UNDT - High radiation may slow down TEPCO's repair

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06.02.12 20:13

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359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerUNDT -WKN: A0Q699 - Handelsplatz Berlin - Universa

UNDT -WKN: A0Q699 - Handelsplatz Berlin - Universal Detection Technology (www.udetection.com) (OTCBB: UNDT), a developer of earl07.02.2012 - 15:00
Universal Detection Technology's Smartphone Compatible Radiation

Universal Detection Technology's Smartphone Compatible Radiation Detection Device Featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Today : Tuesday 7 February 2012

Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UNDT), a leading developer and reseller of biological, chemical, and radiation detection equipment, is the subject of a recent article in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Focusing specifically on public fears resulting from last year's earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan, the article notes a sharply increased market for radiation detection devices. "A spate of large-scale disasters in recent years has added to worldwide demand for portable detection devices that monitor environmental hazards," says Jacques Tizabi, CEO of Universal Detection Technology. "Analysts see a growing market for such products and services in a world perceived to be increasingly dangerous in terms of not only radiological but also biological and chemical threats."

Most of the firm's customers are security companies and government agencies. The Company also sells directly to end users through its website.

A new smartphone compatible radiation detector that the company is developing through an agreement with Honeywell International is designed to register radiation levels in food, clothing or other surfaces and subsequently share the accumulated data electronically. The device will utilize a cesium iodide scintillator for the detection of gamma rays and have a 0.001 to 9.999 µSv/h detection range.

"Both the detector and user-friendly smartphone application are being developed with the objective of creating a state-of-the-art device unique in the radiation detection industry," adds Tizabi. "While the first generation will be working with Apple's iPhone, future generations will work with any designated Bluetooth-ready smartphone."

He notes that concerns over radioactive contamination in the Japanese food supply are driving sales for radiation detectors much as widely publicized anthrax attacks a decade earlier resulted in a continuing institutional demand for testing kits.

"The security concerns behind such demand are not likely to fade any time soon," says Tizabi.

To view UNDT's radiation detector in Los Angeles Business Journal go to:


About Universal Detection Technology

Universal Detection Technology (UNDT) is a developer of monitoring technologies, including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), and mold detection devices. The company on its own and with development partners is positioned to capitalize on opportunities related to Homeland Security. The Company is a reseller of handheld assays used for detection of five bioterrorism agents, radiation detection systems, and chemical agent detectors. For more information, please visit www.udetection.com.

Forward Looking Statements

Except for historical information contained herein, the statements in this news release are forward-looking statements that involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause the Company's actual results, performance and achievement in the future to differ materially from forecasted results, performance, and achievement. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release the result of any revisions to these forward-looking statements that may be made to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof, or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events or changes in the Company's plans or expectations.

Universal Detection Technology


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10.02.12 18:55

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16.02.12 13:28

359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerGuten Morgen Gemeinde

17.02.12 12:20

359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerGuten Morgen Undt Gemeinde

24.02.12 19:31

123 Postings, 3204 Tage nextlerJetz zuschlagen

Wenn die ersten News kommen


Geht die Post ab


24.02.12 20:48

123 Postings, 3204 Tage nextlerWann startet das Teil

Hat jemand Infos ??

24.02.12 21:00

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Bei der Anzahl 


Muss was kommen ....


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72 Postings, 3200 Tage OnDock747Ich habe irgendwo was mit Apple gelesen, WOW,Jetzt

einsteigen und zuschlagen  

24.02.12 21:07

72 Postings, 3200 Tage OnDock747Kaufen und schon positionieren,Bald kracht esd

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24.02.12 21:09

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24.02.12 21:10

123 Postings, 3204 Tage nextlerApple

die sind voll interessier an dem laden....

 Wegen dem Dedector für Smartphones..



24.02.12 23:17

359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerAusser Apple sind noch andere Hersteller

Involviert bzw. Interessiert  

27.02.12 20:48

359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerKraftwerkunfall in England

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359 Postings, 3224 Tage YardspringerAlles positiv fuer Universal Detection wkn A0Q699

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