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Wealth Intersects Large, Potential Bulk Tonnage, Uranium System at Diamante-Los Patos Property, Northwest    05.12.07

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 5, 2007) - Wealth Minerals Ltd. (the "Company" or "Wealth") - (TSX VENTURE:WML) (OTCBB:WMLLF) (FRANKFURT:EJZ), is pleased to announce the results from the first three drill holes on its 100% owned Diamante-Los Patos property located in Provinces of Salta and Catamarca, northwest Argentina ("DLP").

Initial Results

Borehole 07-DLP-02 returned 49 metres at 0.35 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.015% uranium), commencing 2 metres below surface. The interval includes a higher-grade zone averaging 0.56 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.024% uranium) over 14 metres, beginning at a depth of 9 metres (Table 1).

As predicted by the exploration model, all three reverse circulation drill holes intersected significant intervals of uranium mineralization and confirm the presence a potential bulk-tonnage uranium deposit near surface. These results represent the very first holes of a planned 10,000 metre drill program within this newly defined frontier uranium district.

Boreholes DLP-001 and DLP-003 successfully intersected broad intervals of uranium mineralization commencing at shallow levels and extending to appreciable depths. The first borehole, collared off the main Bingo target zone, intersected 20 metres @ 0.24 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.01% uranium) within which 4 metres returned 0.55 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.023% uranium (Table 1). Borehole DLP-003 intersected multiple zones of uranium mineralization, including 11 metres @ 0.26 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.011% uranium) and 8 metres @ 0.30 lbs/ton U3O8 (0.013% uranium) respectively (Table 1).

Table 1: Drill Intersections
Drill Hole Zone  From (m)   To (m)  Interval (m)  ppm U  lbs/ton U3O8  U (%)
DLP-001   Bingo    37       57            20      102.2          0.24 0.010
including Bingo    45       49             4      231.8          0.55 0.023
DLP-002   Bingo     2       51            49      150.1          0.35 0.015
including Bingo     9       23            14      236.7          0.56 0.024
DLP-003   Bingo    11       22            11      108.8          0.26 0.011
DLP-003   Bingo    47       55             8      127.8          0.30 0.013


The principal target at DLP is a large, bulk tonnage uranium target within which smaller, high grade, structurally controlled zones and intervals are anticipated. Initial drilling at the Bingo Zone successfully validates this exploration model with potentially bulk mineable uranium mineralization presently intersected over 150 metres strike and depths ranging from 50 to 57 metres from surface (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1: Plan Map of Bingo Zone Drillholes

Figure 2: Drill sections for DLP-001, -002, and -003

The Diamante-Los Patos Property

Exploration to date indicates that the more than 1,500 square kilometre property is prospective for not only surface to near-surface bulk tonnage uranium mineralization, but also potentially higher-grade 'feeder-zone' mineralization. Exploration has currently identified seven large mineralized zones over a 20 kilometre by 30 kilometre area (Figure 3). Results are interpreted to reflect the surface expressions or leakage from a very large, structurally controlled, volcanic-hosted system focused on the flanks of the Cerro Galan Caldera Complex (CGCC).

Figure 3: Diamante-Los Patos Property Map

The current 10,000 metre reverse circulation drill program began on October 25, 2007 and is designed to rapidly test the major zones of surficial uranium mineralization in order to prioritize the systematic testing of the large zones. Thirteen drill holes, totalling 1,292 metres, have been completed at the Bingo and Alfredo zones and the drill is currently testing the Diamante zone. The remaining boreholes are currently being logged and sampled and will shortly be en-route to the laboratory for geochemical analysis.

In addition to drilling, the Company's field crews are continuing with aggressive mapping and prospecting to delineate further drill targets in new areas where anomalous radioactivity has been identified.

"We are very excited by these highly encouraging initial drill results" stated Henk Van Alphen, President of Wealth. "Should the current drilling continue to return similar broad intervals of uranium mineralization, we believe we are well on our way to discovering a large, bulk tonnage uranium deposit in a new district."

Qualified Person & QA/QC Controls

James M. Dawson, P. Eng., Wealth's consulting geologist and a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has supervised the preparation of the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for this news release. Mr. Dawson is not independent of Wealth by virtue of being a shareholder and the holder of stock options.

Wealth's work programs are supervised by James M. Dawson, Wealth's consulting geologist, and Scott Heffernan, P.Geol., Wealth's Chief Geologist, who are responsible for all aspects of the work, including the quality control/quality assurance program. On-site personnel at the project rigorously collect and track samples which are then sealed and shipped to Alex Stewart Assayers (ASA) for analysis. ASA's quality system complies with the requirements for the International Standard ISO 9001:2000. Analytical accuracy and precision are monitored by the analysis of reagent blanks, reference material and replicate samples. Quality control is further assured by the use of international and in-house standards. Finally, representative blind blank and duplicate samples are forwarded to ASA for additional quality control.

