

11.06.12 10:55

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemGreat Expectations for World's 'Wonder Materials'

Graphite & Graphene 101: Great Expectations for the World's 'Wonder Materials'

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Increasing media attention on graphite and graphene and their potential applications in a variety of fields ranging from water purification to rust prevention to nuclear power are being highlighted by various universities and research centers across the globe. These emerging applications are proving that scientists and researchers indeed have great expectations for graphite and graphene as a versatile material that will make our world cleaner, greener and more sustainable. Realizing that some GraphiteBlog readers may be new to the graphite markets we thought it’d be timely to do a graphene 101 piece to set the foundation for more advanced pieces on the topic..


11.06.12 11:40

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemDie größten Graphitminen

Libertas provides a list of the top graphite producers along with their annual production:

  • Jixi Liumao Graphite Resource (China)             90,000 tonnes
  • Heilongjiang Austrian Yu Graphite (China)         80,000 tonnes
  • Qingdao Haide Graphite (China)                     75,000 tonnes
  • Chenzhou Lutang Crystalline Graphite (China)         70,000 tonnes
  • Nacional de Graphite (Brazil)                             70,000 tonnes
  • Karaback Metal & Mining (Turkey)                     50,000 tonnes
  • Qingdao Hensen Graphite (China)                     38,000 tonnes
  • Lubei Yxaing Graphite (China)                             30,000 tonnes
  • Extractive Menaquinone (Brazil)                         30,000 tonnes
  • Graphite Kaiser berg (Austria)                             30,000 tonnes 




12.06.12 13:15

25 Postings, 4061 Tage loki82mal

ein großes danke an carpe_diem für die aktuellsten news aus dem sektor.  

12.06.12 14:35

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem@ loki

Gerne ;-)  

12.06.12 14:39

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemAusblick

Graphite Demand for Batteries to Increase as Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle Charging System under Development

Monday, June 11, 2012

The market for full electric vehicles (EV’s), as opposed to hybrid ones, has been slower than expected. Analysts and manufacturers had predicted higher demand in view of the growing prices for petroleum based fuels. Cars like the Nissan Leaf or even semi-hybrid vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt have shown disappointing sales results – so much so that GM, for instance, suspended sales of the Volt last March for a several weeks, laying-off over 1,000 employees.  The main reason for the sluggish result, however, has been identified. Recharging technology has failed to keep up with battery technology. Most EV’s require at least eight hours of charging time from a standard domestic socket in North America. Even the available special chargers available as optional equipment on premium EV’s such as the Tesla Roadster still need charging times measures in hours rather than minutes, though there are fast charge ‘columns’ that are capable of limiting the charge time to 30 minutes, though these are not available in a standard garage in the suburbs – let alone a downtown condominium.. 



12.06.12 14:41

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemGraphene auf dem Weg zum Marktreife

Graphene Going Commercial

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"The market is looking for ways of using the new wonder material Graphene and we believe that we have the process that can now supply both the research and commercial quantities required. Haydale is now able to supply HDPlas™ from stock in grams or kilos and is ready and able to take orders for tonnes to agreed delivery dates. CTi offers us a real means of quickly getting our quality products initially into the research community which is a vital part of our route to market strategy..



14.06.12 10:39

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# Graphit/REE: Neues Interview mit BK

Exzellentes Interview mit Byron King im aktuellen Critical Metals Report:

It's Time to 'Buy Low' on Rare Earth Stocks: Byron King


Source: Brian Sylvester of The Critical Metals Report  (6/12/12)

Resource developers, especially in the rare earths space, are suffering from the market's obsession with immediate results, says Byron King, writer and editor for Agora Financial's Outstanding Investmentsand Energy & Scarcity Investor newsletters and contributor to the Daily Resource Hunter. Nonetheless, he argues, large-scale demand for high-tech metals remains. The question is, which developers can weather the storm? Read more in this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview.





14.06.12 14:00

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# 14, Byron King über Focus Graphite

"..TCMR: Are there any other graphite plays worthy of a mention?

BK: Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS:TSX.V) and Energizer Resources Inc. (EGZ:TSX.V; ENZR:OTCBB) both make an exceptional case for the future.

TCMR: Focus is working on the Lac Knife deposit in Québec, one of the world's highest-grade graphite deposits. What are its plans to get to production?

BK: I've visited Lac Knife, and have samples of its graphite here on my desk. Frankly, the Lac Knife specimens are some of the best graphite I have ever seen.

The deposit is in the far north, on the border of Québec and Labrador, right next to a Hydro-Québec power line easement with roads. It is 20 to 30 miles from the ArcelorMittal S.A. (MT:NYSE) iron ore mine at Fermont. You could not ask for better infrastructure, labor and electric power or a more mining-friendly jurisdiction.."


18.06.12 09:45

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemChina, Rohstoffe, Graphit

Neues vom chinesischen Riesen und die Auswirkungen der neuen Weltmacht auf den Rohstoffsektor, inkl. den Graphitsektor..

The hungry dragon: China is cornering the market on metals, land, oil and other commodities... and could hold us ransom for it

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 16, 2012 (Source: New York Post) -- 

Asked to cite a running theme in her work, economist Dambisa Moyo says, “unintended consequences.”

