Smartmetric: Kreditkarten mit Fingerprint Scanner

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09.11.13 09:16

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000Smartmetric: Kreditkarten mit Fingerprint Scanner

Smartmetric bringt eine Kreditkarte heraus die mit einem Miniatur Fingerabdruck Scanner auf der Kreditkarte selber gesichert ist.

SmartMetric, Inc. operates in the identity management industry in the United States. It engages in the development and manufacture of a biometric secure identity and transaction solution, which would authenticate the identity of a person in a self-contained credit card-sized device. The company provides SmartMetric biometric SmartCard, which is a credit card-sized plastic card embedded with an integrated circuit chip and biometric fingerprint sensor that provides identification of the user. It intends to market its products primarily to government agencies, corporations, and organizations. The company was founded by in 2002 and is based in Surfside, Florida.

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09.11.13 09:55

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

Der Kursanstieg ist steil gewesen bei Fingerprint Cards

stieg von 0,20 auf über 5,00 Dollar! SMME schafft das als nächstes hoffentlich auch.

Jetzt ist der Kurs bei 0,19        +11,76%  

SMME Smartmetrics hat aber wirklich eine Card mit Fingerprint  

12.11.13 17:29

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

As it has done so often before, Apple Inc. is triggering a new technology boom, with its integration of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s inspiring a wave of imitators that will drive the market  

13.11.13 09:20

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

The global biometrics market is at $5.2 billion in 2012 anticipated to reach $16.7 billion by 2019.  

19.11.13 03:38

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

If It's Not You, Your Credit Card or Identity Card Will Not Work

SmartMetric Uses Intelligent Sensing to Verify Live "Real Person" Fingerprint Reading and Verification  

16.12.13 10:06

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

SmartMetric's main product is a fingerprint sensor activated Card
"... We expect that mass production will commence in the last quarter of 2013"  

03.01.14 11:22

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000Ihr könnt gerne mal etwas hier schreiben

bei fast 400 zugriffen!  

03.01.14 18:59

688 Postings, 5907 Tage smokyDie Jungs von SMME streiten sich ...

.... mit Visa und Mastercard über Patentrechte, der zuständige Richter scheint nach der zweiten Prozessrunde (die erste ging an Visa/MC) offenbar nun den Argumenten von SmartMetric zuzustimmen .. wenn der David gegen die Goliaths gewinnt, rappelts wohl im Karton. Außerdem können sie offenbar ab April die Fingerprint-Kreditkarten in großem Stil herstellen.

Mein Fazit: Beobachten ...  

04.01.14 12:43

688 Postings, 5907 Tage smokyWallstreet Journal (Dez.13): Produktion "early´14"

SmartMetric to Proceed With Mass Production of Fingerprint Activated Biometric Credit and ATM Card Early 2014

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2013) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- Speaking today from New York, SmartMetric(TM) Inc. President & CEO Chaya Hendrick said the SmartMetric biometric fingerprint activated payments card will be available for quantity sales in the first quarter of 2014. She said the company has had to overcome a number of production issues in order produce the card in high volumes. And high volume production is absolutely necessary in order for a financial institution to proceed with the SmartMetric Biometric Card deployment.

The SmartMetric biometric card is designed to work with EMV chips and uses a match of a person's fingerprint that is stored inside the memory of the card in order to activate the contact or contactless EMV chip. EMV chip cards are used in the banking industry around the World and are now being deployed by the card companies in the United States. According to industry reports there are more than 1.5 Billion EMV cards in use around the World.

05.01.14 12:00

688 Postings, 5907 Tage smokyWiFi-Technologie Kreditkarten nicht sicher ...

Kreditkarten mit der neuen RFID Technologie sind nicht sicher, sogar aus der Brieftasche auslesbar beim Vorübergehen. Fingerprint-Cards könnten da wohl die Lösung sein ..

10.01.14 18:40

688 Postings, 5907 Tage smokyNews = + 25%

SmartMetric to Launch World's First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection
10:16 AM ET 1/10/14 | Marketwire

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME), a developer of patented biometric products, announced today it has developed and will soon launch the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, the world's first biometric, fingerprint secured, off-line storage platform for bitcoins.

"SmartMetric's bitcoin card can significantly accelerate the growth and rate of adoption for bitcoins as the new global currency. By applying our patented biometric technologies to a bitcoin payment card, we offer the world's first fingerprint-secured method to safely store and use bitcoins," stated SmartMetric President and CEO Chaya Hendrick.

The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card uses the Company's patented biometric fingerprint technology, the world's smallest fingerprint reader. The card offers the benefits of bitcoins such as peer-to-peer transactions and card-to-card direct bitcoin sending anywhere in the world, while enabling real-time, in-person standard payment transactions at merchants and compatibility with standard ATMs around the world. Advanced patented fingerprint technology uses the cardholder's unique biometrics to lock and unlock the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, providing safety and discrete portability.

