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4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axCord Blood Amer Inc. (WKN: A0EAGC / CBAI) / OTCBB Stocks to Watch for Friday, January 30th



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23.07.09 17:13

224 Postings, 5091 Tage superspekuschaut ja gut aus

hoffe wir haben den boden gesehen.

lg speku  

23.07.09 17:56

5633 Postings, 4291 Tage fuerza_hercuelaleztze günstige Einstiegschance ? mal sehen !
" Was interessiert mich der Bullshit, den ich gestern vom Stapel gelassen habe. Gestern war gestern und heute ist heute". Meine Postings sind somit keine Handelsaufforderung !

23.07.09 18:53

393 Postings, 4235 Tage Megas_Polemarchosstock of the day

+0.0010 (31.25%)
und es geht weiter....
buy 115 mio
sell 26 mio

23.07.09 19:08

5633 Postings, 4291 Tage fuerza_hercuelaAbout Cord Blood America

Cord Blood - das Zukunftsunternehmen !

Cord Blood America is the parent company of CorCell, which facilitates umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation for expectant parents and their children. Its mission is to be the most respected stem cell preservation company in the industry. Collected through a safe and non-invasive process, cord blood stem cells offer a powerful and potentially life-saving resource for treating a growing number of ailments, including cancer, leukemia, blood, and immune disorders. To find out more about Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CBAI - News), visit our website at For investor information, visit

Click here to view social media version of this release.

Click here to visit the Cord Blood America Social Media Newsroom.

Forward-Looking Statements

Some statements made in this press release are forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. We use words such as "anticipate," "believe," "expect," "future," "intend," "plan," and similar expressions to identify forward-looking statements. These statements including those related to the growth of the industry, new stem cell treatments, and the Company's performance, are only predictions and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Additional risks are identified and described in the Company's public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Statements made herein are as of the date of this press release and should not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. The Company's past performance is not necessarily indicative of its future performance. The Company does not undertake, and the Company specifically disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect occurrences, developments, events, or circumstances after the date of such statement.


" Was interessiert mich der Bullshit, den ich gestern vom Stapel gelassen habe. Gestern war gestern und heute ist heute". Meine Postings sind somit keine Handelsaufforderung !

24.07.09 08:53

5633 Postings, 4291 Tage fuerza_hercuelaCord Blood - News

Cord Blood America Inc. (OTCBB: CBAI | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating) through its subsidiaries, provides private cord blood stem cell preservation services to families in the United States. It also engages in collecting, processing, and preserving peripheral blood and adipose tissue stem cells, which allows individuals to privately preserve their stem cells for potential future use in stem cell therapy. In addition, the company engages in the collection, transportation, testing, and preservation of umbilical cord blood. Further, it creates direct response television and radio advertising campaigns, including media placement and commercial production; involves in the placement of advertising in television and radio outlets; and production of advertising content, including television commercials and radio copy. Additionally, the company engages in procuring and setting up call centers; editing, dubbing, and distribution of radio and television commercials; and procuring and placing print advertising, as well as provides advertising and marketing consulting services relating to the customer''s marketing campaign. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. With 1.58 billion shares outstanding and 67,300 shares declared short as of June 2009, there is no longer a failure to deliver in shares of CBAI. According to quarterly data provided by the SEC, there were still 4,342,860 shares of CBAI that were failing-to-deliver as of September 18, 2007.


" Was interessiert mich der Bullshit, den ich gestern vom Stapel gelassen habe. Gestern war gestern und heute ist heute". Meine Postings sind somit keine Handelsaufforderung !

24.07.09 13:48

5633 Postings, 4291 Tage fuerza_hercueladie Richtung stimmt !

" Was interessiert mich der Bullshit, den ich gestern vom Stapel gelassen habe. Gestern war gestern und heute ist heute". Meine Postings sind somit keine Handelsaufforderung !

24.07.09 14:20

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815ax...hätte nichts gg. eine nachhaltige Kurserholung!

24.07.09 14:29

224 Postings, 5091 Tage superspeku0815

wär hätte da schon was gegen ?

lg speku

auf einen günen freitag  

03.08.09 15:31

4876 Postings, 5665 Tage krauty77Potenzial?

Wie schätzt Ihr dieses Unternehmen ein?
Wie sind die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen hinsichtlich Stammzellenforschung?  

03.08.09 15:58

26288 Postings, 4712 Tage brunneta@krauty77 ist bald Nr 1 in EUROPA

ist meine Meinung
Keine Kauf Empfehlung!!
Das Warten ist die grausamste Vermengung von Hoffnung und Verzweiflung, durch die eine Seele gefoltert werden kann.
Devise: "Kaufen, wenn alle anderen verkaufen"

05.08.09 12:24

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axCord Blood America Retires $2.53M Obligation

Cord Blood America Retires $2.53M Obligation

05.08.2009 11:01

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cord Blood America, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: CBAI) , the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company ( focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells to families nationwide and internationally, said today it has retired $2.53M of long-term debt.

