Edge Nichol und Cooper von Aroway Energy

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10.02.12 09:56

1676 Postings, 5362 Tage calimeraEdge Nichol und Cooper von Aroway Energy

Beim Blick in die Führungsetage dieses 10,8 Mio C$ "schweren" kanadischen Oil&Gas Produzenten finden sich alte Bekannte von Aroway: Chris Cooper und Brad Nichol mit getauschter Rollenverteilung was CEO&President als auch BOD angeht.
Anfang diesen Monats wurden die Weichen neu gestellt:

Edge Makes Oil-Focused Acquisition and Increases Production

February 1, 2012

The Acquisition consists of the following:

  • Current production of approximately 350 boe/day (65% oil)
  • 100% working interest in 19 sections of Crown land plus 2 sections of land upon which the Company has acquired Gross Overriding Royalty (?GOR?) interests
  • Over 25 sections of proprietary 3D seismic
  • Over 125km of proprietary 2D seismic lines
  • 30km of natural gas pipeline and associated infrastructure

Nichol added, ?The Acquisition brings our total current production to over 900 boe/day and increases our oil weighting and immediate cash flow.  We are very pleased to have taken 100% ownership of this asset, as controlling our own destiny has always been important to controlling our own success.  We look forward to developing this asset and the multiple promising horizons it encompasses, to its fullest potential, which we feel can be largely accomplished through relatively shallow, conventional, vertical, low-cost wells.?

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15.02.12 11:09

1676 Postings, 5362 Tage calimeraMarktkapitalisierung 13,29 Mio C$ bei 900 boe/d




Entspricht 0,153 EUR,damit relativiert sich der aberwitzige Spread in Frankfurt (0,129 zu 0,157)

MK jetzt bei 13,29 Mio C$ bei 900 boe/d - Vergleich mit ArowayEnergy bietet sich wieder an: 669 boe/d zu 46 Mio C$ MK

PriceChange% Change   


When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys to work for you.
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16.02.12 16:23

85 Postings, 4942 Tage nvidia_Wo

siehst du ein faires Kursniveau bei diesem Wert? Und warum ist die Marktkap so gering?


17.02.12 10:15

1676 Postings, 5362 Tage calimera2 große Fragen...

...sprichst Du hier gelassen aus.

Man kann nun sagen, der Markt hat immer recht, aber wie jeder schon erfahren hat, schläft dieser Markt auch oft den Schlaf des Gerechten.

Von daher kann ein faires Kursniveau immer nur eine Momentaufnahme sein, in 6 Monaten sieht allesschon wieder ganz anders aus, die Fördermengen steigen, der Ölpreis ... usw.

Stand heute beziffere ich mal den Wert von Edge auf 900 boe/d * 55.000 C$ (ist die Hälfte dessen was die Letzte Zeit bei Übernahmen pro flowing boe/d auf den Tisch gelegt wurde), macht rund 50 Mio C$ davon ziehen wir mal noch die 7,5 Mio C$ für den Kredit der des Neuerwerbs aus #1 ab - ergibt MK 42,5 Mio C$ , geteilt durch 71,8 Mio shares, macht round about 0,60 C$.

Ein sportlicher Verdreifacher also, die besten assets sind aber Brad Nichol und Chris Cooper. Von daher sieht es in 12 Monaten ganz anders aus - das Problem wird wohl wie immer sein, bis dahin der Versuchung von Gewinnmitnahmen zu widerstehen...

Schau mal im Stockhouse auf die verschiedenen Beiträge von brodan, der scheint sehr nahe an der Basis zu sein ;)

When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys to work for you.
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07.03.12 12:54

1724 Postings, 3808 Tage Arriba1Edge Finazierung

Hallo zusammen, bin seit 9.2. dabei

aktuell gibt Edge einen Finanzierungsdeal bekannt, der ausserordentlich erscheint:

Edge Resources Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership and Retirement of Debt

dazu eine wie ich finde gute Beurteilung von einem User aus SH-Forum

This is fantastic.  You really have to look at the big picture here.  Henderson just wrote a check for $4,500,000 million dollars.  That will get them 30,000,000 shares that makes them a 28% holder...not 50.  What i find really interesting is that they did this without any warrants, unheard of in Canada, no broker warrants and on a fee of 5%...again never heard of in North America.  Usually its 10% commision 10% broker warrants, and a truck load of warrants, so think of the dilution that was saved there.  This was a great move by Brad.  The company now has the $$$ to really move forward.  Givin the current market conditions over all i dont think he could have set up a better deal.  Not only has EDE sucured the funds for increasing their oil production but also now have a long-term partner who obviously sees massive potential.

Ab jetzt dürfte es unter normalen Umständen eigentlich nur noch richtung norden gehen.

also auf gutes gelingen.


27.03.12 18:02

342 Postings, 5561 Tage dankojones..das sollte hier nicht fehlen

hab mir mal eine Position gegönnt, für mich hört und liest sich das alles recht gut was
die company macht.


Please see a link below to an interesting article from a globally respected energy economist, Peter Tertzakian.

Tertzakian is a fundamentalist who has an eye for data that tells him something different than what “the pack” may want to hear.  He uncovers some little-advertised data on North American natural gas markets.  While Edge is unlikely to spend much, if any, capital on natural gas plays in 2012, those who know our story know that we have an excellent call on natural gas through a unique farm-in deal that we signed in the fall of 2011.  That “free option” allows us access on up to 125 sections of land in our immediate, core area.  The sections we drill on would be subject to only a 5% overriding royalty for the life of those sections and all wells drilled on them.

