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28.02.19 22:37

919 Postings, 2656 Tage JAM_JOYCEgab wohl auch schon zahlen zu 2018

Pharol präsentiert ein Jahr unruhige Ergebnisse
Pharol wird am Donnerstag die Ergebnisse für 2018 vorstellen. Das von Luís Palha da Silva geführte Unternehmen erzielte Ende Juni einen Verlust von 2,8 Millionen Euro, was die wiederkehrenden Betriebskosten rechtfertigte. Im Jahr 2017 wurden Verluste in Höhe von fast 807 Millionen Euro erzielt . Bereits im Januar dieses Jahres hatte die ehemalige Holdinggesellschaft von Portugal Telecom bekannt gegeben, an der Kapitalerhöhung von Oi teilgenommen zu haben, die im Rahmen eines komplexen rechtlichen Sanierungsplans durchgeführt wurde. Es hielt 5,51% des größten Betreibers in Brasilien, von dem es bereits der größte Aktionär war.

05.03.19 12:06

919 Postings, 2656 Tage JAM_JOYCEAs of Mar 2, 2019 PHAROL SGPS SA ORDINARY SHAR

ES PORTUGAL (OTCMKTS:PHRZF) Sellers Decreased Their Shorts By 71.89%

Posted by Douglas Patton on March 2, 2019 at 3:54 pm
It was registered a decrease on PHAROL SGPS SA ORDINARY SHARES PORTUGAL (OTCMKTS:PHRZF)?s shorted shares with 71.89%. FINRA published in March PHRZF?s total 249,700 shorted shares. That?s 71.89% down from 888,400 shares. Previous PHRZF?s position will need 499 days to restore. It has 500 average volume.

$0.225 was the last price.It?s since March 2, 2018 and is 0.00% down. PHRZF by 0.00% the S&P500.

Pharol, SGPS S.A., through its 27.5% interest in Oi, S.A, provides telecommunication services in Portugal, Brazil, Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Ireland.The company has $ market cap. The firm was formerly known as Portugal Telecom, SGPS, SA and changed its name to Pharol, SGPS S.A. in May 2015.Last it reported negative earnings.  

20.03.19 00:58

919 Postings, 2656 Tage JAM_JOYCEThree companies account for more than 18% of Pharo

l. What's the connection to Nelson Tanure?

Flávio Nunes
15 March 2019

Three companies hold 18.71% of Pharol and only one is owned by Nelson Tanure. The Brazilian investor decides not to be in command of the other two, but admits some proximity. Next week will be critical.

Three companies control more than 18% of the capital of Pharol

One is based in Lisbon, another in the USA and another in Malta. At first glance, everything seems to be autonomous companies. But in recent weeks new rumors have surfaced about these qualified entries.

Officially, no one comments. But several market sources assure ECO that they are linked to the same person: the Brazilian investor Nelson Tanure , who has a seat in the administration of the Portuguese quota. The High Bridge , which holds 9.99% of the company, and High Seas , which owns another 2.41%. The third company is called Blackhill , holds 6.31% of Pharol and is the only one officially owned by Nelson Tanure, according to information provided to the CMVM.

Together, they represent more than 18.71% of the capital of Pharol. But the lack of clarity surrounding the property of High Bridge and High Seas (the first is attributed to Atlantis Global Investments and the second to Angra Capital Management) leaves the next general assembly of the Pharol shrouded in fog.

This is because Pharol's bylaws are armored at 10%, so it is necessary to determine the true nature of the connection between the three shareholders, to see if they can vote individually, or if the limit is imposed on the 18% as if they were a position only. According to the Jornal de Negócios (paid access), this clarification should emerge soon. And next week will be critical, as the general meeting of Pharol is scheduled for March 29.

Asked by the ECO whether the High Bridge and the High Seas are directly or indirectly controlled, Nelson Tanure is peremptory: the answer is no. He says it's information that "does not proceed." To Jornal de Negócios , however, official source of the Brazilian investor admitted that Nelson Tanure "has old partnerships, bonds of friendship, success in investments with High Bridge". But he recalled that such "is not synonymous with property."

Suspicion in the market that the three companies could be acting together increased this week when High Bridge asked the General Assembly table to include new items on the agenda. The proposal paves the way for a genuine revolution in the management of Pharol, with a reduction in the number of administrators from 11 to 9, the immediate dismissal of four current elements and the naming of new names.

