Open Energy - Solar made in Kalifornien

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6638 Postings, 5306 Tage charly2Open Energy - Solar made in Kalifornien

Open Energy startete heuer Produktion und Verkauf seiner
Solar-Save-Produkte. Da die Barnabus-Ära Geschichte ist
sollte ein neuer Thread die OEGY-Story begleiten, die meiner
Meinung nach eine große Zukunft haben könnte:

- einerseits durch die Produkte, deren Design allein schon
  Beachtung verdient:

- durch die interessanten, bereits bestehend Projekte:

- durch Suncone:

-  und durch den bevorstehenden Solar-Boom in Kalifornien der nicht zuletzt
  von Arnold Schwarzenegger forciert wird:
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15.09.08 11:33

1398 Postings, 5018 Tage CosmicTradeOpen Energy "Spezialisten" sagen ihre Meinung!


Posting von Maxiwilli > am 24.07.07 10:49

"Ich wäre froh wenn OE...    sich am Ende diese Woche bei 0,65 bis 0,75 € stabilisieren würde. Wenn ich mir den Chart und die NEWS der letzten Zeit richtig betrachte, ist zwar mit diesem Ausbruch zu rechnen gewesen aber wir wollen nicht übertreiben. Wenn sich OE stabilisiert dann sollte es Woche für Woche (wenn die NEWS nicht ausbleiben) stätig nach oben gehen und in 3 bis 4 Wochen vielleicht die 1,00 € Barriere erreicht haben.  Wir werden sehen!   Cool Ich glaube an OPEN ENERGY denn das hier, ist Zukunft und wer hier investiert ist wird richtig gutes Geld machen, wie gesagt nicht von heute auf Morgen!" Winken

Nun dreht sich seine Meinung wie die Fahne im Wind!

Warum?   Mit Verlust Verkauft.    

"Spezialisten" die 0 Ahnung haben ... davon gibts 100tausende...      


Y M      




17.09.08 18:57

329 Postings, 7211 Tage peters3Das sagt gerade der größte Fürsprecher

des Trümmerhaufens OE namens CosmicTrade.
Schlimm, wenn sich Arroganz und Dreistigkeit in einer Person vereinen.
Pro bono contra malum.

20.09.08 10:48

1398 Postings, 5018 Tage CosmicTrade404



Errare humanum est, in errore perseverare stultum




23.09.08 09:52

329 Postings, 7211 Tage peters3405

Na, dann ist ja wieder alles gut.
Das billige aber bitte auch den von dir angegriffenen zu, insbesondere MAXIWILLI.
Pro bono contra malum.

26.09.08 15:02

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboymal was zum vorzeigen

Open Energy Corporation's SolarSave(R) Architectural PV Glass Manufactured by Suntech to Help Power New California Academy of Sciences Building, Largest "Green" Museum Ever Constructed  

29.09.08 22:29

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboywas ein Absturz heute

aber OE schließt im Plus. Ich glaube nicht, dass die Amis Solaranlage auf ihre Dächer nageln und alles mit Kreditkarte bezahlen.  

14.10.08 20:56

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboyGute News

Open Energy Corporation Launches New SolarSave(R) Four Foot 48-watt Photovoltaic Roofing Tile

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Open Energy Corporation (OTCBB:OEGY - News), a developer of innovative and elegant BIPV products, energy management applications and clean solar energy solutions, announced today that a new four foot 48-watt version of its SolarSave® PV Tiles is now available. The Four Foot 48-watt SolarSave® PV Tiles are designed to blend with standard roofing color schemes and maintain the natural look and aesthetic appeal of the home. Open Energy unveiled the new tiles at the 2008 Solar Power International Conference in San Diego, California.  

16.10.08 01:01

1398 Postings, 5018 Tage CosmicTradeOpen Energy Reverse Split 50:1 in Planung

Laut Board des Directors ist ein Reverse Split 50:1 in Planung.

Meine Erfahrunngen mit solchen Aktionen sind nicht Die Besten...

Da die Aktien besonders in Deutschland während des Verfahrens einige Tage nicht handelbar sind (Umstellung im Depot), kann in der Zwischezeit viel passieren. 



To the Stockholders of Open Energy Corporation:

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of Open Energy Corporation will be held on November 20, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at our corporate headquarters located at 514 Via de la Valle, Suite 200, Solana Beach, California 92075, for the following purposes:

1. To elect the following five individuals to our board of directors:

David Anthony David Field Kenneth F. Potashner
Joseph Bartlett Tom Naylor

2. To approve an amendment to our articles of incorporation to (i) increase the number of authorized shares of our common stock from 1,125,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 and (ii) give the holders of our Series B Convertible Notes voting rights.

