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22.01.21 18:14

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterAlles wird gut...

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22.01.21 20:42

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterGoogle droht Australien mit Abschaltung

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22.01.21 20:44

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterFind ich gut...

am Besten das Internet abschalten...

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22.01.21 20:56

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterWenn Google aber die Verlage aufkauft...

gute Nacht...

dann chinesische Verhältnisse...
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22.01.21 20:58

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage Kellermeister...

Handel und Investitionen : Was steckt im EU-China-Deal?

   Von Hendrik Kafsack, Brüssel
   -Aktualisiert am 22.01.2021-18:40



NACHT... !
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28.01.21 15:14

876 Postings, 3121 Tage placebo7880Tesla

der offene Gap-Split aus dem August 2020 beträgt immernoch  über 1300$.  Potential für Kurssteigerung wird somit geboten, auch wenn der Kurs weiter  die Tage bis ca. 700$ konsolidieren könnte.
Es bleibt weiter  spannend...

keine Kauf- oder Verkaufsempfehlung, nur meine Meinung.


28.01.21 19:21

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterBesser Hirn einschalten...

und raus aus dem Becken wo der AMI drin ist...

weil, die verschonen weder euch noch sich selbst...

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29.01.21 17:42

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterKannst `e dann die Hälfte der Innenstädte abreißen

aber selbst die Bürger ziehen verstärkt ins grüne...

Homeoffice und so...


Kürzungsplan Douglas schließt jede fünfte Filiale in Europa

Die Parfümeriekette Douglas spart radikal und entlässt Tausende Mitarbeiter. Chefin Tina Müller setzt ihre Hoffnungen auf das Digitalgeschäft.

Von Simon Book und Kristina Gnirke
28.01.2021, 08.56 Uhr

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29.01.21 17:56

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterDer HIT wäre aber, gäbe es da AMAZON Erlebnis Welt

dann in den Innenstädten...


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29.01.21 18:47

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterKing Crimson - Starless (OFFICIAL)

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29.01.21 19:28

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage Kellermeister...

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29.01.21 19:51

876 Postings, 3121 Tage placebo7880GameStop

GameStop soars again; Wall Street bends under the pressure

NEW YORK (AP) — GameStop’s stock is back to the races Friday, and the overall U.S. market is down again, as the saga that’s captivated and confused Wall Street ramps up the drama.

GameStop shot up more than 70% in afternoon trading, clawing back most of its steep loss from the day before, after Robinhood said it will allow customers to start buying some of the stock again. GameStop has been on a stupefying 1,900% run over the last three weeks and has become the battleground where swarms of smaller investors see themselves making an epic stand against the 1%.

The moves are reverberating across Wall Street, as concerns rise about how much damage the frenzy could do as its effects spill out into the broader market. The big professional investors who had been banking on a drop for GameStop’s stock are taking sharp losses. Investors say that’s pushing them to sell other stocks they own to raise cash, and that is helping to pull down parts of the market completely unrelated to the revolt by Main Street investors.

The assault is directed squarely at hedge funds and other Wall Street titans that had bet the struggling video game retailer’s stock would fall. A couple have already essentially admitted defeat, with one saying Friday it would stop publishing reports on stocks it expects to fall. The army of smaller and novice investors, meanwhile, is pledging to keep up the momentum for GameStop’s stock in hopes of inflicting more pain on the financial elite.

The volatility around GameStop and a few other stocks has drowned out many of the other issues weighing on markets, including the virus, vaccine rollouts and potential aid for the economy.

“Our consideration is whether this is something that is a long-term influence or contained within a handful of companies,” said Tom Hainlin, national investment strategist at U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

Meanwhile, calls for regulators to step in are growing louder on Capitol Hill, and the Securities and Exchange Commission says it’s carefully monitoring the situation.

The S&P 500 was down 2.2%, as of 12:52 p.m. Eastern time. Some of the heaviest weights on the index were Apple, Microsoft and other Big Tech stocks that have been big winners for professional and other investors over the last year. The index is on track for its worst week in three months, with a 3.5% loss.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 640 points, or 2.1%, to 29,963, and the Nasdaq composite was 2.3% lower.

Other forces were also weighing on the market. Johnson & Johnson fell 6.7% for one of the larger losses in the S&P 500 after it said its vaccine appears to protect against COVID-19, though not as powerfully as rivals. Analysts said the results, which would require just one shot instead of the two required by other vaccine makers, were below expectations.

Some reports on the economy came in better than expected, though they remain weak. One showed Americans’ incomes rose in December, and another said their spending didn’t fall by as much as economists expected.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury rallied to 1.07% from 1.03% from late Thursday.

“Our perspective is we still have a glass half full mentality,” Hainlin said. “Support from the Fed, a fiscal package and progress on the vaccines will ultimately overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and economic reopening.”