"The two notes signed in February and March of 2007 respectively, between CBAI and the Shelter Island Opportunity Fund (SIOF), have been retired as of August 3, 2009. With this debt retirement, CBAI has only the put option agreement obligation with SIOF remaining on its balance sheet. Cord Blood America regards this as a key milestone on its path to being able to operate debt free," said Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America Founder and CEO. "Shelter Island provided us with the capital to purchase CorCell, which is the first licensed family cord blood banking company in the United States. Using their financing allowed us to establish CBAI as one of the largest domestic stem cell storage companies. Our obligation was to pay the notes in full before the February 28, 2010 maturity date. We are happy to have met the obligation and have saved a significant amount of interest payments because of early payoff."

"We have repeatedly said that decreasing debt would be one of our significant items to focus on in 2009," said Mr. Schissler. "Eliminating debt makes our financial balance sheet stronger and makes Cord Blood America a better investment. We are very pleased with this development."

...(weiter siehe LINK)

07.08.09 11:13

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815ax8/7, MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon

8/7, MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon

Date :     08/07/2009 @ 5:00AM
Source :     MarketWire^CBAI

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 08/07/09 -- Bioterrorism detection, stem cell storage lab, "Dead of Night" movie and mortgage advice; this week on MoneyTV, hosted by anchor Donald Baillargeon. MoneyTV is the internationally syndicated television program all about money and what makes it happen, (, featuring informative interviews with company CEOs, providing insights into their operations and outlooks for their futures.

Free information packages from the featured companies can be requested by sending an email to

The television program can also be viewed online immediately at

Featured companies on this week's program include:

Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTCBB: CBAI) CEO Matthew Schissler talked about the company's new laboratory in Las Vegas, scheduled to go online in October.

09.08.09 11:43

4876 Postings, 5665 Tage krauty77Potenzial?

Meint Ihr hier geht wirklich was?
Ich bin eingestiegen und hoffe das Beste.
Über 1 Mrd. Aktien im Umlauf. R/S winkt schon oder?


09.08.09 12:17

393 Postings, 4235 Tage Megas_Polemarchos@krauty77



ja hier geht sicher etwas. Das Unternehmen ist seit Jahren im Aufbau, Kundenzahlen steigen langsam aber stetig, Schulden werden mit Nachträglichkeit reduziert, neues Labor und kein Regierungsveto mehr wie zu Bushzeiten (Betrifft ja CBAI nicht direkt, da die nur lagern, sondern was man mit dem Cryozellen machen kann) . Wenn man sich den dt. Konkurrenten Vita 34 ansieht (aktie bei ca.  Euro) kann man ablesen, dass die Lagerung von Stammzellen, Nabelschnurblut etc. in Dtl. groß im kommen ist (und das trotz Zweifler). Da der Markt in den USA immens größer ist, Amerikanische Bürger tendentiell noch einfach manipulierbar sind und auf Trends aufspringen, denke ich wir haben es mit einer kommenden Boombtanche zu tun.  


Zwecks R/S: Diluttion ist schon krass bei CBAI. immer wenn ich nachkaufe werden in Berlin  666.667 Aktien (exakt 2000Euro) angeboten. Kaum ist meine Order durch sind plötzlich wieder die fehlenden Stücke auf 666.667 aufgestockt. Die Kurssprünge der Aktie kamen bis jetzt immer zustande wenn die Dilution kurz ausgesetzt wurde.

Positiv anzumerken ist das relativ hohe volumen in den USA und langsam auch in DTL.  D.h.Interesse ist da, wir müssen halt ausharren bis alle Aktien im Umlauf sind. Je nach entwicklung des Kurses wird der R/S wohl kleiner ausfallen als zb. bei Genta. Bin mit 200k drin und habe vor nach dem Urlaub auf 1Mio oder mehr aufzustocken. Diese Aktie wird einschlagen, die Frage ist nur wann.





09.08.09 12:18

393 Postings, 4235 Tage Megas_Polemarchosnachtrag

Vita34 Kurs ca. 5 Euro

16.08.09 19:10

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axCBAI mit überarbeiteter / neugestalteter Homepage

16.08.09 19:16

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axResearch, Report & Profiling Services by

17.08.09 11:25

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axCBAI Says Balance Sheet Significantly Strengthene

17.08.2009 11:02
Cord Blood America Says Balance Sheet Significantly Strengthened in 2009

02.10.09 20:41

4951 Postings, 4794 Tage 0815axAngiotech Pharmaceuticals neues Kursziel

RBC Capital Markets - Angiotech Pharmaceuticals neues Kursziel

08:03 24.09.08


Toronto ( AG) - Die Analysten von RBC Capital Markets stufen die Aktie von Angiotech Pharmaceuticals (Profil) unverändert mit "outperform" ein. Das Kursziel werde von 4,00 auf 2,00 USD gesenkt. (24.09.2008/ac/a/u)



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