3. To approve a 50-for-1 reverse split of our common stock to be effected at the sole discretion of our board of directors, if at all, within one year from the date of the annual meeting.

4. To approve two amendments to the Open Energy Corporation 2006 Equity Incentive Plan that (i) increase the number of authorized shares of our common stock subject to such plan from 16,500,000 to 195,000,000; and (ii) add a provision to such plan providing that the maximum number of shares that may be reserved for issuance under the plan will automatically increase, without the need for further board or stockholder approval, on the first day of each of our fiscal years, beginning with June 1, 2009, to the amount that equals 15% of the total number of shares of our common stock outstanding on a fully diluted basis on the last day of the immediately preceding fiscal year.

5. To transact such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Our board of directors has fixed the close of business on October 13, 2008 as the record date for the determination of stockholders entitled to notice of and to vote at our annual meeting and at any adjournment or postponement thereof.

Enclosed is a proxy. Whether or not you expect to be at our annual meeting, please complete, sign and date the enclosed proxy and return it promptly . If you plan to attend our annual meeting and wish to vote your shares personally, you may do so at any time before the proxy is voted.

By Order of the Board of Directors,


Y M  



16.10.08 01:03

1398 Postings, 5018 Tage CosmicTradeOpen Energy News

Open Energy Corporation Launches New SolarSave(R) Four Foot 48-watt Photovoltaic Roofing Tile

Blends with Existing Roof and Provides Reliable Source of Renewable Energy     Open Energy Corporation (OTCBB:OEGY), a developer of innovative and elegant BIPV products, energy management applications and clean solar energy solutions, announced today that a new four foot 48-watt version of its SolarSave® PV Tiles is now available. The Four Foot 48-watt SolarSave® PV Tiles are designed to blend with standard roofing color schemes and maintain the natural look and aesthetic appeal of the home. Open Energy unveiled the new tiles at the 2008 Solar Power International Conference in San Diego, California.     The SolarSave PV Tiles represent the next generation in solar energy systems by overcoming one of the biggest hurdles to the widespread adoption of solar energy – aesthetic concerns. To address aesthetic concerns, the new four-foot 48-watt SolarSave tiles are available in three colors: slate gray, brown and terra cotta. With this wide availability of colors, the tiles and the frame can be matched with the roofing tile to blend seamlessly to provide an elegant solution to a solar installation     “In order for homeowners to embrace solar energy, they need to be sure that the system will not detract from their single biggest investment, their home,” said David Field, president, Open Energy.” “With the Open Energy SolarSave PV Tiles, we are giving homeowners a functional and aesthetically-pleasing option that is cost-effective and easy to install which overcomes virtually all of the obstacles a homeowner may have to installing a solar system.”     In addition to the aesthetic improvements, the SolarSave four foot 48-watt PV Tiles provide homeowners with more wattage and a higher installed efficiency. They are light weight, safe and easy to install. With fewer electrical connections, fewer panels and fewer boxes, the new SolarSave PV Tiles make installation a much simpler process, while maintaining all of the benefits of a solar energy system, including quiet and reliable power generation, lower energy bills and adding significant value to the home.     The 48-watt four foot SolarSave PV Solar Tiles generate clean, safe and efficient electricity from the sun. Because the tiles were designed to be integrated with roof tiles, they are easier to install and maintain than traditional solar panels and can be installed by roofing contractors or solar integrators. The tiles are an excellent solution for residential or commercial sloped roofs, have a 25 year warranty as a solar product. They are so durable they can withstand a snow load of more than 200 pounds per square foot and a wind load up to 80 mph.




06.11.08 19:32

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboysonnige Zeiten

Es wird gemunkelt, dass Arni oder El Gore neuer Umweltminister unter Obama wird. Das wird den Markt für  alternative Energien in den USA mächtig anschieben. Ich kauf nochmal nach.  