Elsewhere, investors watched virus infection spikes in Europe and Asia, renewed travel curbs and negotiations in Washington over President Joe Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion economic aid package. Hopes for such stimulus for the economy have carried the S&P 500 and other major indexes back to record highs recently, along with enthusiasm about COVID-19 vaccines and the Federal Reserve's pledge to keep the accelerator floored on its help for the economy. Low interest rates from the Fed can act like steroids for stocks and other investments.

“We are still moving towards a recovery from the pandemic, just a heck of a lot bumpier than anyone had expected,” said Stephen Innes of Axi in a report.

Stocks fell across Asian and European markets.

But Wall Street’s focus remains squarely on GameStop and other moonshotting stocks. AMC Entertainment jumped 60.4%, and headphone company Koss nearly doubled. After their success with GameStop, traders have been looking for other downtrodden stocks in the market where hedge funds and other Wall Street firms are betting on price drops.

By rallying together into these stocks, they are triggering something called a “short squeeze.” In that, a stock's price can explode higher as investors who had bet on price declines scramble to get out of their trades.

The smaller investors, meanwhile, have been crowing about their empowerment and saying the financial elite are simply getting their comeuppance after years of pulling away from the rest of America.

“We've had their boot on our necks for so (expletive) long that the sudden rush of blood to our brains when we have just a (asterisk)chance(asterisk) of getting free has made me feel ... well, it's made me feel,” one user wrote on a Reddit discussion about GameStop stock.

“I've been isolated throughout this entire pandemic and live in a state far from home or any sense of community, ”another user replied. “I'd kind of just... given up. These last few weeks I've started caring again; feeling impassioned again; wanting more again.”

Most of Wall Street and other market watchers say they expect the smaller-pocketed investors who are pushing up GameStop to eventually get burned. The struggling retailer is expected to still lose money in its next fiscal year, and many analysts say its stock should be closer to $15 than $330.

In response, many users on Reddit have said they can keep up the pressure longer than hedge funds can stay solvent, although they often use more colorful language to say that.

The SEC said Friday that is evaluating “the extreme price volatility of certain stocks’ trading prices,” warning that such volatility can expose investors to “rapid and severe losses and undermine market confidence.”


AP Business Writer Joe McDonald contributed.

Quelle: https://www.marketbeat.com/articles/...under-the-pressure-2021-01-29/


29.01.21 20:17

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterDie Tulpen crashten auch...

so wird der KrimsKram hier auch enden...
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29.01.21 20:19

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterWERT weniger als 11.500 DOW...

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29.01.21 20:43

876 Postings, 3121 Tage placebo7880#311738

bei den Robinhodern gehts ja um Prinzipien, koste es was es wolle.  

29.01.21 21:01

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterSind nicht die Aktien die Buffet kaufen würde...

+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

29.01.21 21:11

876 Postings, 3121 Tage placebo7880zu viel Adrenalin

ist in seinem Alter schädlich.  

30.01.21 06:54

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterWochenende...

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30.01.21 21:11

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterVollGas - Leute...

Moderat - Bad Kingdom

+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

30.01.21 22:29

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterHat Ähnlichkeiten mit der Kuba-Krise

oder Korea o. Vietnam...


ich find´s widerlich und zum kotzen...

von allen auf der Welt...

ne Schande sondergleichen...

Chinas Kriegsdrohung gegen Taiwan

"Taiwans Unabhängigkeit bedeutet Krieg" - Pekings Mantra wird in diesen Tagen wieder sehr laut rezitiert. Bedauerlicherweise bleibt es nicht bei Worten.

+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

30.01.21 22:36

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterDann lieber nen kalten Krieg als nen heißen...

NACHT... !

und Küsschen...  
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30.01.21 22:44

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterMan sieht aber auch, China spinnt sich was zurecht

Unabhängigkeit Taiwans...

hoffe mal, USA postieren da einige Militärs und warten auf den ersten Schuss vom CHINESEN, wenn er sich denn traut...

wenn der Chinese ruhig bleibt, geht das 100 Jahre so weiter...

kalter Krieg bedeutet aber ne wirtschaftliche Isolation Chinas...

bin ich auch voll dafür...


+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

31.01.21 18:34

3294 Postings, 1766 Tage futureworldEntwarnung

von der fx Front!

Rohstoffwährungen extrem bullisch, das wird die Aktienmärkte grünen lassen....

Mit freundlichen Grüßen  

31.01.21 18:49

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterKruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D sessions

+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

31.01.21 18:50

17394 Postings, 5248 Tage KellermeisterBin schon den ganzen Tag im Untergrund unterwegs

+++ Do not play the game, change the rules +++

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