Stans Energy heavy rare earth Prod. 2012

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15.10.10 16:17

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicStans Energy heavy rare earth Prod. 2012

Stans ist schon gut gelaufen in letzer Zeit, aber da das Potential von Stans im seltenen Erden Bereich riesig ist aufgrund dessen, dass schon eine Mine und die Minengenehmigung besteht eröffne ich mal den Thread.  

Stans Kutessay 2 wird außerhalb Chinas fast die einzige Mine sein, welche aber 2012 seltene Erden im Heavy rare earth Bereich liefern wird.  

Ich eröffne den Thread mit diesem Bericht, weitere Berichte und werden gleich folgen:

Stans Energy Could be the Real Winner in Rare Earths Race

October 13, 2010 | Matthew B. Smith,

This first leg up in the young and vibrant rare earth bull market has given birth to many newfound skeptics on the industry.  It is our firm belief that these very skeptics are now laying the very foundation of the proverbial ‘wall of worry’ which we will next stampede over. At this point, rather than focusing on industry-wide investing, it is our opinion that company specific events will provide the most upside, thus starting now we will begin to shed light on the most exciting and lucrative opportunities in the sector.

We have constantly stated we believe investors can use the most recent uranium bull market as a blueprint for where the rare earth bull market will take us.  To further that idea, we believe that the rare earth mining industry will mirror in development to that of the uranium market only a few years back.  Aside from Mountain Pass, as it stands now, we do not see anyone else actually getting into full production before 2015 in North America.  In Africa we see the possibility of at least two mines getting into production before then with potentially another in Europe.  Australia will have two, and Asia we think could have three.

Low cost Asia should be a cornerstone of anyone wanting to invest in near-term production not currently being fairly valued by Bay Street or Wall Street.  We believe that someone will rise out of Asia much like UrAsia did during the uranium boom.  Investors worried about its properties due to perceived geopolitical risks, however due to the fact it quickly got into production with low cost assets, it quickly became a billion dollar entity.

From our extensive research, we are of the opinion that Stans Energy Corp., provides one of the most intriguing investing opportunities for investors.  The company could have the past producing open pit Russian rare earth mine, Kutessay II, located in Kyrgyzstan, up and running in late 2012.  Their mine produced REEs for the former Soviet Union with half of production being the truly valuable heavy rare earth elements (HREEs).

The company has begun some exploration efforts to further understand this extraordinary project.  They will test the depth of the mineralization at the mine as the Russians never tested more than 25 meters below the bottom exploration drift, even though the deposit is widening to depth.  According to Robert Mackay, CEO of Stans Energy Corp., this was due to the fact that, “they had 72 years of mine life when they started the mine based on 300,000 tons a year.”  Mr. Mackay also indicated that the Kyrgyz Ministry of Resources has issued a 25-year mining license associated with the mine and it is fully permitted to re-start operations.  The mine is currently the only HREE mine outside of China fully permitted for operations, thus putting the company years ahead of many of their competitors.

Stans Energy is on friendly terms with the government in Kyrgystan and has, “had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with the Kyrgyz government,” according to Mr. Mackay.  The country wants new mines, foreign investment and jobs for its citizens.  Also of significance, the country recently held elections which we have been informed went smoothly.

The company is testing a new zone 500m southwest of Kutessay II, and we believe they will find further rare earth mineralization similar to that found at the old mine.  We believe that the project may contain further zones (much like the one the company has drilled) to increase resources.  Investors will know for sure about further areas of exploration interest later this year as the company will be undertaking a complete geophysical survey over the 40 sq. km area of the Aktuyz Ore Field in the fall.

The exploration is certainly an exciting part of this project, however we think the real value in Stans Energy lies in the historic mine.  Most of the buildings are there, along with a mill and according to Mr. Mackay, “the equipment used at KCMP is still used today in the industry and it is all titanium and stainless steel so it was overbuilt like many Soviet plants.”  The company also has the metallurgical process the Soviets used to extract the rare earths, which they will use as a building block to increase their extraction rates via new technology and chemicals.

