Zukunft Wasser - Wer ist dabei ?

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2468 Postings, 3586 Tage AktienBabyZukunft Wasser - Wer ist dabei ?

Deepverge - Labskin, Modern Water, Rinodrive, Stoer, Algzym

ps: Modern Water wurden im Depot aus- und Deepverge eingebucht ... im Verhältnis 10:1


24.11.20 09:03

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1@aktienBaby

Ja bin hier wie auch bei Modern Water seit einer Weile investiert. Nun da die Fusion durch ist und meine Modern Water Aktien in Deepverge Aktien umgewandelt wurden, macht es keinen Sinn mehr ein Modern Water Forum zu führen.

Ich bin sehr überzeugt von DVRG. Sie haben eine sehr breite Produktepalette. Zudem bin ich sehr an nachhaltigen Investitionen interessiert. Diese Aktien könnten uns noch sehr viel Freude bereiten.  

25.11.20 08:28

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1Investor Presentation

November 2020

25 November 2020

DeepVerge PLC

("DeepVerge" or "the Company")

Investor presentation and corporate update following Modern Water plc acquisition

DeepVerge (LSE:DVRG.L), the scientific research and AI-as-a-Service company, is pleased to announce that Gerry Brandon, Chief Executive Officer, will be presenting at an investor webinar being hosted jointly by Turner Pope Investments (TPI) Ltd and Vox Markets.

The event will be held on Tuesday 1(st) December 2020 at 2pm. Please register your interest at https://**********.brand.live/c/deepverge-webinar

Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge, Commented:

"Deepverge is expanding, with organic revenue growth alone, despite COVID, guided at GBP4m for 2020, including an increase in revenues by 300% in H2 2020, up from GBP1m in H1 2020. Following the recent acquisition of Modern Water plc, we will now have sales offices and laboratories for Labskin and Rinocloud AI services in the US, Ireland, UK, China and Japan. This global expansion provides access to a growing list of household name clients, that includes Unilever, L'Oréal, Estee Lauder, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Amway and L'Occitane, cross-selling products and services from each division and serving the environment, cosmetics and pharma sectors worldwide.

"The presentation will provide an update on sales, marketing, supply chain management of products and services under development in a post-COVID world with insight into what is expected to come in 2021 and 2022."

For further information please contact:


27.11.20 08:12

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1News

Fri, 27th Nov 2020 07:00

RNS Number : 6935G
Deepverge PLC
27 November 2020

27 November 2020

DeepVerge PLC


("DeepVerge" or "the Company")

Interim analysis from University of Aberdeen Labskin study demonstrates ability to hostSARS-CoV-2 virus on Labskin cloned human skin microbiome

Breakthrough results allow real-world testing of anti-viral compounds without human volunteers

Study extended to investigate additional COVID-19 behaviours on skin

DeepVerge announces interim results from its Labskin partnership with University of Aberdeen following analysis of a study to investigate the behaviour of SARS-CoV-2 virus on Labskin's cloned human skin microbiome to enable testing of COVID-19 anti-viral and dental products.

Labskin scientists have successfully populated and maintained the SARS-CoV-2 virus on skin models creating a breakthrough environment that enables testing of household chemicals, anti-viral products, skin and health care products, and their effect on the human skin microbiome as well as their efficacy at killing the virus over long periods of time.

The DeepVerge study is designed to investigate:

· The transmissibility from surfaces to airways via skin by measuring its viability when recovered from surface(s) to skin and skin to skin;

· What sanitisers kill the virus on skin (this is anecdotally assumed to be correct based on the World Health Organisation ("WHO") research on other bacteria, but not proven for Covid);

· The reduction of titre and/or virulence;

· The ability of the virus to activate innate immune response on the human living tissue (Labskin model); and

· How long the virus lives on skin.

These results validate Labskin's ability to provide access to real-world clones of the human skin microbiome while removing the risk of transmission of the virus to human volunteers. For the first time, in safety, clients can test their products, ingredients, treatments and therapies on SARS-CoV-2 and potentially other dangerous viruses and pathogens in real-world environments.

DeepVerge has extended the investigation and will include:

· Viability of the virus when transferred as full coronavirus particles from plastic and metal surfaces to the laboratory grown human skin model and the potential risk for infection through the skin;

· Ability of SARS-CoV-2 to activate innate immune response on the Labskin model; and

· Ability to reproduce on the skin and how long it remains viable - and therefore infectious.

Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge plc, commented:

"Society has depended on anecdotal or theoretical evidence to determine how infectious skin is, as humans touch surfaces and each other. The work in Aberdeen provides factual data and empirical evidence of surface to skin and skin to skin transferability to provide quantifiable infection risks. The body of research, protocols and methods created on Labskin, working with the real virus, offers confirmation and sets standards that allow for testing of our client's anti-viral household, skin and health care products, so that consumers are given scientific evidence behind products claims to kill or address the risk of transmission of the virus.