In her first book, “Dead Aid,” the Zambia-reared, Oxford-trained Moyo argued that handouts to (as opposed to business deals with) Africa were worse than useless. Now she says the West has been missing the point again: In the past few years, while we have been distracted by banking crises, global warming and the future of energy, we’ve been overlooking China’s colossal commodities grab. It’s out of humble stuff like copper and aluminum that China is building a highway to global leadership, Moyo argues in her new book “Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources and What It Means for the World..


20.06.12 09:54

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemGraphene, Europa

New Initiative to Reinforce Graphene Research within Europe

June 19, 2012 (Source: AZONANO) -- Although interest on graphene research is growing all across the world, the European Union is lagging in this aspect, especially in applied research


21.06.12 13:30

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemLithium/Graphite Sector

Gänzende Aussichten:


"Biggest Producer


Global consumption may jump to 300,000 metric tons a year by 2020 from about 150,000 tons now, Dahlman Rose said June 7. Demand for lithium batteries has been growing at about 25 percent a year, outpacing the 4 percent to 5 percent overall gain in lithium, the firm said.


Anywhere between a doubling and a tripling of demand in the next 10 years is absolutely our view,” Peter Oliver, CEO of Talison, the biggest producer, said in an interview. “Maybe a doubling is with minimal impact from electric vehicles, and if electric vehicles take off in a big way in the next 10 years it could be as much as tripling.”


Neil Gregson, manager of about $6.9 billion in natural resource assets at JPMorgan Asset Management, said in an interview in London he’s studying investing in the industry. “You can’t see any reason why that won’t be a high growth market for many, many years. It’s a very interesting area.”


21.06.12 16:24

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemBoom bei den Elektrobatterien erwartet

Der kommende Boom bei Elektrobatterien und Hightech-Produkten wirkt sich immer stärker auf die Nachfrage nach Graphit aus - die Preise dürften langfristig weiter steigen.

Steigende Nachfrage nach Elektrobatterien sorgt für glänzende Aussichten im Graphitsektor

21. Juni 2012 um 14:42 von Oliver Groß

Graphit ist einer der wenigen Rohstoffe, der sich den Turbolenzen an den Rohstoffmärkten in den letzten zwei Jahren weitgehend entziehen konnte. Seit Jahren steigen die Preise für die unterschiedlichen Graphitarten, sie haben sich im letzten Jahrzehnt vervielfacht. Da fällt die jüngste Konsolidierung nicht schwer ins Gewicht: Im Mai 2012 gab es die erste Preiskorrektur nach einem pausenlosen Anstieg seit mehr als 3 Jahren. Die größten Preissteigerungen gab es während dieser Zeit bei den hochwertigsten Graphitkonzentraten. Diese werden vor allem in modernen Elektrobatterien eingesetzt und sind bei der Herstellung von Hightech-Produkten wie Carbon sehr gefragt.

Der lukrative Graphitsektor und die Auswirkungen des kommenden Booms bei den Elektrobatterien waren deswegen zuletzt auch ein Thema in der ‚Financial Times Deutschland‘ (siehe den Artikel Steigende Preise Aus Grafitgier in der FTD)..



22.06.12 14:31

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diemElektrobatterien-/mobilität: Boom ahead

Elektromobilität: Der Boom der Batteriefabriken

von Anja Steinbusch Quelle: Tagesspiegel

Ohne Lithium-Ionen-Akkus gehen in Elektrofahrzeugen noch nicht einmal die Lichter an. Mehr noch als die Batterien sind Fertigungsstätten ein Geschäft.

Das von Samsung und Bosch gegründete Unternehmen SB-LiMotive soll vor allem Zellen und Batterien für die demnächst auf den Markt kommenden E-Cars von BMW liefern Quelle: dpa

Mit der zunehmenden Zahl an Elektroautos steigt die Nachfrage nach leistungsstarken Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Eine Roland-Berger-Studie geht von einem Wachstum des weltweiten Marktvolumens bis 2015 von derzeit rund 1,5 Milliarden Dollar auf 9,8 Milliarden Dollar aus. Die Marktforscher glauben, dass in drei Jahren fünf große Batteriehersteller gut achtzig Prozent des Marktes beherrschen werden: AESC, LG Chem, Panasonic/Sanyo, A123 und SB-LiMotive..



26.06.12 16:39

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# Elektromobilität, # 20

26.06.2012 13:28 
Busse aus China Elektroschock für Daimler und Co.

Von Nils-Viktor Sorge

Sie sind leise, sauber, billig - und kommen ausgerechnet aus China. Ein Berliner Unternehmer importiert die ersten Elektro-Stadtbusse aus der Volksrepublik. Experten sind verblüfft, Verkehrsbetriebe begeistert. Daimler, MAN und Co. sehen plötzlich ziemlich alt aus..

27.06.12 12:56

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# Neues CEO-Interview


Focus Graphite has the highest grade graphite deposit

Tue 3:16 pm 

Harry Norman for Proactive Investors talks to Gary Economo, President and CEO of Focus Graphite, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, general mining sector, stock ticker FMS, share price 73 cents Canadian, market capitalization $68.72 million Canadian. Focus Graphite is also listed in the US as FCSMF on the OTCQX and on the Frankfurt Exchange, FKC..


02.07.12 08:46

4186 Postings, 3135 Tage carpe_diem# 24

Interessanter Artikel, danke fürs Einstellen


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