Stans Energy should also be releasing a JORC resource estimate for the Kutessay II open pit mine, which should be one of the most detailed resource estimates most investors will see in their life.  Samples were gathered from the mine wall as well as from underground access points which go the length of the mineralization.  Stans will know exactly what REEs are where in the mine along with detailed ore grades.  When the Russians discovered this deposit, they determined it had 72 years of mine life at 300,000 tons a year.  The deposit was mined for 30 years, so close to 2/3 of the deposit is left for Stans.  The historical tonnage on the project was 51,500,000 kgs of REOs.

It is our opinion that the company reaches production in 2013, due to their in-place infrastructure and permits as well as location.  Mr. Mackay says that the, “best case scenario would be production in late 2012,” so we are confident with our number.  Further, this puts Stans Energy on track to be one of the first HREE mines to production.  We believe that Stans will be one of the few REE players to reach the production threshold, and one of the first to deliver significant quantities of REEs while prices are still high for the LREEs and the easy supply contracts for HREEs are available, thus at current levels the stock is underpriced.  Over the next six months shares in Stans Energy could easily approach C$1.00 per share as the story gets out regarding their near-term production profile.

We believe that the stock is poised to move significantly higher in the short-term due to the company generating significant news flow.  The company should be releasing the JORC resource estimate soon, has the potential to add further deposits to the project through exploratory drilling on the seven domes they know are there due to the Russians and any further areas they may discover, and has all of the necessary licenses to get the mine up and running.  Due to the tremendous groundwork the current management team has done, Stans Energy could be one of the biggest winners in this young rare earth bull market.


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Quelle: October 13, 2010 | Matthew B. Smith,

Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

15.10.10 16:28

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicStans Energy quick facts

Jedes einzelne Video zeigt die Vorteile von Stans energy:

Alles ist einsehbar, die Vorteile die Properties... Stans hält noch Uranprojekte außerdem ist Kutessay 3 in der Nähe der existierenden Mine welche die derzeitige Größe verdoppeln könnte.

Hier der Link:



Im Oktober noch sollten die Bohrergebnisse zu Kutesay 3 kommen und eine JORC (das ist das Pendant zum NI43-101) kommen. Das dürfte dem Kurs nochmal Aufwind geben. Stans wird immer bekannter , Volumen in Frankfurt und Stuttgart nimmt zu.

Im obigen Bericht ist erst mal von $1 die Rede, wir werden sehen, wie weit Stans noch läuft, bedenkt man sie kommen von $0,10 .

Das Management:

Die Kutesay 2 Mine:


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Wie immer nur meine Meinung, keine Empfehlung zu irgendwas!

Have fun !

Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

15.10.10 17:03

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicInwentash Sheldon und Insider

kauft auch schöne ein.

Er selbst und seine Pinetree Capital Ltd.

Er kauft übrigens auch ucore :)

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Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.
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15.10.10 17:23

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicSeltene Erden Blog

Für alle, die sich dafür interessieren, was im seltenen Erden Bereich gerade passiert.

China kontrolliert angeblich 97% der seltenen Erden.

steigende Nachfrage lässt auf steigende Preise schließen.

Bereich light rare earths wird es in 5 Jahren eine Überproduktion geben, aber im Bereich heavy rare earths wird die Nachfrage das Angebot übersteigen.

Stans hat mit Kutesay 2 heavy rare earth und light rare earth 50/50 !!!

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Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

15.10.10 17:26

521 Postings, 3782 Tage Schabo04@Bio

das ist doch mal ein interessanter Thread und das Potential von Stans ist sehr interessant, einer der wenigen Explorer ausserhalb von China, der so kurz vor der Produktion steht. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis der Markt dieses erkennt.

Spätestens wenn die Bohrergebnisse von Kutesay III und die Jorc veröffentlicht wird, denke ich, werden wir noch sehr viel Spaß mit unserer Stans haben! Der Kurs ist meiner Meinung nach, absolut unterbewertet.

Bio, wie immer tolle Arbeit, Danke!

Gruß Marcel  

15.10.10 19:25

521 Postings, 3782 Tage Schabo04News! Privatplazierung Rare Capital Fund

15.10.10 20:23

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogic@schabo

Geil, wenn jetzt schon Fonds einsteigen !!

