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2772 Postings, 2427 Tage iwanoozeChroMedX!

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574 Postings, 1093 Tage BlueHorseshoealso ich denke

hier ist gewalltig was im Busch. Gestern wurde der Handel ja wieder freigegeben.  

11.03.21 12:29

24 Postings, 74 Tage Eisfee666kaufen?

Würdet ihr nochmal nachlegen mit ner Limit-Kauforder bei 0,5€?
Bin unschlüssig, ob die überhaupt nachher durchgeht, oder obs um 14h erst übel dippt -.-  

11.03.21 12:41

26 Postings, 1601 Tage PK75hmm

Ist meiner Meinung nach reine Show wegen solcher Non-News einen Handelsstop zu beantragen.  

11.03.21 13:16

194 Postings, 77 Tage Lalle1895The Show

is about to beginn ;-)

Gehört bei Penny Stocks nunmal dazu.  

11.03.21 14:51

27 Postings, 305 Tage Deems90Da kann man nur gespannt sein..

Bin gespannt wie ein Bogen was der Kurs sagt wenn das Casino wieder öffnet.  

11.03.21 15:02

91 Postings, 1355 Tage HCP11L&S ein Indiz für heute Nachmittag?

Bei L&S stehen rund 18 % im Plus. Vielleicht ein Indiz wie die Richtung aussehen könnte.
M.M. ist die News goldwert. Endlich mal etwas Handfestes, mit dem Geld verdient werden kann. Diese cloudbasierten Testungen in Canada, können sich rasend schnell weltweit etablieren. Leider hinken wir in D der Digatalisierung meilenweit hinterher. Wir werden bestimmt noch in ein paar Monaten mit unseren Stäbchen rumhantieren. Aber Hauptsache dem Datenschutz wird genügt.

Also, schau'n wir mal. GRÜN?  

11.03.21 15:19

119 Postings, 2322 Tage reini1956Handel Aussetzung

finde solche Praktiken mit Handel aussetzen immer sehr merkwürdig, Hauptsache da steckt nicht etwas Negatives dahinter  

11.03.21 15:42

38 Postings, 238 Tage ChiefErwinHandelaussetzung

Wann geht der Handel wieder los und wo bekomme ich diese Information beim nächsten mal selber?  

11.03.21 16:02

119 Postings, 2322 Tage reini1956Eigenartig

Na wenigstens wird wieder gehandelt, ich verstehe trotzdem diesen riesen Kursunterschied zwischen heute morgen 8 Uhr auf L&s und jetzt nicht, das ist in meinem Depot eine ganze Menge Holz  

11.03.21 17:19

2 Postings, 1161 Tage klaboeJemand eine Idee, warum der Handel

so eigenartig ist?  

11.03.21 17:46

2 Postings, 1161 Tage klaboeIch meine natürlich jetzt, wo man wieder

handeln kann.

15.03.21 21:10

7 Postings, 68 Tage Gonzo_1so schöne neue Fotos :-)

RELAY Medical Lands Takes Off With Toronto Airport Contract
Wow, that didn?t take long.

Just a couple weeks after I profiled Relay Medical Corp (RELA-CSE) and their Fionet testing platform for rapid COVID-19 testing?they pulled off a contract with Canada?s largest airport, Pearson International in Toronto.
The press release went out under the GTAA?Greater Toronto Airport Authority?and named Relay Medical??? and Relay Medical Corp, who will deploy its digital workflow, testing, and data infrastructure for execution and oversight of this program.?
So RELA-CSE will be in the thick of it! I spoke briefly with Relay CEO Clark Kent. This is officially a ?research? phase, through Canada?s National Research Council (NRC). Given the demand for rapid COVID testing in airports, it?s quite possible this gets much larger this year.

The GTAA is working with a team of Canadian healthcare companies to run a ten-week antigen test study at Toronto Pearson. The study will make free COVID-19 tests available to employees, as well as testing for eligible passengers on select routes who are willing to volunteer as participants.
The study will begin accepting volunteers on March 1. Clinical analysis of test swabs will take place on-site at the airport.
?All the parts of the solution that the GTAA is choosing will run on our Fionet platform,? Kent told me in a quick interview. That?s HUGE?all the other pieces will be handled on Fionet. It sets up Fionet and Relay as the foundation of the system.

