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23.10.10 13:00

216 Postings, 4732 Tage yosemite21-Century Silicon

hier noch im klartext diese news

"Company News
Solar Enertech Corp.  OTCBB  

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X-Change Concludes Acquisition Of 21-Century Silicon - Quick Facts

(RTTNews) - The X-Change Corp.(XCHC.PK) Tuesday announced the completion of acquisition of 21-Century Silicon, issuing 20 million shares of X-Change treasury stock for 100% of the stock of 21-Century Silicon.

Further, Bruce Li, President and Chief Technology Officer of 21-Century said that production had started on the manufacture of solar-grade silicon metal for a 100-metric-ton order placed by Solar EnerTech.

For comments and feedback: contact"


23.10.10 13:06

216 Postings, 4732 Tage yosemite21-Century Silicon

25.10.10 10:55

983 Postings, 5731 Tage dupideiSolar Enertech Umsätze steigen an, Interesse ist

wohl jetzt vorhanden, da kann man vielleicht einsteigen.
Nur meine Meinung.  

04.11.10 22:57

216 Postings, 4732 Tage yosemitesec filing

es ist sehr lohnenswert sich dieses neue filing komplett durchzulesen; es ist nicht nur sehr aufschlußreich sondern beinhaltet auch eine vielzahl an details, die zeigen, dass SOEN in eine blendende zukunft blicken kann.
inhaltlich fuer mich bisher das aufschlußreichste und qualifizierteste, was SOEN zustande gebracht hat  

05.11.10 08:28

150 Postings, 3658 Tage Staatsfernsehenschaut

wirklich nicht schlecht aus .. und dabei hatte ich die Bude schon abgeschrieben!

Die Ergebnisse sind -das ist nicht von der Hand zu weisen- recht gut ... für mich stellen diese sogar eine äußerst positive Überraschung dar.

Weiter so!  

17.11.10 11:53

15 Postings, 3962 Tage SternensingerIch weiss nicht,

was Du siehst. Ich sehe in dem report einen Rekordverlust.


21.11.10 22:27

216 Postings, 4732 Tage yosemite"Rekordverlust" ?

08.12.10 15:20

26 Postings, 3658 Tage goldhaus1Leuft noch was bei Solar Enertech geld Verdienen ?

Leuft noch was bei Solar Enertech bei Aktien kann mann noch geld Verdienen ?  

08.12.10 16:40
.. und danke Oliver Janich für den gut recherchierten Tipp !

Mal schauen, was am Ende für Dich rauskommt! Die Rechnung wird kalt serviert!  

13.12.10 17:51

7 Postings, 5349 Tage barloungejetzt..

ist alles vorbei. Ich denke jetzt kommt nur noch der Weg raus in frage und Schluss machen, Rolladen runter und Abschreiben? NIx Solarperle? Nix mit Traumhaften Gewinne?

13.12.10 18:53

26 Postings, 3658 Tage goldhaus10,042 -36,36 % auf ein Tag -36,36 %

was ist da Los Leufte die Firma nicht mir keine Arbeit wir hat info Für mich  

13.12.10 22:23

216 Postings, 4732 Tage yosemite@goldhaus

da los laeufte alles wech vonne bürse inne rinne anne fanne info raus anne alllle blöde bumm bumm...

die spaguffen sind angekommen und beherrschen die szene und tschüss  

06.01.11 13:28

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65Kursmanipulation?

Seit Wochen wird der Kurs sinnlos nach oben bzw. nach unten gesteuert!

Frage mich nur wer dahinter steckt bzw. die Absichten...

Ich sehne mich auf die Umsätzen von Einst...  

06.01.11 15:56

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65Frankfurt & Stuttgart

Ping / Pong !!

Wer spielt mit wem?!

MMs langweilen sich :D  

08.01.11 15:35

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65Täglich grüßt das Murmeltier

08.01.11 19:45

26 Postings, 3658 Tage goldhaus1alle ende

am 1.6.2006 war das gut

Jetzt empfiehlt auch Focus Money SOEN mit Kursziel 4?

Solar EnerTech: Spektakuläre Wachstumschancen im chinesischen Solarmarkt!

Focus Money gibt Kursziel von 4 US-Dollar aus

Solar Enertech
spekulativ kaufen
langfristig aussichtsreich
Kurs aktuell: 1,29 Euro
Kursziel: 4 Euro
ist alle vor bei  

11.01.11 18:18

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65@goldhaus1

Welsche Ausgabe? Januar 2011?  Bitte um genauere Angabe, danke  

12.01.11 21:52

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65Das Murmeltier war heute auch wieder da;)

13.01.11 18:25

163 Postings, 5400 Tage Ju.juVon USA

Hallo an alle.

AQT to open second factory near Columbia, South Carolina

* Factory will eventually produce 1 GW of solar cells

* Facility will create 1,000 jobs over four years

LOS ANGELES, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Silicon Valley solar company AQT Solar will open a second manufacturing facility in South Carolina to satisfy growing demand for its low-cost solar cells.

The privately held company is one of several small U.S. makers of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells, which cost less to manufacture than traditional silicon-based cells but are less efficient at transforming sunlight into electricity.

Other CIGS manufacturers include Global Solar, NanoSolar, Miasole and Solyndra.

AQT's new factory in Blythewood, South Carolina, near Columbia, will be able to produce about 1 gigawatt of solar cells by the end of 2014. It will begin production in the first quarter of 2012 and will employ 1,000 workers over the next four years.