Sieht man das Potential von Stans, Kurs ist dann auch ein wenig abgesichert !


Beste Grüße


Nur meine Meinung, keine Empfehlung für irgendwas!

Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

15.10.10 20:50

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicInteressanter Fond!

Zitat aus der Quelle:

The following excerpt was taken from Rare Capital's Information  Memorandum: "The objective of the fund is to invest in small, medium and  large listed stocks that have the greatest potential to capitalize on  unique, rare earth projects around the world.  The Fund seeks to achieve  its objective by consistently investing in companies they consider to  be exceptional, that are either exploring, or near the mine-producing  growth stage."

"companies they consider to be exceptional, that are either exploring und jetzt kommts - or near the mine -porducing growth stage "

Beste Grüße



Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

17.10.10 10:08

150 Postings, 3627 Tage Staatsfernsehensupertolle Recherche

vielen Dank, und von dem Wert muss man einfach nur begeistert sein .. Rare Earth und noch nicht übertrieben bewertet ... weil kaum auf dem Radar der Investoren. Wobei gerade dieses Projekt äußerst günstig wieder reanimiert werden kann und wenn ich dann noch bedenken, dass der Anteil der wichtigen HREE bei ca. 50% (kenne ich ansonsten evtl noch von Alkane) ist, kann man sich gut ausmalen, wie hier evtl bald die Post abgehen dürfte.

Vielen Dank nochmal für Deinen Tipp (schau doch auch mal bei Alkane vorbei, vielen Dank!)  

18.10.10 21:25

1420 Postings, 3908 Tage madoldWundert Euch nicht ...

... doch morgen befinden wir uns auf einem neuem Niveau:

18.10.10  20:58 Uhr
0,64 CAD
20,75%  [0,11]
Gehandelte Stück 628.877

Im Vergleich: Handel FFM (0), Stgt (5000 Stck)  
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18.10.10 21:45

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogic@madold @Staatsfernsehen

Ja, die Bohrungen von Kutessay 3 werden wohl sehr positiv erwartet. Könnten ja immerhin die Ree Größe erhöhen, sogar verdoppeln ! Wir werden sehen, was für Ergebnisse präsentiert werden. Nicht, dass jetzt zuviel erwartet wird und nicht gehalten werden kann. Aber wir werden es dann analysieren :)

Außerdem soll ja auch gleich die JORC (NI43-101) von Kutesay 2 kommen, von der Mine bei der die Produktion bald wieder aufgenommen werden kann.

Staatsfernsehen, du hast recht Alkane ist interessant auch die REO Zusammensetzung und der Heavy rare earth Anteil, ich musss gestehen Alkane ist an mir vorbei gegangen. Dennoch dort besteht noch keine Mine die dürften länger mit Produktionsbeginn dauern, daher vielleicht nochmal eine Chance wieder einzusteigen :)

Seien wir gespannt, was uns Stans bieten wird und ab wann viele darauf aufmerksam werden.

Beste Grüße
Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

18.10.10 21:50

521 Postings, 3782 Tage Schabo04@Bio

Ich glaube das mit der Aufmerksamkeit wird nicht mehr lange dauern,
seitdem wir Freitag den Thread eröffnet haben, waren bereits über 200 auf dieser Seite,
auch die Suchanzahl bei Google nimmt sehr stark zu :-)

Dann lasst uns mal entspannt auf die Ergebnisse warten, aber sogar wenn diese negativ ausfallen, was ich natürlich nicht glaube, hat Stans jetzt schon sehr großes Potential.

Sobald die Jorc und die neuen Bohrergebnisse vorliegen, wird es uns eine Freude sein, diese zu analysieren und zu berechnen!

Ich freue mich morgen früh, auf einen Blick in mein Depot!

Lg Marcel  

19.10.10 00:01

277 Postings, 3901 Tage dunel14Chart

Hallo zusammen,

war ja ein ordentlicher Tag heute.  
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19.10.10 18:12

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicHeimlich, still und leise

Stans rauscht nach oben.

