1.Report von IPO Huya gehört zu YY

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20.02.19 13:36

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHUYA Report am 4.März


"Can Huya Stock Set Up for Another Massive Breakout?
Huya stock can rally big if the U.S and China reach a trade deal....While trade negotiations are playing the hero right now, they can just as easily play the villain. Should negotiations fall apart, look for it to deal a devastating blow to names like Huya, JD.com (NASDAQ:JD), iQiyi, Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) and others.....
Last quarter the company reported earnings of 8 cents per share and revenue of almost $186 million. That doubled analysts? earnings estimates and topped revenue expectations by more than $7 million, which rose by almost 120% year-over-year. User growth also showed impressive marks, with monthly active users up 14.6% and mobile monthly average users up over 28%.
For the year, analysts expect earnings of 25 cents per share on revenue of $667 million. In 2019, estimates call for earnings to nearly double to 47 cents per share on revenue of $1.02 billion, up 53% year-over-year. If Huya can achieve those numbers, it?s hard to imagine its stock trading below current levels...."


20.02.19 13:40

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyJP Research geht auf HOLD

staying on the sidelines

China's game streaming market grew from US$121M in 2015 to US$1.2B in 2017 (as per a report by Frost & Sullivan). Within the game streaming space, consolidation now appears to be taking place. The two biggest players Huya and Douyu (interestingly, Tencent has invested in both) have started to pull away from the rest of the competitors with a higher share of WAU (weekly average user) as well as of online game streaming time on mobile. Such consolidation could lead to a rationalization of content and license costs. Huya has been able to price away users from some of the smaller players to gain market share.  

20.02.19 13:41

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickyoffensichtlich schon älter

vom November !  

20.02.19 18:56

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHUYA heute plus 6,6%


05.03.19 20:27

3304 Postings, 1724 Tage Tom1313Erwartungen übertroffen


Alle China Aktien ziehen gerade enorm an.  

16.03.19 09:22

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHUYA Umsatz verdoppelt Gewinn stark

"...Net income jumped even more, up 1,900% as reported to 166.9M yuan (about $14.5M). Non-GAAP net income rose 487% to 166.9M yuan (about $24.3M).

In metrics, average mobile monthly active users hit 50.7M (up 30.7%); average MAUs overall rose 34.5% to 116.6M.

Total number of paying users jumped 73% to 4.8M.

Revenue breakout: Live streaming, 1.44B yuan (up 108%); Advertising and others, 63.15M yuan (up 30.7%).

For Q1, it's guiding to revenues of 1.51B-1.55B yuan (growth of 79%-83.7%).


16.03.19 09:24

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya Leder in Game Live Streaming

"Huya (HUYA) is the leader and first mover in game live streaming in China - an important emerging industry that is poised to benefit from secular tailwinds.

It's simple: game live streaming and Esports are growing exponentially, and China is the biggest video game market in the world. The premise of Huya as a compelling investment is not based on its valuation and fundamentals today, but what they may be five or ten years from now.

The convergence of gaming, live streaming, Esports and growing mobile penetration in China makes Huya a perfect example of a Secular Grower. Even with an average execution, management is likely to reap the benefits of this inexorable trend.
aber aufpassen, extrem volatil  

31.03.19 12:36

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyRed Hot Huya is a Buy on Every Dip

09.04.19 15:49

614 Postings, 1263 Tage Thomas TronsbergOh scheiße

Eine Kapitalerhöhung ...  

26.04.19 13:32

601 Postings, 1798 Tage cfgiHuyas Konkurrent plant IPO

Einige Fakten dazu:

07.05.19 18:55

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyWarum Huya 15% im April fiel


die Kapitalerhöhung und dann die IPO von Tencents Doyou und Vergleich mit Doyou Huyas Gewinn war grösser und der chinesische markt könne gut 2 solche Player vertragen  

09.05.19 19:28

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya dreht nach oben

in NY  

24.05.19 09:34

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya mit rasantem Gewinn v.93%


Huya - Quartalsergebnis
Der Umsatz von Huya Inc. wuchs im ersten Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2019 im Vergleich zum Vorjahr um 93,4 Prozent auf rund 1,63 Mrd. Renminbi bzw. 243,1 Mio. US-Dollar. Damit wurde die eigene Prognose übertroffen.Übrig blieb bei Huya im gleichen Zeitraum 2019 ein Nettoergebnis von 63,5,6 Mio. Renminbi oder rund 9,5 Mio. US-Dollar, ein Plus von 102,1 Prozent zum Vorjahreszeitraum.  

31.05.19 14:27

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya Still Looks Ridiculously Cheap compared

with its Growth
The Motley Fool https://new.nasdaq.com/articles/...eap-relative-its-growth-2019-05-20

"Chinese streaming-video company YY (NASDAQ: YY) spun off its video-game-streaming unit into a new company called Huya (NYSE: HUYA) with an IPO last May. Huya then impressed investors with five straight quarterly reports featuring massive revenue and earnings growth. The stock has nearly doubled since its debut.