09.12.08 21:51

147 Postings, 5251 Tage Chrische27Suntech Power, Open Energy sign licensing deal

SAN DIEGO and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE: STP), a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules, and Open Energy Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: OEGY), a developer of innovative and elegant BIPV products, energy management applications and solar energy solutions announced that they have entered into an exclusive agreement licensing the worldwide manufacture, distribution and marketing of Open Energy's building integrated solar roof tile product to Suntech. Open Energy granted Suntech an exclusive license of the intellectual property incorporated into its solar roof tile product and any similar or new generation tile roof products. The solar roof tiles are 50 watt four foot BIPV tiles and are available in different color panels.

"The relationship with Suntech gives Open Energy access to unmatched manufacturing capabilities and a worldwide distribution network, with particular strength in Europe and Asia," said David Field, president & chief executive officer of Open Energy. "This allows us to reach even more international customers and gives us the opportunity to concentrate on our award-winning and innovative product design for next generation products. As the solar industry continues to grow in 2009 particularly in Europe, where BIPV solar systems enjoy substantial market premiums, it will be critical to have the reach and scale that the relationship with Suntech brings to our company. We chose to work with Suntech because they have world class manufacturing, an incredible sales force and a solid foundation of resources and customers."

"Open Energy is widely recognized for designing innovative, award-winning solar solutions, while Suntech is a world leader in manufacturing, marketing and sales of solar products," said Leonard May, Suntech Managing Director of BIPV Products. "By combining these core strengths, we are confident that we will consistently deliver innovative products, the highest quality and outstanding value to our customers capitalizing on the strengths of both companies."

Eagle Roofing Products is expected to continue as master distributor of the tile product in the U.S.  

10.12.08 18:58

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboySuntech Power und Open Energy Deal

Bisher hat sich seit der Bekanntgabe der Zusammenarbeit nur der Kurs von Suntech Power leicht nach oben bewegt. Jetzt wird sich zeigen, ob es noch genug US-Hausbesitzer gibt, mit genug Dollars für'n Solardach. Oder vielleicht zahlt das Obama, um nicht mehr am Golf um Öl kämpfen zu müssen.

Open Energie auf's Dach - Yes we can  

10.12.08 22:34

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboywenig Umsatz

Heute sind bei Open Energie vielleicht nur 2 oder 3 Leute eingestiegen und der Kurs ist 30% gestiegen. Wenn morgen nur einer abspringt sind wir wieder da wo wir waren. Bleib trotzdem zuversichtlich und dabei wie schon die letzten Jahre.  

02.01.09 20:25

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboyWas Neues vom letzten Jahr

ich hoffe Open Energy mit der Solardachpappe ist mit im Boot nach Shanghai.
Ich hatte mir noch paar OE untern Weichnachtsbaum gelegt. Suntech wäre besser gewesen, aber hinterher ist man immer schlauer.

Suntech Power beliefert Expo 2010 in Shanghai
Freitag, 19.12.2008 18:32

WUXI - Suntech Power Holdings (NYSE: STP, WKN: A0HL4L), weltweit führender Hersteller von Solarmodulen, wird die Weltausstellung in Schanghai 2010 mit Solarmodulen beliefern.

Wie heute bekannt wurde, wird Suntech für die Expo 2010 ein so genanntes Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIPV) mit einer Leistung von drei Megawatt entwickeln und installieren. BIPV-Installation wäre die größte ihrer Art in China. Bis September 2009, erklärte Suntech, soll das Projekt fertig gestellt werden. BIPV-Systeme, so Suntech-CEO Zhengrong Shi, nutzen Gebäudeteile wie Dächer und Fassaden als Energieerzeuger. Dass die Auswahl für dieses Projekt auf Suntech Power gefallen ist, deutet der Suntech-Chef als weiteres Signal für die Weltmarktführerschaft des Unternehmens.

Im Rahmen der Expo 2010 will sich China insbesondere dem Thema Erneuerbare Energien widmen. Ein Gesetz aus dem Jahre 2005 verpflichtet die Chinesen dazu, bis 2020 rund 15 Prozent ihres Elektrizitätsbedarfs aus regenerativen Quellen zu decken. So will China im Zeitraum von 15 Jahren 180 Mrd. US-Dollar in die Entwicklung dieser Technologien investieren. Unter dem Motto ?Better City, Better Life? sollen auf der Weltausstellung Lösungen für eine gelungene Integration von erneuerbaren Energien in die Stadtentwicklung vorgesellt werden.


Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement
Item 1.01. Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement
On December 17, 2008, Open Energy Corporation ("we" or the "Company") entered into a manufacturing and license agreement (the "License Agreement") with Wuxi Suntech Power Co., LTD ("Suntech") pursuant to which, among other things, we granted Suntech an exclusive license of the intellectual property incorporated into our solar membrane product and any similar or new generation membrane products (the "Membrane Products"). Pursuant to the License Agreement, Suntech will have the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the Membrane Products on a worldwide basis during the term of the License Agreement, which extends through December 31, 2013. We will earn royalties as a percentage of Suntech's total sales of the Membrane Products on a quarterly basis during the term of the License Agreement in accordance with a formula specified in the License Agreement.  

19.01.09 18:00

85 Postings, 5046 Tage nvidia_na wie siehts aus

ist hier noch jemand investiert? ich hab ein paar Stück gekauft ein Zock ist die Aktie wert. Ich denke da sind locker 20 - 30% Gewinn möglich. Solaraktien werden 2009 der Renner bei den Amis.  

19.01.09 21:53

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboyder Renner bei den Amis

20 -300%  - Yes we can!  

20.01.09 15:05

85 Postings, 5046 Tage nvidia_sieht gut aus heute!

mal schauen wie die Amis nachher eröffnen.  

20.01.09 22:47

18 Postings, 5539 Tage LokalheroApplied Solar

Open Energy heißt jetzt Applied Solar!!! Auf ein Neues!  

22.01.09 14:28

230 Postings, 5564 Tage MaxiwilliAn lokalhero . . .

Bitte wo kann ich nachlesen das Open Ernergy jetzt Applied Solar heist . . .  ?
Ich kann niergens einen Hinweis darauf finden !  

22.01.09 15:25

4 Postings, 4373 Tage nvidia@Maxi

20.01.2009 14:05
Open Energy Corporation Changes Name to Applied Solar, Inc.

Change Reflects New Corporate Strategy to Offer Solar Energy Solutions for Every Rooftop

Open Energy Corporation (News) (OTCBB: OEGY) announced today that it has changed its name to Applied Solar, Inc. The name change reflects the Company’s new strategy offering innovative solar solutions for every rooftop, including the ability to produce clean solar power, measure and control its usage in order to reduce overall energy demand, as well as offer developers and homeowners the ability to improve the return on investment by gaining the benefits of rooftop solar power systems at little or no upfront cost through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

The Company’s new three-pronged strategy includes the following:

* A complete shift from a manufacturing model to a licensing model in order to more efficiently bring to market the Company’s superior suite of innovative, building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products and technologies. These products are being licensed to world-class manufacturers and distributors and this change will improve margins and streamline the Company’s corporate structure;
* Distributing residential EcoTouch™ Energy Management Systems to meet the growing need to reduce electricity costs by enabling homeowners to both monitor and control their energy usage from the comfort of their homes or remotely; and
* Continued focus on the Company’s Solar Communities™ program ( pursuant to which Applied Solar will own and operate residential solar systems and sell the energy generated to homeowners through a PPA, improving their return on investment by gaining the benefits of rooftop solar power systems at little or no upfront cost to the developer or homeowner.

”We executed this name change to make it clear to our stockholders, business partners and customers that we are focused on and committed to offering a full suite of solar solutions in a business model that we believe best leverages our core competencies,” said David Field, president and CEO of Applied Solar. ”Our decision to focus on innovative residential and commercial solar products reflects our ability to be at the forefront of industry trends and quickly capitalize on market opportunities. In addition, we have added our EcoTouch™ System technology and Solar Communities™ program to our full suite of solar solutions so homeowners can lower their monthly utility bill and receive the appreciated property value of a solar system without incurring significant upfront costs. Developers can meet their design and environmental objectives, and the communities as a whole can lower their carbon footprint.”

Applied Solar has been recognized as a cutting-edge innovator in BIPV application development, having been awarded more than 10 industry awards for design with approximately 1.8MW installed. The Company has gained market penetration with 7 of the top 10 U.S. home builders already utilizing Applied Solar’s residential solar tiles. To reinforce its recent strategic decision to concentrate on research and development, in November and December 2008 the Company signed exclusive manufacturing, global distribution and marketing agreements with an affiliate of Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE: STP), a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules for Applied Solar’s BIPV products. These agreements complement the Company’s long-standing distribution relationship with Eagle Roofing Products in the U.S., which has resulted in Applied Solar’s SolarSave® BIPV product being installed on hundreds of tract, retrofit, custom, multifamily, and commercial projects throughout North America. Combined, these two relationships provide Applied Solar with unmatched manufacturing capabilities and a worldwide distribution network, with particular strength in Europe and Asia, as well as the U.S.

