scala mit guten zahlen im rücken schon in 2 wochen 100%!!!!! Eure meinungen gefragt!!

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96 Postings, 8717 Tage gurkenhalsscala mit guten zahlen im rücken schon in 2 wochen 100%!!!!! Eure meinungen gefragt!!

ich sehe noch großes potential in ihren wap-bemühungen.die werden sich aber erst im nächsten jahr bemerkbar machen.wann sind schwarze zahlen in sicht????

Scala Business Solutions Announces Audited 1999 Results

4th Quarter 1999 Results Also Reported

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6 March 2000 - Scala Business Solutions (AEX: SCA), a leading global provider of e-business management solutions, today announced audited revenue figures for the year ended 31 December 1999. Revenues were USD 98.1 million, a 10 percent increase over 1998 revenues of USD 89.3 million.

License and maintenance revenues for the full year 1999 were USD 50.6 million, a 12.4 percent increase over license and maintenance revenues of USD 45.0 million in 1998. Consulting revenues for 1999 increased to USD 43.5 million, up 12.9 percent from USD 38.5 million in 1998.

The operating loss before amortization of intangibles for the twelve months ended December 31, 1999, was USD 12.6 million, an improvement on the loss of USD 12.9 million for the same period in 1998. The basic operating loss per ordinary share for the twelve months was USD 1.57 compared to a loss per share of USD 1.59 in 1998.

Europe, Scala's fastest-growing market area in 1999, accounted for 81 percent of worldwide revenues, a 19 percent increase over 1998; the USA accounted for 11 percent of revenues in 1999 compared to 16 percent in 1998; and Asia/Pacific accounted for 8 percent of revenues in 1999 compared to 9 percent in 1998.

4th Quarter 1999 Results Also Reported

Fourth quarter 1999 revenues were USD 25.4 million, a 16 percent decrease over 1998 fourth-quarter revenues of USD 30.3 million. This result reflects the general slowdown in software and services purchasing by global corporations as the year 2000 approached, and is in line with revised expectations announced last October.

License and maintenance revenues for fourth quarter 1999 were USD 14.8 million. While this shows a 7 percent decrease over license and maintenance revenues of USD 15.9 million in fourth quarter 1998, it also represents an increase of 40 percent over the third quarter of 1999, clearly indicating a rebound in license and maintenance sales during the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter.

Consulting revenues in the fourth quarter 1999 were USD 9.9 million, down 26 percent from USD 13.4 million in the same period in 1998. As with license and maintenance revenues, consulting revenues in the fourth quarter showed an increase over third-quarter revenues, by 9 percent.

The operating loss before amortization of intangibles for the fourth quarter 1999 was USD 6.9 million, compared to an operating loss of USD 0.65 million for the fourth quarter in 1998. The basic operating loss per ordinary share for the fourth quarter was USD 0.37 compared to USD 0.04 in 1998. The fourth quarter 1999 results include adjustments of non-recurring items totalling USD 2.6 million for organization restructuring costs.

Operational Review

Although overall financial results were negative for the year, the company achieved revenue growth of 10 percent, with overall operating expenses growing by under 8 percent (compared to 12 percent in 1998), including the non-recurring charges for organization restructuring.

Europe was Scala's largest market area during the year, with Sweden, the UK, France, Russia and Poland representing the largest markets. In revenue terms, Sweden was the largest single market.

According to Chris Houle, Chief Executive Officer, the 1999 results signify a continuing demand for Scala's e-business management solutions even as the company - and the industry as a whole - faced a challenging year, particularly during the second half with the ongoing delay in purchasing decisions by many global organizations as the new millennium approached. "As we indicated in our preliminary announcement in January, we are satisfied that fourth quarter and full-year 1999 revenues are in line with our revised expectations," he said. "We are pleased that we delivered these results in a period of transition and rapid change."

Throughout the year, there was firm customer acceptance of the Scala.Solutions and Global Commerce Server e-commerce product lines, especially in the Nordic region and the USA. The company also continued improving Scala 5.1, its market-leading e-business management solutions (eBMS) product, delivering millennium-compliance and launching a localized version in Japan to meet strong demand in that market.