Based on the first-quarter report it delivered on Thursday, Huya hasn't been fazed by the slowdown in the Chinese economy, the escalating trade war, or Beijing regulators' nine-month freeze on new video game approvals last year...."

    METRIC§        Q1 2018   Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4 2018 Q1 2019
YOY revenue growth 112%   125%         119%        103%               93%  

04.06.19 17:38

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyBank of America starts HUYA mit Buy

08.06.19 12:43

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya's Nimo TV jetzt auch in Brasilien

That marks 10 countries for Nimo, which was launched last year in Southeast Asia and Latin America, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico.

Nimo has exclusive deals from key providers in the mobile games live streaming segment, including Piuzinho, Elgato, Crusher and Bruno "PlayHard" Bittencourt.

As of December, Nimo had 11.5M monthly active users and 20M Android app downloads overall.


11.06.19 19:19

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickysteigen da Inestoren aus wie van Eck

Associates Corporation  jetzt 0 Aktien ? zuvor 526,100 common shares ?

11.06.19 19:22

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickybeneficially owned by van Eck

Aggregate Amount Beneficially Owned by Each Reporting Person 6,313,200 Common Shares are held within mutual funds and other client accounts managed by Van Eck Associates Corporation, one of which individually owns more than 5% of the outstanding shares......  

12.06.19 11:43

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kicky3 High-Growth Stocks That Are Just Getting Started

We asked three Motley Fool contributors to name high-growth stocks that are just getting started. They came up with Guardant Health (NASDAQ: GH), Huya (NYSE: HUYA), and Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND). ....

This streaming company is posting explosive growth
Keith Noonan (Huya): To say that Chinese tech stocks aren't a popular play at the moment would be an understatement. After comments from President Trump in April suggesting that significant progress had been made on a trade agreement with China, the outlook for a deal has since taken a significant turn for the worse and raised concerns that growth for the world's second-largest economy will continue to slow.

What's more, the overall digital advertising industry appears to be going through a bit of a shake-up, and this has had a significant impact on many of China's internet stocks. So there's no shortage of potential complicating factors for investors to weigh at the moment, but there are still Chinese tech companies that are expanding at a rapid clip and have a long runway for growth. Huya looks to be one of them.

Huya's business revolves around allowing users to broadcast themselves playing video games or watch broadcasts from other users. The company primarily generates revenue by taking a cut of donations that viewers make to the streamers, a model that's similar to that of Amazon.com's Twitch service. The viewer-donation-based business accounts for more than 90% of Huya's sales, is growing at a rapid clip, and means that the company is pretty insulated from shifts in the digital advertising market. What's more, while other streaming video companies are spending big to create original content and license movies and television shows from other creators, Huya has very little in the way of up-front content costs.

The company is seeing strong momentum across its core engagement metrics, with daily average users climbing 33% year over year last quarter and total paying users climbing 57%.The earnings report delivered 93% year-over-year sales growth, marking its fifth consecutive quarter in which revenue roughly doubled versus the prior-year period, and adjusted net income for the quarter climbed roughly 94%.

Gaming-video content has exploded in popularity over the last decade, the audience for video game live-streams continues to get bigger each day, and Huya is in good position to capitalize on favorable industry trends even as trade tumult is casting uncertainty over the broader Chinese tech space. ....


14.06.19 14:41

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyHuya: Rasantes Wachstum und starkes Chartbild


"Huya ist der Betreiber der gleichnamigen Streaming-Plattform und führend im Segment Gaming.
Das Unternehmen ist mehrheitlich im Besitz von YY (44%) und Tencent (35%). Der Vorstand hält über 6% der Aktien und hat seine Beteiligung zuletzt weiter erhöht. Die chinesische Streaming-Plattform hat also zwei namhafte und gut kapitalisierte Anker-Investoren.

Diese Tatsache sollte man nicht unterschätzen. Die weitere Expansion und Finanzierung scheint gesichert. Wie wertvoll die Kooperation mit Tencent ist, kann man kaum abschätzen.
Schließlich kontrolliert Tencent mit WeChat faktisch das chinesische Internet ? auf die App entfallen inzwischen knapp zwei Drittel der mobilen Internetnutzung im Reich der Mitte.
Darüber hinaus hat sich Tencent eine Option für eine Aufstockung der Beteiligung auf 50,1% gesichert.
Mit Blick auf die zwischenzeitlich beschlossene ?enge strategische Kooperation? mit Tencent Games, scheint es nicht unwahrscheinlich, dass man die Option auch nutzen wird.
...Rückwirkend liegen Zahlen ab 2016 vor. Seitdem konnte man den Umsatz von 115 auf 678 Mio. USD steigern. Im abgelaufenen Geschäftsjahr haben sich die Einnahmen mehr als verdoppelt.
Das Wachstum ist rasant und inzwischen ist man operativ profitabel.

06.07.19 15:28

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage Kicky86 Research upgraded HUYA Inc to Buy from Hold

86 Research upgraded HUYA Inc - ADR
HUYA 0.31%
from Hold to Buy.

09.07.19 21:17

68292 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyAnalysts at Daiwa Capital upgraded HUYA Inc

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