Field commented, ”Aligning with Suntech, a leading global manufacturer, on BIPV manufacturing and distribution will allow us to focus on innovative product design and meet the needs of our customers while providing us with a global reach. As the solar industry continues to grow in 2009, it will be critical to have the global reach and scale that the relationship with Suntech brings to our company. Suntech’s world class manufacturing combined with an incredible sales force and a solid foundation of resources and customers was an ideal match for our company."

Additionally, Applied Solar offers its EcoTouch™ Energy Management System. This innovative platform allows homeowners to manage and control their home energy usage, enabling them to reduce their electric bill from the comfort of their homes or remotely. The EcoTouch™ Energy Management System includes a touchscreen information display and action tool that captures and displays home energy use and solar power system production. With the EcoTouch™ Energy Management System, homeowners gain an in-depth understanding of their energy use and can take steps to control different household devices in order to conserve energy and save money.

The rich stream of data from the EcoTouch™ Energy Management System empowers homeowners to make better decisions about their energy production and consumption. The system is connected to a homeowner’s solar installation and provides real-time detailed information including the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) produced by the system on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis with prior period comparisons.

Finally, the Company has developed the Solar Communities™ program, which involves offering a PPA financing model to the residential market. The advantage to the Applied Solar approach is that the Company is able to leverage its existing customer base and distribution channel, reducing the high customer acquisition costs inherent in many of these programs. The Company signed its first Solar Communities development agreement in March 2008 with a San Diego-based developer of a mixed use residential and commercial development.

About Applied Solar, Inc.

Applied Solar, Inc. is a next-generation solar energy company that develops solar energy solutions, innovative solar products and energy management applications. Applied Solar, Inc.’s award-winning products include proprietary, cost-competitive and attractive BIPV solar tiles, membranes and asphalt/composition products. In addition, the EcoTouch™ Energy Management System gives consumers control over their energy usage while saving money. Applied Solar, Inc.’s portfolio of products and services are coupled with innovative financing to enable green Solar Communities that provide low-cost power with little to no upfront cost to the consumer. Applied Solar, Inc. is headquartered in Solana Beach, California. For more information, visit  

22.01.09 15:51

230 Postings, 5564 Tage Maxiwilli. An Lokalhero . . .

Vielen Dank für die Info . . .
Dann haben sie von Barnabus, über Open Energy jetzt mit Applied Solardie den dritten Namen.
Bekommen Firmen im Amiland besondere Subventionen bei Namensänderungen . . .?
Bin hier sehr lange investiert und natürlich auch verlustig, aber hoffe immer noch des es eines Tages dreht und das Ding einmal durch die Decke schiesst . . .  

23.01.09 20:42

853 Postings, 5374 Tage bembelboyhier geht noch was, alles wird gut

neue Homepage

neue Zahlen

neues persönliches Kursziel 2015
5,24 ?

schönes WE allen
Barnabisten, Open Energisten und Applied Solariern(innen)  

09.02.09 23:37

230 Postings, 5564 Tage MaxiwilliKann mir einer sagen´was hier gespielt wird,

wie geht das weiter bei Barnabus, Open Energis, oder Applied Solar . . .
Weis jemand mehr war im Urlaub und habe in letzter Zeit den Überblick verloren . . .  

03.08.09 16:17

398 Postings, 5192 Tage penskiChapter 11

Leider, leider, hier hat auch Obama nichts gebracht. Lausige Bude bleibt lausige Bude. Kurs am 29.07.2009 war noch gerade 0,022 USD. Am gleichen Tag wurde Gläubigerschutz beantragt.
Damit hat's sich wohl.....

War mit wenigen Stück seit 2005 dabei.  

10.12.09 12:49

1398 Postings, 5018 Tage CosmicTradeApplied Solar -Open Energy- am Ende


Wieder ein OTCBB Solarwert am ENDE...  

rien ne va plusRien ne va Plus...

Erst wurde aus Open Energy = Applied Solar... Dann kam Chapter 11 jetzt umgewandelt in Chapter 7 Einzige Werte sind der vorhandene Cash, was bei weitem nicht ausreicht um alle Gläubiger zu befriedigen.

Kursziel: 0,0001 $

Totalverlust ist Fakt....

 hier wird es wohl keinen letzten Zock geben!  Lasst die Finger davon.

Emotionen und Psychologie leiten die Börse...


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