AQT is based in Sunnyvale, California, where its first manufacturing plant is located. That plant began shipping the company's products to customers last month. AQT's customers include a resort in Mexico that will use AQT solar cells in a small 2-megawatt power plant on its grounds.

AQT, which started in 2007, will produce less than 50 MW this year at the Sunnyvale plant, according to Chief Executive Michael Bartholomeusz.

AQT has raised more than $20 million but will not disclose its investors, Bartholomeusz said. He credited the company's quick growth with its reliance on a partner, Intevac, for its manufacturing equipment, and for its decision to focus only on manufacturing solar cells. The company has partnered with Solar Enertech (SOEN.OB) and HelioPower to turn its cells into modules.

"You don't want to do everything yourself. Emerging companies who make modules -- you've got to take on the 400-plus module manufacturers head-on," Bartholomeusz said. "We are basically enabling the 800-pound gorilla and befriending him or her."


24.01.11 14:05

163 Postings, 5400 Tage Ju.juVon Mark Collinson

Hallo an alle.

Antwort von Mark Collinson , 99% der info ist leider bekannt ,die ZUKUNFT von SOLAR ENERTECH,      ( I DO NOT NO ????????????:::::........) Lachen darf man auch.

Dear Mr. Ju

Thank you for your interest in Solar Enertech.  

Production and number of Production Lines

The company operates its manufacturing base in Shanghai, China.  It has 67,107-square-foot manufacturing facility there and operates two 25MW solar cell production lines and a 50MW solar module production facility.

The Company has been seeking additional financing and has said "Our future success depends, to a large extent, on our ability to expand our production capacity, increase vertical integration and continue technological development of cell efficiencies. If we are able to raise sufficient capital, we plan to increase our annual silicon solar cell and module production capacity from 50 MW to approximately 100 MW."  As I write to you, this capital has not yet been raised.

The Company primarily sells solar modules to solar panel installers who incorporate the Company's modules into their power generating systems that are sold to end-customers located in Europe, Australia, North America and China.  

Summary of Solar Enertech's market:

Although PV technology has been used for several decades, the solar power market grew significantly only in the past several years. Despite the contraction in demand for solar power products during the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009 resulting from the global recession, credit market contraction and volatile polysilicon market, the Company believes that demand for solar power products has recovered significantly in response to a series of factors, including the recovery of the global economy and increasing availability of financing for solar power projects.

Although selling prices for solar power products, including the average selling prices of our products, have generally stabilized at levels substantially below pre-crisis prices, there is no assurance that such prices may not decline again. In addition, demand for solar power products is significantly affected by government incentives adopted to make solar power competitive with conventional fossil fuel power. The widespread implementation of such incentive policies, as has occurred in many countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, has significantly stimulated demand, whereas reductions or limitations on such policies, as have recently been announced in Germany, Spain and South Korea, can reduce demand for such products.

The Company has taken mitigating efforts to reduce this risk by developing customers in other emerging markets and in its established markets. The Company is currently expanding our niche market, which are customers who are often underserved by major manufacturers who prefer to sell solar product in large volumes. Accordingly, the Company believes that demand will continue to grow rapidly in the long term as solar power becomes an increasingly important source of renewable energy.

The Company believes the following factors will drive demand in the global solar power industry, including demand for its products:

* environmental and other advantages of solar power;

* long-term growth in demand for alternative sources of energy;

* government incentives for solar power; and

* decreasing costs of producing solar energy.

* Product Quality

I do not have independent verification of the Company's quality standards.  You may consider it a measure of the Company's own confidence that the Company's standard solar modules are typically sold with a two-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship and a ten-year and twenty-five-year warranty against declines of more than 10.0% and 20.0%, respectively, of the initial minimum power generation capacity at the time of delivery.  

New contracts

The company does not provide a breakdown of revenues by individual contract.  However the fiscal year ended September 30, 2010 showed substantial growth in revenues from $33M to $70M.  In all for the year,
- Shipments Increased 233% Compared to Fiscal Year 2009 -
- Revenue Increased 113% Compared to Fiscal Year 2009 -
- Gross Profit Increased 600% Compared to Fiscal Year 2009 -

You may conclude that this performance is a useful indication of the Company's reputation for quality, delivery and service.  

Additional Forward-looking information

The Company does not provide guidance for its fiscal year of 2011.  

I hope this information is useful to you.  Please contact me at any time if I can be of further assistance

with kind regards

Mark Collinson


24.01.11 17:45

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65up & down.... das Murmeltier ;-)

07.02.11 19:15

26 Postings, 3658 Tage goldhaus1Solar EnerTech Tradegate 0,095 ? +102,12%

was ist da Heute Los in ein Tag Super weiter so Frankfurt  0,10  ?  +40,84%  0,071 ?  800 50.000 0,08 -  0,10  18:52:20  

07.02.11 21:52

1221 Postings, 3945 Tage Papago65mit einem scheiß kleinem Umsatz!

Forget it!  

07.02.11 22:14

810 Postings, 4758 Tage Lerche10Ju.ju

bringst du wieder dein allgemeines BlaBla ?  

11.02.11 10:05

26 Postings, 3658 Tage goldhaus1super Umsatz weiter so

super Umsatz weiter so 0,099 ?   0,087 ?   1.450 ? +13,79%  

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