"Labskin is now a proxy skin environment for deep research and testing, beyond Labskin laboratories, with our partners in the universities in Liverpool, UK, Genoa, Italy and Shanghai, China. The extended scientific community can monitor how long the virus remains viable on the skin and provide empirical proof of viral load over the length of time that the virus survives - to show how vulnerable and infectious a human can be in their daily interactions and activities."

Background details of study

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 is presumed to be transmitted by close contact and respiratory droplets. However, other means of plausible indirect transmission have already been described via fomites (e.g., elevator buttons or restroom taps)[i]. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine[ii] has confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 has a longer stability on various surfaces than the previously known coronavirus SARS-CoV-1. This study has found that the current pandemic virus shows viable infective units after 3 hours in aerosol, up to 4 hours when deposited in copper surfaces, up to 24 hours in cardboard and up to 72 hours in plastic and stainless steel. Although the virus titre was greatly reduced, these findings clearly point toward additional sources of viral transmission that need to be assessed.

Advice from WHO and health agencies to avoid contagion stresses the need for hand washing using ethanol-based hand sanitisers. Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care: First Global Patient Safety Challenge Clean Care Is Safer Care[iii]. While laboratory experiments show the virus can be killed successfully using a variety of sanitisers, there is little evidence available about the resilience of SARS-CoV-2 when tested on the living human skin microbiome.

About the skin model

Labskin is a unique full-thickness human skin model which was specifically developed for the study of the human skin microflora and the microbiota/host interactions [[iv],[v]]. Its dryness and barrier function create an ideal environment where individual or multiple microbial species can thrive to form a stable community. Labskin can be colonised with microorganisms belonging to the three domains of life and these can be infected with bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens. The features of the Labskin models make it ideal to study the transferability of viral particles from any sort of material to skin, to assess the ability of the virus to remain infective while in the skin surface and to quantify the efficacy of soap washing and hand sanitisers in a realistic in vitro model.  

11.12.20 08:26

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1Labskin Umsatz wächst

RNS - Nummer: 2915I
Deepverge PLC
11. Dezember 2020

11. Dezember 2020

DeepVerge PLC

( "DeepVerge" oder "das Unternehmen")

New Labskin Service 'weichen Start' im August bereits Netze £ 400.000 in abgeschlossenen Aufträge in Q4

Service hat neue Haushalt Namen Kunden angezogen

DeepVerge (LSE: DVRG.L), das AI-Unternehmen für Umwelt- und Biowissenschaften, freut sich, einen neuen F & E-Service bekannt zu geben, der im August 2020 eingeführt wurde und bereits im vierten Quartal einen Umsatz von 400.000 GBP erzielt hat gebrauchte Labskin-Dienste. Diese Vereinbarungen beinhalten Rahmen-Master-Service-Vereinbarungen mit zwei der weltweit größten Anbieter von Konsumgütern im Zusammenhang mit Hautpflege.

Der neue Service wurde entwickelt, um die Auswirkungen von Inhaltsstoffen wie Probiotika und Präbiotika auf das Hautmikrobiom schnell zu validieren. Er klont das menschliche Hautmikrobiom mithilfe von sechs mikrobiellen Stämmen und liefert Ergebnisse aus der Praxis, die die Auswirkungen von Behandlungen und Therapeutika auf die reale menschliche Haut widerspiegeln.

Der neue F & E-Service ergänzt das bestehende Kundenangebot. Es erhöht den Umsatz pro Kunde und bietet höherwertige Testservices für Inhaltsstoffe, die in einer umfangreichen Produktpalette verwendet werden - von antiviralen Produkten über Shampoos bis hin zu Babywindeln. Der neue Service reproduziert Hauterkrankungen der Kopfhaut, des Gesichts, des Mundes und des Bauches. Es wird auch KI verwendet, was die Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit des Testens von Inhaltsstoffen an virtuellen Hautmodellen erheblich verbessert hat.

Gerard Brandon, CEO von DeepVerge, Kommentar:

"Als wir diesen neuen Service entwickelten, bauten wir auf drei Schlüsselplattformen auf: Labskins Fähigkeit, menschliche Haut wachsen zu lassen, sein Know-how bei der Replikation der mikrobiellen Umgebung der Haut aus verschiedenen Körperteilen und seine zunehmende Verwendung von KI und Daten, die bei Geschwindigkeit, Genauigkeit und Geschwindigkeit helfen Einblicke. Während wir das Produkt 2021 auf Konferenzen in allen Regionen vollständig vorstellen werden, hat es bereits zu erheblichem Interesse und Aufträgen von bestehenden und neuen Kunden sowie von neuen Kunden in neuen Sektoren / Märkten geführt.