Laboratory results are received in parts per million uranium. The conversion factor used to convert parts per million uranium to pounds per short ton U3O8 is 1.179, which was verified with the Saskatchewan Research Council (ppm uranium x 1.179 = ppm U308; 10,000 ppm uranium = 1% = 20 lbs/ton uranium).

About Wealth Minerals Ltd.

Wealth is a well financed mineral exploration company with approximately 26.3 million shares issued and listings on the TSX Venture and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges and the OTCBB. The Company's focus is the acquisition and exploration of prospective uranium properties, primarily in Argentina and Peru. In addition to ongoing work programs on its existing properties, it continues to actively evaluate new potential uranium projects in these and other countries.

For further details on the Company readers are referred to the Company's web site (, Canadian regulatory filings on SEDAR at and United States regulatory filings on EDGAR at

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of


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Ich glaube, wenn die Warrants frei werden, das der Kurs nochmal in die Knie geht, bevor den schönen Anstieg der letzten Wochen weiter macht. Was glaubt das Forum?  

23.02.17 07:47

137 Postings, 2443 Tage Miller01Wann

Wann und bei wieviel werden denn die Wartens frei?
Wie tief geht es ev. Nochmal runter?  

22.01.18 15:42

1993 Postings, 2090 Tage PolluxEnergyFette

Finanzierung und wohl das beste Lithium Portfolio in Chile!
Wealth Minerals is a mineral resource company with interests in Canada, Mexico, Peru and Chile. The Company's main focus is the acquisition and development of lithium projects in South America. To date, the Company has positioned itself to develop the Aguas Calientes Norte, Pujsa and Quisquiro S ...

26.01.18 13:43

1718 Postings, 5181 Tage BaseWas ist los

Kurs sackt ja ganz schön  ab
kann doch nicht nur an der Finanzierung liegen.
aber habe ich richtig gelesen das Wealth 170 Mio Aktien insgesamt hat.  

26.01.18 13:45

1718 Postings, 5181 Tage Basehabe

nochmal geschaut. habe mich wohl verlesen. keine 170mio.
aber warum schmiert der kurs so ab. projekt soll doch eins der besten sein  

02.03.18 12:41

5 Postings, 1863 Tage ZeigefingerZusätzliche Finanzierung für die 2. Phase benötigt

Die Firma hat 15 Mio. USD durch einen Deal finanziert, der auf einen Schlag 60 Mio. Aktien zu je 25 cent das Stück veräußerte. Diese Finanzierung ist für die 2. Phase der Förderung nötig, hat aber zu einem Absinken des Kurses geführt.



02.03.18 17:34

1718 Postings, 5181 Tage Base25 cent

das ist ja ein witz.
für die kleinanleger sehr ärgerlich  

22.09.18 09:43

1718 Postings, 5181 Tage Base?

weiß jemand warum der kurs so abschmiert. kann doch nicht immer noch an der kapiterhöhung liegen.  

10.10.18 15:58

43 Postings, 1350 Tage tristan85mucIn der Zwischenzeit

gab es Nachrichten, wonach es Probleme seitens der Chilenischen Regierung / Bevölkerung rund um das Konzessionsgebiet von Wealth geben soll. Es hieß nur das Wealth engagierte Gespräche führt um alle von ihrem Projekt zu überzeugen.

Ansonsten gab es in letzter Zeit nicht viel verwertbares, daher vielleicht die Seitwärtsbewegung  

21.11.18 12:58

1993 Postings, 2090 Tage PolluxEnergyWealth Minerals

in einem neuen Battery Metals Report:
Der Elektromobilitätsboom kommt gerade erst in Fahrt ? ohne Lithium, Kobalt und Vanadium dreht sich dabei gar nichts!

24.04.19 20:38

1993 Postings, 2090 Tage PolluxEnergyBattery Metals Report

Wealth Minerals ist in folgendem deutschen Battery Metals Report beinhaltet:  

10.12.20 10:47

57 Postings, 1877 Tage marco11111Ganz schön ruhig hier geworden,

dabei hat sich doch bis auf die Pulverisierung des Kurses nicht Fundamentales geändert?  

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Maximales Potential was ich sehe sind 0,40? bis 0,80?...Chartanalysen absolut nicht möglich, da reine Zockeraktie und nur OTC gehandelt.
Bin zwar seit Anfang Januar 2021 dabei und im Plus--> Stop Loss kurz über Einstiegskurs (Stop Even) und damit free trade.  
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Bin am Montag raus. Danke wealth minerals...too risky...  
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