Die Suchen hier nehmen zu, Google suchen steigen exorbitant an.

Die Aufmerksamkeit, die Stans verdient staut sich mehr und mehr an. Bald dürften Institutionelle aufsteigen, hallo HRE mit prod. 2012 , aufwachen.

Kurs in Kanada schon 0,70, bei dem Umfeld

Wie immer meine Meinung, keine Empfehlung !

Beste Grüße
Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

21.10.10 10:04

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicInterview mit CEO Robert Mackay


ich stelle hier mal ein Interview mit dem CEO Robert Mackay rein. Seit gespannt, am 25.10.10 gibt es eine Investorkonferenz ;) Interviews Robert Mackay, CEO of Stans Energy Corp.’s Matthew B. Smith recently sat down with Stans Energy CEO Robert Mackay. Below is a copy of that interview: Mr. Mackay, can you tell us about Stans Energy and your REE projects, including the past producing HREE mine Kutessay II?

Robert Mackay:  Stans Energy Corp was founded in 2005 when we travelled to Kyrgyzstan  to look at a gold property. We met with Dr. Gennady Savchenko who is now  our Managing Director in Kyrgyzstan and we were impressed with his  knowledge of the country and his professionalism. When you work in  jurisdictions that you are not familiar with, it is VERY important that  you have the right people you can trust and know the culture and the  industry locally.

When we started the company we were initially  focused on acquiring uranium properties. Gennady was in charge of  uranium geology for Kyrgyzstan and southern Kazakhstan during the USSR  era, and therefore he helped us to identify the most promising sites. We  were looking only to acquire those properties that had open pit or  leaching capabilities, and we passed on ones that would be difficult to  mine. I am proud to say that even following the collapse of the uranium  boom Stans is one of the few companies that still has operations in  Kyrgyzstan,.

In 2006, we did a complete study of all the  radioactive areas in Kyrgyzstan. In that study, we noted the Aktuyz Ore  Field and the Kutessay II past producing REE mine, but at the time, the  deposits were unavailable.

In the fall of 2009, the government  informed us that they were holding an auction to sell the licenses for  the REE mine – Kutessay II, and the beryllium deposit – Kalesay. We  immediately put a team together, including the top law firm in  Kyrgyzstan, to prepare for the auction. The auction was held on December  29th 2009, and fortunately for us, we were well prepared and were the  highest bidder. What is the distribution between HREEs and LREEs?

Robert Mackay: Our historical distribution is about 50/50. Within that, which individual elements have the greatest proportion?

Robert Mackay:  In terms of quantity, Cerium and Yttrium make up 53% of the deposit,  but in terms of value, using today’s prices, Europium, Dysprosium,  Terbium and Yttrium make up roughly 66% of the potential revenue from  Kutessay II, and these are the elements that we believe will have high  growth rates in demand in the near future.  Do you have a value per tonne for this deposit? If so, can you also  give us your estimate for its total value (total deposit value)?

Robert Mackay:  This will depend on our JORC and metallurgical results, but based on  historical data , we estimate a grade of .3 REOs, which equates to about  $240 per tonne using today’s prices. These totals don’t account for  recovery rates, nor do they account for any additional by-product  revenue. Both of these two additional variables can be added to the per  tonne calculation once our updated metallurgical tests are complete. I am told that you have a resource estimate, JORC, coming out soon. When can investors expect to see this released?

Robert Mackay:  Historical tonnage is 51,500,000 kgs of REOs, which is not recognized  in the NI 43-101 or JORC standards so that is why we are doing a JORC.  We still need to complete a drill hole to depth to find out how deep the  dome-shaped deposit extends. This was the official reserve calculation  that the auction was based on. What is interesting is that the reserve  calculation the government based the auction on was calculated to 25  meters below the bottom exploration drift and even though the deposit is  widening to depth the deposit has not been drilled below that level.  They had 72 years of mine life when they started the mine based on  300,000 tons a year so given that there were still decades of tonnage  left in the mine there was no need to do deep exploration to look for  more. Does Stans already have a  mining permit/license for the project? Is there a legacy operating  license from when the mine was in production?