Notwithstanding, we continue to focus on developing our oil properties in the near term and we intend to bring additional oil production on stream after breakup upon completion of a few planned wells.

As usual, I’m sending you this because we’ve met in the past, you’ve expressed an interest in the company, you’re currently a shareholder and/or you’ve requested that I send you updates.  Whatever the case may be, if you prefer not to receive these updates, just drop me a line and I will take you off the distribution list immediately.

If you have any questions about this article – or anything else about what Edge Resources is doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Thanks for the support and best regards,

Brad Nichol

President & CEO

+1 403 767 9905  

02.04.12 19:13

1724 Postings, 3808 Tage Arriba1nothing that we don't know ...

Hallo zusammen,
hab mal folgendes im SH-Forum gefunden

but they are saying everything is good ...

Question: How are the last 3 drilled wells looking ? what is the problem that causing the production to ?stabilize? and to be reported?

IR:  I confirm with you that there are no problems to report with the three wells. As we shared previously, our Joint Venture Partner/Operator needed to manage the wells in order to get accurate production flow rates from all three wells.  We will be at the point to release the Company?s production update.


Question: Is the company drilling any new wells currently?

IR: We will report on our ongoing drill program at the same time as we update on Production.


Question: Is the work-over program advancing as planned?

IR: The re-completion program is advancing as planned.  As you know, we have several re-completion targets that we have identified that we are confident will add production at a very economic rate.  The re-completion program is an ongoing program that simply requires a service rig moving from well to well.  We however will not be reporting on each phase of the re-completion program as it would be too cumbersome.  We however will report significant additional production when we have it?.


I think is possible there is more oil than expected, from a previous message IR said one well is already 100% oil ...

... time will tell, but I am really glad I could add to my position at .71 - .74, those shares may double - triple very soon ...

Fair Valuation:

(boe/d * 85000) / nr of shares; the nr of shares I used is 54,100,000

at 669boe/d ... 1.05

at 800boe/d ... 1.26

at 900boe/d ... 1.41


03.04.12 06:21

342 Postings, 5561 Tage dankojonesKaufempfehlung von Merchant

merchant sieht faire derzeitige Bewertung bei 33 cent mit Potenzial nach oben.

We estimate production will be 814 boe/d in the first quarter of 2012. Cash flow per boe will increase as Edge’s oil weighting grows from 42% in Q1 2012 to 79% by Q1 2014. We believe Edge represents excellent value based on our DCF valuation and the company’s EV to expected EBITDA multiple of 2.8x (for the year ending 31 March 2014).

Edge Resources (EDE.TSX-V)

Onshore Canadian Oil

Edge Resources recently acquired an attractive heavy oil asset that provides immediate production, scope for material low-risk growth and additional exploration upside. A subsequent equity raise of $CAD 4.5M with a globally recognised institutional investor provides the company with the capital it needs to develop its newly acquired assets.

? Target Price: We are updating our target price for Edge Resources to $CAD 0.33/share, based on the discounted value of the company’s currently producing assets.

? McLaren Pool, Primate, Saskatchewan, Canada: On 1 February 2012, Edge announced it acquired a 100% working interest in 19 sections in the Primate area of West Saskatchewan, Canada for $CAD 8.8M. At the time of the acquisition, the acquired assets were producing 350 boe/d with a 65% oil weighting. Substantially all the oil production is coming from a single pool in the McLaren sands contained within two sections. The excellent quality of this heavy oil pool has meant that it has been developed without any pressure support (waterflooding), which is unusual for a shallow (750m) heavy oil field. We believe Edge will be able to grow production by i) providing pressure support and ii) by developing the southern portion of the pool which has been totally undeveloped.

? Upside, Primate, Saskatchewan, Canada: We note that Twin Butte Energy Corp (TBE.TSX-V, $CAD 480M), a growing junior oil company, is drilling very actively in lands that are immediately adjacent to several sections held by Edge. We also note that Twin Butte states that within its asset portfolio its Primate lands are providing some of the highest initial production rates. Twin Butte is developing a shallow channel sand system, the Waseca sands, which are very comparable to the McLaren sands. Therefore, we believe that Edge will look to explore in these sections for oil pools that could be comparable in scale to its existing McLaren pool. Given the amount of exploration activity occurring in the Primate area, we believe that more than half of Edge’s 17 undeveloped sections are prospective for

30 March 2012



0 March 2012


suggesting there is upside to our valuation. Based on our assumptions Edge’s total oil production would peak at circa 970 b/d in the first quarter of 2014. At that time we expect Edge’s gas production to be circa 250 boe/d and of limited materiality from a valuation perspective (in the absence of a strong upward correction in natural gas prices).

? Conclusion: Edge has the ingredients of a successful high growth junior oil & gas company: i) good management ii) good assets and iii) capital. Edge has made an excellent heavy oil acquisition that will allow the company to grow production through low risk field developments (drilling new development wells, workovers and waterflooding). Additional upside is likely as Edge explores on the 17 sections it recently acquired in a highly prospective area. Future growth compliments current production which is generating immediate cash flow. We estimate production will be 814 boe/d in the first quarter of 2012. Cash flow per boe will increase as Edge’s oil weighting grows from 42% in Q1 2012 to 79% by Q1 2014. We believe Edge represents excellent value based on our DCF valuation and the company’s EV to expected EBITDA multiple of 2.8x (for the year ending 31 March 2014).

- Valuation and Financial Summary on following pages -  

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