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333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity Energy Systems - Energiespeicher Lösung

Vanadium flow battery study for military microgrids enters second phase
Tidal, flow batteries and green hydrogen combined in world first £1.8m Orkney project

A World First: Combining Flow Batteries with Tidal Power to Create Hydrogen

Elsewhere, a study funded by the US Department of Defense which found vanadium redox flow batteries to be a potential way to reduce reliance on diesel engines for critical resiliency applications is entering a second phase.

The Department of Defense contracted energy solutions company Ameresco to conduct the study, the first phase of which looked at how flow batteries could be used in military microgrids, while the second phase will see flow battery systems deployed at the Department of Energy?s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado. Flow battery provider Invinity Energy Systems and engineering company S&C Electric are supporting the research.  

26.04.21 23:13

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowBatteries charge up Australias efforts to shift

Batteries charge up Australia?s efforts to shift away from coal

          §Invinity Energy Systems, a producer of vanadium batteries, has a contract to build a battery in Yadlamalka, South Australia, that will store energy from a solar project and provide it to the local grid. Its 8 MWh battery will be paired with a solar array.

11.05.21 09:50

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowZusammenarbeit mit Siemens Gamesa

Joint Development of Grid-Scale Flow Battery

Invinity Energy Nexus Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM:IES) is pleased to announce it has entered into a Joint Development and Commercialization Agreement ("JDCA") with Gamesa Electric S.A.U. ("Gamesa Electric"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy ("SGRE"), to:

·  jointly develop a grid-scale vanadium flow battery ("VFB") based on Invinity's proven technology and incorporating Gamesa Electric's advanced power conversion systems;

·    cooperatively manufacture the VFB upon achieving a jointly validated design; and

·    commercialize the VFB through each company's sales channels.

The JDCA sets out a detailed development program for the next-generation VFB that is expected to take approximately two years to reach commercialisation. Over this period, Gamesa Electric has agreed to fund an aggregate US$4.62 million of Invinity's activities within the joint development program, payable as development milestones are met. The JDCA may be terminated by Gamesa Electric should there be a failure to advance through development stages. In addition to the joint activities, each company will independently advance their core technology to support program deliverables.

Invinity and Gamesa Electric have also entered into an Option Agreement granting Gamesa Electric or its nominee within the SGRE group an option for 9.99 per cent. of Invinity's issued share capital as at the date of this announcement (the "Option", the "Option Shares") at £1.75 per share, the same as Invinity's most recent placing in December 2020. If the option were to be exercised, Gamesa Electric or its nominee would have the right to appoint a director to Invinity's board subject to Gamesa Electric or its nominee maintaining a minimum 5% shareholding in Invinity. The ability to exercise the Option is subject to Company shareholders' approval. Further updates will be provided to shareholders in due course.

Invinity will continue to vigorously pursue development and commercialization of its current VFB products in response to robust and growing demand.

"We are delighted to enter into this JDCA with Gamesa Electric," said Larry Zulch, Invinity CEO. "Delivering a next-generation VFB to meet the need for safe, dependable and economical energy storage requires deep expertise in both energy technology development and commercialization, making Gamesa Electric an ideal partner for us in that effort. We appreciate this validation of VFB's potential and the implications for our existing products."  

11.05.21 21:00

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity shares jump on joint battery development

Invinity shares jump on joint battery development with Siemens Energy  

14.05.21 00:21

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowjoint venture

Invinity jumps 30% on Siemens joint venture

Invinity and Gamesa Electric additionally entered into an option agreement granting Gamesa Electric or its nominee an option for 9.99% of Invinity?s issued share capital, at £1.75 per share.  

20.05.21 18:37

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNowLarge-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shap

Large-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shape in Australia  

21.05.21 18:28

333 Postings, 653 Tage StockWatchNow620 billion

Energy storageInvinity Energy Systems (AIM:IES) is a developer and manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries for large-scale energy storage requirements. The current Group was formed in April 2020 as a result of a merger between AIM listed redT energy PLC and Canada based Avalon Battery Corporation, two vanadium flow battery manufacturers.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts the energy storage sector will receive approximately US$620 billion in new investment by 2040 with the market projected to grow at nearly 900% between 2017 and 2022. Against this background, VFBs are expected to capture around 18% of a total addressable stationary energy storage market by 2027.  

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