Robert Mackay:  Stans owns a 25-year mining licence issued by the Kyrgyz Ministry of  Resources. The mine is fully permitted to re-start operations. What does the timeline look like to get to production?

Robert Mackay:  This is the big question. Time is a function of money and right now  we’re progressing our project as fast as we can while conserving the  money we have. Our plan is to have all the pieces for a feasibility  study at the beginning of January, 2011, one year after the purchase of  the mine. From there, with debt financing and some upgrades, best case  scenario would be production in late 2012. How much is it going to cost to refurbish the mine, buildings and surrounding infrastructure?

Robert Mackay:  The other big question… That is for a feasibility study to determine,  and we are currently in negotiations for the processing facilities, so I  cannot comment on the buildings. As far as infrastructure is concerned,  it’s all there; roads, rail, power and water. You can drive a Cadillac  into the bottom of the pit. There are even many knowledgeable people  still living in the area who used to work at the mine. On a relative  basis, it is safe to say that Kutessay II will require a fraction of the  capital necessary for many other REE properties. What exactly does the recent MOI you signed with a State-Owned institute in Russia cover?

Robert Mackay:  The MOI with VHIINT is step one of our plans in Russia. Our two  organizations will jointly review the REE potential in the Russia  Federation for the purpose of acquisitions. This MOI marks the first  time that VNIIHT, a state-owned institute for mining chemical  technology, is planning to pursue direct ownership in mining and  exploration properties. I’m in Moscow now and we’ve just met with the  Institute’s directors. We’re all very excited to begin what we believe  will be a long, mutually beneficial partnership.  Some are skeptical of the operating environment in Kyrgyzstan. Can you  shed any light on the operating environment for investors? Has the  company made any inroads in opening a dialogue with the government there  to ensure a smooth transition in moving the mine from its current state  back into production?

Robert Mackay: Since we  started in exploring in Kyrgyzstan, I can say with that we’ve had  nothing but positive experiences when dealing with the Kyrgyz  government. This is a country that wants new mines, and they’ve made it  one of their top priorities for foreign investment. The best way to go  deeper into this subject is to view our political update on our website – How much cash does the company currently have? Also, could you tell us what it is held in (corporate paper, cds, etc.)?

Robert Mackay:  Our Q2 financials stated a total of about $2.4 million, with $700,000  spent in the quarter and all of it is in cash or short term bank notes.  Our Q3 financials will be made available in November. (Since doing this  interview, Stans raised another $1,500,000 with Rare Capital Fund) Will you need to raise any funds over the next 6-12 months?

Robert Mackay:  We may need to raise money for the feasibility study, and possibly for  additional acquisitions, however over the past couple months we’ve been  contacted by a number of institutions including a bank who are  interested in our project, so we will have financing options. What percentage of the company does management own?

Robert Mackay: The founders of Stans own roughly 32 million shares and many of those are held in escrow for the next 4 years. Are you going to go it alone on this project, or could you take on partners?

Robert Mackay:  We are a growth oriented company, and so we will try to stay nimble. We  believe that end-users are going to determine which REE projects are  successful and which aren’t. A partner in Japan would be ideal as they  are the biggest importer of HREEs in the world.  We have been told by some of our contacts in the industry that  manufacturers of the products that use rare earths are interested in  locking up new supply and that they could be willing to help bring  mining facilities online. Has Stans been contacted about any  opportunities such as this?

Robert Mackay: Yes.  You have the old Russian mine, Kutessay II, but on the same property  you have some other areas of interest, when will you drill test these?

Robert Mackay:  Currently we’re awaiting drill core assay results of a new zone, 500m  south-west of Kutessay II. Our geophysical survey indicated a large  metallic sulphide anomaly with high thorium content, which is similar to  the Kutessay II geophysical signature. We suspect it’s mineralized, but  we don’t know the grades. We will be doing a complete geophysical  survey over the 40 sq km area of the Aktuyz Ore Field this fall to look  for additional mineralized areas.  What are you doing regarding the metallurgy? Will you verify the  Russians’ old method and simply use that, or will that be a building  block on the way to get higher returns with modern technology?

