Uranio AG (WKN: A0MKD4) Top oder Flop?

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28.12.09 13:40

898 Postings, 4389 Tage makumbaUranio AG (WKN: A0MKD4) Top oder Flop?

Da Uranio heute im Vergleich zu den letzten Tagen einen hohen Umsatz gemacht hat und es bei diesem Papier viele

... (automatisch gekürzt) ...

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28.12.09 14:38

898 Postings, 4389 Tage makumbaHat jemand News?

Oder ist das einfach ein Kursanstieg wegen eines Zocks? Konnte nichts neues herausfinden. Oder sind das die Chinesen die nochmal kräftig einkaufen?  

01.03.10 12:50

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanUranio

was ist da los? Saugute Umsätze!

01.03.10 12:53

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanURANIO - Aktie

1,55 / 0,065
Hoch / Tief

leg mir welche rein, kann nicht schaden!  

01.03.10 15:13

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanNoch ist es ruhig hier

mal schauen, wann es hier losgeht?

01.03.10 15:49

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanUrano

kommt wohl erst morgen ins Laufen !
Bis denne
Euer Goldman  

01.03.10 17:40

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanSTG taxt

0,12 EUR  5.000
Stück  2,50 ? + Börsenentgelt  0,07 EUR
01.03.10  17:22  

01.03.10 19:52

926 Postings, 4087 Tage Pegasus1103@goldmann

Bin auch mit dabei hoffe du machst dein namen aller ehre :-)
Über Geld rede ich nicht , ich habe keins :-)

02.03.10 15:01

5039 Postings, 5483 Tage Bozkaschisie scheint einen boden gefunden zu haben um 0,07?

mal sehen ob sie sich nochmal erholt neues geld schieße ich in meinen kleinsten Wert mit der schlechtesten Performance nicht rein.
In diesem Sinne mal sehen!!!
Veni Vedi Vici

02.03.10 15:34

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanEs geht los

RT 0.076
die 10 werden wir hier sehr schnell sehen

02.03.10 15:50

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanJetzt fängt der Rebound an

RT 0.079 FSE

02.03.10 16:06

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanHier liegt der Vergleich

zwischen Premier Energy sehr nahe;
heute hoch bis 0.10 und morgen weiter in Richtung 0.20 !

02.03.10 16:31

1538 Postings, 7336 Tage J3142es gab eine news

02.03.10 16:33

991 Postings, 4774 Tage LGDFLIso allen Unkenrufen zum trotz

Nur wer Träumen kann , kann die Zukunft entdecken .

02.03.10 16:34

1538 Postings, 7336 Tage J3142News

2 March 2010

Mercator Gold plc is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding heads of agreement ("the Heads of Agreement?) with Uranio AG ("Uranio?) with respect to all exploration and mining licences and applications held by Uranio in Argentina ("the Licences?).


   * Terms agreed on which Mercator may, at its option, earn in to an interest of up to 70% in the Licences (?the Earn In?).
   * The Licences, which total in excess of 80,000 hectares of granted tenements, will be evaluated for uranium as well as precious and base metal potential.
   * A four-month due diligence period, extendable by three months, has commenced.
   * Argentina is recognised as a highly prospective territory for uranium exploration, and the French nuclear energy group AREVA is known to be considering the construction of a uranium mill in the country.
   * The Licences include one 4,000 hectare tenement located in close proximity to the historic Los Mogotes Colorados uranium mine.

Patrick Harford, Managing Director of Mercator Gold plc, comments: "Part of the rationale for the acquisition of Mercator?s shareholding in Uranio was to enable the Company to begin to unlock the value of Uranio?s highly promising tenement portfolio, which I believe we can now do.

Argentina is well known as an emerging uranium hotspot, being geologically exciting yet under-unexplored in comparison with other, more established uranium mining nations.?

About the Licences

The Licences consist of in excess of 80,000 hectares of granted tenements of various categories in Argentina?s La Rioja, San Luis and Salta Provinces, in addition to in excess of 50,000 hectares of tenement applications in Jujuy Province.

The majority (in excess of 50,000 hectares) of the granted tenements lie within La Rioja Province, including a tenement known as Color 15 that is located approximately twenty kilometres from the historic Los Mogotes Colorados mine, an unconformity-related roll-front uranium deposit. The Color 15 tenement is believed to be highly prospective for the discovery of similar deposits.

Unconformity-related deposits worldwide include those found in Canada?s Athabasca Basin, such as the MacArthur River mine operated by Cameco Corporation; and in the Alligator Rivers region in Australia?s Northern Territory, such as the Rio Tinto-owned Ranger mine.

As part of its due diligence, the Company will carry out a comprehensive review of the Licences and on the basis of its findings may recommend to Uranio that tenements and applications be reduced or relinquished as deemed appropriate. This process will take account of local geological, social, political and environmental conditions so as to ensure that future investigations are focused on tenements judged most likely to yield potentially exploitable deposits. If warranted, applications may be lodged in respect of new tenements.

Due Diligence

Under the terms of the Heads of Agreement, Mercator has committed to expend US$200,000 on such technical, legal, financial and other due diligence on the Licences as it deems necessary over a period of up to four months ("the Due Diligence Period?).

Technical due diligence is to include ground scintillometer surveys and surface sampling with a view to delineating areas of economic uranium mineralisation. Mercator will also assess the potential of the Licences to host economic precious and base metal mineralisation.

