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16.06.20 15:32

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus HV - heute

Ist ja rechtlich etwas seltsam, aber hier die heutige News von Agenus zur heute stattfindenden HV !

"Agenus Announces Virtual Annual Shareholders Meeting

LEXINGTON, Mass., June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenus Inc. (NASDAQ: AGEN), an immuno-oncology company with an extensive pipeline of agents designed to activate immune response to cancers and infectious diseases, announces that it will host its 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting virtually due to public health concerns related to the COVID-19.

The annual meeting will begin at 5:00pm ET on June 16, 2020 and will be conducted in a virtual format only.  Registration for attendees will start at 4:30 p.m. ET

To participate in the virtual Annual Shareholders Meeting, shareholders should visit and enter the 16-digit control number found in their proxy materials. Guests may also access the virtual Annual Shareholders Meeting but in listen-only mode. No control number is required for guests.

Webcast Information: Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Time: 5:00 p.m. ET"

Live Webcast: accessible from the Company's website at or with this link

A replay will be available on the Company's website after the call and will remain available for one year.  

22.06.20 20:29

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAGEN - Chart

Jetzt aber mal mit Schmackes..
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agenus_2020-06-22_2015h.png (verkleinert auf 28%) vergrößern

23.06.20 08:20

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus auf der AACR

(22.06.) Agenus Cell Therapy and Checkpoint Antibody Combinations Show Curative Preclinical Efficacy at AACR 2020
EXINGTON, Mass., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenus Inc. (NASDAQ: AGEN), an immuno-oncology company with an extensive pipeline of checkpoint antibodies, cell therapy, adjuvants, and vaccines designed to activate immune response to cancers and infections, announced that it will make a scientific presentation today on optimal anti-cancer combinations with Fc enhanced anti-CTLA-4, AGEN1181, at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting.

"AGEN1181 is an Fc-engineered anti-CTLA-4 that has shown exciting clinical activity in an early phase 1 clinical trial, which was recently presented at ASCO," said Dr. Antoine Tanne, Lead Scientist, Agenus Immune Biology Team.  "Today, at AACR, we report that combinations with AGEN1181 demonstrate curative responses in preclinical models resistant to anti-PD-1.  These data illustrate the potential of combining allogeneic cell therapies with checkpoint antibodies, such as AGEN1181, to deliver curative benefit in difficult to treat settings."

Title: "Expanding the therapeutic potential of anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA-4 therapy with innovative Fc engineering and rationale combinations for the treatment of solid tumors"
Presenter:     Antoine J. Tanne. Ph.D
Abstract:        922 / 24
Session:        Combination Immunotherapies 1
Date/Time:    June 22, 2020, 9am-6pm

Presentations will be available for on-demand viewing online at!/9045/...=Virtual%20Symposium/1

23.06.20 08:23

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus mit China-Deal !

(22.06.) Agenus and Betta Pharmaceuticals Enter Into a License Agreement for Balstilimab and Zalifrelimab in Greater China
- Agenus to receive $35M upfront with $100M in milestones plus royalties
- Betta receives exclusive license of balstilimab (anti-PD-1) and zalifrelimab (anti-CTLA-4) in Greater China

LEXINGTON, Mass., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenus Inc. (NASDAQ: AGEN), an immuno-oncology (I-O) company with an extensive pipeline of agents designed to activate immune response to cancers, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Betta Pharmaceuticals (SZ300558), a top Chinese pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative oncology therapies, for an exclusive collaboration and license agreement for the development and commercialization of balstilimab and zalifrelimab in Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Under the terms of the agreement, Agenus will receive $35 million, which includes $15 million in upfront cash and a $20 million equity investment. The agreement also includes $100 million in potential milestones plus royalties on net sales.  Betta receives exclusive rights for the development and commercialization of balstilimab and zalifrelimab to either as monotherapies or combination therapies, excluding intravesical delivery in greater China.

Agenus' balstilimab (anti-PD-1) is advancing in trials planned for BLA filing this year as a monotherapy and in combination with zalifrelimab (anti-CTLA-4) for the treatment of refractory or metastatic cervical cancer.  Agenus has recently reported positive results suggesting robust and durable responses of balstilimab and zalifrelimab in patients with relapsed or refractory metastatic cervical cancer. The US FDA recently granted Fast Track designation for balstilimab alone and in combination with zalifrelimab in this indication.