Robert Mackay:  This is one of my biggest frustrations with the investment community as  the market generally doesn’t appreciate just how valuable it is for a  project to have a proven industrial scale process to extract the final  rare earth metals or oxides from these complex ores. These deposits have  extremely complex metallurgy and at our mine Kutessay II it took the  Soviets 7 years to get the mill to work at a consistant rate and then 4  additional years to perfect the separation at KCMP and that is with the  unlimited budget and brainpower of the USSR..

What we are doing is  refining the process by using new separation equipment and chemicals.  We are not reinventing the extraction process we are refining it. The  equipment used at KCMP is still used today in the industry and it is all  titanium and stainless steel so it was overbuilt like many Soviet  plants. Looking at the industry  as it is now, where do you see Stans in five years? Further, will Stans  be a consolidator, seller, or neither in the industry going forward?

Robert Mackay:  Our goal is to be the biggest, low-cost HREE developer in the world.  Much needs to happen for Stans to achieve our goals, but we believe them  to be attainable. REE prices  have been moving dramatically higher lately. Is this the new price  level, or are we overpriced or underpriced at these current levels?

Robert Mackay:  There are many misconceptions about REE prices given the uniqueness of  the industrial uses, and the current sources of production. China  determines the prices that the rest of the world accepts for REEs. We  believe that LREEs are well overpriced based on FOB pricing, and HREEs  are underpriced, given our expectations of expected future demand. Where do you see prices in a year? Over the next five?

Robert Mackay:  Tough question to put numbers on… How about I answer based on my  projected economics and you can decide the numbers. We believe that due  to China’s HREE industry consolidation, the crack-down on illegal HREE  exports, and mining standards improvements, HREEs will continue to  increase in price. Chinese quotas, and the amount of new production from  India, Vietnam, Russia, and Australia will determine the prices for  LREEs. In 5 years, we see a price war in LREEs as many new sources are  made available, and a shortage of HREEs.  When you look at Stans and your properties and then look at the rest of  the industry, what are your thoughts? Do you see your company as fairly  valued, undervalued or overvalued?

Robert Mackay:  I believe that it’s going to take a very long time for the REE space to  develop in North America because of regulation. The Wall Street Journal  did a study this spring and concluded it takes 7 years to get a mining  license on average and that is without having to accommodate the storage  and handling of radioactive elements that are found in most HREE  deposits. My experience says that investors will eventually grow  impatient. Currently, the market for HREEs outside of China is small.  Those who can reach low-cost production the fastest, will enjoy fruitful  returns on their investment. That being said, if demand increases the  way many analysts expect, China could become a net importer of REEs, and  there won’t be enough REE properties to go around.

Every CEO in the world thinks his or her company is undervalued. It’s in our nature, and it’s why we work as hard as we do. Thank you for your time today Mr. Mackay, we look forward to hearing more about these exciting events as they unfold.




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Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

21.10.10 10:36

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogicChina Handelsembargo REE ausgeweitet

Beste Grüße


Es braucht eine Spur Begabung - und eine Menge Mut um in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu gehen.

26.10.10 18:27

1435 Postings, 3905 Tage njimkoREE Verknappung durch China

Die weiter angekündigten Beschränkungen in der Ausfuhr von REE aus China wird die Preise weiter treiben. Angeblich wäre das von China vorangetrieben um sich Vorteile in der Preisgetaltung zu verschaffen. Das kommt völlig überraschend?
China ist gewachsen und hat das koloniale Ausbeutungsschema hinter sich gelassen. Nun werden wir, die Ausbeuter, zu den Ausgebeuteten. Wie kann die gesamte westliche Welt nur so naiv glauben, ihre Politik könnte ewig so zu ihrem Vorteil weitergehen? Besonders wenn es sich um strategische Rohstoffe handelt. Ein Vorlauf von mindestens sieben Jahren ist nötig um Minen in den USA in Produktion zu bringen.

Stans wird deshalb sehr schnell in Produktion gehen um von dieser Situation zu partizipieren.

