Sunwin Stevia news and facts in English

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22.05.15 16:05

3 Postings, 1708 Tage Value TraderGood Morning Gents!

Or whats the time over there?
I have recently taken a keen interest in all matters stevia. But before I spend any money, I'd like to get my ducks in a row first and do some DD.
After trawling the net for some time I came across your little Forum. There seems to be a lively discussion going on here. Please forgive me if I didn't read up the main thread as I don't understand a word of German. But then you offer this English thread.

I have a few Questions, and if you share your opinions with me, that would be awesome!

So here we go:

Who would you regard to be the major players globally for future stevia production in volumes as well as quality?
How do you evaluate the possible impact of new production methods, like fermentation, on the market?
I believe, there are already some big strategic partnerships in place, like Cargill/Purecircle, Cargill/Evolva and Wild/ADM. How would you rate those partnerships in regards to future market share?

I see this thread deals specifically with Sunwin Stevia Int.. At this stage I have not made up my mind which horse to back. Please be lenient with me, should I venture to much off topic. I hope we can broaden this discussion to include all maters stevia, including other companies.

Kind regards


22.05.15 16:15

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage Steviiafan@ Value Trader

Sunwin works together with ADM/Wild and a really good filing will be expected next month....  ;-D  

22.05.15 16:24

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage SteviiafanP.S.: Here is a summary in english from MMausK

22.05.15 16:24

181 Postings, 1928 Tage Omega IIIHello VT

The time difference to the OTC is 6 hours. What does DD stand for?
Sorry that I have to say that, but I hope you are not one of the troublemakers (with double ID) who are causing a lot of problems in the Ariva-forum. If not you are welcomed to this board. I am sure that you will find some well informed people here who can answer your questions.  

22.05.15 16:25

3 Postings, 1708 Tage Value TraderHi Steviiafn,

When we are talking ADM and Wild, we are talking a huge variety of products and services.
I know, Sunwin has a partnership with Wild. Can you say for sure, what lines definitely contain Stevia from Sunwin? I had a look on Sunwins website and I must say its one of the worst ones I have ever seen, no offence please :-)!  

22.05.15 16:33

3 Postings, 1708 Tage Value TraderHi Omega!

DD stands for due diligence. I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to troublemakers. I don't want to cause any problems!
I got attracted to this forum because no where else people post in minute intervals. So I figure people have a lot to say about the subject.
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22.05.15 16:34

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage Steviiafan@ Value Trader

22.05.15 16:35

181 Postings, 1928 Tage Omega III@ VT

You're right. Sunwin's homepage is not the newest one. A new one could be developed here:  

22.05.15 16:49

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage SteviiafanPDF ...

But it´s not ne newest, because Sunwin best stevia is a 99,8 % one.    ;-)

"one of the only Chinese stevia companies with GRAS notification from the U.S. FDA. ISO, kosher, Halal and HACCP certified"


22.05.15 17:09

181 Postings, 1928 Tage Omega IIIThis one is interesting as well.

22.05.15 17:14

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage SteviiafanStevia Still at the Starting Gate ...

22.05.15 17:15

2690 Postings, 2873 Tage 51Mioice bein doppel id

bitte für immer sperren, den ice bein  

22.05.15 17:18

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22.05.15 17:26

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage SteviiafanWar aber "gekonnt" in Szene gesetzt.

Na letztlich wurde für Sunwin Werbung gemacht. Bashen war eigtl. nicht möglich.  

22.05.15 17:26

181 Postings, 1928 Tage Omega IIIThe best thing is the...

"Nutzer-Sperre für immer"  

22.05.15 17:31

2690 Postings, 2873 Tage 51Miopoor characters

How deep can someone fall. Just to run his damned bashing create an second account. This is in my eyes somewhat of son of a

This guy is working in a jail for Young guys, this explains everything. I do not want imagine how disguisting this character mught be. One example was presented just some hours ago.  

23.05.15 18:23

6652 Postings, 2152 Tage SteviiafanOvercoming Challenges Realizing Possibilities

"Take sugar and calories out, put sweet,  c l e a n  taste in"  

23.05.15 18:53

2688 Postings, 3603 Tage dieterkuhnRead and Learn

Qufu Shengren Pharmeutical Co has been focused mainly on the extractions from natural plant materials, drugs, food additives and a variety of pharmaceutical raw materials!

Food, Beverage & Nutrition (stevia) | Food, Beverage & Nutrition Formulations, Data Sheets, MSDS search, Specifications & Request samples all in one location - Free Access

24.05.15 00:56

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24.05.15 12:15

792 Postings, 2791 Tage Tino73Na Hammer hatte wohl recht...

mit post 64 weil sonst hättest es nicht melden müssen!

Sunwin, hält seinen Wert und Deine 13 Cent prognostisiert für den 01.06. sind wohl wie alles falsch vorher gesagt!

Happy Sunday  

25.05.15 00:04

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25.05.15 00:18

4528 Postings, 5388 Tage Fortunato69bitte

dieses kritzi kratzi löschen ! ohne Querverweis oder link !
der user versucht laufend Unruhe ins Forum zu bringen !  

25.05.15 00:41

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