In total, over 2,400 new and upgrade licenses of Scala Global Series software (Scala 5.0 and 5.1) were shipped worldwide during 1999 - a 10 percent increase on 1998 volume.

Well Prepared for 2000

During the second half of 1999, the company made significant changes to its business structure to reduce the costs of running a global business, and as part of its strategic transformation into a leading global eBMS vendor. "At the beginning of 1999, most of us in the industry could say with confidence that we knew what our market was and who our competitors were," Houle said. "But the Internet continues to change all this. We're now seeing new companies quickly emerging to challenge us in our traditional marketplaces, presenting us with new competitive threats - and opportunities."

Houle added that the actions taken during the second half of last year have helped Scala change more rapidly in order to meet the threats and grasp the opportunities in the new e-business marketplace. "We undertook far-reaching changes to our organization and operational structure, including cost-cutting measures, reduction in headcount and a streamlining of operations," he said. "The transfer of e-business product development activities and investments to the new iScala Internet business group, announced in October, has given us the framework for creating a much more nimble organization, geared to the new e-business marketplace of 2000 and beyond."

The steps the company has taken to streamline operations and split out its e-business investments into a separate business group will expose the profitability in the core business - Scala Global Series - while accelerating the delivery of e-business products to the core-business channel. "Indeed, we have already begun to see some fruits from our labors," Houle noted. "We are well prepared as we go forward into 2000."

Globalization and E-Business

Growth in demand for web-based business applications is a driver for global business solutions because the Internet is lowering barriers to entry for global expansion, Houle said. "The pace of globalization will continue to accelerate due to the Internet, and so will the need for robust global e-business management solutions to support that expansion," he stated.

Scala dedicates over 50 percent of its software research and development resources to e-business solutions, supporting industry standards such as XML (extensible markup language), WAP (wireless application protocol), Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Microsoft's BizTalk framework. "We started early in developing leading-edge technology into our product range," Houle said, adding that the company is firmly focused on leveraging its technologies to improve its competitive position.

"Our clients continue to tell us they need integrated e-business solutions that provide them with real business value in the long term," Houle said. "The actions we have taken in 1999, and the plans we are implementing now, will help us leverage the strength in our know-how and technologies to bring high-quality eBMS products and services to market faster. This will help us achieve our clear goal of enabling global businesses to become global e-businesses, and deliver sustainable shareholder value."

1999 Milestones

· Acquired the partners in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, reflecting the company's strategy of further strengthening its Nordic region into one homogenous organization.

· Launch of Scala.Solutions to support business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce.

· Won GartnerGroup award in New York for best e-commerce enabling application for Scala.Solutions.

· Significant increase in demand for Microsoft SQL 7.0 and Global Commerce Server to enable global e-commerce.

· Launched support for the Microsoft BizTalk framework. · Creation of the iScala Internet business group, focusing on WAP (wireless application protocol) technology, e-business sell-side applications and related services.

· Scala's new WAP mobile phone applications demonstrated jointly with Nokia Corporation at GartnerGroup's IT showcase in Cannes, France.

· TickIT/ISO 9001 accreditation won for Scala's Research and Development centers in Moscow, Russia; Stockholm, Sweden; and Pune, India.

· Scala 5 Japanese version launched.

· Major contract agreed with Ericsson, a world-leading telecommunications provider, to upgrade existing Scala installations to Scala 5.1, including conversion to run on the Microsoft SQL 7 platform, plus additional licenses in many countries. This contract confirms Ericsson as one of Scala's largest clients in the world.

· Strategic partnership with Netherlands-based Performance Group to develop and market e-procurement solutions.

· Strategic partnership with US-based Great Plains Software to target joint e-business product development and distribution of complementary products.

· Millennium success - no material Year 2000-related issues of any kind have been reported by any client using millennium-compliant Scala software.

1999 Financial Highlights

· Tighter financial controls resulted in a marked improvement in the company's working capital funds.

