Sunwin Stevia news and facts in English

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05.05.15 18:02

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIISunwin Stevia news and facts in English

Especially for English speaking OTC traders we want to talk about Sunwin Stevia news and facts in Enlgish. As English is not everybodys mothertongue here, please keep your English simple so that everybody can understand it.  

05.05.15 18:21

1247 Postings, 1864 Tage Der WaldYour "Nick" ...

is cool, OMEGA 6 oder 7 gefallen mir aber besser ...

05.05.15 18:37

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIICola plus Stevia

Google translation from:

Cola plus Stevia - Movement in the cola market

Stevia comes in the next round. Immediately is also available on the German market with the alternative Cola sweetness. For the followers of the traditional beverage that means: classic taste, less sugar, no artificial sweeteners classic. For these consumer demands also WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients (WILD) has developed customized solutions for Cola products with steviol glycosides with further improved sensory properties.

"In recent years, the demand for stevia has grown significantly with us. The latest product launches of stevia-sweetened cola drinks by the leader should still be an interest in Stevia an extra boost. For competitors is now crucial not to miss the boat and with taste convincing products their portfolios to a new, must-have 'supplement. Exactly this situation is WILD optimally prepared by foresighted research and targeted development work, "said Markus Kottmann, Product Manager at WILD Flavors Ingredients and Specialty Ingredients the current movement in the cola market.

Stevia is increasingly becoming the focus
The first proponents of the sweetening plant extract were ridiculed even as nature Apostles Years ago, now awareness of the alternative sweetness has arrived in many parts of society. Figures from the market research company Mintel from 2014 confirm: About 45 percent of consumers in Germany are interested in low calorie refreshment drinks sweetened for example with steviol glycosides * This once again underlines the trend towards low-calorie diet. based on ingredients from natural sources.

Stock Available now: Cola plus Stevia
"Mid-calorie" is the new buzzword. Currently, especially those beverages develop gratifying that are low in calories, but contain no artificial sweeteners classic. In accordance with this trend has the portfolio of WILD for the soft drinks segment customized concepts for Coke products Steviolgylcosiden. The sweetness of these innovations is based on a balanced mix ratio of sugar and steviol glycosides and in the final product at a moderate calorie content. So Cola is an attractive alternative for those who feel like the classic cola taste, but to drink neither high calorific still conventionally artificially sweetened.

Further improved key Optimization Technology
But not only the reduced sugar and calorie content is crucial for the enjoyment and ultimately the success of a classic drinks such as cola, but most importantly the taste. Here profited wildly from his many years of research work, which has led to a new development stage of the WILD "button Optimization Technology". The new stevia products convince both the fact that the typical bitter and licorice nuances are masked and an improved total harmonic aromatic flavor profile is created.

* Source: Mintel, 2014; 16-year-old Internet users who have juice drinks / soft drinks consumed and bought in the past six months.

Heidelberg-Eppelheim, May 4th 2015th

About ADM
For more than a century, the staff of the Archer Daniels Midland Company to process (NYSE: ADM) vegetable raw materials into products that serve a growing world population with essential goods. Today, the company ranks among the world's biggest producers of agricultural products and food ingredients. More than 33,000 employees around the globe and serve customers in more than 140 countries. With its global value chain, more than 470 warehouses, 285 production sites, 40 innovation centers and a leading infrastructure for the transport of agricultural products ADM brings the harvest in the households. The portfolio includes food, animal feed and products for industrial use and for energy production. More on ADM, please visit

About WILD Flavors
ADM's WILD Flavors business with its 2,400 employees is one of the world's leading producers of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. For this business unit include 20 production sites in Europe, North America, Asia, South America and the Middle East. The product portfolio includes complete solutions such as fruit juice concentrates, blends, beverage bases, fruit preparations and other food ingredients, including natural flavors and extracts, mint oils and mint aromas, colors from natural sources, sweetening systems and "Specialty Ingredients" as functional flavors. Fermentation technologies round off the range. More information about WILD and its products, please visit  

05.05.15 20:27

1769 Postings, 3416 Tage Ice-beinAn English thread! How cute!

What a great idea.

