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02.12.15 12:27

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandan der Tase im Plus

MANNKIND Dual-Listed Company
      MNKDUS56400P2011§ TA75 Index TA100 Index TA-Biomed  829.20 ¨¨6.68% ¨¨ vol 180.490  ¨¨12:35


02.12.15 22:06

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandsorry, oben falscher Thread

10.12.15 16:57

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandShorties am eindecken

The stock of Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ:CYCC) registered a decrease of 38.82% in short interest. CYCC?s total short interest was 155,100 shares in December as published by FINRA. Its down 38.82% from 253,500 shares, reported previously. With 121,000 shares average volume, it will take short sellers 1 days to cover their CYCC?s short positions. The short interest to Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals  

13.12.15 14:14

115 Postings, 4006 Tage BohnebeitelFrage dazu

Ist das ein Signal dafür, dass der Kurs seinen Boden bald gefunden hat?  

14.12.15 21:05

115 Postings, 4006 Tage BohnebeitelError 404 - Page not found!

Was stand / steht da drin?  

24.12.15 16:56

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandendlich etwas Erholung Ziel 2 $ - hoffentlich

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC) of the Healthcare sector has changed by 5.73% and at noon is trading with a volume of 161,691 shares with a volatility this week of 9.65%. Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC) currently stands at $0.55, with a weekly performance of 1.980% and a 52 week low of 14.56%. Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC)?s monthly performance stands at ? 8.750% and Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC) is considered a stock to watch with an analyst rating of 2.00  

24.12.15 16:57

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenland@Bohnebeitel

geht auch nicht mehr, wohl nur für Kunden  

26.12.15 14:13

115 Postings, 4006 Tage Bohnebeitelvon wem stammt das Kursziel 2 USD?

27.12.15 18:30

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenland@Bohnebeitel

ist nicht genau definiert, hier der Link

Am 24. bis 1h immerhin weiter up
0.59 Up 0.0373(6.75%) Dec 24, 12:59PM EST


27.12.15 20:05

115 Postings, 4006 Tage Bohnebeitel2 USD Kursziel

Bin gespannt. Denke, dass wenn die 0,60 usd gebrochen sind auch gut 0,73 usd kommen können. Ob es weiter up geht? Wer weiß?!  

22.01.16 22:32

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandim Juli soll es Bericht geben

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals of Berkeley Heights provided highlights of a review of 2015 achievements and an outline of the company's key business objectives during a presentation at the Biotech Showcase 2016 Conference at the Parc 55 Wyndham Hotel in San Francisco. Accomplishments included a Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating sapacitabine in the treatment setting of elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia, as well as patients with breast cancer. Results are expected to be reported by July. Cyclacel also advanced CYC065, a CDK2/9 inhibitor, into a Phase 1, first-in-human study that is beginning to determine the rationale for development of the drug in solid tumors and blood diseases.

Corporate developments include raising $10 million from a public offering of common stock, a sales agent agreement with Cantor Fitzgerald for up to another $8.3 million in stock, a license and supply agreement with ManRos Therapeutics regarding the development of oral seliciclib for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Upcoming plans include a Paediatric Investigation Plan for sapacitabine with the European Medicines Agency. Info:


10.02.16 11:28

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandweiterer Shortabbau

ich hoffe, dass dies ein gutes Zeichen ist.

The short interest to Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Incorporated's float is 1.09%. The stock decreased 8.54% or $0.03 on February 8, hitting $0.32.


11.04.16 17:59

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandsie bleibt mal an der Nasdac

Cyclacel's continued listing on NASDAQ is conditioned upon the Company demonstrating compliance with the minimum bid price requirement, as set forth in Listing Rule 5550(a)(2), by June 14, 2016, and also remaining in compliance on that date with NASDAQ's other continued listing requirements. Specifically, the Company must evidence a closing bid price for its common stock of at least $1.00 per share for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days by the close of business on June 14, 2016. The Panel's favorable determination follows a hearing that took place on March 31, 2016.  

06.06.16 15:16

115 Postings, 4006 Tage Bohnebeitelre split

1 für 12
Nun ein Kurs über 4 usd.
Heißt also, dass sie im Nasdaq bleiben wird.
Bin mal gespannt wie es weiter geht.  

06.06.16 22:51

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandQuotiert zu bleiben ist das Ziel

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CYCC) Stock Shoots up on Phase 1 DNA Damage Response Program Data
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CYCC) updated its Phase 1 data from the DNA damage response program, and presented positive results at the ASCO's annual meeting.
heute erhebliche Wertsteigerung  

16.08.16 10:50

6412 Postings, 6202 Tage alpenlandInnerer Wert

$15.9 Million Cash Value and No debt. Only 3 million shares. This low floater is going to run.  

11.11.16 12:10

115 Postings, 4006 Tage BohnebeitelWeiß jemand

Warum es nach dem Quartalsbericht hier runter ging. War nicht alles besser als erwartet?
Wie stehen die Chancen beim nächsten Quartalsbericht?  

22.12.16 08:39

115 Postings, 4006 Tage Bohnebeitel@ Alpenland

Bist du noch dabei?  

03.04.17 22:26

12806 Postings, 3607 Tage RudiniNachbörslicher Run

RT: 7,20 Euro

Werden jetzt die Shorties gegrillt?  

04.04.17 13:43

12806 Postings, 3607 Tage RudiniVorbörslich schon 8,10 USD!

19.07.17 15:31

204 Postings, 1514 Tage AinkadousVorbörslich leider -40% bei 1,80$

KE, Für die Investierten tut es mir leid.

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