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19942 Postings, 3892 Tage Balu4uWas geht hier? IGC WEBSITE UNDER REVISION


....aber Aktie geht up:

1,78 USD +0,54 USD +43,55 %  
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13.08.20 18:11

1741 Postings, 3193 Tage heitiheute wurden Q-Ergebnisse bekannt gegeben

habe ich auf yahoo gelesen  

13.08.20 23:54

1634 Postings, 1273 Tage uranfaktsunklar

geht das schon wieder los  

18.08.20 13:14

7615 Postings, 2279 Tage Ebi52Der Geldtransfer

geht ja schneller als mit Western Union! Die Euros sind jetzt Dollar, und auf anderen Konten!  

03.09.20 20:14

1634 Postings, 1273 Tage uranfaktsso

jetzt alles aus Apple, Tesla und Amazon raus und in India, LoL, Lol, LoL  

11.09.20 12:35

7615 Postings, 2279 Tage Ebi52Eins zwei drei

im Sauseschritt geht es abwärts,  wir gehen mit!
In Deutschland ist man hilflos den Abzockern aus Übersee ausgeliefert! Die arme BaFin war ja sogar mit einem Daxunternehmen schon überfordert oder sogar involviert!  

07.10.20 19:47

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08BOOOOOM - wow was für ein starker chart

07.10.20 19:48

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08neues Hoch heute kommt

07.10.20 21:51

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08very nice es geht hoch

07.10.20 21:52

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08ich hoffe morgen geht es weiter UP UP UP

08.10.20 20:26

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08BOOOOOM

08.10.20 20:26

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08neues Hoch heute da

08.10.20 20:27

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08verrückt und einfach stark

08.10.20 20:41

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08KABOOM jetzt gehts los

08.10.20 20:49

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08great IGC DD - ich kaufe

08.10.20 20:50

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08DD wow lesen !

By now, the potential for cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce the symptoms and even help prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer?s has been fairly well-documented by a wide variety of studies (nnw.fm/RRjS8). The global potential for cannabis-based therapies has triggered a medical marijuana arms race, as countries like Canada, Israel and many of those in Western Europe seize the initiative and more boldly go where the U.S. federal government has feared to allow private industry to tread. Rising stars in the sector, such as phytocannabinoid combination therapy developer India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSE MKT: IGC) (IGC Profile), are acutely aware of this immense global potential and have begun to position themselves to secure what will no doubt be hotly-contested market share. Investors interested in medicinal marijuana and/or Alzheimer?s treatments will find themselves looking at a global landscape of key players that includes Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA), the first U.S. publicly traded cannabis company, as well as Canadian pharmaceutical-grade marijuana producers Aphria, Inc. (OTCQB: APHQF) (TSX: APH), MYM Nutraceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: MYMMF) (CNSX: MYM) and Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: SPRWF) (TSXV: FIRE).

As attitudes grow increasingly favorable to the medicinal capabilities of cannabis, the companies that excel in this new field are those focused on the development of therapies that address global market concerns, such as Alzheimer?s. According to the Alzheimer?s Association, Alzheimer?s disease and other dementias will cost the U.S. roughly $259 billion in 2017 and, by 2050, could rise to as much as $1.1 trillion (http://nnw.fm/OzoX8).

Help may be on the way, though, as India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC) is now on the verge of bringing a potential blockbuster treatment for Alzheimer?s to market as soon as early 2018 (http://nnw.fm/8pkAv). Through a license agreement with the University of South Florida (http://nnw.fm/Ny7N0), IGC is the exclusive licensee of the U.S. patent filing ?THC as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer?s Disease,? putting the company on track with a unique advantage in the global Alzheimer?s drug market, which is currently valued at roughly $3.6 billion (http://nnw.fm/b6AVl).

Novel in vitro data (http://nnw.fm/wvwX7) aggregated by IGC using genetically engineered cell lines add substantial weight to the existing argument about low doses of THC addressing the link between amyloid beta peptide (Aß plaque) buildup in the cerebral cortex/hippocampus and Alzheimer?s (http://nnw.fm/lnxQ1). Given that the dominant therapies for Alzheimer?s cannot stop or reverse disease progression, the mounting evidence that THC and CBD can stop or even reverse the symptoms of this disease (while providing neuroprotective benefits) is huge (http://nnw.fm/f8RVr).