Die Labskin-Abteilung hat sich zu einem weltweit anerkannten Marktführer beim Klonen und Testen von Mikrobiomen der menschlichen Haut in einem Labor mit einem schnell wachsenden Auftragsbestand eines wachsenden Blue-Chip-Kundenstamms entwickelt. Seit September 2019 hat das Team den Umsatz pro Kunde exponentiell gesteigert, indem es über seine zentralen Labortestservices hinaus mehrere Mehrwertlösungen anbietet, die die Kosten für die Kundenentwicklung bei der Validierung von Produktinformationen senken und eine schnellere Markteinführung neuer Produkte ermöglichen. "

Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an:

DeepVerge plc

Gerard Brandon, CEO

15.12.20 09:01

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1Procter & Gamble testet Labskin

Mit der Deepverge Tochter Labskin braucht es keine Tierforschung mehr in der Kosmetikindustrie.


Dies ist ein riesiger Markt.  

15.12.20 11:19

2468 Postings, 3586 Tage AktienBabydas sind

ja sehr vielversprechende neuigkeiten ... danke für deine recherche zamo !  

29.12.20 14:26

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano127 pennies

Endlich geht es wieder hoch. Eigentlich müsste der Kurs schon einiges höher sein. 2020 sollten ja 9 Mio. Umsatz erreicht werden. 2021 dann nochmals eine klare Steigerung. Dann hoffentlich auch positive News des Phase 3 Testens bei der SarsCov-02 Erkennung.
Tolles Potential hier mit sehr vielen intetessanten Produkten.  

29.12.20 14:29

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano127 pennies

Endlich geht es wieder hoch. Eigentlich müsste der Kurs schon einiges höher sein. 2020 sollten ja 9 Mio. Umsatz erreicht werden. 2021 dann nochmals eine klare Steigerung. Dann hoffentlich auch positive News des Phase 3 Testens bei der SarsCov-02 Labor Forschung.
Tolles Potential hier mit sehr vielen intetessanten Produkten.  

30.12.20 01:05

93 Postings, 471 Tage stksat|229215825Super

Super endlich  ein Deutsches Forum für Deep :)

Bin auch dabei. Das nächste Jahr sollte der Knoten platzen  

30.12.20 13:56

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano130 Pennies

So endlich wieder bei ca. 30 Pennies. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit und die 0.30 £ sind für immer weit hinter uns.  

30.12.20 15:07
Habe nochmals aufgestockt. Mit diesen Voraussetzungen sollten wird ende 21 über 1 Pfund stehen :)  

31.12.20 11:18

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1@stksat

Sehe ich auch so. Kurs zieht jetzt an, 0.33 £  

11.01.21 08:22

1351 Postings, 825 Tage Zamorano1News

Mon, 11th Jan 2021 07:00

RNS Number : 1360L
Deepverge PLC
11 January 2021

11 January 2021

DeepVerge PLC

("DeepVerge" or "the Company")

Trading Update

DeepVerge confirms maiden EBITDA profitable quarter

Unaudited 2020 revenue increases in excess of 300% to £4.4m with 2021 guidance of £10m

New business structure offers significant opportunities for growth

DeepVerge (LSE:DVRG.L), the environmental and life science AI company, today announces a post-year end trading update and outlook for 2021.

· Unaudited 2020 revenues for the Company are £4.4m (2019: £1.017m - audited)

o Aggregate unaudited revenues increased to £6.1m, (includes £1.7m relating to Modern Water in the pre-acquisition period to 9 November 2020)

o Strong sales in Q4 delivers first EBITDA profitable quarter (excluding exceptional costs associated with the acquisition of Modern Water)

· £10 million revenue guidance for 2021

o In addition, several large projects, including two multi-million pound opportunities due for decision in 2021 have the potential to drive higher growth

· £2.97m cash and debt available at year end (unaudited)

o £1.47m cash and cash equivalents at 31st December 2020

o £1.5m flexible loan facility available to be drawn

· Completion of Modern Water acquisition in November 2020 has allowed backlog of orders to be fulfilled

· Acceleration of order books in last quarter from new Labskin Services

· Significant increase in opportunities to grow through core Environmental Health and Life sciences divisions:

o Personalised consumer skin microbiome profile service in Beta test. Updates to follow

o MicrotoxPD equipment, integrated with AI and pathogen detection systems being deployed in multiple jurisdictions with data aggregated for real-time detection in wastewater growing

o Microtox BT breath test field trials continue across the EU. Further updates will be provided later in this quarter

Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge, comments:

"Despite COVID19, DeepVerge has had yet another strong year of 300%+ revenue growth, topped off with our first profitable quarter. The Group's business has evolved into two distinct but inter-linked business divisions, Labskin's life science offering and, following the acquisition of Modern Water in November 2020, a world leading environmental health solution, underpinned by our AI as a service expertise. The newly combined global footprint has extended Labskin's reach into the US, China and Japan, directly next to many of our largest clients. Group sales, including recurring revenues, look set to continue strong growth as our order book of existing and new clients expands across the US, Asia and Europe."  

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