PS.: wer wird der nächste sein, vielleicht Chile mit seinem Kupfer?

26.10.10 18:56

1844 Postings, 3818 Tage StarbikerDie Chinesen

haben den riesen Vorteil (den wir sicherlich nicht haben wollen), das sie in einer wie auch immer gearteten Diktatur leben und solche wirtschaftsstrategischen Entscheidungen zentral und für das ganze Land steuern können. In unserer freien Marktwirtschaft ist es schwer vorstellbar, das nicht ab einem bestimmten Preis (z.B. für die REE's) nicht doch einer seiner Gier erliegen würde und die Welt weiter mit teurem Stoff versorgen würde. Das macht die Chinesen meiner Meinung nach so gefährlich.  

28.10.10 19:30

943 Postings, 4444 Tage Alfgolf2bin nun auch drin

also hatet Euch fest !!

wenn ich einsteige gehts eigentlich immer runter...

tut mir jetzt schon leid !

Nur wer an sich glaubt, kann anderen helfen, an sich zu glauben.

29.10.10 20:06

1435 Postings, 3905 Tage njimko@Alfgolf2

Stans läßt sich nicht aufhalten, auch nicht von Alfgolf2. Stans hat etwas das in der gesamten westlichen Welt sehr begehrt ist nämlich zu 50% hREO in den Erzen die sie Insitu auf Kutessay2 in einer historischen Resource und mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit auf Kutessay3 in einer noch nicht explorierten Menge im Boden vermuten. Erste Explorationsbohrungen und Schürfe  lieferten vielversprechende Ergebnisse. Das besondere an Stans ist die Geschwindigkeit mit der sie in Produktion gehen können. Wo andere Minen 5-7 Jahre Vorbereitung brauchen geht Stans von maximal zwei Jahren aus. Wenn sie das schaffen wird man sich um die Produkte am Markt reißen. Der Anstieg Heute von 11,11% zeigt: Stans ist Alfgolf2 resistent. :)


PS.: also keine Sorge wenn Alfgolf2 irgendwo einsteigt, er hat ein gutes Karma!!!  

03.11.10 19:09

7 Postings, 3702 Tage Wonginur rauf ?! ;)

03.11.10 19:21

943 Postings, 4444 Tage Alfgolf2naja fast

ich habe immer perfektes Timing als letzter auf dem Zug aufzuspringen, um dann keinen Sitzplatz zu finden und entnervt wieder abzuspringen...das Gute bei Stans ist, das viele Omas da saßen und eine so freundlich war, mir Ihren Sitz angeboten Gegenzug dafür versprach Ich ihr das sie auf meinem Schos sitzen darf....

naja, das war die gute Nachricht...die schlechte ist, sie will nicht eher runter bis der Zug anhält....!!!!!!!!!!! das wird wohl heissen, das wir erst beide Hand in Hand aussteigen, wenn Stans wohl bei 3-4 ? steht....

und die Oma meinte sie hat die ganzen Türen verschlossen und wir sitzen alle zusammen im Boot !!!!

Nur wer an sich glaubt, kann anderen helfen, an sich zu glauben.

04.11.10 01:00

457 Postings, 4469 Tage trailerStans im Emerging Markets Trader empfohlen

Algolf, ich muss dich enttäuschen. Die Oma hat zwar alle Türen geschlossen, aber nicht verschlossen. Im Emerging Markets Trader der letzten Woche wurde Stans empfohlen, es wollen also noch mehr Leute in den Zug.... ;-)

04.11.10 10:05

1841 Postings, 4509 Tage BioLogic#23

Der Zug fährt bald ab,

1. Wenn die Jorc zu Kutessay 2 kommt

2. Wenn die Drillings zu Kutessay 3 bekannt gegeben werden.

3. Wenn sich ein Jointventure Partner für das Projekt findet

Ja, so viele wenns, doch ist es sicher, das es so kommt es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, seit geduldig.


Alfgolf hat schlechte Karten, ich lass nicht zu, das Stans auf 3 bis 4 Cents fällt :)

Beste Grüße



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04.11.10 16:39

521 Postings, 3782 Tage Schabo04News

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