Today?s dominant Alzheimer?s therapies, such as Allergan?s (AGN) Namenda, Daiichi Sankyo?s (DSNKY, DSKYF) Memary, Novartis?s (NVS) Exelon and the drug Aricept developed by Pfizer (PFE) and Eisai (ESALY, ESALF), may soon find themselves supplanted by disruptive new technologies based on extremely old natural substances, like cannabis, which have been in continuous human use for centuries.

Notably, while IGC?s potential is of impressive significance, the company?s market valuation of $10 million is a drop in a bucket compared to other Alzheimer?s players such as Allergan (NYSE: AGN), valued at $60+ billion; Novartis (NYSE: NVS) at $213 billion, and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) with a market cap of over $210 billion. While IGC has considerable room to grow as investors become aware of its true value, the company offers potentially the most substantial product in the industry. If its aforementioned patent is approved, IGC will own the key therapeutic pathway by which THC interacts with the human body.

The new in vitro data from IGC extend earlier findings regarding the company?s IGC-AD1 product (Hyalolex, http://nnw.fm/Xb0f4), which showed up to 50 percent reduction in the production of the two key peptides that make up the amyloid plaques found in abundance within the brains of Alzheimer?s patients (http://nnw.fm/o5PGh). Moreover, because Alzheimer?s starts several decades before symptoms begin to exhibit, a drug like IGC-AD1, which has demonstrated an ability to decrease production/aggregation of Aß plaque without neurotoxic effects or inebriation, could become a leading prophylactic treatment taken by millions as a way to prevent Alzheimer?s.

Building on this potential, IGC is gearing up to commercialize a non-inebriating liquid supplement version of the product for the licensed medical dispensary market (http://nnw.fm/4RgWz), which has demonstrated an ability to enhance mitochondrial function (a trigger for Alzheimer?s pathophysiology) by as much as 60 percent in vitro (http://nnw.fm/0kf0N). This readily commercialized combination therapy could give IGC significant, immediate ground game in this burgeoning retail space and help support the company?s clinical work. This one-two punch approach, with a food supplement in one hand and an FDA prophylactic/therapeutic indication in the other, is as powerful as it is solidly backed by exclusively-licensed IP.

Germany alone has nearly 83 million people, and the most common cause behind the 1.6 million-plus dementia cases in that country is Alzheimer?s (http://nnw.fm/Y1F5z). As such, the recent announcement that IGC has entered into an MOU with leading Hamburg-based medical cannabis information and services provider MediCann Handels GmbH (http://nnw.fm/ssMn9) to import and distribute IGC?s cannabinoid-based therapies to German pharmacies has been music to savvy investors? ears. This is a serious boon for IGC, which marks the first step of many along the company?s path to commercialization and is a real sweetheart of a deal, with MediCann footing the bill for the logistics, as well as sales and marketing  

09.10.20 06:51

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08KABOOOM nachbörslich auf neuem HOCH $1.42 geschlos

09.10.20 06:52

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08grosse viel Käufer nachbörslich , Trend is UP

09.10.20 07:31

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08nachbörslich kabomm

Im Tagesverlauf immer runter und günstig umziehen sammeln und danach nachbörslich öfters hoch , habe ich jetzt öfter schon beobachtet





Has great MJ products

Has a dream uptrend chart for days and weeks

Has a lot of imagination

Has a super structure More and more buyers want to be and the stock is making its way,

we will see new ones high.


SOOOON $2 - $3 - $5 .....

all only imho

09.10.20 09:36

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08sehr viele gute NEWS lese ich hier

10.10.20 07:46

1634 Postings, 1273 Tage uranfaktsup08

Dein gepushe reicht jetzt langsam, alles gut?  

09.11.20 09:16

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08Marihuana Aktie IGC im Aufwind

09.11.20 12:57

42 Postings, 3989 Tage kukaduDa geht heute noch meht, viel mehr

Jetzt 1,80$.
Nicht zu lange halten, da sehr volatil.  

30.11.20 10:54

1634 Postings, 1273 Tage uranfaktsda

kommt wieder Musi rein  

01.12.20 09:54

2290 Postings, 807 Tage up08IGC - Do ist MJ Abstimmungin USA

..... darum ist der Marihuana Sektor heiß und fast alle mal so alle Aktien gehen nach oben  

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