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13.05.13 16:01

483 Postings, 2843 Tage yoloxin7XUII ui ui


13.05.13 16:03

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherMal schauen was das gibt ??

13.05.13 16:03

43 Postings, 2761 Tage Kessi86gibt es news? woher der anstieg??

13.05.13 16:05

2129 Postings, 2848 Tage Snowmanxy007ist das der neue Pick ?

13.05.13 16:06

43 Postings, 2761 Tage Kessi86gerüchten zufolge "JA"!!??

13.05.13 16:07

1211 Postings, 5144 Tage Hakanauf IHUB gefunden

Wonder if they cancel the pick now today. To risky since you all posted the premium email they asked you not to. just like VLN*

Staying away for the first couple of days.

   Quote:Good Morning to All,

   Our last few picks did incredible for all our premium members and now we plan on outdoing any recent pick with gains we believe will be astronomical.

   Our new pick is XUII

   You may have seen it around recently but it was not a good buy up until this sentence was said. Our supporting it as our new pick now makes this the next big winner.

   One of the reasons why we chose XUII is because we believe there is a short position bigger than the current float meaning that they are upside down and are not capable of covering their short since there's not enough shares out there.

   You might have seen LOTE over the past two weeks go from under a dollar to upwards of 12 dollars very quickly. That happened exactly because the float being smaller than short sellers' short position.

   We are convinced that XUII could produce similar results just based on that fact alone.

   On top of that the company has a lot going on. We will be covering XUII for the upcoming weeks and urge our members to start looking into this company now.

   That being said we kindly ask you to please not call your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc. At least not until this afternoon when the general newsletter is released. As you know this premium membership is for our premium subscribers only and we would appreciate if you respect our wishes.

   While we have no way of enforcing this keep in mind that you will only penalize yourself by spreading the word to everyone as the first buyers are the one who will make the most profit over the coming weeks.

   We think XUII could end the week at over 2 dollars. Keep watching it closely.

   Your Editor,


13.05.13 16:11

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherDie wurde die letzten Tage

auch von anderen gesponsert daher dieser Anstieg in den letzten Tagen  

13.05.13 16:12

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherSo langsam kommt es bei allen an

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13.05.13 16:12

2993 Postings, 3672 Tage doppeltopIn den ersten Minuten so gigantische


Das kann doch nur jemand sein, der,...

Ach, was erzähle ich Euch.
Bin längst dabei.

Bis die Tage.  

13.05.13 16:18

5696 Postings, 2938 Tage rokrocktScheiße

das es nicht ACCS war :-(((

Aber holen wir mit vielleicht XUII Verlust wieder ein??

Und noch was XUII bedeutet auf Russisch Penis ;-)))  

13.05.13 16:18

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherOje Oje wo will die hin ??

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0.382 / 0.3821  

13.05.13 16:18

5696 Postings, 2938 Tage rokrocktBin erstmal in Stg


13.05.13 16:24

1575 Postings, 2849 Tage tarzan69kurze Verschnaufpause?

13.05.13 16:28

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherNewsletter

Hi Everyone,

After XUII was stagnant for almost a week we saw some life breath in to its veins Friday before coming out of the gates today like a bat of hell!

The time is finally right and we hope those subscribers that listened to our emails are ready for the ride of a lifetime; for those that have been on the fence, there still may be time to take advantage!

We initially alerted XUII at about $0.15 and saw it jump up over 100% before pulling back.

Remember, we always preach patience, and by now subscribers should know that these pullbacks are known for ultimately bringing new astronomical highs!

XUII has already launched high profile broadcasts, and seem to have every intention of launching even bigger events in the very near future.

Originally created with recording artists in mind, XUMANII is loaded with user-friendly marketing features.  Among the specific offerings are personal content management; built-in sponsorship capabilities; integrated multi-platform social media management; multi-media advertising support; and demographic monitoring capabilities.

The industry generated total revenue of $21.5 billion for 2010, representing a 4.4% annualized expansion since 2005!

XUII has something for everyone; and now it?s not just their users that are benefiting, but investors as well.

Do not let XUII out of your site in the coming days and weeks and remember to read our emails carefully so you don?t miss a beat!

Happy trading!


13.05.13 16:30

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherNoch was

I told you I have something BIG!

Are you watching XUII fly off the handle?

Can it break through .50 cents?

(Remember) I was the first to find this gem


13.05.13 16:32

3512 Postings, 3269 Tage ForscherHab in den letzten Tagen immer

von InvestorTrendz.com über XUII Mail bekommen und nichts gemacht und jetzt fast mitten drin !!  

13.05.13 16:33

1575 Postings, 2849 Tage tarzan69tja Forscher, wenn man

das gewusst hätte vorher??!  

13.05.13 16:34

2124 Postings, 3622 Tage Joerg100877Naja schauen wir mal was da heute noch geht.

13.05.13 16:34

1211 Postings, 5144 Tage HakanKonnte einer von euch direkt in den USA kaufen?

Ich selber konnte nämlich nur über Stuttgart oder Berlin.  

13.05.13 16:35

1211 Postings, 5144 Tage HakanJetzt startet die Rakete wieder

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13.05.13 16:35

2124 Postings, 3622 Tage Joerg100877Ja Hakan,Flatex und CC

13.05.13 16:36

4348 Postings, 3697 Tage koelnerschwabeoder Diba.

13.05.13 16:36

1575 Postings, 2849 Tage tarzan69Dito, Flatex kein Problem

13.05.13 16:36

604 Postings, 3600 Tage Zocker2011Hier

Our New Pick is XUII

Hi Everyone,

Our new pick has finally arrived. Get ready for some very exciting weeks ahead of us because this stock could easily triple in the near term.

Our new pick is Xumanii Inc. (OTCQB: XUII)

We've been following XUII in the last few weeks and couldn't help but notice how cheap this company is given all its potential upside. For under 50 cents, members can buy shares in a company that could jump over $3.00 in the very short term.

The small-cap market is on fire as of late, and winners like LOTE (which rose over 1,000% in the past few weeks) are coming back in full force. We expect XUII to follow suit and quickly attract large institutional buyers interested in buying shares in small-cap companies with strong momentum.

XUII is about to become one of them, and early investors in this company could reap the benefit of huge upside.

Check out the company at www.xumanii.com

Make sure to do your research on XUII as soon as you can because shares in this company will start moving up very rapidly.

In our opinion, buying shares in XUII today could be a good decision before it triples in the coming weeks!

We will send you more updates on the company very soon.

Your AwesomePennyStocks Editor.

13.05.13 16:37

2124 Postings, 3622 Tage Joerg100877koelnerschwa DiBa geht jetzt?

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