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10.04.19 09:24

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50Who exhumed you?

ID has already been exhumed at least 3 times in a row! LoL

GN ppl.  

11.04.19 23:58

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50a Behavioral Comparison... reminds me of war time a movie I`ve seen

15.04.19 17:34

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50AKA ID

As a so-called “Scientist” (remember, California University alumnus)  you should know the impact of στοχαστικὴ τέχνη

Your problem is you don't know crap about anything. Do your own research on that, it will give you something to do rather

than make statements that show you don't have one clue as to what you are talking about.


15.04.19 18:54

1884 Postings, 3707 Tage KeyKeyHow is the weather today ?

Did you do your homework ?

15.04.19 20:34

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50I wish.....

..... some of you posters would improve your knowledge in bankruptcy laws &English language.   It’s terrible…. so sad….

How's the third grade going? Think you pass it this time around.

gotta go

15.04.19 22:18

1884 Postings, 3707 Tage KeyKeySo how to proceed ?

Shall we start to do a study of bankruptcy laws ?
Maybe we can finish this earlier before WMILT closes this case ?
However I must admit that it is a waste of time to talk to oneself on and on.
It would be better to read the documents and check where the money is.
Hope you have Escrows as well. Otherwise you can dream of them "LoL" :-)  

16.04.19 00:10

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50my apologies

I apologize for calling you a knucklehead and offer my sympathy.
Here is a good page with some help full hints for dealing with your addiction .

kool off sweetheart!

25.04.19 19:47

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50so quiet in here !

25.04.19 21:58

1884 Postings, 3707 Tage KeyKeyWhat could be the reason ?

Do you have any idea ?


29.04.19 22:17

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50Jessss... epic rise!

31.05.19 23:51

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50COOP suffered a major blow today

seems your traditional chart analysis has failed - everything is finally done and actually over

my advice to you is: Call ClayTrader !!!

01.06.19 18:04

1884 Postings, 3707 Tage KeyKeyWie gehen wir dann weiter vor?

03.06.19 19:46

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50Dear keykey

I've refrained myself from responding to you, but i can't any longer. What is your issue bro?

I`m not in a position giving  advice!

you just lost your house cuz of foreclosure and your spouse told you she's leaving cuz of this damn stock market.
You might try giving her a copy of "The Millionaire Next Door" to read.

Anyone injured by sellers please call 800-555-1212 to register your complaint

sincerely yours

03.06.19 21:14

1884 Postings, 3707 Tage KeyKeyWhere is your house ? :-)

Sorry, I don't understand.
Did you lose yours ? Hm, strange.
Unfortunately the time is too expensive to listen to your monologues.
What else could be done ?
Will you write once again in the main theads ?
Seems not many want to discuss with you.
What are the reasons ?

03.06.19 21:32

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50Ok, so then

don't hesitate to move your lips while reading.. LoL

- hold through any possible storm
- sell now and never look back
- sell and hope to buy back later
- not only sell, but short to the hilt
- take a long vacation

Hey you guys it’s time to pick up your marbles and move to another game!
there`s nothing to watch on this stock anymore

Sounds like you had some crappy friends!

07.06.19 00:51

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50Hey krot

if you're going to kick people's butts, how do expect anyone to take your thoroughgoing boring analyses serious
I hope you made this comment with a tongue-in-cheek.....

10.06.19 22:10

1155 Postings, 3246 Tage liner50@Justice you are doing a wonderful job

...eloquently put!!! Please focus on the main issue
don’t try evade the main issue.

I’m so excited to have been part of such an incredible event… bought PRVB end of march



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