It puts Canada at the forefront of public venue safety?so Relay and its Fionet technology is at leading edge of rapid, mass COVID testing.
?We offer a holistic solution that works for PCR and works for antigen, and we can do large scale rapid testing and noboy else is even talking about the numbers we can test,? says Kent.
?Why us? We can do the job and we are scalabe and compliance with data reporting which is very impotant to operating in Canada. We are a solution that is mature?that is proven on people.
?Most of the time you start a product and later on you work it out into bigger products?but Fionet was built as a product to service the worst diseases in the worst circumstances with the least infrastructure. And now we are operating this asset in one of the most technical and connected jurisdictions in the world.?
?We were in the infectious disease and pandemic testing business before COVID was a thing.
?When you look at these big tech things, what?s really important to look at is of course, does it work? But also the validation of the system, the validation of the solution, does the solution save you time? Does the solution give you better results? Is the solution reliable? Does the solution work with outstanding compliance and laws in the regions that you?re working in?
We checked all of these boxes, because we didn?t start in this business on COVID Day One, 2020. We started this business five years ago, six years ago, and saying that the gold standard for infectious disease testing is rapid diagnostic tests.?        
The GTAA program is being subsidized by the government, and while revenue for RELA-CSE may not be huge to start, it provides that all-important first contract and validates them in the eyes of the investment community and the industry.
Raising money, getting new customers?all got a lot easier with a large early adopter client like the GTAA.
Toronto Pearson is Canada?s largest and busiest airport?30th in the world overall and 2nd in North America for international travel?serving more than 50 million passengers in 2019, and one of only four airports accepting international flights into Canada.
Every airport in North America is going to study Relay?s Fionet platform. The sales hopper just deepened dramatically!
This puts Relay above the crowd. There?s lots of technology and business models out there right now?everyone rightly sees COVID-testing in large venues as a social necessity for a few years.
The other huge factor here is the experience that RELA personnel will develop.  There will be a lot of learning in these early days, and that expertise will be a huge competitive edge in other bids. Cost structures, people flow and other logistics will become apparent and RELA-CSE will have all that information that nobody else can get without actual experience.
Kent says he is already getting lots of calls from other large venue markets, especially in the travel markets. So while this is a BIG contract?arguably the biggest one could get in Canada?I expect it?s only the first.

Disclaimer?In the last 12 months, Relay Medical has  been a paying client of the Corporate Bulletin


16.03.21 12:10

574 Postings, 1093 Tage BlueHorseshoeGlowlifetech ist an der börse :-/     gehört zum Relay Medical Corp Portfolio und hat Produkte die ich sofort kaufen will und auch per mail nachgefragt habe zwecks import. Hoffe das es klapt.    

16.03.21 12:25

2746 Postings, 1596 Tage Renegade 71Blue

wenn du sie bekommen hast,schreib mal ob sie was taugen bzw.ob sie halten was sie versprechen .  

19.03.21 10:18

1075 Postings, 3378 Tage celi-michiendlich mal wieder

good News!  

19.03.21 13:28

89 Postings, 865 Tage Novalismoti83: noch eine News von gestern

ja genau, da entwickelt sich etwas. Freue mich auf die nächsten 2 Monate, denn da kommt noch einiges bis zum Abschluss der Testreihe am Toronter Flughafen  

25.03.21 20:56

119 Postings, 2322 Tage reini1956Eigenartig

Was nützen die  News ,wenn der Kurs langsam wieder krachen geht . Irgendwie ist das merkwürdig  

01.04.21 15:26

574 Postings, 1093 Tage BlueHorseshoenews/infos

Relay Medical (CSE: RELA) (OTC: RYMDF) President Clark Kent: ?AI Diagnostics Targeting Billion Dollar Healthcare Opportunities?

In a recent presentation at Wall Street Reporter?s Investors Discovery Day livestream, Relay Medical Corp. (CSE: RELA) (OTC: RYMDF) President Clark Kent, discussed the company?s diagnostics and AI HealthTech focus, which targets multi-billion dollar opportunities in global healthcare markets. A highlight of the presentation was a video demo of the company?s rapid testing and tracking platform for infectious diseases, including COVID-19. The platform has already been successfully deployed in testing and tracking infectious disease outbreaks globally, including ebola and malaria.

Watch Relay Medical (OTC: RYMDF) Investors Discovery Day Video:

March 25 - Relay Medical & Fio Commence COVID-19 Rapid Testing for U.S. Departing Passengers at Toronto Pearson Airport. Using the Fionet Platform, departing U.S. passengers can book their rapid test between 72 hours and 2.5 hours in advance of their flight departure time using their personal mobile device at gtaa.fiona The testing program utilizes Fionet's high-throughput testing solution, including multiple mobile point-of-need devices connected in real-time to cloud data services, processing high quantities of rapid antigen tests per hour and capable of turning around test results within 20 minutes. The Fionet Platform will also manage passenger scheduling, rapid test processing, real-time results reporting, integration with LuminUltra PCR devices, Response Biomedical antigen rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and devices, Abbott Panbio antigen RDTs, and all corresponding data and messaging flows.

Watch Relay Medical (OTC: RYMDF) Investors Discovery Day Video:  

13.04.21 19:25

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