Bitcoins are becoming more widely used around the world, driven by government non-intervention and merchant and consumer demand. In the U.S., Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently sent a letter to the Senate noting that bitcoin may "hold long-term promise... if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system." Japan, Germany, and Singapore have also recently taken an open stance on bitcoin, choosing to keep the digital currency unregulated for the time being.

According to there are an estimated 12 million bitcoins in circulation today. With Bitcoins trading at approximately $925 per bitcoin on January 6, 2013, there is an estimated $11 billion worth of bitcoins in circulation.  

11.01.14 23:29

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000mk jetzt 25 mio, bald mehr?

0.192     +0.037 (23.87%)  
Jan 10   Currency in USD

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Vol / Avg.  284,458.00/71,709.00  
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Shares  133.53M  
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24.01.14 02:35

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card

The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card is slated for launch during the first quarter of 2014.

In-Person P2P Transfer of Bitcoins via Payment Card Now Possible With SmartMetric's Invention

SmartMetric's Intelligent Biometric Bitcoin Card Has the Power of a PC on a Payment Card and Unlocks New Possibilities for Bitcoin  

24.01.14 20:14

688 Postings, 5907 Tage smokyvolumen steigt deutlich an

16.02.14 16:10

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

Hier könnte jederzeit die Meldung des ersten Grossauftrags kommen, denn Produktion und verkauf soll im ersten Quartal 2014 geschehen. Das wird eine Furore geben. Der Kurs geht schon ein bisschen hoch...  

18.02.14 20:52

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME legt los

SmartMetric's Payment Card Can Help Bitcoin Surpass Top PaymentNetworks in Volume.

With More Than 287,000,000 in Daily Transaction Volume Bitcoin Is Now Larger Than Western Union and Quickly Moving to Eclipse PayPal.


15.06.14 20:49

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogwann gibts hier endlich news?

die wollten doch in Produktion gehen und Umsatz machen.  

23.06.14 10:40

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

The SmartMetric biometric credit and debit cards have an embedded fingerprint sensor in the surface of the card that is connected to an internal circuit board half the thickness of a standard credit card. Using components that have been re-engineered by SmartMetric has allowed the company to achieve this staggering reduction in component size. SmartMetric President and CEO Chaya Hendrick said, "Not only have we achieved a huge reduction in component size but we have successfully added a battery recharging power management system that now extended the useful life of the card from months to years."

23.06.14 10:54

131 Postings, 2230 Tage mrmofitch1000SMME

SmartMetric who has been engaged in a patent infringement law suit it has brought against Visa Inc. and MasterCard International over 3 years ago is eagerly awaiting the hearing before Federal Circuit Court. The main point at issue, according to SmartMetric President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick, is whether or not the payments card company's control or do not control the credit and debit cards used in the United States.

At stake is the technology surrounding the new EMV chip cards that are now being issued in the United States and that according to a recent report by the Aite Group will cover over 70% of all USA credit and debit cards in use in the USA by the end of 2015.

SmartMetric, in its motions before the court, is seeking a ruling of infringement against both Visa and MasterCard and is a asking the court to award SmartMetric 25% of the economic value attributed from the savings from fraud created by the use of the SmartMetric claimed technology by the payments card companies. In total SmartMetric is claiming $13.4 Billion from both Visa Inc and MasterCard International.

27.10.14 14:16

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogwann gibts hier endlich news?

die court case für 13 Milliarden haben sie nicht gewonnen.    

24.11.16 23:50

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

Smart Metric hat ihre Kreditkarte im April 2016  am Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum vorgestellt.

Hier könnte sich bald etwas tun...  

28.11.16 15:28

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

SmartMetric is offering its biometric fingerprint activated credit card for $50.00 a card to card issuing banks.

SmartMetric will be presenting its biometric payments card at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit in Orlando   

28.11.16 15:32

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

EMV chip cards have been in use in most of the European Union and the United Kingdom for over five years with more than 3.4 billion chip cards now in use globally.  

28.11.16 15:44

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

dual interface contact and contactless EMV biometric chip card
- swipe finger print sensor on cards surface
- cortex processor with smartmetric operating system
- power management system
- internal rechargeable battery
- LED indicator light
- power conservation sensor activated upon touching card
- meets ISO credit card size standards
- fingerprint scan, match and activation in 0.25 seconds
- available as a white card for individual bank personalization
- EMV contact chip
- EMV standard wireless contactless with biometric activation  

28.11.16 15:58

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

SmartMetric Develops World's First Multi-Function Biometric Security Card For Both Logical and Physical Access as Well as a Biometric Verified Identification

29.11.16 03:16

85 Postings, 4263 Tage stockdogSmartmetric

Sie arbeiteten früher mal an der Möglichkeit bitcoins oder onecoins auf der Karte zu speichern.  

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