· The company continues to invest significantly in software research and development. In 1999, as in each of the previous two years, this amounted to 13 percent of annual revenue.

· Organization restructuring and streamlining of operations should result in cost savings of USD 6-8 million per annum on an ongoing basis

· As part of the strategic partnership agreement with Great Plains Software, they invested USD 5 million in the company.

Download press release, including consolidated financial statements. (PDF file, 45Kb)

About Scala Business Solutions NV
Scala Business Solutions empowers global commerce by providing companies with world-class e-business management solutions (eBMS) combined with local and global services. Scala's clients gain a competitive edge by being able to turn information into knowledge and new technology into business advantage.

Scala Global Series, a suite of fully-integrated eBMS software for managing business processes, is multi-lingual (translated into more than 30 languages), and designed to support the worldwide currency requirements of global companies. Scala Global Series is sold, installed and supported in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Scala's award-winning e-commerce product lines, Scala.Solutions and Global Commerce Server, include support for XML (extensible markup language) and WAP (wireless application protocol). They fully support Microsoft's BizTalk framework, a cross-platform e-business structure for integrating applications and conducting business over the Internet.

Scala Business Solutions is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX: SCA). 1999 revenue was US$ 98.1 million. Its more than 1000 employees in over 50 offices in 30 countries, plus a partner network in more than 20 countries, serve clients worldwide.

Forward-Looking Statements

Management believes certain statements in this press release may constitute forward-looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations and activities of Scala Business Solutions NV with respect to these items. These forward-looking statements are based on currently available competitive, financial and economic data together with management's views and assumptions regarding future events and business performance as of time the statements are made. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Such differences may result from, but are not limited to, changes in the demand for business management and e-business products, competitive pressures, changes in the financial condition of the Company's major commercial customers and the Company's future ability to continue to develop and expand its product and service offerings to address emerging business demand and technological trends.

"Empowering Global Commerce"

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96 Postings, 8717 Tage gurkenhalssorry war zuviel text.hier die kurzform!

also die haben 100 mio usd umsatz und trotdem noch 12,6 mio verlust.das ist weniger als letztes jahr. sie hatten auch probleme im absatz der erp-software wg des y2k(vgl auch sap).
außerdem haben sie viel kohle in ihre wap-strategie gesteckt und haben auch mit NOKIA!!! eine partnerschaft.
alles in allem solls nur noch bergauf gehen,was der kursanstieg der letzten tage auch widerspiegelt.

gruß gurkenhals  

07.03.00 00:22

1 Posting, 8677 Tage AnnabelleRe: scala mit guten zahlen im rücken schon in 2 wochen 100%!!!!! Eure meinungen gefragt!!

Scala ist im Aufwind!!!!
Endlich ist das Potential der Firma erkannt worden. Mit einer ERP-Lösung, die Baan, Exact und Navision in den Schatten stellt. Viele herausragende Lösungen kommen aus Skandinavien, so auch Scala. Präsent in über 60 Ländern, funktionsfähig in über 30 Sprachen.
Ein führendes Analystenhaus hat Scala Anfang März sehr gut bewertet. Das kurzfristige Kursziel liegt bei 17,50 EUR, das mittlere bei 25 EUR. Schwarze Zahlen werden spätestens für das 3. oder 4. Quartal 2000 erwartet.  

28.03.00 10:26

33 Postings, 8850 Tage MisterOhRe: scala mit guten zahlen im rücken schon in 2 wochen 100%!!!!! Eure meinungen gefragt!!

Was ist denn mit Scala los ???

Von ca. 15 EUR nun runter auf 7 EUR ???

Habe bei ca. 8 EUR gekauft....was soll ich tun ???

Bevor mir einer schreibt ich haette verkaufen sollen....wollte ich ja bei 13 EUR machen....aber dann kam die Geburt meiner Tochter dazwischen, konnte keinen Auftrag mehr aufgeben...war überrascht als ich dann wieder schnell fallende Kurse sah und habe halt gehalten weil ich nicht glauben konnte das sie so schnell wieder so extrem absacken.

Gruß MO

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