Mercator?s due diligence is expected to culminate in the completion of a desktop study on the Licences, which would be shared with Uranio for its use.

The Due Diligence Period may be extended at Mercator?s option by a further three months, in which case Mercator shall make a US$30,000 extension payment to Uranio.

Terms of the Earn In

At any time prior to the end of the Due Diligence Period Mercator may elect to enter into the Earn In by making a payment to Uranio of US$150,000.

Mercator shall then have the right to earn:

i) a 20% interest in the Licences by expending US$500,000 on exploration, evaluation, development and associated activities on the Licences (?the Activities?) within twelve months of the end of the Due Diligence Period (?the Commencement Date?);

ii) an additional 20% interest by expending a further US$1 million on the Activities within twenty-four months of the Commencement Date;

iii) an additional 20% interest by expending a further US$2 million on the Activities within thirty-six months of the Commencement Date;

iv) an additional 10% interest by expending a further US$2 million on the Activities within forty-eight months of the Commencement Date.

In respect of each of the latter three twelve-month phases of expenditure, Mercator shall pay to Uranio US$150,000, such payments to be made at the end of each phase of expenditure and to count as part of the expenditure required in that phase. The payment of US$150,000 shall count as part of the first twelve-month phase of expenditure.

At any point Mercator shall be entitled to terminate the Earn In and by doing so to free itself of any further financial obligation under the Earn In save for the payment of a pro-rated portion of the US$150,000 payment due to Uranio in respect of that twelve-month phase of expenditure.


Mercator shall be free to assign or otherwise transfer its right to undertake the Earn In and any other of its rights under the Heads of Agreement to any such other party as it may elect, provided that said other party accepts and agrees to be bound by all terms and provisions of the Heads of Agreement.

About Uranio

Uranio is a Swiss uranium exploration and development company listed on the Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges. Mercator holds three million shares in Uranio pursuant to a placing of shares in the Company with Suphansa Holdings Limited announced on 17 November 2009.

Uranio is primarily focused on the development of its Bakouma uranium project, which is located in the Central African Republic adjacent to tenements held by AREVA of France following AREVA?s multi-billion dollar acquisition of UraMin in 2007.

For further information please visit the Company?s website (www.mercatorgold.com)

This announcement may contain ?forward-looking statements?, which are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and future events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Investors are cautioned that such statements are not guarantees of future performance and results. Risks and uncertainties regarding the Company?s business are more fully discussed in the Company?s disclosure documents filed from time to time with the relevant UK authorities.  

02.03.10 17:17

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Neuer Zock?


war eh schon wieder auf der Suche nach etwas Neuem......

lg in die Runde, ice  

03.03.10 08:17

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Eröffnung abwarten und dann zuschlagen?

oder doch nicht?

Uranio reizt mich schon sehr.... hmmmm


03.03.10 12:21

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Bin dabei, egal was daraus wird......

mal schauen.....  

03.03.10 15:24

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Wann geht das Ding mal ordentlich ab?

Sicher denken sich einige, der ice spinnt, setzt wieder auf ein schweizer Luftschloss, aber mein Bauchgefühl sagt mir, daß ich hier richtig investiert bin...

.... eine "kleiner" Rebound würde mir schon reichen......

eine zweite can wird es zwar nicht werden, aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt....

auf steigende Kurse, ice  
Angehängte Grafik:

03.03.10 16:51

1538 Postings, 7336 Tage J3142Mercator

Uranio AG
Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010 02:17

Uranio AG

Mercator hält 3 Millionen Aktien in Uranio AG ( "Uranio '), ein Schweizer Uran-Explorations-und Entwicklungsunternehmen, das Sie auf der Frankfurt, Berlin und Stuttgart notiert (WKN: A0MKD4, UAI).

Uranio hält eine Reihe von viel versprechenden Uran-Exploration Bühne Lizenzen in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik und Argentinien. In der Zentralafrikanischen Republik, hat vier Uranio Lizenz Flächen nördlich und östlich von Lizenzen, die von AREVA in Frankreich betrieben entfernt.  

05.03.10 09:15

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Uranio - Positiver Wochenausklang erwartet.....

na dann bin ich aber gespannt....

egal wie der Tag wird, auf jedenfall ein schönes Wochenende!


05.03.10 10:08

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanUranio

sehr guter Start heute, sehr gutes Handelsvolumia

0.12 zum Wochenschluss dürften heute drin sein

05.03.10 13:13

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanUranio

Umsätze nun saustark;
die 0.10 dürfen auch gleich durch sein!

05.03.10 14:15

2518 Postings, 4397 Tage iceman78Uranio AG und mögliche Joint Ventures?

Andererseits führt Uranio AG aktuell eingehende Gespräche mit zwei anderen Unternehmensgruppen im Hinblick auf mögliche Joint Ventures für die Uran-Konzessionen in Bakouma in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik sowie für die argentinischen Konzessionen.

Bin gespannt wann diesbezüglich weitere Meldungen veröffentlicht werden.....

Uranio AG wird die verschiedenen Angebote analysieren und bewerten, welche Alternative für die Aktionäre des Unternehmens am attraktivsten ist.

Hauptsache, der Kurs geht Richtung Norden.......


05.03.10 14:17

4545 Postings, 6527 Tage The GoldmanLangsam aber

Stetig nach Norden;
bin gespannt wo wir heute Abend noch landen?

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