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17.08.18 00:45

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50STAYLONGSTAYCOOL: Your absolutely right

It appears that Ranger has successfully completed his sentence at the re-education camp.
It seems they got his brains squeaky clean….

Don't apologies, you did nothing wrong..

….well he should be given a second chance !

17.08.18 00:49

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50#198850: vanished in the mist?LoL

31.08.18 23:54

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50There seems to be panic on the dance floor...

Don`t get distracted...


19.09.18 08:57

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50I`m absolutely confused!

.... I read good things about WMIH and then something bad appears, it seems to me slow burn goes on!!!!

Not sure whats worst….. the drip drip drip down or a sudden crash…..

Ribs are hurting from so much laughter…. LoL

09.10.18 17:11

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50WMIH Corp. H&H ??

16.10.18 19:44

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50If you feel physically bad all the time

......you need a vacation… LoL

18.10.18 00:11

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50chart looks so damn unhealthy....

24.10.18 20:57

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50countdown to go back to $14.46, right?

13.11.18 00:38

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50COOP is down to $14.57 and sinking fast I told you

...in the blink of an eye this stock was a satanic deception which fell from the sky like a meteorite….
COOP may be dropping like mad to single digit levels

Don`t get me wrong, but …….I was trying to come up with something you guys could relate to.
But it’s true I was wrong....Then go and buy some more common sense.... with this 11 cents!

17.11.18 00:08

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50Ascending quintuple top breakout on nov-14-2018

heavy resistance level at 15.04 has be attempted 5 times and still is not able to break.
what does it mean to the future share price ?
any thoughts?

17.11.18 09:01

3441 Postings, 4653 Tage KeyKeyReally? Ohh!!

So what will be the next steps? :-)  

30.11.18 21:12

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50#79063

I can set you up with direct deposit to my bank account.  LoL  

14.12.18 18:38

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50the only active coop message board:

Coop SK Tippspiel....

Where have all the posters gone?
It really has not been bad on here….but I understand getting annoyed with every thread
turning into mr. cooper bashing....

18.12.18 09:26

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50self pity tears...

....snot, tears everywhere, ridiculously !! full moon occult group in full crises mode

Merry  Christmas dear friends.  sending you a hug from auntie..LoL

19.12.18 22:12

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner5099 cents - (pre split) right?

27.12.18 20:04

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50sell targets almost accomplished .....

.....consolidation ahead  

89 cents - (pre split) right?  

04.03.19 00:03

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50#3428 I really hope so...

....as you would most likely become a multi-millionaire.   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


08.03.19 19:50

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50Definitely....

....you will not be rich overnight, now go back to making Quesaritos and tell your boss you are sorry for being late! LoL  

20.03.19 17:24

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50Hi everyone

.........another way to skin that cat!! LoL  

30.03.19 00:19

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50Omg...

.....what the f%&k just happened with this stock today
…..if I’m not mistaken…. this is going downhill fast – ok, hands on the buzzer!

Tell me how you really feel?! Hail to the chairman!! LoL  

31.03.19 19:45

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50The esoteric group...

..... only see that there is again and again and again something new…
Do you really still believe in this narrativ what goes on in the dark will come to the light… so silly

maybe you need some meditation training for your team?

01.04.19 20:55

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50Everything in a nutshell

It seems that ranger could be the next to walk the plank on the rudderless pirate ship captained by El papricado!

Have a great and scaly day

01.04.19 21:56

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50I will pass on an information...

......I received from a close friend by PM ….Pinocchio was found dead this morning outside
his pitifully trailer home 1 april Dr, Prescott, AZ 86305.

Early indications are it was a self inflicted gun wound located in his wooden forehead!.... and an empty bottle of booze lay near his computer.... with a note "sorry guys  ….everything i have ever loved became everything i've lost!“

R.I.P. my big snobby fool friend!

I think it made me realize how fragile and how easily you can lose somebody.

08.04.19 00:08

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50step by step

...... the board are doing a great Job !!  

09.04.19 00:16

1205 Postings, 4192 Tage liner50COOP will be bigger than WaMu (LG)

....those of you waiting to get back to the 52 week high of $20 better have your brain frozen and come back in a century!!


YS liner50

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