I can't wait for those contributions!
As we all know, there are some accomplished English speakers among us!
Come on boys, its never too late to embarrass yourself's.
Don't they have already a thread at I-Hub? If my memory serves me correct, @Fortunato used to post there. Now those posts made for good laughter, I can tell you!

I'm afraid, this thread is going to be a very short one!

So long, and thanks for all the fish stars!


05.05.15 20:40

1769 Postings, 3416 Tage Ice-beinWhy does nobody open a thread in Chinese?

That would be pure genius! Than we could talk locals into spying for us at the factory.
For instance, they could count, how many trucks of stevia leaf come in, and how many trucks with Reb-A leave, and where they go to!
Or, even better, they could get Dong Dong drunk and then get insider information out of her. What do you think, how many cans of cheap Chinese beer does it take to get her singing like a canary? I say not more than two!  

05.05.15 20:44

1769 Postings, 3416 Tage Ice-bein#3

The Google translation from German into English is even worse than the other way around!  

05.05.15 20:44

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage Steviiafan@ IceBein

please do not forget the title of the thread "news and facts "

05.05.15 20:48

1769 Postings, 3416 Tage Ice-beinLöschung

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05.05.15 22:46

4527 Postings, 5387 Tage Fortunato69hello

Hey , we do not need trolls ! we want to encourage exchange on Sunwin Stevia or and new products . everyone can help and inform. Trolls are detected and determined disabled.  

05.05.15 23:59

1789 Postings, 3353 Tage thomas14hello,

my name ist thomas. i sink sunwin is a very good aktie and i sink she would go on. :-)  

06.05.15 16:49

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage SteviiafanGreat News (#3)

NOW SUNWIN - SWEETNES in Cola "is also available on the GERMAN MARKET"  

But what could be the next big thing ?

Today this article was posted:

Well. There are already some Stevia-Chewing-Gums in the Pipe-Line


And Wild - with our Sunny-Stevia - has got them too ...   ;-D


08.05.15 09:50

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage Steviiafanbetter than a blend with erythritol

08.05.15 11:33

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIISteviafan you are absolutely right.

The collaboration between Sunwin, Wild Flavors and Domino Sugar began here:  

08.05.15 21:53

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIIADM Report May 2015

Wild Flavors and Specialty Ingredients First Reporting Quarter

During the fourth quarter of 2014, ADM closed on the acquisitions of WILD Flavors GmbH and Specialty Commodities, Inc. Starting with the first quarter of 2015, ADM has created a new business segment?Wild Flavors and Specialty Ingredients?which includes the results of these two businesses as well as ADM?s legacy specialty ingredients businesses.

In the first quarter, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients operating profit was $68 million. Globally, the WILD Flavors business is off to a great start towards achieving the cost and revenue synergies that were identified last year. There have been more than 200 joint customer engagements, more than 400 projects in the pipeline and 30 revenue synergy wins across the business units and geographies.

thanks @ clown  

09.05.15 11:09

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega III04-04-2015 New shipment to Techno Food Ingredients

Qufu Shengwang Import And Export Trade Co.,ltd
Techno Food Ingredients Usa Inc
Record - 700 kg - 45 pieces - 0 cm
Stevia Extract45ctns=2plts.
Amoy, China (mainland)
May 04, 2015
Long Beach, California  

09.05.15 11:16

4527 Postings, 5387 Tage Fortunato69nun ratet mal wer diese Klasse dann fahren wird

Angehängte Grafik:

09.05.15 11:30

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIIcorrection: 4 May 2015 of course

@ Fortunato
Oh, what a nice scooter!
What does that mean in English? ;)


09.05.15 12:00

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage SteviiafanI´m so exited. It´s becoming more ...

09.05.15 15:22

181 Postings, 1927 Tage Omega IIIthe link in #16 does not work

10.05.15 11:23

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage SteviiafanThe start was only 2 month ago.

?Domino Foods has a long tradition of providing outstanding products in the sweetener category and we believe Zing Stevia Sweeteners are no exception. Our expectations are that the new sweeteners will become an essential part of daily routines as well as holiday baking experiences for years to come.?  

10.05.15 11:25

6652 Postings, 2151 Tage SteviiafanZing as one of the sponsors

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