Among the new names are Denise dos Passos Ramos, Carlos Bulhões Pereira and Ronaldo Carvalho da Silva. According to the same newspaper, they are managers who have connections to Nelson Tanure.

High Bridge, Pharol mystery shareholder
High Bridge made headlines in May 2017, when it entered the capital of Pharol with the purchase of the 6.17% stake held by BCP, which was valued at 14 million euros . Just then, the first rumors came that Tanure was the investor behind the purchase.

Almost two years later, this position has increased. On March 8, 2019, the High Bridge reinforced the qualified participation to the current 9.99%. Just the same day that Blackhill, publicly attributed to Nelson Tanure, increased from 4.83% to the current 6.31% . The information was disclosed on Tuesday to the CMVM .

Pharol, a former holding of Portugal Telecom (PT), which is still listed on the Lisbon stock exchange, holds a 5.51% stake in the Brazilian operator Oi and a credit of 897 million euros in Rio Forte, Santo (GES). It is headed by Luís Palha da Silva and has pursued a mission to recover the investments to shareholders "caught" in the failed merger of PT with Oi and the fall of Banco Espírito Santo (BES).

Among the main shareholders of Pharol are still Telemar Norte Leste, with 10%; the New Bank, with 9.56%; and the Adar Macro Fund, with 4.80%.  

20.03.19 01:02

919 Postings, 2656 Tage JAM_JOYCEAuszug

n highlight in the session was however to Pharol. The benchmark closed at 7.33% for the 20 cents, after having risen 15.18% for the 22 cents - a maximum of almost seven months, standing at levels not repeated since August 24. This, on a lively day for the Brazilian stock exchange - which has surpassed the 100,000-point barrier - and the telecommunications company Oi, of which Pharol is a shareholder. Oi continues to add 4.42% but has shot more than 6%.

According to Pedro Oliveira, an analyst at GoBulling quoted by Bloomberg, the shares of this company may still benefit from the Angolan shareholders meeting Unitel, which will elect a new board and discuss a precautionary measure filed by PT Ventures against the telecommunications operator Angolan furniture. Unitel is 25% owned by Oi, in which Pharol owns 4.9%.



21.05.19 11:36

858 Postings, 282 Tage SEEE21Der Kurs von OI telecom

befindet sich trotz Schuldenrestrukturierung auf Insolvenzniveau. So  kann der Kurs von Pharol natürlich auch nicht steigen.  

15.08.19 20:52

858 Postings, 282 Tage SEEE21Heute wieder Kurseinbruch bei Oi

und es sieht danach aus, als ob der Kurs das ATL besuchen könnte. Und das alles nach der Schuldenumstrukturierung. Scheint nix genutzt zu haben!  

16.08.19 21:13

858 Postings, 282 Tage SEEE21Und in der Tat macht OI weiterhin

Verluste. Sogar die Regulierungsbehörden sind alamiert.
"SAO PAULO, Aug 16 (Reuters) - The Brazilian government is considering intervention in telecommunications carrier Oi SA , as the company struggles to recover since it filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2016, newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reported on Friday.

Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel fears an interruption of Oi services next year, Estado reported, without saying how it obtained the information."

Die aktuelle Strategie den Breitbandservise auszubauen und andere Geschäftsfelder zu verkaufen ist lt. Analysten sehr ambitioniert.
Die Lage ist also sehr bedenklich:

1. Oi macht Verluste
2. OI investiert parallel in Breitband und G5
3. Brasilien ist ein korruptes Scheißland mit einem bekloppten Präsidenten

Stimmt mich nicht gerade positiv.

20.08.19 19:11

858 Postings, 282 Tage SEEE21Armutszeugnis

In einem Schreiben des Vermögensverwalters GoldenTree an den Verwaltungsrat, der 14,5% der Anteile an dem Unternehmen hält, heißt es, Oi brauche einen CEO, der "die kürzlich vorgeschlagene operative Umstrukturierung durchführen könnte" .

Das Managment ist offensichtlich trotz Schuldenumstrukturierung nicht in der Lage das Unternehmen in die Gewinnzone zu steuern.

01.11.19 17:40

6801 Postings, 3703 Tage paioneerlangsam zeit...


07.11.19 14:22

858 Postings, 282 Tage SEEE21Warum?

Bisher ist noch jede Erholung irgendwann wieder abverkauft worden. Der  Kurs befindetsich wieder auf Insolvenzniveau. Warum sollten wir OI mehr Vertrauen schenjen als der Markt?  

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