"Betta has a strong track record of advancing innovative products in China and a growing portfolio of complementary oncology therapies," said Garo Armen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Agenus. "Betta is an ideal partner to enable us to address significant patient needs in China while also advancing global development of balstilimab and zalifrelimab."

"We are delighted to enter this collaboration with Agenus, a leader in the immuno-oncology field, as the first step in a long-term strategic partnership," said Lieming Ding, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Betta Pharmaceuticals. " Based on the compelling clinical data reported to date, we believe Agenus' balstilimab and zalifrelimab hold great promise for Chinese patients with cervical cancer, with the potential to further expand in additional tumor types through synergistic combinations with Betta's existing pipeline programs."

The equity purchase component of the transaction is subject to China regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions.

18.08.20 16:26

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus - Neuer Versuch

mal nachhaltig über die Linie zu kommen

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27.08.20 11:11

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus mit Latebreaker

auf der ESMO am 18.09.2020, Mass., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenus Inc. (NASDAQ: AGEN)
Agenus Announces ESMO Oral Presentation of Two Clinical Trials of Balstilimab Alone and in Combination with Zalifrelimab in Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer
Data from two Phase 2 trials of balstilimab +/- zalifrelimab in patients with refractory cervical cancer were accepted as part of a late-breaking abstract and will be presented as an oral presentation on September 18, 2020 at ESMO


11.09.20 13:20

94 Postings, 1511 Tage BerndthcKurshüpfer

Jetzt wäre die Gelegenheit über 5 $ nachhaltig zu gehen  

12.09.20 00:07

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinDas ich das noch erleben darf..

Agenus bricht aus..
(Rückfall bis ~4,61 genehmigt)
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14.09.20 18:54

94 Postings, 1511 Tage BerndthcPaul Clark

Wer hat Infos wie gut der neue von Abbot war/ist. Eine Bereicherung?  

25.09.20 12:09

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinWie gewonnen...

so zerronnen... 3 Wochen wohl und wehe, ohne dass ich es verstehe..
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07.10.20 22:14

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlin#186 Agenus

Nachdem nun auch dieser Ausbruch wieder eingefangen wurde folgt nun der nächste Versuch..
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03.11.20 09:38

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus News
Agenus Doses First COVID-19 Patient with iNKT Cell Therapy

November 02, 2020 08:45 ET | Source: Agenus Inc.
Allogeneic (off the shelf) iNKT cell therapy targets patients with moderate to severe COVID-19
iNKT cells designed to clear SARS-CoV-2 virus while reducing harmful inflammation

10.11.20 22:25

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus-Tochter

14.12.20 19:02

94 Postings, 1511 Tage BerndthcA..nus Aktie

Wellenkurs wiederholt sich mal wieder. Bei 5 $ dann mal wieder zurück.  

14.12.20 21:17

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus

Dafür aber erstmal über ~3,83 hupfen
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13.01.21 17:00

94 Postings, 1511 Tage Berndthc2

Bei 2 ggf. wieder dabei  

20.01.21 21:33

21276 Postings, 4209 Tage Balu4uAlso die Pipeline ist echt prall gefüllt!

25.01.21 22:46

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus Chart

Mal wieder ein Lichtblick auf dem Weg in die Freiheit.. :)
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27.01.21 19:19

9855 Postings, 4939 Tage RichyBerlinAgenus-News

von gestern Nachmittag.. Kursreaktion läuft endlich an
Agenus partners with Nelum for zalifrelimab combination in pancreatic cancer
Jan. 26, 2021 8:37 AM ETAgenus Inc. (AGEN)By: Mamta Mayani, SA

Agenus (NASDAQ:AGEN) collaborates with Nelum Corp. to evaluate the safety and efficacy of zalifrelimab, Agenus? anti-CTLA-4 antibody, in combination with NLM-001, Nelum?s small molecule hedgehog inhibitor, and chemotherapy for first-line advanced pancreatic cancer.

Under the terms of the agreement, Agenus will supply zalifrelimab to Nelum for the combination study.

Nelum will sponsor and be responsible for the conduct of the trial, which is set to begin enrolling in H1 2021.
Die ganze News;

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